File Title
1 NASA Astronauts Prepare for Hubble Mission
2 Swine Flu Update from the Administration, en Espanol
3 Researchers Urge Crackdown on Junk Food TV Ads
4 FDA Orders Label Warning for Testosterone Gels
5 World's smallest pigs 'thriving'
6 'Mixed results' from EU R&D funds
7 Obama keeps Bush polar bear rules
8 Sites fail age verification check
9 The future of gadget interaction
10 Scientists Airlift Giant, Endangered Frogs
11 Study: Women More Affected By ID Fraud
12 UN: Treaty Expanded By 9 More Dangerous Chemicals
13 Nice Going, Mom! Right Whales Break Birth Record
14 Rare Prehistoric Pregnant Turtle Found In Utah
15 Honeybees are on the rise but demand grows faster
16 Why silkworms find mulberries attractive
17 Disappearing act of world's second largest fish explained
18 Bioelectricity promises more 'miles per acre' than ethanol
19 Glucose to glycerol conversion in long-lived yeast provides anti-aging effects
20 Intriguing early results for device that reshapes enlarged, leaky heart valve
21 Expression of infrared fluorescence engineered in mammals
22 Study finds children's activity levels not influenced by more PE time in school
23 Study in pregnant women suggests probiotics may help ward off obesity
24 Consumers more likely to identify healthy food using traffic light nutrition labels
25 Brain cell mechanism for decision making also underlies judgment about certainty
26 Up to 1 in 6 older people living at home face malnutrition risk
27 Cell's split personality is a major discovery into neurological diseases
28 Visualizing virus replication in 3 dimensions
29 OHSU researchers study the idling brain
30 Increased food intake alone explains the increase in body weight in the United States
31 Study: Vibration plate machines may aid weight loss and trim abdominal fat
32 No insurance? No colonoscopy
33 Personalized Nutritional Information Sent Through Mail Helps Improve Diets
34 Bacteria Play Role in Preventing Spread of Malaria
35 Skin color clue to nicotine dependence
36 System that regulates blood pressure is amiss in some healthy, young blacks
37 New study: Home energy savings are made in the shade
38 Managing Douglas-fir forests for diversity
39 Study suggests biomass converted into electricity could be more efficient than ethanol
40 Team of researchers achieves major step toward faster chips
41 4-in-1: Targeted gene suppression in cancer cells
42 OU professor teams with German scientists on discovery of rare molecule
43 Study finds homicidal poisoning rising, more likely in infants and elderly
44 Study: US-Canadian shale could neutralize Russian energy threat to Europeans
45 Faster computers, electronic devices possible after scientists create large-area graphene on copper
46 Creating the astro-comb to locate Earth-like planets
47 Hubble repair mission carrying $70 million CU-Boulder instrument on track for May 11 launch
48 Report examines limits of national power grid simulations
49 Vise squad: Putting the squeeze on a crystal leads to novel electronics
50 New nanotube coating enables novel laser power meter
51 Terahertz waves are effective probes for IC heat barriers
52 Caltech physicists detect entanglement of one photon shared among four locations
53 The Day the Universe Froze
54 Study finds African Americans at greater risk after PCI
55 Study examines novel PFO closure system
56 Job loss can make you sick, new study finds
57 30-year follow-up study: 'Tremendous' impact of smoking on mortality and cardiovascular disease
58 Massive decline in rates of coronary death in Iceland are largely attributed to risk factor reductions in the population
