File Title
1 Geography And History Shape Genetic Differences In Humans
2 Bats Recognize The Individual Voices Of Other Bats
3 Scientists Use Bed Bugs' Own Chemistry Against Them
4 People Who Wear Rose-colored Glasses See More, Study Shows
5 Easily Grossed Out? You Might Be A Conservative!
6 Different Genes Cause Loss Of Body Parts--Pelvis And Body Armor--In Similar Fish
7 Ticklish Apes? Young Apes Hoot Holler And Laugh In Way Similar To Human Infants
8 Stem Cells Cultured On Contact Lens Restore Sight In Patients With Blinding Corneal Disease
9 Researchers Solve 'Bloodcurdling' Mystery: Molecular Basis For Regulation Of Blood Clotting
10 How Humans Have Disrupted The Nitrogen Cycle
11 Gene For Deadly Inherited Lung Disease Identified
12 Breast Cancer Gene Can Be Blocked By Blood Pressure Drug
13 Break From Hormone Therapy Doesn't Improve Mammograms
14 Breakthrough Toward Industrial Production Of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
15 Smoking-cessation Research Highlights Importance Of Keeping Teens From Smoking
16 Carbon Monoxide Reverses Diabetic Gastric Problem In Mice, Study Suggests
17 New System Monitors Fetal Heartbeat
18 One In Four Nursing Home Residents Carry MRSA, UK Study Suggests
19 Even With No Treatment Available, Cancer Patients Want To Know Metastasis Risk
20 Molecular Powerbrokers Involved In Cancer's Spread
21 Most Common Brain Cancer May Originate In Neural Stem Cells
22 Drug's Epilepsy-prevention Effect May Be Widely Applicable
23 Benefit To Women Not Enough To Sway Men To Get HPV Vaccine
24 Needle Biopsies Safe In 'Eloquent' Areas Of Brain, Study Suggests
25 Immigrants Overcome Great Odds To Raise Children In Foreign Lands, Say Researchers
26 Be Your Best Friend If You'll Be Mine: Alliance Hypothesis For Human Friendship
27 Sexual Partner Status Affects A Woman's, But Not A Man's, Interest In The Opposite Sex
28 Easier Access To Media By Children Increases Risk For Influence On Numerous Health Issues
29 Feeling Close To A Friend Increases Progesterone, Boosts Well-being And Reduces Anxiety And Stress
30 Cell Phone Ringtones Can Pose Major Distraction, Impair Recall
31 'Shock And Kill' Research Gives New Hope For HIV-1 Eradication
32 Newly Discovered Reactions From An Old Drug May Lead To New Antibiotics
33 Bacteria From The Deep Can Clean Up Heavy Metals
34 Elevated Water Temperature And Acidity Boost Growth Of Key Sea Star Species
35 Promising Antimicrobial Attacks Virus, Stimulates Immune System
36 Molecules Which Flip Into Their Own Mirror Image
37 Phthalates And Birth Defects? Doubt Cast On Link Between Environmental Chemicals And Male Urogenital Abnormalities
38 Parkinson's Disease Associated With Pesticide Exposure In French Farm Workers
39 Bee-killing Parasite Genome Sequenced
40 Carbon Payments Help Protect Threatened Tropical Mammals
41 Apple jazzes up its iPhone with new software, handset coming
42 WWDC 2003 Keynote Coverage--Live
43 Why Steve Jobs May Rule the World
44 Some extras that might be revealed at Apple's WWDC 2009
45 Microsoft's Porn Search Blocked in Islamic Countries
46 Reports of Yahoo Getting Binged Appear to be Mistaken
47 Down Under gets first dibs on Windows 7
48 Facebook Poaches Google's AdWords Honcho
49 Facebook hires former Google Adwords chief
50 Meds as good as surgery for diabetics with heart disease
51 Surgery may not be first choice for diabetics with blocked arteries
52 Stents no better than heart drugs in diabetics
53 New Orleans Mayor Is Under Quarantine
54 Meeting the challenge of diabetes
55 Diabetes blood sugar test now recommended for diagnosis
56 There might be a better way to screen for prostate cancer
57 The 10 commandments of cancer prevention
58 UCF, MD Anderson researchers working on over-the-counter test for prostate cancer
59 Last-minute rumor: iPhone 3GS with longer battery life at WWDC
60 New proxy reveals how humans have disrupted the nitrogen cycle
