File Title
1 Bone Growth Accelerated With Nanotubes And Stem Cells
2 Stanford Writes In World's Smallest Letters
3 Chemists Shed Light On Health Benefits Of Garlic
4 Bird Song Discoveries May Lead To Refinement Of Darwinian Theory
5 High Hormone Levels In Women May Lead To Infidelity, Study Shows
6 Dinosaur Fossils Fit Perfectly Into The Evolutionary Tree Of Life, Study Finds
7 Black Hole Outflows From Centaurus A
8 Low-cost LEDs May Slash Household Electric Bills Within Five Years
9 Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Rains May Fill Titan Lakes
10 Robots To Clean Your Kitchen And Play A Game Of Hockey?
11 Potential New Target For Hypertension Treatment Discovered
12 Test In Development Of NASA's New Crew Rocket Is Successful
13 Predicting Which Cesarean Births Could Cause Uterine Rupture
14 Physics, Math Provide Clues To Unraveling Cancer
15 College Freshmen In US And China: Chinese Students Know More Science Facts But Neither Group Especially Skilled In Reasoning
16 Lung Transplants: Hospitals Doing More Transplants Are Better And Safer, Study Suggests
17 Periodontal Treatment Doesn't Reduce Preterm Birth Risk, Study Shows
18 How Ebola Virus Avoids The Immune System
19 Umbilical Cord Protein Analysis Detects Early Onset Infection
20 Did I See What I Think I Saw?
21 Genes Linked To Parkinson's Side Effects Identified
22 Language Performance And Differences In Brain Activity Possibly Affected By Sex
23 New Pathway Is Common Thread In Age-related Neurodegenerative Diseases
24 Imaging Study Illustrates How Memories Change In The Brain Over Time
25 Help Possible For People Obsessed With Imaginary Physical Flaws
26 Simple Reasoning Strategies Can Be As Precise As Complex Ones
27 Dog Owners More Likely To Share Germs With Pets By Not Washing Hands Than By Sleeping With Dog
28 Football Players Are Not The Only Ones Who Get Hurt On Super Bowl Sunday
29 Is Technology Producing A Decline In Critical Thinking And Analysis?
30 Blue Light Destroys Antibiotic-resistant Staph Infection
31 Skin Color Studies On Tadpoles Lead To Cancer Advance
32 No Such Thing As A 'Born Leader,' Study In Fish Finds
33 Call To Action: Running Out Of Options To Fight Ever-changing 'Super Bugs'
34 Fewer Days Of Extreme Cold And More Days Of Extreme Heat In Europe
35 Freak Waves May Be Sinking Ships Off The Coast Of Japan
36 The Dead Sea: Tectonic Concurrence Below Ten Kilometers Of Sediments
37 Termite Insecticide Found To Be Potent Greenhouse Gas
38 'Fishy' Clue Helps Establish How Proteins Evolve
39 Billion-year Revision Of Plant Evolution Timeline May Stem From Discovery Of Lignin In Seaweed
40 Reptile Fossil Reignites Debate Over New Zealand Submergence
41 Hoard Of Hundreds Of Antique Gold Coins Uncovered In Walls Around Jerusalem National Park
42 Birds Survived Mass Extinction That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Because Of Their Larger Brains
