File Title
1 Rethinking European Borders as Alpine Ice Melts
2 Environmentalists Hail Earth Hour as a Big Success
3 NASA's Discovery returns to Earth
4 'War' on poisonous Australia toad
5 Cities switch off for Earth Hour
6 Major cyber spy network uncovered
7 Wind-powered car breaks record
8 Dental phobia does not stop care
9 'I felt alone with my MS'
10 Discovery Touches Down In Florida
11 Discovery Touches Down In Florida
12 City Hall darkens for Earth Hour
13 Earth Hour observed in 2,800 cities
14 Discovery Makes Safe Return
15 Anchorage Airport closed as volcanic ash falls
16 The Texas-Size Debate Over Teaching Evolution
17 Orb's Live Events Revolutionizes Live Content on iPhone
18 Conquer the world or conquer the universe--iPhone apps of the week
19 Hideo Kojima Vows Never To Retire
20 Rock Band Franchise Officially Surpasses $1 Billion in North American Retail Sales, According to the NPD Group (1)
21 Rock Band surpasses $1 billion dollars in sales
22 Low inflammation, cholesterol cuts heart risk: study
23 Cholesterol Drugs May Reduce Risk of Blood Clots in Veins
24 Study: Cholesterol drug lowers blood clot risk
25 AstraZeneca's Crestor Reduced Blood Clots In Study
26 JUPITER: Rosuvastatin reduces risk of VTE in healthy subjects
27 No Increase in Clots With Drug-Eluting Stents
28 A Lesson on Health Care From Massachusetts
29 American Urological Association Statement in Support of Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing
30 Questions About the Prostate Test
31 Hawaii Cancer Screening Trial Contributes to Important Findings
32 India's Sun Pharma gets FDA approval for topiramate
33 Teva Announces Approval and Launch of Generic Topamax Tablets
34 New Surgery for Heart Failure Proves Ineffective
35 STICHed up: Final results for "hypothesis two" show no benefits of LV reconstruction over CABG alone
36 ACC: Surgery for Ischemic Heart Failure Fails to Show Benefit
37 Lower Sodium Intake Recommendation for Almost 70% of US Adults in 2005 to 2006
38 Diabetes: Why are there different types?
39 Awareness: Calculator Gives Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
40 With diabetes, eating pizza not always a treat
41 Cassini Provides Virtual Flyover Of Saturn's Moon Titan
42 Early Agriculture Left Traces In Animal Bones
43 Does Prebiotic Material Exist In Outer Space?
44 Sexual Reproduction: Birds Do It, Bees Do It; Termites Don't, Necessarily
45 Crabs Not Only Suffer Pain, But Retain Memory Of It
46 Airborne Dust Reduction Plays Larger Than Expected Role In Determining Atlantic Temperature
47 New Nanogenerator May Charge IPods And Cell Phones With A Wave Of The Hand
48 Face Recognition: The Eyes Have It
49 Nanoparticles In Cosmetics, Personal Care Products May Have Adverse Environmental Effects
50 Proteins By Design: Biochemists Create New Protein From Scratch
51 Structure Of Protein That Makes Cancer Cells Resistant To Chemotherapy Identified
52 New Method Of Assessing Women's Eggs Could Enhance IVF Success, Study Shows
53 Gene Variant Associated With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Identified
54 Understanding Sea Temperature-atmospheric Pressure Links In North Atlantic
55 Stairwell Evacuation Study Finds 'What We Know We Don't Know'
56 Mouse Model Of Human Psoriasis
57 Malaria: New Findings Highlight The Role Of Endothelial Cell Activation In Children With Cerebral Malaria
58 Brain Activity Predicts People's Choices
59 Visual Learners Convert Words To Pictures In The Brain And Vice Versa, Says Psychology Study
60 Hormone-mimics In Plastic Water Bottles Act As Functional Estrogens
61 Financial Advice Causes 'Off-loading' In The Brain
62 Neuronal Cause Of 'Money Illusion': Inflation Felt To Be Not So Bad As A Wage Cut
63 Social Skills, Extracurricular Activities In High School Pay Off Later In Life
64 Insight Into The Way Nicotine Works In The Brain
65 Proteins From Garden Pea May Help Fight High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease
66 Study Assesses Impact Of Fish Stocking On Aquatic Insects
