File Title
1 Study: 'Astonishing richness' in polar sea species
2 Debris falling in Texas, possibly from satellites
3 Climate warming gases rising faster than expected
4 Kisses unleash chemicals that ease stress levels
5 Same Species Found at Both Ends of Earth
6 Doorstep Astronomy: Spot 5 Planets
7 Saudi king shakes up religious establishment
8 Uncovering ancient secrets beneath the surface
9 Gene Therapy Holds Promise for HIV
10 AIDS: 'Major advance' seen in revolutionary gene therapy
11 New study pinpoints genes in high blood pressure
12 First carbon-free polar station opens in Antarctica
13 Too many Iraqis in government jobs: UN
14 Chavez seeks re-election chance in referendum
15 Amid nurse shortage, hospitals focus on retention
16 China launches campaign to break sex taboos
17 Drug giant pledges cheap medicine for the poor: report
18 Men Must Contend With a Biological Clock, Too
19 Asthma May Start in the Womb
20 Decoy molecules drive cancer cells to suicide: study
21 Think You'd Remember the Face of Your Torturer? Think Again
22 Landmark Pirate Bay Trial Begins Monday
23 Top 10 iPhone Games, as Voted by Readers
24 5 Geeky Marriage Proposals That Worked
25 Global Shipping Industry Makes World Flat--Biologically
26 Remixable iPhone Album Points to Future
27 Cooking Has Been Both Boon and Bane for Humans
28 First Near-Full Face Transplant a Success, So Far
29 Twitter Could 'Go for Years' Without Earning a Dime, Investor Says
30 Why Google's Software Update Tool Is Evil
31 Pakistan Seethes After Killer Drone Disclosure
32 The Hunt For E.T. Comes Home...To Earth
33 Better Artificial Nose Inspired By Sniffer-dogs
34 Climate Change Likely To Be More Devastating Than Experts Predicted, Warns Top IPCC Scientist
35 Humans And Chimpanzees Genetically More Similar Than One Yeast Variety Is To Another
36 When It Comes To Elephant Love Calls, The Answer Lies In A Bone-shaking Triangle
37 Cupid's Arrow May Cause More Than Just Sparks To Fly This Valentine's Day
38 Wildlife Salute Valentines Day Of Their Own
39 Hamsters On Treadmills Provide Electricity Through Use Of Nanogenerators
40 Penguins Marching Into Trouble
41 Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies: Stars Packed Together In Early Universe A Million Times More Closely
42 Novel Quantum Effect, Quantum Spin Hall Effect, Directly Observed And Explained
43 Shades Of 1918? Comparing Avian Flu With A Notorious Killer From The Past
44 Inuit Trails Represent Complex Social Network Spanning Canadian Arctic
45 Tailor-made Recombinant Proteins In Mammals
46 Volcanic Spreading And Lateral Variations In Structure Of Olympus Mons, Mars
47 Pre-verbal Number Sense Common To Monkeys, Babies, College Kids
48 Plan Offers Guidance For Evaluating Menopause-like Condition In Girls And Young Women
49 Vigorous Exercise May Help Prevent Vision Loss
50 New Genomic Test Can Personalize Breast Cancer Treatment
51 Ongoing Statin Therapy Associated With Lower Risk Of Death
52 Ways To Minimize Tinnitus--Troublesome Noises In The Ears
53 'Wake Up' To Health Risks Of Heavy Snoring
54 Education And Money Attract A Mate; Chastity Sinks In Importance
55 New Happiness Research Demonstrates When Material Items Are The Best Option
56 Spaniards Prefer Love To Be Passionate, Study Shows
57 Bar Workers Who Smoke Also Benefit From Smoking Ban, Study Finds
58 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Medical Complications Of Obesity, Study Suggests
59 New Data Suggest 'Jumping Genes' Play A Significant Role In Gene Regulatory Networks
60 How Deadly Fungus Protects Itself
61 Micro RNA Plays A Key Role In Melanoma Metastasis
62 Public Funding For Specialty Crops Inadequate, Research Suggests
63 White-nose Kills Hundreds Of Bats Near Abandoned Mines In Pennsylvania
64 World's Oldest Swan Found Dead In Denmark
65 Cheap Roses Cost The Earth
66 Exposure To Ash From TVA Spill Could Have 'Severe Health Implications'
67 Particulate Matter From California Wildfires Is More Toxic Than Particulate Matter In Ambient Air
68 Researchers Dig Through Millennia In The Valley Of The Kings
69 High-tech Tests Allow Anthropologists To Track Ancient Hominids Across The Landscape
70 Pubic Hair Provides Evolutionary Home For Gorilla Lice
71 Y Chromosome And Surname Study Challenges Infidelity 'Myth'
72 Deducing Diet Of Prehistoric Hominid With Mathematical Models
73 Astronomers Unveiling Life's Cosmic Origins
74 Cosmologists 'See' The Cosmic Dawn
75 Unexpected Discovery Could Impact On Future Climate Models
76 NASA's Swift, Fermi Probe Fireworks From A Flaring Gamma-ray Star
77 New Surgical Technique Shows Promise For Improving Function Of Artificial Arms
78 New Cancer Research Tool: Tool Analyzes Function Of Crucial Set Of Proteins In Animals
79 Continuous Descent Arrivals: Atlanta Flight Test Evaluates Technique For Saving Fuel And Reducing Noise In Airliners
80 Startling Numbers Of Active-military Personnel Engaging In Frequent Binge Drinking
81 New Shock Absorber Harvests Energy From Bumps In The Road, Increases Fuel Economy
82 Tracking The Digital Traces Of Social Networks
83 Computerized Writing Aids Make Writing Easier For Persons With Aphasia
84 In Digitizing Healthcare, a Battle Over Patient Privacy
85 The Tiny, Slimy Savior of Global Coral Reefs
86 Could 'Liquid Wood' Replace Plastic?
87 Is the Time Right for Slow Fashion?
88 Ice oceans 'are not poles apart'
89 Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'
90 Cancer 'danger receptor' found
91 Dance duet helps male birds mate
92 Vibrations 'could save elephants'
93 Cancer 'danger receptor' found
94 Pollution link to asthma in womb
95 Obama's 'spy-proof' blackberry can be breached, says world's most famous hacker
96 Scientists: Pace of Climate Change Exceeds Estimates
97 Climate warming gases rising faster than expected
98 Global warming 'underestimated'
99 Microsoft to open its own smartphone store
100 When The Theory Was New
101 Darwin in Full
102 App stores abound at Mobile World Congress
103 Samsung: Android Phones Aren't Delayed
104 Google Android Security Threat Uncovered
105 Kindle 2: Still Vaporware But a Bestseller
106 Skiers, farmers welcome Sierra snowstorms
107 Nation's peanut growers reeling from outbreak
108 Food banks toss out food linked to peanut recall
109 Local Doctors Applaud Vaccine Ruling
110 Beta Blocker Blocks Feelings of Bad Memories
111 Bad Memories Fade as Drug Blunts Recall of Spiders (Update1)
112 Study Finds Blood Pressure Pill Could Erase Bad Memories
113 Pill to erase bad memories: Ethical furore over drugs 'that threaten human identity'
114 Beta-blockers erase emotion of fearful memories
115 Towards a smoke-free Hong Kong, fixed penalty to be $1,500
116 Oyster Decision Could Alter Bay