File Title
1 Bay Trail gains 2 more miles of shoreline
2 Developer of Kevlar vest, Lester Shubin, dies
3 Despite better coaching and equipment, head trauma remains a danger in high school football
4 GPS cell phone apps challenge standalone devices
5 UAE to back banks amid Dubai meltdown
6 America wages new war in Vietnam--on AIDS
7 Spain's Repsol to invest $1.5 million in Bolivian gas
8 Stellar Fossils from Milky Way's Past Revealed
9 Australia welcomes giant pandas with city party
10 Rat pack: Scientists warming up to African rodent
11 Is Gene-Therapy Medical Treatment Ready for Prime Time?
12 Old Rocket Junk Poses No Threat to Space Station
13 France's EDF joins Russian South Stream pipeline
14 EU: Nations must do more for climate change pact
15 Chimps Enjoy a Good Tune, Too
16 Japan launches 5th spy satellite
17 Venezuela turns to cloud-seeding to battle drought
18 Leaders say momentum building on climate change
19 Researchers Find the First Horse Whisperers
20 Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food
21 Diabetes Cases to Double in 25 Years
22 Hammerhead Sharks See 360 Degrees in Stereo
23 Life in a Year: In old age, getting better every day
24 Appalachia, Southeast Hit Hardest by Obesity and Diabetes
25 Batch of swine flu vaccines studied in Canada
26 Yao Ming joins HIV campaign in China: UN
27 Implantable Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
28 Cetuximab Helps Treat Colorectal Cancer
29 Seniors May Need Help Overcoming Holiday Blues
30 Bipolar Disorder May Be Tied to Body Clock
31 Many pregnant women take drugs harmful to baby
32 NY couple charged with forcing woman into sex work
33 Kids should get moving to avoid obesity
34 Food stamps estimate raises debate over 'poverty'
35 Ohio school district sues over air pollution
36 Saudi official: 5 dead from swine flu at hajj
37 Roundup: Smartphone Gift Guide
38 Industrial Thanksgiving: Science Takes Mom's Recipes to the Assembly Line
39 10 Pop-Culture Turkeys That Seriously Put 2009 to Sleep
40 10 Geeky Things to Be Thankful For
41 Thanks a Lot: Pop Culture's Finest Moments of 2009
42 Alt Text: The Sorry De-Evolution of Spam
43 Pacific Northwest Earthquakes Could Strike Closer to Home
44 3-D Renderings Bring Ancient Hominids to Life
45 Our Bike Racks, Ourselves: Crowdsourcing Two-Wheeled Parking
46 Shoot a Free Throw
47 The Gruesome Power of Raptor Talons
48 Google Tests Redesigned Search Page
49 Puzzle of the Week: How Many Dinner Guests--Solution
50 Review: Harry Potter Spells iPhone App Is Magical, If Imperfect
51 KLM Claims First Biofuel Airline Passenger Flight
52 New Bomb-Resistant Trucks Will Blast RPGs Before They Hit
53 Nasty iPhone Worm Hints at the Future
54 Demonstrating a CO2 Recycler
55 Practical Nanotube Electronics
56 Arming the Immune System against H1N1
57 Solar Power from Your Windows, Awnings, Even Clothing?
58 'Glow-in-the-Dark' Red Blood Cells Made from Human Stem Cells
59 Biological Basis of 'Bacterial Immune System' Discovered
60 RNA Network Seen in Live Bacterial Cells for First Time
61 Small Hairy Balls Hide Foul-Tasting Healthful Enzymes
62 With First Neutrino Events, Physicists Closer to Answering Why Only Matter in Universe
63 Mass Extinction: Why Did Half of N. America's Large Mammals Disappear 40,000 to 10,000 Years Ago?
64 Wide Heads Give Hammerhead Sharks Exceptional Stereo View
65 First-Ever Blueprint of 'Minimal Cell' Is More Complex Than Expected
66 Stem Cells Heal Lungs of Newborn Animals: May Lead to New Treatments for Lungs of Premature Babies
67 Clue to Mystery of How Biological Clock Operates on 24-Hour Cycle
68 Rare Woodland Plant Uses 'Cryptic Coloration' to Hide from Predators
69 How HIV Is Assembled and Released from Infected Cells
70 Academic Questions 'Green' Initiatives on Cutting Carbon Foot
