File Title
1 A World Without Chocolate?
2 Women Gamers More Hard-Core Than Men
3 3-D Enthusiasm Is Anything But Flat
4 Light 'could detect Parkinson's'
5 Complex clues in a kiss
6 Italy police warn of Skype threat
7 Sound future for hi-tech music
8 Don't be bitter as Twitter gets fitter
9 Snow Leopard Server to ramp up scalability and performance
10 Wireless Technology Reduces Clutter Within SSDs
11 Yoshihiro Inomoto's Amazing Car Cutaways
12 The App Store Competition Cometh
13 The Downfall of Plasma?
14 More data sharing urged to avoid satellite crashes
15 Satellite collision reflects necessity for int'l laws: Russian expert
16 Collision shows rising hazard from space debris
17 Microsoft Plans Global Retail Chain
18 Twitter plans new revenue model
19 Is Jumping from XP to Windows 7 too Complicated?
20 Apple battles EFF, calls iPhone jailbreaking piracy
21 Apple sued over screen rendering technology in iPhone
22 Google Opens the Door for Paid Android Apps
23 Google allowing developers to charge for their Android apps
24 YouTube Kills Our Video Download Tool
25 Kindle And Beyond: 15 E-Reading Devices, Apps You Need to Know
26 Amazon's new Kindle e-book reader gets slimmer
27 Amazon unveils slimmer Kindle reader, same price
28 The problem with eBooks is not the reader
29 Authors Guild to Amazon Kindle: Shut up
30 High schoolers quiz Microsoft's Bach on Vista, Xbox
31 Peanut Corp. of America files for bankruptcy
32 Beaches may harbor staph bacteria: U.S. study
33 Shower after swimming to avoid MRSA, scientist advise
34 AAAS: MRSA can be caught on the beach, warn scientists
35 Love Fluffy? 3 Convincing Reasons to Quit Smoking
36 San Jose teen exposed to toxic chemical dies at VMC
37 Doctor Invented Kidney Dialysis Machine, Artificial Organs: WILLEM J. KOLFF, 97
38 UPDATE 1--Roche's antiviral meets main goal in late-stage study
39 Surprising results: Virtual games players stick close to home
40 It's All Relative: UCSD's Einstein Robot Has 'Emotional Intelligence' (Video)
41 Artificial cells, simple model for complex structure
42 Mixed population provides insights into human genetic makeup
43 80 missing computers at nuke lab: watchdog
44 Biotechnology's potential barely exploited: scientists
45 Mass media often failing in its coverage of global warming, says climate researcher
46 NASA Spacecraft Falling For Mars
47 Paris digs deep to harness Earth's green energy
48 Second-hand smoke linked to cognitive impairment
49 Molecular motors in cells work together, study shows
50 Space crash called 'catastrophic,' lots of debris
51 YouTube testing video downloads
52 Kisses unleash chemicals that ease stress levels
53 Biofuels boom could fuel rainforest destruction, researcher warns
54 Electronic evidence firm grilled over absent memos
55 Decisive action needed as warming predictions worsen, says expert
56 Tracking the digital traces of social networks
57 Internet emerges as social research tool
58 Exploring planets in distant space and deep interiors
59 Molecules self-assemble to provide new therapeutic treatments
60 Virtual studies answer real questions
61 US clings to coal energy but wants it clean
62 Research suggests pollution-related asthma may start in the womb
63 New data suggest 'jumping genes' play a significant role in gene regulatory networks
64 Inventor of Taser gun dies at 88
65 Engineers create intelligent molecules that seek-and-destroy diseased cells
66 Nanoscopic changes to pancreatic cells reveal cancer
67 New surgical option for wrist arthritis
68 Environmental economist says invasive species is part of the price of doing business
69 US petroleum dependency factor of history
70 X-ray eyes bring us closer to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
71 Tree lizard's quick release escape system makes jumpers turn somersaults
72 Twitter gets new funding, promises revenue
73 Pre-verbal number sense common to monkeys, babies, college kids
74 When it comes to elephant love calls, the answer lies in a bone-shaking triangle
75 Hold that tissue: Allergy help may be on the way
76 How cells handle broken chromosomes
