File Title
1 Tighter nanotech regulations touted
2 Neanderthal genome to be unveiled
3 Hybrid embryos fail to live up to stem-cell hopes
4 Fossil of pregnant whale found
5 Inheriting memory
6 Research funding: Closing arguments
7 India's drug problem
8 Scientists find world's biggest snake
9 Editorial: An appeal to President Ahmadinejad
10 Oldest Fossil Evidence for Animals Found
11 Obama Energy Secretary: California Vineyards Could Disappear
12 Law Proposed to Collect DNA from Shoplifters
13 Everyone Agrees: Women Are Hard to Read
14 At Rest, Your Brain Runs in Screensaver Mode
15 The Pseudoscience of 'The Secret'
16 DNA Plays Hopscotch Among Species
17 The State of Green Business
18 Timing of Seasons Is Changing
19 Water, Sugar, Vitamins, Health Claims, Lawsuit
20 Marijuana May Disrupt Brain Development
21 Childhood Beach Vacations Raise Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer
22 First Sign of Chocolate in Ancient U.S. Found
23 Traffic Noise Causes Heart Attacks
24 The Problem with Evolution Surveys
25 Erectile Dysfunction Predicts Heart Disease
26 Museum Animal Displays Don't Walk the Walk
27 'Seuss-like' Sea Creatures Discovered
28 Ancient Snake Was As Long As a Bus
29 Ancient Whales Gave Birth on Land
30 Giant snake fossil hints at a hotter future
31 Giant star factory found in early galaxy
32 Unnatural selection: Robots start to evolve
33 Born believers: How your brain creates God
34 What's the point of being warm-blooded?
35 How to control a herd of humans
36 Taser guns 'raised deaths in custody'
37 How will the solar system end?
38 Is the Roman Pantheon a colossal sundial?
39 Video: Revealing the technology of invisibility
40 Primitive whales gave birth on land
41 Mars rover recovers after bout of amnesia
42 Is recruitment ban for home smokers discrimination?
43 Stem cells from human-animal hybrids 'unlikely'
44 Innovation: Speech prediction software
45 Is the solar system unique?
46 Alien world is slimmest and fastest known
47 Teleporter sends ions on long-distance journey
48 Comment: Why turning out brilliant scientists isn't enough
49 New .tel domain aims to be 'phonebook for the net'
50 Google Earth provides dizzying 3D views of Mars
51 Scientists Develop Revolutionary New Research Tool
52 Research Lab Combines Psychology with Technology
53 Research Finds New Cause of Ozone Wheezing and Potential Treatments
54 Neurobiologist Proposes 'The End of Sex as We Once Knew It'
55 Recent Developments at Burnham Institute for Medical Research
56 Fat-Free Diet Reduces Liver Fat in Fat-Free Mice
57 Student Open Source Software Brings Personal Finance to the iPhone
58 Reason Or Faith? Darwin Expert Reflects
59 Using "Stealth Education" To Increase Science Literacy
60 What Your Mother Did When She Was a Child May Have an Effect On Your Memory and Learning Ability
61 Do You Know What Your Mother Did When She Was Young?
62 Minnesota Partnership Targets Aphids
63 Early Whales Gave Birth on Land, Fossil Find Reveals
64 From Seed to Nuts: Human Ancestor's Face Evolved to Eat Survival Foods
65 Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin
66 Understanding Phosphorus in Soils Is Vital to Proper Management
67 Mars Rover Device Gets New Mission on Earth
68 Natural Solar Collectors on Butterfly Wings Inspire More Powerful Solar Cells
69 Nanotubes Trigger Biochemical "Cross Talk" for Consumer Protection Tests
70 Toward "Invisible Electronics" and Transparent Displays
71 Why Sensory Perception Changes When the Brain Rests
72 At 2,500 Pounds and 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake Is the Largest on Record
73 New Mathematical Model Evaluates Efficiency of E. Coli
74 Extra Copies of a Gene Carry Extra Risk
75 Dry Beans Inhibit Development of Mammary Cancer
76 Faculty Expert Available to Discuss the Proposed Protection of Ancient Coral Reefs Off the Southeastern Coast of the U.S.
