File Title
1 Huge ice chunks break away from Antarctic shelf
2 To keep warming low, deeper pollution cuts needed
3 AP NewsBreak: US wants to move on climate change
4 5 Essential Swine Flu Survival Tips
5 Japan and China talk up cooperation, sidestep tensions
6 NASA's New Spaceship to Carry Fewer Astronauts
7 Space Junk Around Earth on the Rise, Experts Say
8 Africa climate change monitoring station launched
9 Philippines threatens to deport foreign protesters
10 Pakistan's blind dolphins face hazardous existence
11 Arctic Council snubs EU as observer over seal dispute
12 Dino-mite: Utah quarry gets explosive treatment
13 Some Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid Impact
14 Tysabri May Treat Myelin Sheath Damage From MS
15 Gene Therapy Improves Diabetic Neuropathy in Study
16 Autism Linked to Genes That Govern How the Brain Is Wired
17 12 slain in shooting at Azerbaijan oil academy
18 BLM, Forest Service sued over air pollution in NM
19 To meet climate goal, cut fossil fuels use: study
20 Drowning deaths raise toll from Kan. storms to 5
21 Unique Roman glass dish found at London grave site
22 5 Wild Diseases We Got From Animals
23 Mexico shuts nonessential services amid swine flu
24 Biden tells family to stay off planes, subways
25 Scientists struggle to understand swine flu virus
26 Obesity Surgery Complications on the Decline
27 Surgery effective for moderate obesity
28 Relief of postpartum depression helps sex life
29 Statins Guard Against Prostate Cancer
30 Topical Treatment May Ease Erectile Dysfunction
31 Kids who die from cold meds often very young
32 Epileptic drug calms restless legs, improves sleep
33 Cryptosporidiosis under-recognized in the elderly
34 Drug helps pregnant drug users to stop smoking
35 World takes drastic steps to contain swine flu
36 New Treatment Combo Better Against Hepatitis C
37 Solitary Confinement: The Invisible Torture
38 Westinghouse TX-42F450S 42-inch LCD TV
39 Google Could Have Caught Swine Flu Early
40 Humans Halfway to Causing Dangerous Climate Change
41 Obama's 100 Days: High Marks for Science, Low for Privacy
42 MPAA Pounds RealNetworks' Glaser on Witness Stand--Update
43 Fastest Camera Ever Built Uses Lasers
44 5.11 Tactical Light for Life Pro Flashlight
45 Apple Quietly Recruits Chip Designers for In-House CPUs
46 Official: Ospreys Heading to Afghanistan, New Trucks Not Heading Anywhere
47 New Flip Ultra and UltraHD Now Official
48 Teleoperated Design Revealed for Assistant Robots
49 Pushing Plastic Solar Cells
50 More-Precise Genetic Engineering for Plants
51 Hunting for Clues in the Swine Flu Genetic Code
52 A New Breed of Netbook?
53 Evidence Of The 'Lost World': Did Dinosaurs Survive The End Cretaceous Extinctions?
54 Swine Flu Outbreak Illuminated By Avian Flu Research
55 Can Living And Non-living Follow Same Rules? Unifying The Animate And Inanimate Designs Of Nature
56 Ice Sheet Behavior Much More Volatile And Dynamic Than Previously Thought, Tahiti Corals Show
57 Details Of Bacterial 'Injection' System Revealed
58 Got An Itch? New Study Shows How Scratching May Relieve It
59 Native Americans Descended From A Single Ancestral Group, DNA Study Confirms
60 Hundreds Of Rogue Black Holes May Roam The Milky Way, Swallowing Anything That Gets Too Close
61 Did Comets Contain Key Ingredients For Life On Earth?
62 New Details About Mysterious Giant Virus Uncovered
63 Half A Glass Of Wine A Day May Boost Life Expectancy By Five Years
64 Lake Tahoe Region In U.S. May Be Due For Major Earthquake
65 Certain Ecologic Factors Associated With Greater Risk Of Bladder Cancer
66 From Swine Flu To Dengue Fever: Infectious Disease Risks On The Rise
67 Dramatic Growth In Cancer Rates Among US Elderly, Minorities Predicted
68 Cardiac CT Offers A Better, Cost-effective Approach To Diagnose Low-risk Chest Pain Patients
69 New Pill To Treat Multiple Sclerosis
70 Repeatedly Working When Ill Boosts Risk Of Long Term Sick Leave
71 Smoking And High Blood Pressure Each Account For One In Five Deaths In US Adults
72 Inadequate Sleep Leads To Behavioral Problems, Study Finds
73 Wimps Hear Dangerous Noises Differently