43 Astronomers Get A Sizzling Weather Report From Distant Planet
44 Mars Rover Team Diagnosing Unexpected Behavior
45 Astronauts On International Space Station Lose Alarming Amounts Of Hipbone Strength
46 Helium Rains Inside Saturn, Jupiter And Other Jovian Planets, Research Suggests
47 Gold Can Get Harder, Not Softer, When Heated To High Temperatures
48 New Catalyst Paves The Path For Ethanol-powered Fuel Cells
49 Nuclear Fusion-fission Hybrid Could Contribute To Carbon-free Energy Future
50 Capture Of Nanomagnetic 'Fingerprints' A Boost For Next-generation Information Storage Media
51 New Computational Technique Allows Comparison Of Whole Genomes As Easily As Whole Books
52 Polish And Italian Get Advanced Language Recognition System
53 Safely Fixed Hip Prostheses
54 Russia Space Agency Plans To Build Own Orbital Station
55 Early Attempts To Contact Aliens
56 Spitzer Watches Wild Weather On A Star-Skimming Planet
57 Old Russian Nuclear Satellite Returns
58 Arianespace Begins Payload Integration For First Ariane 5 Of 2009
59 Weightless Students Test Personal Navigation Aid For Spaceflight
60 Cassini Finds Hyrocarbon Rains May Fill Titan Lakes
61 Changes in Titan's Lakes
62 Subaru Head Count Of Low-Mass Stars In W3 Main
63 Spaceport America And Sweden Announce Sister Spaceports
64 Analysis: UAVs protect U.S. troops in Iraq
65 Analysis: Intel UAVs are here to stay
66 Elbit Systems To Supply Skylark I LE Mini-UAV
67 Integrated Fire Control Network Offers Access To Sensor And Any Shooter
68 Lockheed Martin Tests Tactical Missile On British Army Launcher
69 Tesla shifts electric sedan site to win US government loan
70 Google creates momentary panic by labeling all sites harmful
71 Alaska on alert as volcano expected to erupt
72 New Data Suggests We Don't Live in a Void, and Supports Dark Energy
73 Scientists discover ground-breaking material: Graphane
74 Low-cost LEDs to slash household electric bills
75 Study: Learning Science Facts Doesn't Boost Science Reasoning
76 Nuclear fusion-fission hybrid could contribute to carbon-free energy future
77 New, Unusual Semiconductor is a Switch-Hitter
78 New Single-Element Compound Discovered
79 The Power of Light: Moving Macroscopic Amounts of Matter
80 Is technology producing a decline in critical thinking and analysis?
81 New Limits on the Origin of Dark Matter
82 India's $10 Laptop to be revealed Feb. 3
83 Sub-atomic-scale Writing Using a Quantum Hologram Sets New Size Record
84 US court dismisses Pacific nuclear test lawsuits
85 Free online game lets players be Hudson River hero pilots
86 Rooftop wind turbine invention seeks support in Google contest
87 What are the Chances? Probability Solves an Evolutionary Puzzle
88 Ocean acidification is accelerating and severe damages are imminent
89 Heating from carbon dioxide will increase five-fold over next millennia
90 Researchers define challenging carbon-emissions targets for U.S. auto industry
91 Vaccines and autism: Many hypotheses, but no correlation
92 For Refrigeration Problems, a Magnetically Attractive Solution
93 Regular sprints boost metabolism
94 Scientists create working artificial nerve networks
95 Geoengineering could complement mitigation to cool the climate
96 What happens when a stone impacts on water
97 Apple wins patent for iPhone touch-screen controls
98 Analysis shows exposure to ash from TVA spill could have 'severe health implications'
99 Physics, math provide clues to unraveling cancer
100 Physicists working up from atoms to Schrodinger's cat
101 DNA in dung to reveal first true cassowary count
102 Chemist sheds light on health benefits of garlic
103 Simple genetic mechanism may be behind the origin of species
104 Researchers disrupt biochemical system involved in cancer, degenerative disease
105 Paleontologist reflects on Darwinian connections
106 Research on Bird Song Could Lead to a Refinement of a Darwinian Theory
107 Enzyme with a Sugar Antenna: Researchers achieve semisynthesis of homogeneous glycoproteins
108 Sociologist Says This Month's Family Murder-Suicides Only 'the Tip of the Iceberg'
109 Biodiversity passes the taste test and is healthier too
110 How a brain chemical changes locusts from harmless grasshoppers to swarming pests
111 Research uncovers surprising lion stronghold in war-torn central Africa
112 Human DNA repair process recorded in action (Video)
113 Watching Catalytic Reactions from Within
114 Water lilies inspire scientists to create large-scale graphene films
115 Surgical Implants Coated with One of "Nature's Antibiotics" Could Prevent Infection
116 Scientists make malaria parasite work to reveal its own vulnerabilities
117 Scientists examine effect of wolves' absence and see an ecosystem 'unraveling'
118 Tom Cruise smile comes with a sunburn price
119 How your body clock avoids hitting the snooze button
120 Birds' strategic mobbing fends off parasitic invaders
121 New species of babbler bird discovered in China
122 New animated films challenge false representation of Native Americans in the media
123 Ice storm tree damage offers chance to detect emerald ash borer
124 New discovery may lead to new class of allergy drugs
125 Success for first outdoor, large-scale algae-to-biofuel research project in Nevada
126 Plums Poised to Give Blueberries Run for the Money
127 Ancient wounds reveal Triceratops battles
128 Mountain caribou's ancient ancestry revealed
129 Teaching an old drug new tricks
130 Omega-6 PUFAs and risk of cardiovascular disease
131 Putting off the perfect putt?
132 Peanuts tainted with metal fragments
133 Drug combinations key in treating neurodegenerative diseases
134 Too much TV linked to future fast-food intake
135 Girl's birth defect exacts financial toll
136 The paradox of temptation
137 Household chemicals may be linked to infertility
138 Observers of first dates can predict outcome, study shows
139 Stress May Hasten The Growth Of Melanoma Tumors But Common Beta-Blocker Medications Might Slow That Progress
140 Stem cell transplant reverses early-stage multiple sclerosis
141 Mesh-like network of arteries adjusts to restore blood flow to stroke-injured brain
142 Researchers find potential new target for hypertension treatment
143 US university official jailed for trafficking cadavers
144 How more slowly
145 Scientists identify key component in cell replication
146 Worm provides clues about preventing damage caused by low-oxygen during stroke, heart attack
147 Scientists see the light: How vision sends its message to the brain
148 Ocean islands fuel productivity and carbon sequestration through natural iron fertilization
149 Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Rains May Fill Titan Lakes
150 'Hot spot' for toxic harmful algal blooms discovered off Washington coast
151 New technique put to use to test clean up of contaminated groundwater
152 Vesuvius volcano still 'very dangerous'
153 NASA Invites Public to Choose Hubble's Next Discovery
154 Wall Divides East and West Sides of Cosmic Metropolis
155 Capture of nanomagnetic 'fingerprints' a boost for next-generation information storage media
156 A supercharged metal-ion generator: Higher-quality coatings through 'runaway' self-sputtering
157 Domain walls that conduct electricity
158 Taking the Stress Out of Magnetic Field Detection
159 Physicists discover surprising variation in superconductors
160 The pseudogap persists as material superconducts
161 Engineers develop novel method for accelerated bone growth
162 Viscosity-Enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life of Concrete
163 Apple gadget ecosystem plants new roots
164 Data theft from firms topped a trillion dollars in 2008: study
165 British govt promises broadband access for all
166 AP, NYT, news groups urge court webcast in music case
167 Web site sows support for White House farmer