77 Global Warming May Delay Recovery of Stratospheric Ozone
78 Researchers Monitor Ozone Levels in People in Wyoming's Upper Green Basin
79 Study Links Photosynthesis Genes to Marine Virus Fitness
80 Digging Deeper in Web Search
81 Predicting Breakdowns
82 Stretchy Electrodes Wire Up Cells
83 Microsoft Searches for Group Advantage
84 New Carbon Nanomaterial
85 The Army's Remote-Controlled Beetle
86 Wireless Detectors for Dementia
87 Grow Your Own Eggs and Sperm
88 Efficient Ethanol Fuel Cells
89 Google Earth Plumbs the Ocean Depths
90 Genes That Fend Off Cancer
91 A Robomedic for the Battlefield
92 Managing Energy with Swarm Logic
93 Doubts over India's $20 Laptop
94 A Comeback for Lamarckian Evolution?
95 Earliest Evidence For Animal Life Discovered: Fossil Animal Steroids Date Back More Than 635 Million Years
96 Global Warming May Delay Recovery Of Stratospheric Ozone
97 Surgeons Use Microwave Technology To Destroy Tumors
98 Powerful New Technique Measures Asteroids' Sizes And Shapes
99 Natural Predispositions Determine The Social Roles Of Bees
100 Holographic Universe: Discovery Could Herald New Era In Fundamental Physics
101 Early Whales Gave Birth On Land, Fossil Find Reveals
102 At 2,500 Pounds And 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake Is Largest On Record
103 COROT Discovers Smallest Transiting Exoplanet Ever
104 Removing Some Cloud Seeds Of Doubt: Long-term Cloud Seeding In Tasmania Shows Promising Increase In Rainfall
105 Ritalin May Cause Changes In Brain's Reward Areas; Effects May Overlap With Those Of Cocaine
106 Chocolate Drink Used In Rituals In New Mexico 1,000 Years Ago
107 Gene Variants Affecting Blood Fats Identified
108 Toward 'Invisible Electronics' And Transparent Displays
109 Rich Man, Poor Man: Body Language Can Indicate Socioeconomic Status, Study Shows
110 In Vitro Fertilization Plancentation May Differ From Normal Plancentation
111 Vitamin D Found To Stimulate A Protein That Inhibits The Growth Of Breast Cancer Cells
112 Process Found To Play Role In Rheumatoid Arthritis Could Lead To New Treatment
113 Chondroitin Slows Progression And Relieves Symptoms Of Knee Osteoarthritis
114 Sudden Cardiac Death Without Recognizable Cause
115 Discovery Could Lead To New Autism Treatment
116 'Inoculating' Elderly Against Slip-related Falls
117 Xenophobia, For Men Only
118 Divorce, Antidepressants, Or Weight Gain/loss Can Add Years To Your Face
119 Happy Employees Are Critical For An Organization's Success, Study Shows
120 What Your Mother Did When She Was A Child May Have An Effect On Your Memory
121 Researchers Help Unlock The Secrets Of Gene Regulatory Networks
122 Potential New Herpes Therapy Studied
123 How A Cell's Mitotic Motors Direct Key Life Processes
124 Can Cannibalism Fight Infections?
125 Genetic Marker For Insecticide Resistance In Mosquitoes Identified
126 Katrina-flooded Homes May Contain Harmful Levels Of Contaminants
127 Global Scientists Draw Attention To Threat Of Ocean Acidification
128 Connectivity Illuminates Risk Of Spread Of Crop Pests, Diseases
129 Plant Soybeans Early To Increase Yield
130 Otzi's Last Days: Glacier Man May Have Been Attacked Twice
131 Why Don't More Animals Change Their Sex?
132 N/A
133 Early Humans Had 'Jaws Of Steel'
134 New Evidence From Excavations In Arcadia, Greece, Supports Theory Of 'Birth Of Zeus'
135 Mountain Caribou's Ancient Ancestry Revealed
136 Mystery Of Twin Quasar Brightness Revealed
137 Cassini Thruster Swap Planned
138 Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Resumes Driving
139 Cardiac Imaging Method May Expose Patients To High Radiation Dose
140 Small Device Helps Sleep Apnea Sufferers In A Big Way
141 Improving Oil Extraction With New Mapping Technology
142 Saving Gas: Pneumatic Hybrid Engine Is Much Cheaper Than Electric Hybrids And Almost As Economical