74 Now Where Did I Leave My Car? How The Brain Translates Memory Into Action
75 Adding Walnuts To Good Diet May Help Older People Improve Motor And Behavioral Skills
76 New Understanding Of Dengue Virus Points Way To Possible Therapies For Dengue Fever
77 Why Anti-HIV Antibodies Are Ineffective At Blocking Infection
78 Fingerprinting Slow Earthquakes And How They Relate To The Big One
79 Google Earth Aids Discovery Of Early African Mammal Fossils
80 New Blow Against Dinosaur-killing Asteroid Theory, Geologists Find
81 The Life That Escaped Darwin's Notice
82 High Marks For New Technology For Fingerprint Identification
83 New Hope For Biomass Fuels: Breaking The Ties That Bind
84 Rich Musical Pickings With Easier Access To Archives
85 Swine Flu: Statistical Model Predicts 1,000 Cases In U.S. Within Three Weeks
86 Scientists shed light on inner workings of human embryonic stem cells
87 Birds can dance, really
88 New view of HIV entry may lead to next generation of inhibitors
89 Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies are a Global Affair
90 Synthesis with a template: Carbon-free fullerene analogue
91 World's fastest camera relies on new type of imaging, takes 6 million frames per second
92 Motorola loss widens; analysts see worrisome signs
93 Smart Charger Controller simplifies electric vehicle recharging (w/Video)
94 1918 flu resulted in current lineage of H1N1 swine influenza viruses, study says
95 No evidence to raise pandemic flu alert level to phase six: WHO + Latest snapshot of swine flu crisis
96 Research Finds Photos More Useful Than Words for Memory Recall
97 Playing Dead Increases Survival Rate at the Expense of Active Neighbors
98 Apple 'to design own computer chips'
99 From connective tissue to bones
100 XBox forensics
101 IMEC reports method to integrate plasmonic technology with state-of-the-art ICs
102 In Britain, green squatters seize island
103 The hippocampus plays a fundamental role in the computing of uncertainty
104 US wants to move on climate change
105 Making quantum cryptography practical
106 Is quitting Twitter more popular than re-tweeting?
107 Study suggests doctors could add to Wikipedia
108 NASA's ENose can sense brain cancer cells
109 Recycler protein helps prevent disease
110 The story of ancient Persia gets digitized
111 Understanding stellar explosions is less straightforward than previously thought
112 Second firing test for Vega's Zefiro 9A solid rocket motor
113 Number of Americans with disability growing; arthritis cited as most common cause
114 Social separation stops flu spread, but must be started soon
115 French lawmakers reconsider Internet piracy bill
116 FDA warns of deaths with unapproved use of Botox
117 Poll: Swedish pro file-sharing party gains support
118 Internet 'flooded with swine virus spam emails'
119 Children and teenagers at risk for noise-induced hearing loss
120 Half a glass of wine a day may boost life expectancy by five years
121 NanoViagra
122 Nanoneedle is small in size, but huge in applications
123 Fresh Pot of Tea Strikes Anticancer Gold
124 Iron-arsenic superconductors in class of their own
125 In Britain, green squatters seize island
126 Sometimes it's just easier to use a pencil
127 Toward giving artificial cells the ability for sustained movement (w/Video)
128 New computer program promises to be 'Rosetta Stone' for chemical names
129 Geneticists publish largest-ever study on African genetics revealing origins, migration
130 Synthetic chemical offers solution for crops facing drought
131 Stanford scientists turn adult skin cells into muscle and vice versa
132 Fish may actually feel pain and react to it much like humans
133 Researchers pinpoint the mechanisms of self-control in the brain
134 Study validates means to measure possible leukemia marker
135 Using a small stockpile of a secondary antiviral drug in a flu pandemic
136 Research Finds Photos More Useful Than Words for Memory Recall
137 Finding a stereotype that is true: Mexicans more sociable than Americans
138 Mysterious 1934 Disappearance of Explorer Everett Ruess in Utah Solved
139 The use of wooden casks or steel tanks for Chardonnay influences its fermentative aroma