File Title
1 Too Much PlayStation May Cause Painful Lumps
2 Florida Tests Using Magnets to Repel Crocodiles
3 'GMA' Gets Answers: Man With MS Fights for Long-Term Disability Insurance
4 Baldness Med to Beat Cancer? Eight Drug Alter-Egos
5 It's Not What You Eat, It's How Much
6 HIV proves to be a fast learner
7 Laser light search for healthy sperm
8 Fossil fish reveal prehistoric lovemaking
9 Fish fossil clue to origin of sex
10 Scots fir is 'tallest tree in UK'
11 'Oldest English words' identified
12 More seeds for 'doomsday vault'
13 Tiger attacks trigger expert plea
14 Slow road to green reform
15 Saving Chile's southern wilderness
16 The future of the fighting forces
17 UK has 'uphill struggle to 2Mbps'
18 Hacker step closer to extradition
19 'Brain training' claims dismissed
20 The Tech Lab: Bruce Schneier
21 In pictures: Reader's drives
22 A false sense of security
23 Rapid HIV evolution avoids attack
24 Four charged in US suicide probe
25 Dengue fever worsens in Bolivia
26 Cigarette machines to be banned
27 Clean living way to beat cancer
28 Gene modifies lung disease impact
29 Glaciers Melting Faster Than First Thought
30 Aquatic Sex: Pregnant Fish Fossils Found
31 Finding Green Jobs For Working Families
32 U.S. To Miss 2012 Nuke Screening Deadline
33 Indonesia's Psychedelic Fish Named A New Species
34 Study: Some Prenatal Vitamins Lack Enough Iodine
35 New Theory On How Animals Smell: Brain Encodes Complex Plumes Of Odors With A Simple Code
36 Clovis-era Tool Cache 13,000 Years Old Shows Evidence Of Camel, Horse Butchering
37 World's Smallest Periscopes Peer At Cells From Several Sides At Once
38 Ice Declining Faster Than Expected In Both Arctic And Antarctic Glaciers
39 Mathematical 'Snowfakes' Mimic Nature, Advance Science
40 Great Lake's Sinkholes Host Exotic Ecosystems Akin To Iced-over Antarctic Lakes
41 Molecule Helps Sleep-deprived Rebound Mentally
42 DNA Evidence Is In, Psychedelic Looking Bouncing Fish Is A New Species, Dubbed 'Psychedilica'
43 Alps-like Mountain Range Exists Under East Antarctic Ice Sheet
44 Watching Venus Glow In The Dark
45 Mental Fatigue Can Affect Physical Endurance
46 Additional Evidence That Potato Chips Should Be Eaten Only In Moderation
47 Biomarker Predicts Disease Recurrence In Colorectal Cancer
48 Building A Better Protein: Researchers Use Computers To Find Keys To Stabilizing Proteins
49 Waiting For Biopsy Results May Adversely Affect Health
50 Extensive Publication Bias For Phase I Drug Trials Found
51 Video Imaging Provides Dynamic View Of Airway Obstruction In Those With Sleep Breathing Disorder
52 Dividing Cells May Contribute To Alzheimer's Disease
53 Researchers Report Breakthrough In Human Papillomavirus Research
54 Many Children With Hearing Loss Also Have Eye Disorders
55 Cholesterol-reducing Drugs May Lessen Brain Function, Says Researcher
56 U.S. States Expand Newborn Screening For Life-threatening Disorders
57 Medical Prescription Of Heroin Does Not Pose Neighborhood Risk, Study Suggests
58 What Comes First, Misfolded Proteins Or Alzheimer's? Structural Polymorphism Of 441-residue Tau At Single Residue Resolution
