File Title
1 Tomb of legendary Japanese Queen Himiko found
2 Rising seas could spell doom for Orkney islands
3 Chan Chan, the Melting City of the Chimu
4 Ancient Death-Smile Potion Decoded?
5 Ethiopia: lifting the mystery on rock churches 'built by angels'
6 Researchers From The Institut Catala De Paleontologia Describe A New Hominid
7 New Hominid 12 Million Years Old Found In Spain, With 'Modern' Facial Features
8 DNA test to discover Tutankhamun's parentage
9 UF study finds that ancient mammals shifted diets as climate changed
10 Ancient Humans Knew Sustainable Fishing
11 Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit
12 Oldest 'Taegeuk' Pattern Found in Naju
13 University of Florida: Epic carving on fossil bone found in Vero Beach
14 New 'Molecular Clock' Aids Dating Of Human Migration History
15 Peru finds human sacrifices from Inca civilization
16 Sacred plants of the Maya forest
17 A beacon's rebirth
18 5th century artefacts discovered in West Bengal
19 Ancient Art, Music Flowered as Communities, Not Brains, Grew
20 Could Human Altruism Have Evolved Because of War?
21 The Saxons were coming! A tiny sword stud found under a shop rewrites Welsh history
22 Corrib may have had 'major' settlement
23 Ancient Underwater Camps, Caribou Traps in Great Lake?
24 Ancient tombs discovered by Kingston University-led team
25 Scholarship on Ancient Middle East Becomes Free Digitally
26 Mysterious Inscribed Slate Discovered at Jamestown
27 Did Paleo-Indians hunt on lands now submerged by the modern Great Lakes?
28 1,600 antiquities for Italy
29 Italy puts Baghdad Museum online
30 Archaeological dating by re-firing ancient pots
31 6,000-year-old tombs found next to Stonehenge
32 China to begin third excavation of terracotta army site
33 24 indicted in Four Corners artifact theft probe
34 Fossil Bone Bed Helps Reconstruct Life Along California's Ancient Coastline
35 Two tonnes of ancient coins found in history-laden Chinese province
36 PHOTOS: Searching for Afghanistan's Third Giant Buddha
37 Nine mysteries of Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb
38 New dig could reveal 5000 more terracotta warriors
39 Aztec temple promises to yield one of antiquity's great treasures
40 Archaeologists find skulls on route of new road
41 New discovery of Neolithic jade culture in China
42 Machu Picchu Described as Pilgrimage Site
43 Engraved pigments point to ancient symbolic tradition
44 Deep in the Heart of Historic Naples
45 Students unearth Saxon nunnery
46 Yemen aims to halt next generation of terrorists
47 Herschel telescope 'opens eyes'
48 Did Meteorite Hit Australian Teen?
49 Ancient Mass Grave Found in Britain
50 Pink Moth Discovered in Arizona
51 Anti-Abortion Blogger Admits Hoax
52 Obama Identifies $313 Billion for Health Care Through Medicaid and Medicare Savings
53 Chaz Bono Gives Voice To An Often 'Invisible' Community
54 Discovery could ease cancer pain
55 Sextuplets 'are a gift from God'
56 The Switch-Off: Analog TV Gone For Good
57 US, Canada To Update Great Lakes Water Agreement
58 Museum Experts ID Birds That Bring Down Planes
59 Drilling Might Be Culprit Behind Texas Earthquakes
60 Experimental Swine Flu Vaccine Produced
61 Michael Pollan Discusses "Food, Inc."
62 Eli Lilly Exaggerated Reviews, Suit Claims
63 Senate Passes Landmark Anti-Smoking Bill
64 Obama's Secret Moves On Health Care
65 Bing lands with a bang, but will it boom?
66 Google could take a lesson from Bing on porn
67 Hey, Just a Minute (or Why Google Isn't Twitter)
68 Is Google About To Introduce A Microblog Search Offering?
69 A Microblogging Search Engine by Google?
70 Chinese Regime's 'Anti-Pornography' Software Targets Falun Gong
71 Say No to Censorship
72 Oddities in the Green Dam filtered words list
73 Scientists Say 'Super Volcano' May Be Brewing Beneath Mount St. Helens
74 Mt. St. Helens 'super volcano' theory is just that, expert says
75 Mount St. Helens: A supervolcano? Or just a lot of hot air?
76 AT&T Already Sold Out of Opening Day Pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S
77 Twitter "twitpocalypse" affects Mac, iPhone apps
78 Is the Twitpocalypse nigh? Update: Mostly no
79 Oh rats! Rodent-free Alaska island needs new name
80 Did the Rat Island restoration effort kill 41 bald eagles?
81 Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research
82 Lost molecule is lethal for liver cancer cells in mice
83 Study shows promise for new cancer-stopping therapy