67 Airborne Acid May Help Soot Turn Into Cloud Seeds
68 New Tool Differentiates Artificial From Natural Nitrogen-oxide Pollution
69 Carbonated Oceans
70 DNA Duplication: A Mechanism For 'Survival Of The Fittest'
71 Deep-sea Rocks Point To Early Oxygen On Earth
72 Evolution Of Fins And Limbs Linked With That Of Gills
73 Deep-sea Corals May Be Oldest Living Marine Organism
74 Earliest Evidence Of Domesticated Maize Discovered: Dates Back 8,700 Years
75 Erratic Black Hole Regulates Itself
76 Catering To Car Buyers' Desires
77 New Biometric ID: A Quick X-ray Snapshot Of A Person's Knees
78 Underground Subatomic-particle Measurements Yield Meteorological Clues
79 Structure More Effective In High School Science Classes, Study Reveals
80 Why Is There More Matter Than Antimatter In The Natural World?
81 Software Fits Flexible Components
82 E-waste Reduced By Fees At Time Of Purchase, According To Study
83 Cloud Computing Helps Scientists Run High Energy Physics Experiments
84 Vacuum Cleaner Senses Human Emotions
85 Un-Bottled Water Hits the U.S.
86 The Energy Footprint of Bottled Water
87 Space Smells Funny, Astronauts Say
88 Teen Leaders More Likely to Have Kids Later
89 Robot Madness: Will Cyborgs Compromise Privacy?
90 The Truth on Whether 'Opposites Attract'
91 Big Blobs Change View of Evolution
92 Perfect Running Pace Revealed
93 Action Video Games Improve Vision
94 Huge Man-Made Algae Swarm Devoured--Bad for Climate?
95 PHOTOS: Coin-Size Frog Found--One of World's Smallest
96 Video Games Improve Vision, Study Says
97 Lost Crusaders' Tunnels Found Near Palace on Malta
98 PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Nanocrystals Show How Bones Grow
99 Dogs Save Cheetahs
100 Volcanoes Spawn Mini-Cyclones, Then Lightning "Sheaths"
101 Methane-producing mineral discovered on Mars
102 Climate changes Europe's borders--and the world's
103 Shoot 'em up video games are good for your eyesight
104 Bush ban on morning-after pill is reversed
105 Deteriorating home life puts kids at risk
106 Volcano plumes spin up a storm
107 Morphing liquid could lead to cancer breath test
108 Giant ice flows bolster case for volcanoes on Titan
109 Megaconservation: Saving wildernesses on a giant scale
110 Texas vote leaves loopholes for teaching creationism
111 Firm vows to grow first flowers on the moon
112 Artificial 'baby butter' accelerates healing
113 Light pulses could release 'locked' drugs
114 What every aspiring inventor needs to know
115 Media distortion damages both science and journalism
116 Zooming in on Mars in glorious 3D
117 Study Examines Climate Changes and Resulting Exposure to Agricultural Chemicals and Pathogens
118 Study Examines Lead Exposure and Accelerated Decline in Cognition in Older Women
119 Discovery of Tuberculosis Bacterium Enzyme Paves Way for New TB Drugs
120 Finding Early Signs of Mad-Cow Disease
121 Building a Brain on a Silicon Chip
122 Every Memory in Place
123 Stretched Nerve 'Bridges' Trigger Repair
124 Hospitals' Electronic Wasteland
125 Embracing Piracy
126 Better Lithium-ion Batteries
127 Magnetic Spin to Revolutionize Medical Scanning
128 Space Shuttle Lands in Florida
129 White House Announces International Meetings to Address Energy and Climate Issues
130 Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Recession
131 Loggers Try to Adapt to Greener Economy
132 In California, an Ear to the Ground, and Then Some
133 A Telescope to the Past as Galileo Visits U.S.
134 Do New Bulbs Save Energy if They Don't Work?
135 Extravagant Results of Nature's Arms Race
136 Botox Frees Muscles for Stroke Patients in the Know
137 Oozing Through Texas Soil, a Team of Amoebas Billions Strong
138 NOAA Chief Believes in Science as Social Contract
139 Drinkers' Red Face May Signal Cancer Risk
140 Can Earth Hour Galvanize the Global Warming Fight?
141 Q&A: How Much Is A Year of Life Worth?
142 Study: Male Circumcision Helps Prevent 2 STDs
143 Kids with ADHD May Learn Better by Fidgeting
144 Electronic Health Records: What's Taking So Long?