File Title
1 Babies' birth month may affect their economic status
2 Indoor air pollution increases asthma
3 NASA Captures Huge Gamma-Ray Burst
4 Chaiten Volcano Erupts in Chile
5 Scientists Discover Huge Cache of Fossils
6 Can breastfeeding reduce multiple sclerosis relapses?
7 Pitt researchers create atomic-sized one-stop shop for nanoelectronics
8 Billions of years ago, microbes were key in developing modern nitrogen cycle
9 MIT research could help predict red tide
10 Metabolomics reveals potential drug targets for bacteria causing urinary tract infections
11 Gene to reduce wheat yield losses
12 Special issue of BMC Microbiology spotlights standardized language for describing microbes
13 Bacteria in urinary tract infections caught making burglar's tools
14 Physical activity guidelines are too confusing, say researchers
15 Lake Michigan fish populations threatened by decline of tiny creature
16 Online collaboration identifies bacteria
17 Coffee cultivation good for diversity in agrarian settlements but not in forests
18 Scientists find black gold amidst overlooked data
19 Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms
20 Team learns how cellular protein detects viruses and sparks immune response
21 Shorter wait means longer life for kidney transplant candidates
22 Study links seabird deaths to soap-like foam produced by red-tide algae
23 Abandon hope
24 Mating that causes injuries
25 Forget the freezer: Research suggests novel way to control water behavior
26 Study finds most wars occur in Earth's richest biological regions
27 Fattysaurus or thinnysaurus? How dinosaurs measure up with laser imaging
28 Study finds life-saving trend among seagulls
29 Tiny tool to control growing blood vessels opens new potential in tumor research
30 Having a parent with dementia may affect memory in midlife
31 Could genetics improve warfarin dosing?
32 Sophisticated nano-structures assembled with magnets
33 Gene mutation increases drug toxicity, rejection risk in pediatric kidney transplants
34 Genetic information can improve administration of anticoagulant
35 A drug could improve the memory of those with Alzheimer's disease
36 New method of self-assembling nanoscale elements could transform data storage industry
37 Most extreme gamma-ray blast ever, seen by Fermi gamma-ray space telescope
38 The 'small' science plays a big role at ACS National Meeting, March 22-26
39 Malaria parasite zeroes in on molecule to enhance its survival, team finds
40 Gold-palladium nanoparticles achieve greener, smarter production of hydrogen peroxide
41 Most U.S. hospitals don't provide powerful acute stroke drug to Medicare patients
42 People at high risk of stroke less aware of stroke warning signs
43 Number of fast-food restaurants in neighborhood associated with stroke risk
44 Clot-buster boosts survival, decreases disability for deadly subset of stroke
45 Laser treatment clinical trial misses primary endpoint
46 Young smokers increase risk for multiple sclerosis
47 New approach to dental visits may ease kids' fears
48 When should prostate-specific antigen testing be stopped?
49 Prostate specific antigen testing may be unnecessary for some older men
50 Exacerbations in COPD: One thing leads to another
51 Global warning: Hotter days, increased hospitalizations for respiratory problems
52 Female genital mutilation among Israel's Negev Bedouins has virtually disappeared--BGU study
53 Computerized mobile health support systems at CeBIT [et al.]
54 High-flux hemodialysis prolongs survival in many patients with CKD
55 Lack of insurance drives El Pasoans across the border for healthcare, according to researchers at UT School of Public Health
56 Decoding short-term memory with fMRI
57 Engineers tune a nanoscale grating structure to trap and release a variety of light waves
58 Tiny "Lab-on-a-Chip" Can Detect Pollutants, Disease and Biological Weapons
59 Mechanical thinning increases fruit size, reduces labor
60 Researchers Isolate Protein Domain Linked to Tumor Progression
61 UCLA geographers urge US to search three structures in Pakistan for bin Laden
62 SCAN: Delivering bone disorder diagnosis, fracture healing
63 Genetic information personalizes warfarin prescribing
64 Quantum dance: Discovery led by Princeton researchers could revolutionize computing
65 New imaging technique reveals the atomic structure of nanocrystals
66 K-State Marketing Professor Says Online Shopping in the Future Likely to Look Something Like Second Life
67 Rutgers physicists find unusual electronic properties in bismuth-based crystalline material
68 iPoint 3D--Using fingers as a remote control