143 Nanotubes Trigger Biochemical 'Cross Talk' For Consumer Protection Tests
144 Open Source Research Platform: Wireless At WARP Speed
145 Data Mining Promises To Dig Up New Drugs
146 Novel Approach To Create High-density Magnetic Data Storage
147 New plasma transistor could create sharper displays
148 Early whales gave birth on land, fossil find reveals
149 Rich man, poor man: study shows body language can indicate socioeconomic status
150 Engineering graduate student narrows gap between high-resolution video and virtual reality
151 Eliminating the threat of nuclear arms
152 Microsoft streamlines Windows 7 options
153 Signs point to sponges as earliest animal life
154 Strategies for Retailers Fighting Price Wars
155 Plan offers guidance for evaluating menopause-like condition in girls and young women
156 Global warming threatens Antarctic sea life
157 Largest prehistoric snake on record discovered in Colombia (Video)
158 Beaming new light on life: From beetles to aircraft, nanoparticles aid microscope views
159 MIT researchers make 'sixth sense' gadget
160 Exceptionally deep view of strange galaxy
161 Infant galaxies--small and hyperactive
162 Fighting tomorrow's hackers
163 Multi-teraflop computer system targets large-scale discovery projects
164 Good liquid, bad liquid
165 Facebook turns five
166 Lenovo returns to Chinese management after 3Q loss
167 Merciless robots will fight future wars: researcher
168 Study: 9/11 lung problems persist years later
169 Do you know where your kid is? Check Google's maps
170 Powerful New Technique to Measure Asteroids' Sizes and Shapes
171 Australian floods wash crocodiles into streets
172 Study suggests link between agricultural chemicals and frog decline
173 Global warming may delay recovery of stratospheric ozone
174 Scientists discover source of cancer stem cells' resistance to radiation
175 FDA defends its handling of salmonella outbreak
176 New findings reveal how influenza virus hijacks human cells
177 No Need to Whisper: Talking and Treating Erectile Dysfunction
178 Possible drug target for obesity treatment a no-brainer: study
179 Inuit are on the right track
180 Lawrence Livermore lab faces age discrimination lawsuits
181 Height, style of 'McMansions' are what turn off neighbors
182 Ancient geologic escape hatches mistaken for tube worms
183 New DNA array sheds light on coral disease
184 Researchers unravel ways capuchin monkeys select effective tools
185 Deep-sea researchers uncover several new species and thousands of fossilized coral samples
186 New method monitors critical bacteria in wastewater treatment
187 Genetic marker for insecticide resistance in mosquitoes identified
188 Herbal tea ingredient helps beetle-plagued trees
189 Violent computer games have role in fire safety
190 Defectors take the car, cooperators go by bus
191 Compounds could be new class of cancer drugs
192 New clues to pancreatic cells' destruction in diabetes
193 Don't go changing: New chemical keeps stem cells young
194 Scientists narrow search for genes associated with the ability to 'see' sounds
195 The nonsense in our genes: 1 in 200 human genes superfluous?
196 Molecules help the immune system to detect cells infected with West Nile virus
197 Why Sensory Perception Changes When the Brain Rests
198 Mental deficiency: Researchers identify gene mutations that affect learning, memory in children
199 New evidence of hormone therapy causing breast cancer, professor says
200 Discovery could lead to new autism treatment
201 Negative emotion more likely to cause false memories, researchers find
202 Decoding funny faces to detect disease
203 Bone marrow cells can heal nerves in diabetes model
204 Vitamin D, a key milk nutrient, linked to better muscle power