File Title
1 Bill Gates, the Hurricane Tamer?
2 Drug Addicted Doctors Create Patient Risk
3 Top 5 Secrets Your Dentist Will Never Spill
4 Four-Letter Words May Be Effective Painkillers
5 Alzheimer's Studies Tackle Omega Threes and Alcohol
6 Top 7 Calorie-Rich Foods for the Dollar
7 Five Bathroom Hazards to Know
8 Jelly thickener could help grow muscle
9 Astronomers map 'blue whale' of space
10 Omega-3 no match for Alzheimer's
11 Amphibians mate under a full Moon
12 Energy policy 'too wind focused'
13 Swearing 'helps to reduce pain'
14 Life above the floods
15 Kidney removed by 'scarless' surgery
16 Snooping through the power socket
17 Philips faces price-fixing probe
18 Call for limits on web snooping
19 Obesity 'link to same-sex parent'
20 Slow blood flow 'hampers statins'
21 Patient helps pioneer CyberKnife
22 A few drinks 'cuts dementia risk'
23 Pain in childbirth 'a good thing'
24 Is War Getting More or Less Deadly?
25 Scientists Hunt Elusive Giant Earthworms
26 Opening the Web Gates at the Office
27 Will a Cash-for-Clunkers Program Work?
28 Study: 1918 Flu Survivors Immune to H1N1
29 Swine Flu Threat Not Gone, U.S. Warns
30 Microsoft takes aim at Google with online Office suite
31 Can Microsoft's New Office Web Disarm Google Apps?
32 Office 2010: Most Innovations are Online
33 Microsoft to Offer Free Web-Based Version of Office
34 Office 2010 test opens; free Web versions later
35 Apple Rumor: $800 Tablet Due in October
36 Rumor redux: Apple Netbook coming in October?
37 Apple Rumor Mill: It's A Netbook! It's A Tablet! It's Coming In October!
38 New Apple tablet rumors suggest $800 device coming in October
39 Windows 7 A No-Go For Business, Survey Says
40 Is Your Office Wary of Windows 7?
41 This Week, Microsoft Makes Its Case For Windows 7 and Office 2010
42 Windows 7 set for success
43 One Year From Today Microsoft Will End Support For Windows XP Service Pack 2
44 Startups give Google thumbs-up over Microsoft
45 Windows 7, Office 2010, Google Chrome OS: Never a Dull Tech Moment
46 Google's CEO Talks About Chrome Netbooks, Apple Board Seat
47 Girl Falls Into Manhole While Texting, Parents Sue
48 Teen texts her way into the sewer
49 China to get an iPhone without Wi-Fi?
50 IPhone Closer to China Launch With Network Tests
51 LG Display Gets App Happy, But Not In The U.S.
52 Top 5 Medical Apps for iPhone
53 TwitVid video upload app released for iPhone 3GS
54 Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Ninja Tips & Tricks
55 American Science, A Fragile Eminence?--Replies
56 Google Hits Back Against Bing
57 AMD kicks off the week with five new server chips
58 AMD Announces Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors
59 Get a Magnavox Blu-ray player for $98
60 Wal-Mart breaks the $100 Blu-ray barrier
61 NPD: Netbook sales to rise as notebooks fall flat
62 Netbooks start to flatten notebook sales
63 ICAD: A Couple Drinks a Day May Keep Dementia Away
64 Doctors' Attitudes Play Part in Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis
65 A Daily Tipple Cuts Dementia Risk for Healthy Elderly (Update1)
66 Regular Moderate Alcohol Intake Has Cognitive Benefits In Older Adults
67 Two drinks a day 'could help to ward off Alzheimer's'
68 WHO: No licensed swine flu vaccine til end of year
69 Swearing can make you feel better, lessen pain
70 Swearing Makes You Feel Less Pain
71 A Curse or Two Might Quell the Pain
72 Swearing can help ease pain, study finds
73 Study Finds Obesity Linked to Same-Sex Parent, Not Genetics
74 Gardening 101: Before and After the Blight
75 Late blight is striking tomatoes and potatos
76 Plant disease hits tomatoes, potatoes in U.S.
77 July 13, 2009, 05:30 am PrintThis
78 New Alzheimer's Gene Is Pinpointed
79 Researchers Discover Alzheimer's Gene
80 Gene might improve predictions of Alzheimer's disease
81 Alzheimer's Gene Discovery May Help Predict Age Disease Hits
82 New Alzheimer's gene found by Duke scientists
83 Gene May Help Predict Timing of Alzheimer's Onset
84 One secret to how TB sticks with you