69 Open access to scientific papers may not guarantee wide dissemination
70 Astronomers Unveiling Life's Cosmic Origins
71 New high-res map suggests little water inside moon
72 Aerosols--their part in our rainfall
73 Strong Winds over the Keel
74 Evidence of ancient hot springs on Mars detailed in Astrobiology journal
75 Cosmologist Paul Davies explores notion of 'alien' life on Earth
76 Exploring planets in distant space and deep interiors
77 Past trends in hurricane activity and inferences for the future
78 Carbon accounting from atmospheric measurements--the aircraft perspective
79 Cosmological simulations key to understanding the universe
80 Arizona State's Lawrence Krauss predicts a 'miserable future' for our universe
81 Cosmologists aim to observe first moments of universe
82 NASA study predicted outbreak of deadly virus
83 Sweet potato takes a ride on space shuttle
84 Hundred metre virtual telescope captures unique detailed colour image
85 New stars from old gas surprise astronomers
86 New recipe for dwarf galaxies: Start with leftover gas
87 NASA's Fermi Telescope Sees Most Extreme Gamma-ray Blast Yet
88 NASA's Swift Spies Comet Lulin
89 Spectacular Photo-Op On Saturn
90 Space As An Increasingly Crowded Place
91 Pre-Launch Inspections Underway With The Herschel Telescope
92 New Stars From Old Gas Surprise Astronomers
93 NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map Of US Released On Google Earth
94 Probing The Grandest Questions In Modern Astrophysics
95 Fermi Telescope Sees Most Extreme Gamma-Ray Blast Yet
96 Boeing Submits Proposals For Ares V Rocket Design Support
97 Climbing Into Space By The Rope
98 Satellite Collision Triggers Calls For Space Traffic Regulations
99 Sweet Potato Takes A Ride On Space Shuttle
100 Animals Successfully Relearn Smell Of Kin After Hibernation
101 New Silver-based Nanoparticle Ink Could Lead To Better Flexible, Printed Electronics
102 Japanese Corals Change Sexes On The Sea Floor
103 Comet Lulin: 'Green Comet' Fast Approaching Earth
104 How Fat or Fit Were Dinosaurs? Scientists Use Laser Imaging
105 NASA's Kepler Mission To Seek Other Earths
106 Fruit Flies Sick From Mating
107 Coastal Wetlands In Eastern U.S. Disappearing
108 Oil In Ocean Shows Up On NASA Images: Half Of The Oil In The Ocean Bubbles Up Naturally From Seafloor
109 New Imaging Technique Reveals Atomic Structure Of Nanocrystals
110 New Platinum-based Anti-tumor Compound Developed
111 Simple Method Strengthens Schools, Other Buildings Against Earthquakes
112 Diseased Heart Valve Replaced Through Small Chest Incision On 91-Year-Old Patient
113 'Green' Plastics Could Help Reduce Carbon Footprint
114 Sexual Health Promotion Is Low Among People With Serious Mental Illnesses, Despite Higher Risk
115 Cell Injections Accelerate Fracture Healing
116 IL-2 Immunotherapy Fails To Benefit HIV-infected Individuals Already Taking Antiretrovirals
117 Innovative Method To Starve Tumors
118 Gaza Strip Families Give First Clue To Condition Causing Blindness And Tooth Decay
119 Injections Of Licorice Ingredient Show Promise As Treatment For Cocaine Addiction
120 Parents 'Avoid Pregnancy' Rather Than Face Testing Choices
121 Clot-buster Boosts Survival, Decreases Disability For Deadly Subset Of Stroke
122 Revolutionary New Model For Alzheimer's Disease
123 Stroke: Innovative Team Approach Brings Man Back From The Dead Twice
124 Number Of Fast-food Restaurants In Neighborhood Associated With Stroke Risk
125 Will Online Shopping Look Something Like Second Life In The Future?
126 Are There Positive Aspects To Binge-drinking? Researchers Ask The British
127 View Into The Human Body: The Formation Of Cell Organelles
128 First Crystal Structure Of An Intermediate Particle In Virus Assembly Created
129 Cracking The Species Code For Plants
130 Most Road Salt Is Making It Into Lakes And Rivers
131 Genetics Research Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Human Diet
132 Rapid Burst Of Flowering Plants Set Stage For Other Species
133 Planet Earth: Avoiding The Hothouse And The Icehouse Of The Future
134 NASA Spacecraft Falling For Mars
135 Mars Spirit Rover Gets Energy Boost From Cleaner Solar Panels
136 Two-step Chemical Process Turns Raw Biomass Into Biofuel
137 Detecting Disease In Greenhouse Plants
138 Model Of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV Forecasts Benefits, Potential Cost-effectiveness
139 Educational Video Games Effective In Classroom If Certain Criteria Are Met
140 Unusual Electronic Properties In Bismuth-based Crystalline Material May Lead To Better Computer Chips And Solar Cells