77 Animals successfully re-learn smell of kin after hibernation
78 Scientists reveal that fat synthesizing enzyme is key to healthy skin and hair
79 Figuring out green power--scientists speed up discovery of plant metabolism genes
80 Researchers investigate bird's 'carotenoid circle of life'
81 Tiny details in three dimensions
82 Social support during breast-feeding helps humans have more children
83 Village bird study highlights loss of wildlife knowledge from one
84 Fruit flies soar as lab model, drug screen for the deadliest of human brain cancers
85 Researchers determine how mosquitoes survive dengue virus infection
86 Can monkeys choose optimally when faced with noisy stimuli and unequal rewards?
87 New resource for teachers, public on how to recognize science when you see it
88 Biofuels, like politics, are local
89 Psychoactive compound activates mysterious receptor
90 Research on viral origins suggests new definition of virus may be needed
91 Sequences capture the code of the common cold
92 Scientists explore new window on the origins of life
93 Behavioral studies show baboons and pigeons are capable of higher-level cognition
94 A Pocketful of Uranium: Construction of a Selective Uranium-Binding Protein
95 Wild about the evolution of domesticated yeast
96 Darwin Needs A Make-Over: Budget Cuts at Leiden University
97 Draft version of the Neanderthal genome completed
98 Psychologists reveal the secret of successful wooing
99 Study provides additional evidence that potato chips should be eaten in moderation
100 Researchers find new biomarker for fatal prostate cancer
101 Unrelated and mismatched cord blood transplantation can still help children with deadly conditions
102 Officials say 'bad science' links vaccines, autism
103 Surprising interactions of diabetes mellitus and sepsis
104 Family income linked to child language skills: study
105 UT Houston launches stem cell study for acute stroke patients
106 Below-knee cast speeds up recovery for severe ankle sprain
107 Stronger effort needed to prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders in young people
108 Gum disease feared to trigger full-blown AIDS: Japan study
109 All work and no play makes for troubling trend in early education
110 Herpes virus: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
111 New strategy to combat cancer: Streamlining blood vessel walls
112 Researchers find startling numbers of active-military personnel engaging in frequent binge drinking
113 Stem cell research uncovers mechanism for type 2 diabetes
114 It's no fish tale: Omega-3 fatty acids prevent medical complications of obesity
115 Running Hamsters Can Power Nano Devices (Video)
116 Nanoparticle 'smart bomb' targets drug delivery to cancer cells
117 New silver-based ink has applications in printed electronics
118 Engineers revolutionize nano-device fabrication using amorphous metals
119 Scientists Discover Material Harder Than Diamond
120 Novel quantum effect directly observed and explained: Physicists observe electrons in quantum spin Hall state
121 Researchers Demonstrate 'Quantum Data Buffering' Scheme
122 How a cometary boulder lit up the Spanish sky
123 Antibiotic resistance: A rising concern in marine ecosystems
124 Authors Guild irked by text-to-speech on Kindle 2
125 Review: Asus 'kitchen computer' does the job
126 Sirius could file bankruptcy as early as Tuesday
127 For millions, digital TV deadline still is now
128 Backlog still large for TV converter box coupons
129 Microsoft to open own retail stores
130 Favorite passwords: "1234" and "password"
131 Rough waters: Fighting modern-day pirates with technology
132 VW, Toshiba to develop electric car drive systems
133 Probing Question: Can we save today's documents for tomorrow?
134 RadioShack Corp. quietly opens new concept store
135 Apple's restriction-free music downloads create pause
136 A no-tech world is no place to be
137 Startups offer new ways to fix your computer
138 Japan's Pioneer to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide
139 FCC targets some TV stations shutting analog
140 Note to cell phone junkies: Txtng + date :(