85 2 reproductive factors are important predictors of death from ovarian cancer
86 Newborn brain cells show the way
87 Research may hold key to maintaining embryonic stem cells in lab
88 Experts call for local and regional control of sites for radioactive waste
89 Methane-eating microbes can use iron and manganese oxides to 'breathe'
90 Humans may give swine flu to pigs in new twist to pandemic
91 Novel genetic finding offers new avenue for future Crohn's disease treatment
92 Data published in the New England Journal of Medicine support use of raxibacumab (ABthrax) for the treatment of inhalation anthrax
93 Of yeast and men: Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of Friedreich's ataxia
94 A Matter of Density, Not Quantity
95 Scientists from Scotland to Sweden Arrive at NIMBioS to Study Bovine TB
96 Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC scientists identify enzyme important in aging
97 Fuels from Biomass: New Technique Can Fast-Track Better Ionic Liquids for Biomass Pre-Treatments
98 Dinosaur Burrow Find Gives Climate Change Clues
99 Results from trials of DHA in Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive decline
100 Alzheimer's disease drug treats traumatic brain injury, report GUMC researchers
101 Building memories with actin
102 House cats know what they want and how to get it from you
103 Climate change may spell demise of key salt marsh constituent
104 Mystery E. coli genes essential for survival of many species
105 Toxin detection as close as an inkjet printer
106 Hush Little Baby...Linking Genes, Brain, and Behavior in Children
107 Probiotics help gastric-bypass patients lose weight more quickly, Stanford study shows
108 Tossing a coin in the microcosm
109 Material world: graphene's versatility promises new applications
110 Galileo's notebooks may reveal secrets of new planet
111 Caltech chemists say antibody surrogates are just a 'click' away
112 Seals quickly respond to gain and loss of habitat under climate change
113 Nanopillars Promise Cheap, Efficient, Flexible Solar Cells
114 Living Fossils Hold Record of 'Supermassive' Kick
115 Herschel images promise bright future
116 Green industrial lubricant developed
117 Herschel Space Telescope's SPIRE instrument package makes first-light observations
118 New studies give clear guidance on how to better recruit volunteers for Alzheimer's clinical studies
119 Leading pathogen in newborns can suppress immune cell function
120 New drugs faster from natural compounds: A UC San Diego breakthrough
121 Superconductivity: Which one of these is not like the other?
122 Scientists discover repulsive side to light force
123 New method may accelerate drug discovery for difficult diseases like Parkinson's
124 Novel drug discovery tool could identify promising new therapies for Parkinson's disease
125 PTSD associated with higher Alzheimer's/dementia risk; moderate alcohol consumption may lower it
126 New cases of Alzheimer's and dementia continue to rise, even in the 'oldest old'
127 DNA-damaged cells communicate with neighbors to let them know they're in trouble
128 Fluorescent probes may permit monitoring of chemotherapy effectiveness, Stanford study shows
129 Study may explain why HIV progresses faster in women than in men with same viral load
130 Study: Bath time falls injure thousands of children annually
131 Swedish researcher finds missing piece of fossil puzzle
132 Dynamic molecular mechanism to keep brain activity stable
133 Childhood obesity link to parents
134 Researchers gain insight into mechanism underlying Huntington's
135 Study finds citrus-derived flavonoid prevents obesity
136 New lung cancer staging system revealed
137 Regular moderate alcohol intake has cognitive benefits in older adults
138 Rensselaer Researchers To Participate in Seismic Test of Seven-Story Building
139 Between the devil and the deep blue sea
140 Virtually engineering power plants
141 Design tool for materials with a memory
142 How to Stage a Revolution
143 The Avastin Paradox
144 Artificial Knees Made to Order
145 Hints of How Google's OS Will Work