84 Abrupt global warming could shift monsoon patterns, hurt agriculture
85 MicroRNA replacement therapy may stop cancer in its tracks
86 Stress makes your hair go gray
87 Maple seeds and animals exploit the same trick to fly
88 Deforestation causes 'boom-and-bust' development in the Amazon
89 Assessment of safety and efficacy of human embryonic stem cell therapy
90 LSUHSC research finds single gene controls growth of some cancers
91 Dangerous liaisons: Bacterial 'sex' causes antibiotic resistance
92 Urban myth disproved: Fingerprints do not improve grip friction
93 Manatees can probably hear which directions boats approach from
94 Protein linked to change in tissue that surround and support breast tumors
95 Dual role in breast tissue for a protein involved in leukemia
96 Zebra mussels hang on while quagga mussels take over
97 Rainforest rehab in every sense
98 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona researchers first to clone mice in Spain
99 Flexible Solar Strips Light Up Campus Bus Shelter
100 Hear! Hear! Texas wines fight cancer growth
101 LSU researcher first to demonstrate link between bird songs and habitat change
102 Individuals who apply pesticides are found to have double the risk of blood disorder
103 New study reveals structure of the HIV protein shell
104 Caltech scientists predict greater longevity for planets with life
105 1 moose, 2 moose: Scientist seeks correction in number of species
106 Team led by Scripps research scientists finds new way that cells fix damage to DNA
107 Bilayer graphene gets a bandgap
108 Researchers describe 'implausible' chemistry that produces herbicidal compound
109 Muscular dystrophy: New drug promises benefit without risk of infection
110 How young mice phone home: Study gives clue to how mothers' brains screen for baby calls
111 Beetle shell inspires brilliant white paper
112 Rutgers Research Tackles Childhood Epilepsy
113 New Jefferson study may redefine how a chronic autoimmune disease is diagnosed
114 New definition could further limit habitable zones around distant suns
115 Tunable semiconductors possible with hot new material called graphene
116 The search for ET just got easier
117 Radio telescope images reveal planet-forming disk orbiting twin suns
118 Cool plasma packs heat against biofilms
119 Peculiar, junior-sized supernova discovered by New York teen
120 New 'electronic glue' promises less expensive semiconductors
121 'Designer molecules' being developed to fight disease
122 The microbial hydrocarbon diet
123 Researcher explores why smoking increases the risk of heart disease and strokes
124 Waste disposal protein is mechanism behind cancer tumor suppression
125 Scripps research team creates simple chemical system that mimics DNA
126 Majority won't have access to antivirals in pandemic but generic drugs could help prevent deaths
127 Association between obstructive sleep apnea and weight gain found
128 Extended or shortened sleep duration linked to weight gain
129 Sleep may be important in regulating emotional responses
130 Snoring pregnant women at higher risk for gestational diabetes
131 63 percent of RA patients suffer psychiatric disorders, with depressive spectrum conditions most likely
132 Winter- and spring-onset RA patients have worse 6 month outcomes than those with summer onset
133 Over half of people with rheumatoid arthritis have periodontitis
134 Appetite-stimulating hormone is first potential medical treatment for frailty in older women
135 Adolescent obesity linked to reduced sleep caused by technology use and caffeine
136 Colon Cancer Screening Technique Shows Continued Promise in New Study
137 Researchers create freestanding nanoparticle films without fillers
138 VBI researchers develop new method for breast cancer biomarker discovery
139 Predicted ground motions for great earthquake in Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver
140 Penn materials scientist finds plumber's wonderland on graphene
141 The dark side of animation
142 Simulation helps students learn dental implant procedures
143 Simulating a Public Health Disaster Using Multiple Variables Can Assist Hospitals and Cities in Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios, NYU Researchers Find
144 Officials commend UH's leadership in creation of ship channel security district
145 Promising device snags young inventors coveted spot at IShow
146 Robotic ferret will detect hidden drugs and weapons