File Title
1 Santa Clara Valley Water District ordered to pay $4.6 million after its groundwater fee is found illegal
2 Beating hunger: Facebook-driven $93 campaign hoping to grow to $93,000
3 BP pipeline leaks near Alaska's Prudhoe Bay
4 China's OK on GMO rice, corn seen boosting yields
5 Super Earths May Be Superior at Fostering Life
6 EU disappointed at climate plans from developed nations
7 Stellar Fossils from Milky Way's Past Revealed
8 Stabilised Bhutan lake a climate change lesson: WWF
9 Winds drive icebergs away from New Zealand
10 Sperm genes could explain why women live longer
11 Russian Satellite Debris Zooms by Space Station
12 Controversy Flares Over Space-Based Solar Power Plans
13 Mississippi regulators OK nuclear plant upgrade
14 How Raptors Use Their Deadly Talons
15 Australia's carbon-trading legislation fails
16 UK climate scientist to temporarily step down
17 Experts: Man controlled robotic hand with thoughts
18 Teensy Chameleon Is New Species
19 In-home care cuts dealt another blow
20 Daly City pol accused of workers' comp scam
21 Swiss to place Polanski under house arrest Friday
22 Delta executive urges restraint on capacity
23 Six bad reactions to swine flu vaccine in Canada: official
24 Growing Up with HIV
25 Baby Boys May Be at Risk From Mom's Bug Spray Use
26 CT Scan May Predict Colon Cancer Survival
27 Gene 'Signature' May Point to Lung Cancer
28 Scientists Paralyze and Then Cure Worms
29 Yahoo Plugs Into Facebook to Become More Popular
30 Beware: Slick Web Sites Use Trick Photography
31 Down Syndrome Births Rise in U.S., CDC Reports
32 Does Having a Father Shorten Your Life?
33 Breastfeeding Not to Blame for Recent Infant Death, Urge Experts
34 Beauty Queen's Death Shows Dangers of Buttock Implants
35 13 New Stem Cell Lines Released for Research
36 Fibre optics improve infrared astronomy
37 Next-generation solar cells get boost
38 Loneliness can be contagious: study
39 European space missions given cost warning
40 'Global surge' in rhino poaching
41 Men's genes 'may limit lifespan'
42 Pandas 'chirp' to get pregnant
43 Australian Senate rejects Kevin Rudd's climate plan
44 Climate science, from Bali to Copenhagen
45 Forensics machine to boost hunt for bomb fragments
46 Web giants unite against Digital Britain copyright plan
47 Cameroon revealed as web threat hotspot
48 UK energy smart meter roll-out is outlined
49 Google to limit free news access
50 How I helped nail the 'manhood' spammer
51 Glue injections help sick babies
52 Doctors warned about risk of 'Facebook flirts'
53 Hospital wards break world health 'noise limits'
54 Demands on dentistry 'to rise due to ageing population'
55 Doulas: holding hands or stepping on toes?
56 Bhopal survivors fight for justice
57 Danes Told To Go Green Ahead Of Summit
58 Man Said to Control Robotic Hand with Mind
59 First Taxpayer-Funded Stem Cell Study OK'd
60 Drug-laden Salad Kills Iran Whistleblower
61 Alternatives to Mammograms
62 Deadliest animal disease on the brink of eradication
63 Astronomers witness biggest star explosion
64 Rural America Surprisingly Prosperous, Study Finds
65 Four New Species of King Crabs Discovered
66 Creatures Build Thicker Shells as Ocean Chemistry Changes
67 How Serious Is Angina?
68 Rom Houben's Coma Real, Communication Maybe Not
69 Robotic Clam Could Detonate Underwater Mines
70 When Health Food Is Unhealthy
71 Naked Mole Rats Survive Extreme Oxygen Deprivation
72 School Bullies Bully at Home, Too
73 DNA Reveals Origins of Shark Fin Soup
74 Big Freeze: Earth Could Plunge into Sudden Ice Age
75 How Raptors Use Their Deadly Talons
76 Rabbits Milked for Human Protein; Drug Soon for Sale?
77 SPACE PHOTOS THIS WEEK: Rosy Haze, Black Hole Jet, More
78 Abstaining Boobies Get "Sexier"
79 The loneliness of three degrees of separation
80 Treating toddlers for autism boosts IQ later
81 Long-lived Titan lakes are boon to life
82 Both of NASA's Mars orbiters are down for the count
83 Split-personality home routers can cut net energy use
84 Chanee Brule: Last night a DJ saved a gibbon
85 Cellphones and cancer: Interphone can't end the debate
86 Radiator roads too hot for ice to handle
87 Autism and schizophrenia could be genetic opposites
88 US and China emissions pledges won't stop 2íC warming
89 Watch it live: dissection of famous brain
90 WHO changes advice on HIV therapy
91 ExtInked: tattoos to save the world
92 Climate research head steps down over email leak
93 Extreme oil: Scraping the bottom of Earth's barrel
94 How our brains build social worlds
95 Low-carbon future: We can afford to go green
96 Transparent universe reveals hidden galaxies
97 Death of rare giant star sheds light on cosmic past
98 Computers top poll of modern discoveries
99 Do mice with two mothers spell the end for men?
100 Researchers Identify New Mechanism of Blocking HIV-1 from Entering Cells
101 Finland's Nuclear Waste Solution
102 Naked Mole Rats May Hold Clues to Surviving Stroke
103 Fish Populations Reveal 'Shocking' Declines
104 Scientists Trace Shark Fins to Their Homes for 1st Time Using DNA Tools
105 Acid Test: Study Reveals Both Losers and Winners of CO2-induced Ocean Acidification
106 Shape Shifters: Researchers Create New Breed Of Antennas
107 Genetic Pattern Indicates Early-Stage Lung Cancer
108 iPhones Are Musical Instruments in New Course and Ensemble
109 In CO2-Rich Environment, Some Ocean Dwellers Increase Shell Production
110 Researchers Put a New Spin on Atomic Musical Chairs
111 NIST Develops Experimental Validation Tool for Cell Phone Forensics
112 Four "Butterflynauts" Emerge on Space Station
113 Santa's Sleigh: Researcher Explains Science of Christmas Magic
114 A Cell's 'Cap' of Bundled Fibers Could Yield Clues to Disease
115 Learning About High Cholesterol, Obesity From Fruit Flies
116 A Little Magic Provides an Atomic-level Look at Bone
117 Researchers Create 'Synthetic Magnetic Fields' for Neutral Atoms
118 Researchers Demonstrate a Better Way for Computers to 'See'
119 New Hopes on Health Care for American Indians
120 The Doctors Were Real, the Patients Undercover
121 Looking for Balloons and Insights to Online Behavior
122 Story? Unforgettable. The Audience? Often Not.
123 One Microbe as a Group of 200 Protein Machines
124 Developmental Psychologist Says Teenagers Are Different
125 E-Mail Fracas Shows Peril of Trying to Spin Science
126 We May Be Born With an Urge to Help
127 A Lost European Culture, Pulled From Obscurity
128 Europe Bypassed on Climate Summit
129 New Stem Cell Lines Open to Research
130 A Beetle, Its Eggs and the Secrets of a Glue
131 Q & A: A Cold Shoulder
132 Really? The Claim: Exercise More During the Day, and You Will Sleep Better at Night