59 When Texting, Eligible Women Express Themselves Better
60 Are Women More Generous? New Study Sheds Light On Donation Behavior
61 Why Hair Turns Gray Is No Longer A Gray Area: Our Hair Bleaches Itself As We Grow Older
62 Vaccine Research Targets HIV In The Slower, Early Stage Of Infection
63 Vitamin C Production: Molecular Gatekeeper In Enzyme Discovered
64 Mediterranean Diet Helps Women Preserve Their Bone Mass, Study Suggests
65 Vaccine Protects Against 1918 Influenza Strain
66 Boosting Its Infectivity Turns Benign Virus Into Good Gene Therapy Carrier For Cystic Fibrosis
67 Year Without Summer: Effects Of Tambora Volcanic Eruption On Iberian Peninsula Studied For First Time
68 Will Large Amounts Of Soil Carbon Be Released If Grasslands Are Converted To Energy Crops?
69 Scientist Models The Mysterious Travels Of Greenhouse Gas
70 Babies Born In Pollen And Mold Seasons Have Greater Odds Of Developing Asthma Symptoms
71 Antibiotic Resistance: Rising Concern In Marine Ecosystems
72 Synthetic Biology Yields Clues To Evolution And Origin Of Life
73 Anthropologist's Studies Of Childbirth Bring New Focus On Women In Evolution
74 Scanning Artifacts Up To Two Tons With Astounding Precision
75 Survival Of The Weakest? Cyclical Competition Of Three Species Favors Weakest As Victor
76 Cosmologist Explores Notion Of 'Alien' Life On Earth
77 Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant Is Now 'Dust Factory' Around Dead Star
78 Gravitational Lensing: Astronomers Harness Einstein's Telescope
79 Sprightly Explanation For UFO Sightings?
80 James Webb Space Telescope's Actual 'Spine' Now Being Built
81 Nanoparticles Double Their Chances Of Getting Into Sticky Situations, And Boost Potential Uses
82 Chemists Offer New Hydrogen Purification Method
83 40-year Mystery Revisited: Newtonian System Mimics 'Baldness' Of Rotating Black Holes
84 Scientists Prove Graphene's Edge Structure Affects Electronic Properties
85 New Software Dramatically Speeds Enzyme Design
86 How New Artificial Intelligence Can Help Us Understand How We See
87 Mathematician Contends Earlier Study Overstated Validity Of Findings On Risks Of Bisphenol A
88 'Cyber Soccer Players' Cloned
89 'Quantum Data Buffering' Scheme Demonstrated; Potentially Useful For Quantum Computers
90 Satellite Data Provide New View Of Smoke From Wildfires
91 Scientists Possibly Find Why Asteroids Are Missing
92 NKorea under growing pressure to scrap rocket launch
93 Into The Eye Of The Helix
94 Fractured Lavas Suggest Floods On Mars
95 Eye Specialist With An Unusual Clientele
96 Scientists develop new plasma thruster
97 The Orsted Satellite--10 Years In Space
98 Syria has built missile facility at suspect site: diplomats
99 Two Japanese Picked As Candidates For Astronauts
100 Obama calls for carbon cap legislation
101 Space Debris, Comets And Asteroids Threaten Earth
102 Scientists find bigger than expected polar ice melt
103 Photosynth for Video and Other TechFest Treats
104 Website Maps Global Web Blocks
105 Solar Firms Pray for a Stimulus Bump
106 TR10: Paper Diagnostics
107 But Who's Counting?
108 Science grants rise with stimulus spending
109 African grant comes with no strings attached
110 Video: Airborne laser weapon sails through tests
111 Lifestyle changes could cut cancers by a third
112 Stem cell 'fabrics' promise universal tissue
113 How camels could explain quantum uncertainty
114 Twin-tailed comet drops by for a visit
115 Fossilised fish are proof of ancient sex
116 Asteroid belt may bear scars of planets' migration
117 Nanotechnology Researchers Make Solar Energy Advance
118 Soil Carbon Storage is Not Always Influenced by Tillage Practices
119 Birds Move North with Climate Change
120 Crab Claws Pack Strengthening Bromide-Rich Biomaterial
121 Brain Encodes Complex Plumes of Odors with a Simple Code
122 Scientists Pinpoint Mechanism to Increase Magnetic Response of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor
123 Models Present New View of Nanoscale Friction
124 Prof. Edits Special Cognition Journal
125 Stalagmites Confirm 9,000-Year Lower Brazil Rainfall
126 Scientists Invent World's Smallest Periscopes
127 Geriatric Pulsar Still Kicking
128 'Freaks' Help Scientist Unravel Nature and Nurture