File Title
1 NASA readies mission to find Earth-like planets
2 Latin American drug gangs use GPS to outwit police
3 150 dogs, tiger rescued from Missouri dog breeder
4 Iceland to keep larger whaling quota for at least one year
5 Scientists find genes to protect wheat from rust
6 Huge gamma-ray blast spotted 12.2 bln light-years from earth
7 National Guard goes green to conserve energy, cost
8 Alaska sees $1.25 billion budget gap on oil price drop
9 Energy secretary predicts higher demand for oil
10 Growing HIV rates among gay, bisexual men in Asia
11 Cherry-flavored malaria drug launched for kids
12 Food poisoning strikes 1 in 4 Americans each year
13 FDA Warns Users on Psoriasis Drug
14 British study points to peanut allergy treatment
15 Trial offers hope for curing peanut allergies
16 Ending prostate PSA test safe for most elderly men
17 If Parents Had Alzheimer's, Aging May Come Early
18 Stress May Speed Melanoma Progression
19 Eating Your Veggies: Not As Good For You?
20 A Rodent's Anti-Aging Secrets
21 High-Definition Video over Wi-Fi
22 Stealthier Mac Attacks
23 Reading Thoughts with Brain Imaging
24 Popularity Poll Ranks Startups
25 A More Efficient Ethanol Engine
26 Picking the Browser's Padlock
27 A Cheaper Solar Concentrator
28 A Big Stimulus Boost for Electronic Health Records
29 'Neurological work-arounds' offer hope to people with monoamine-related disorders
30 Forget the freezer: Research suggests novel way to control water behavior
31 Tiny eye motions help us find where Waldo is
32 Light instead of current: Activation of neurons with light by means of semiconductor photoelectrodes
33 Abandon hope: Live sustainably just because it's the right thing to do
34 Scientists Probe Green Comet
35 Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope Sees Most Extreme Gamma-Ray Blast Ever
36 250 DVDs on a quarter: New method of self-assembling nanoscale elements could transform data storage industry