59 More evidence for the benefit of exercise in cardiovascular disease--and even in heart failure
60 The cardiovascular benefits of daily exercise in school children are evident even after 1 year
61 Herpes medication does not reduce risk of HIV transmission
62 Graves' disease: Quality of life and occupational disability
63 Researchers identify the gene responsible for a rare form of congenital anemia
64 Always safely on the go
65 New look at Facebook and grades
66 A nimbus rises in the world of cloud computing
67 'Cone of silence' keeps conversations secret
68 Volcanic shutdown may have led to 'snowball Earth'
69 Brazil's other big forest in dire straits
70 Medieval-style 'rack' stretches skin grafts
71 Solar cycle will be weakest since 1928, forecasters say
72 Innovation: Computers to keep our emotions in check
73 Bacteria Play Role in Preventing Spread of Malaria
74 The Day the Universe Froze
75 Wolfram Alpha 'Knowledge Engine' is Like a Modern Farmer's Almanac
76 5 Feasible Renewable Energy Sources
77 The day the universe froze: New dark energy model includes cosmological phase transition
78 Sources: Senators weigh 3 government health plans
79 Physicists detect entanglement of one photon shared among four locations
80 Warning: Sunspot cycle beginning to rise
81 A nimbus rises in the world of cloud computing
82 Pandemic, or just a bad bug? (w/Webcast)
83 Hackers breach US air traffic control computers
84 Hubble to receive high-tech James Webb Space Telescope technology
85 Research suggests children can recover from autism
86 Rare prehistoric pregnant turtle found in Utah
87 Obama won't fight global warming with bear rules
88 Sun Micro: We may have broken US anti-bribery law
89 Will the economic crisis lead to major societal changes?
90 Skin color clue to nicotine dependence
91 Hackers breach UC Berkeley computer database
92 Researchers identify the gene responsible for a rare form of congenital anemia
93 New Pattern Found in Prime Numbers
94 Post-Quantum Correlations: Exploring the Limits of Quantum Nonlocality
95 Nice going, mom! Right whales break birth record
96 Science agency to review FBI's anthrax inquiry
97 Japan, Australia confirm first cases of swine flu
98 UN: Treaty expanded by 9 more dangerous chemicals
99 AT&T to buy territories from Verizon for $2.35B
100 Frogs flown from Montserrat to flee deadly fungus
101 Jordan queen all a-Twitter over papal visit
102 Harvard survey: Swine flu in, affection out
103 Personalized nutritional information sent through mail helps improve diets
104 Refined Hubble Constant narrows explanations for dark energy
105 Fuel for deep space exploration running on empty
106 Increased food intake alone explains the increase in body weight in the US
107 Ultrasonic Communication Among Frogs
108 Way To Cut Cattle Methane, Threat To Environment, By 25 Percent
109 Increased Food Intake Alone Explains Rise In Obesity In United States, Study Finds
110 Ocean Carbon: Dent In Iron Fertilization Hypothesis Previously Proposed To Address Climate Change
111 Pollination Crisis 'A Myth': Honeybees Are On The Rise, But Demand Grows Faster
112 'Star Trek' Warp Speed? Physicists Have New Idea That Could Make It So
113 Small Brain Of Dwarf 'Hobbit' Explained By Hippo's Island Life
114 Refined Hubble Constant Narrows Possible Explanations For Dark Energy
115 Brain Cell Mechanism For Decision Making Also Underlies Judgment About Certainty
116 Bioelectricity Promises More 'Miles Per Acre' Than Ethanol
117 Good Genes: Late Motherhood Boosts Family Lifespan
118 EBay Has Unexpected, Chilling Effect On Looting Of Antiquities, Archaelogist Finds
119 Early Detection Of Lung Cancer
120 Herschel And Planck Share Ride To Space
121 Patients With Excessive Sweating Condition Are More Likely To Develop Skin Infections
122 Memory For Different Smells: Synaptic Memory Found In Olfactory Bulb
123 Undiagnosed Diabetes Takes Economic Toll
124 Iron Deficiency In Womb May Delay Brain Maturation In Preemies
125 Spontaneous Activity Found In The Idling Brain
126 Narcolepsy Is An Autoimmune Disorder, New Research Shows
127 Babies Brainier Than Many Imagine
128 Cigarette Smoke May Rob Children Of Needed Antioxidants
129 From Rats To Humans: Around Thirty Europeans Infected With Cowpox Virus By Their Pet Rats
130 'Gecko Vision': Key To Future Multifocal Contact Lens?
131 Pet Therapy Dogs May Carry MRSA And Clostridium Difficile Between Patients
132 Food-Borne Outbreaks: Keeping Lettuce and Other Fresh Produce Clean
133 Cell's Split Personality Is A Major Discovery Into Neurological Diseases
134 Scientists Surprised By Unexpected Emergence Of Periodical Cicadas--Four Years Early
135 Why Some Newly Planted Trees Die: Stresses During Handling And Transport Affect Tree Health, Survival
136 World's Most Unusual Volcano: Origin Of Carbon-based Lavas Revealed
137 Excessive Bycatch Of Cod Undermines Moratorium: Cod Bycatch Was At Least 70 Per Cent Higher Than Target Levels
138 Filling The Gap In The Fossil Record
139 World's Oldest Manufactured Beads Are Older Than Previously Thought
140 Low-angle Collision With Earth: The Elliptical Impact Crater Matt Wilson, Northern Territory, Australia
141 NASA Nanosatellite To Study Antifungal Drug Effectiveness In Space
142 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter To Help Astronauts Survive On Moon's Forbidding Frontier
143 Advanced Mechanical Horse Built For Therapy
144 Will America's Power Grid Be Able To Keep Pace With Future Demand?
145 More Protection Against Explosives And Nuclear Material In Freight Containers
146 Optimizing Performance Of Nanowire Electronic And Optoelectronic Devices
147 Major Step Toward Faster Chips Achieved
148 'Smart Turbine Blades' To Improve Wind Power
149 Method To Integrate Plasmon-based Nanophotonic Circuitry With State-of-the-art ICs Developed