61 Zimmermann et al.: 'Report: Reconstructing the evolution of laughter in great apes and humans'
62 Boy or girl? In lizards, egg size matters
63 High population density triggers cultural explosions
64 Researchers solve 'bloodcurdling' mystery
65 A new lead for autoimmune disease
66 Bee-killing parasite genome sequenced
67 At Long Last, How Plants Make Eggs
68 New 'molecular clock' aids dating of human migration history
69 Ottawa scientists discover new way to enhance stem cells to stimulate muscle regeneration
70 Birds use social learning to enhance nest defense
71 Sleuths follow lung stem cells for generations to shed light on healing
72 Promising antimicrobial attacks virus, stimulates immune system
73 Fatty foods--not empty stomach--fire up hunger hormone
74 'Smart' process may boost economics of biofuel production
75 Researchers develop the first climate-based model to predict Dengue fever outbreaks
76 Recruitment of reproductive features into other cell types may underlie extended lifespan in animals
77 A lethal cancer knocked down by one-two drug punch
78 Research identifies 3-D structure of key nuclear pore building block
79 Link unraveled between chromosomal instability and centrosome defects in cancer cells
80 Drawing inspiration from nature to build a better radio
81 A Billion Year Ultra-Dense Memory Chip
82 Graphene May Have Advantages Over Copper for Future IC Interconnects
83 Researchers test nanoparticle to treat cardiovascular disease in mice
84 Caltech scientists create nanoscale zipper cavity that responds to single photons of light
85 New, light-driven nanomotor is simpler, more promising, scientists say
86 Death rates same for diabetes and heart disease patients receiving drug therapy or surgery
87 Autoinflammatory disease model reveals role for innate, not adaptive, immunity
88 Mystery solved: Tiny protein-activator responsible for brain cell damage in Huntington disease
89 Middle-aged women experience more stress but have lower blood pressure
90 Fatigue common after myocardial infarction
91 Hypospadias, a birth defect of the male urethra, is not increasing in New York state
92 NEJM Study Points to New Era in Hepatitis C Treatment
93 Asthma rates and where you live
94 Scholars define global health, call for partnerships between developed and developing countries
95 N/A
96 Routine diabetes screenings could cut health-care costs
97 Study: Lack of capital not a 'death sentence' for start-ups
98 Secret of sandcastle construction could help revive ancient building technique, researchers say
99 Women Faring Well in Hiring and Tenure Processes for Science and Engineering Jobs
100 Magnetic Tornadoes Could Liberate Mercury's Tenuous Atmosphere
101 Scientists create metal that pumps liquid uphill
102 Aluminum-oxide nanopore beats other materials for DNA analysis
103 Strategies to Rein in Epidemics Need to be Retooled For Rural Populations, Say K-State Engineers Using Computers to Model Disease Outbreaks in Rural Areas
104 Researchers engineer metabolic pathway in mice to prevent diet-induced obesity
105 Computer graphics researchers simulate the sounds of water and other liquids
106 If at first you don't succeed, let the search engine try
107 Train can be worse for climate than plane
108 Tangled proteins may spread Alzheimer's through brain
109 Free-floating black hole may solve space 'firefly' mystery
110 Science reinvents the economy: Predicting the big one
111 Cellphones could unite to broadcast disaster alerts
112 Yeast genes inspire anti-ageing drugs
113 Revealed: Why curve balls are so hard to hit
114 Science reinvents the economy: Network solutions
115 Drastic action may be needed over US flood risk
116 Earth's clearest skies revealed
117 Net gives pirate radio the last laugh
118 Archaeologists Locate Confederate Cannons, Naval Yard
119 Facebook Games for a Better Music Search Engine