37 Life secret exposed: Scientists unlock mystery of molecular machine
38 The rocket that thinks it's a jet
39 More reasons to hate humidity: It expands global warming, prof says
40 Physicists find unusual electronic properties in bismuth-based crystalline material
41 How Volvox got its groove
42 Carbon dioxide map of US released on Google Earth
43 Gold-palladium nanoparticles achieve greener, smarter production of hydrogen peroxide
44 Microsoft explores educational link to video games
45 If it's hard to say, it must be risky
46 Study indicates how we maintain visual details in short-term memory
47 How we think before we speak: Making sense of sentences
48 Is difficult better? Study reveals we tend to ignore simple items while pursuing goals
49 Study finds most wars occur in Earth's richest biological regions
50 Mating that causes injuries
51 New research helps predict stock market
52 'Algae-eating fish' used to clean up Chinese lake
53 Hong Kong bird tests positive for H5N1
54 Growing HIV rates among gay, bisexual men in Asia
55 Study finds life-saving trend among seagulls
56 Incidence rates of cervical cancer linked to deprivation
57 Website unites bands and film talent for low-budget music videos
58 Exhibitor numbers plummet at high-tech's biggest fair
59 Cannabis compound can help cells
60 Billions of years ago, microbes were key in developing modern nitrogen cycle
61 New research could help predict red tide
62 Bacteria in urinary tract infections caught making burglar's tools
63 Concerns over minimally invasive surgery for breast cancer
64 Open Access to Scientific Papers May Not Guarantee Wide Dissemination
65 Probing Question: What predicts a happy marriage?
66 Anti-aging pathway enhances cell stress response
67 Team learns how cellular protein detects viruses and sparks immune response
68 What do Biological Cells and Democracy Have in Common?
69 Gene to reduce wheat yield losses
70 Landmark Study Finds Industrial Chicken Breeds Seriously Lack Genetic Diversity
71 Changing sexes on the sea floor
72 Fattysaurus or thinnysaurus? How dinosaurs measure up with laser imaging
73 Nutrient Pollution Chokes Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
74 Tiny tool to control growing blood vessels opens new potential in tumor research
75 Marketing professor says online shopping will look something like Second Life in the future
76 Fruit flies sick from mating
77 Malaria parasite zeroes in on molecule to enhance its survival
78 Lake Michigan fish populations threatened by decline of tiny creature
79 Cloned wolves to mate to test reproduction: SKorea researcher
80 Feds: Calif. returning chinook salmon a record low
81 Online collaboration identifies bacteria
82 Coffee cultivation good for diversity in agrarian settlements but not in forests
83 Defying the disaster: Researcher explores resilient housing
84 Cherry-flavored malaria drug launched for kids
85 New prognostic indicator for patients with IPF
86 Field of germs: Food safety is in farm worker's hands
87 Global warning: Hotter days, increased hospitalizations for respiratory problems
88 Unhealthy lifestyle more than doubles stroke risk
89 Prostate specific antigen testing may be unnecessary for some older men
90 New approach to dental visits may ease kids' fears
91 Food poisoning strikes 1 in 4 Americans each year
92 Green, black tea can reduce stroke risk
93 Gene linked to anxious behavior in mice
94 Study shows how microscopic changes to brain cause schizophrenic behavior in mice
95 Study: Violent media numb viewers to the pain of others
96 Number of fast-food restaurants in neighborhood associated with stroke risk
97 Radiation riddle remains even after scientist's lifetime research
98 Clot-buster boosts survival, decreases disability for deadly subset of stroke
99 Infection prevention falls short in Canadian long-term care facilities
100 Can breastfeeding reduce multiple sclerosis relapses?
101 Mathematical model could help diagnose and treat stress disorders
102 As finances fall, fewer know the drill
103 Women less likely to receive critical care after a stroke, researchers find
104 Physical activity guidelines are too confusing, say researchers
105 Indoor air pollution increases asthma symptoms
106 Scientists Propose New Model for Alzheimer's Disease (Podcast)
107 Researchers create atomic-sized one-stop shop for nanoelectronics (Video)
108 Glowing 'Cornell dots' can show surgeons where tumors are
109 New 'bubble' targets only cancer cells
110 Cheaper materials could be key to low-cost solar cells
111 Sophisticated nano-structures assembled with magnets (Video)
112 New imaging technique reveals the atomic structure of nanocrystals
113 Engineers tune a nanoscale grating structure to trap and release a variety of light waves
114 Scientists develop nano-hydrogels capable of detecting cancer cells
115 New research identifies faster detection of viruses
116 Chemists create two-armed nanorobotic device to maneuver world's tiniest particles
117 Hydrophobic Sand Could Combat Desert Water Shortages
118 Nanoparticle toxicity doesn't get wacky at the smallest sizes
119 Scientists Model Words as Entangled Quantum States in our Minds
120 Researchers determined huge pressures that melt diamond on planet Neptune
121 Greedy Routing Enables Network Navigation Without a 'Map'
122 Reverse current sheds new light on solar cells
123 Pore-free Ceramics Shine New Light on Lasers, Electronics and Biomedical Implants
124 Explains Why Pots 'Unbreak' on the Nanoscale (Video)
125 Laser-sculpted optical devices for future giant telescopes
126 Spectacular Photo-op on Saturn
127 Kepler Planet Finding Mission Set for March 5 Launch
128 What did Galileo actually do?
129 Researchers call for nitrogen and phosphorus reductions to combat eutrophication in aquatic systems
130 Texas astronomers say they found samples of meteor
131 Indoor plants can reduce formaldehyde levels
132 Review: Verizon Hub breathes life into home phone
133 Skype to be included on some Nokia smart phones
134 New products show rivals playing catch-up with Apple
135 Facebook has removed 5,500 sex offenders since May
136 iPoint 3D--Using fingers as a remote control
137 Chinese auto maker plans to take on giants with electric cars
138 Report shows a decade of reductions in the cost of installed solar photovoltaic systems
139 Electric car charging stations power-up in San Francisco
140 Suit over Vista marketing no longer class action
141 Skepticism arises over rural broadband stimulus
142 Recording industry website hacked over Pirate Bay trial: report
143 Powering the future--solar cells by the meter
144 Mobile phones aim to be a 'doctor in your pocket'
145 No furnace required: Energy-efficient 'passive houses' gaining steam
146 8 technology etiquette tips for job-seekers
147 Download, install and drive--the future of automotive software
148 Sun-loving mobile makers start solar trend
149 Companies often overstate 3G cell speeds
150 US judge sides with Google in 'Street View' privacy case
151 Europa wins next big planetary mission
152 US considers a national climate service
153 Wheat genes could help fight fungal epidemics
154 China pledges to get wealthier with less water
155 First liquid water may have been spotted on Mars
156 Electrical storm signatures could make tornado test
157 Virtual autopsy: Inside the skull of a suicide victim
158 Innovation: Technology to harness your power moves
159 Bird-like lungs powered giant pterosaur flight
160 Why the Survival Car died an early death
161 MMR vaccine not linked to autism, says US court
162 First tracked space rock recovered after impact
163 Study links fast food joints with stroke risk
164 Facebook U-turn returns little power to users
165 Gas tank of the future takes a step closer
166 Ban on mountaintop mining overturned
167 Forensic science 'too unreliable,' says report
168 Ancient civilisations may have given us a carbon boost
169 Big Pharma shows its caring side
170 'Primordial' gas ring gives birth to baby galaxies
171 Researcher Seeks to Turn Stem Cells Into Blood Vessels
172 Research Analyzes Flow Structure Under Breaking Waves
173 Research Examines Dependence on Ethanol
174 Record Cosmic Explosion Brightens Student's First Day
175 Billions of Years Ago, Microbes Were Key in Developing Modern Nitrogen Cycle
176 Making the Smallest, Most Perfect Polymer Films
177 Hudson Rescue Workers Aided by Science
178 Astronomers Gravitate Toward Einstein's Telescope
179 Jump-Start The Stimulus: Build A Better Battery
180 Coyote on the Move Makes Tracks--in Great Detail
181 Abandon Hope: Live Sustainably Because It's the Right Thing to Do