71 Free E-Samples of Prescription Drugs: At What Cost?
72 Measuring and Modeling Blood Flow in Malaria
73 New Device Implanted by Surgeons Help Paralyzed Patients Breathe Easier
74 Dispensing Prescription Drugs in 3-Month Supplies Reduces Drug Costs by a Third
75 Researchers Fine-Tune Diffuse Optical Tomography for Breast Cancer Screening
76 Biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Work, but Which Is Best?
77 Forming New Brain Cells: Key Regulatory Peptide Discovered
78 Motivational 'Women-Only' Cardiac Rehab Improves Symptoms of Depression
79 Bell's Palsy: Study Calls for Rethink of Cause and Treatment
80 Talking to Ourselves: How Consumers Navigate Choices and Inner Conflict
81 Comforted by Carpet: How Do Floors and Distance Affect Purchases?
82 'Too Fat to Be a Princess?' Young Girls Worry About Body Image, Study Shows
83 When You Eat May Be Just as Vital to Your Health as What You Eat
84 Early Relationships Influence Teen Pain and Depression
85 Soy Component May Be Key to Fighting Colon Cancer
86 Yoga Boosts Heart Health, New Research Finds
87 Fruit Fly Sperm Makes Females Do Housework After Sex
88 Ecologists Sound out New Solution for Monitoring Cryptic Species
89 Control of Mosquito Vectors of Malaria May Be Enhanced by a New Method of Biocontrol
90 Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant May Help Lung, Heart Disorders
91 Knockouts in Human Cells Point to Pathogenic Targets
92 Oceanic Crust Formation Is Dynamic After All
93 Common Herbicides and Fibrates Block Nutrient-Sensing Receptor Found in Gut and Pancreas
94 How Plants and Bacteria 'Talk' to Thwart Disease
95 Exposure to Both Traffic, Indoor Pollutants Puts Some Kids at Higher Risk for Asthma Later
96 Intensive Land Management Leaves Europe Without Carbon Sinks
97 Study Pits Man Versus Machine in Piecing Together 425-Million-Year-Old Jigsaw
98 Ecological Speciation by Sexual Selection on Good Genes
99 First 'Genetic Map' of Han Chinese May Aid Search for Disease Susceptibility Genes
100 Houses of the Rising Sun: Research Sheds New Light on Ancient Greeks
101 Evolution of Highly Toxic Box Jellyfish Unraveled
102 Volunteers Wanted for Simulated 520-Day Mars Mission
103 Cassini Captures Ghostly Dance of Saturn's Northern Lights
104 Frost-Covered Phoenix Lander Seen in Winter Images from Mars
105 Cosmic 'Dig' Reveals Vestiges of the Milky Way's Building Blocks
106 First Black Holes May Have Incubated in Giant, Starlike Cocoons
107 Nuclear Waste Reduction: Polymers Designed to Mop Up Radioactive Isotopes
108 24-Carat Gold 'Snowflakes' Improve Graphene's Electrical Properties
109 Nano-Scale Drug Delivery Developed for Chemotherapy
110 Plasma-in-a-Bag for Sterilizing Devices
111 Research Sheds Light on Workings of Anti-Cancer Drug
112 New Nanocrystalline Diamond Probes Overcome Wear
113 Building Real Security With Virtual Worlds
114 3-D Software Gives Doctors, Students a View Inside the Body
115 New Computer Virus Disguised as Social Security Administration Download
116 Overcoming Barriers for Organic Electronics
117 Brain's fear center is equipped with a built-in suffocation sensor
118 Startled flies may provide insight into ADHD
119 Auditory illusion: How our brains can fill in the gaps to create continuous sound
120 Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice
121 High salt intake linked to strokes and cardiovascular disease
122 Cells defend themselves from viruses, bacteria with armor of protein errors
123 Researchers discover biological basis of 'bacterial immune system'
124 First 'genetic map' of Han Chinese may aid search for disease susceptibility genes
125 A RANK insider resolving the enigma of the fever chart
126 Study sheds light on brain's fear processing center
127 NIH teams with Lancet to address public health impacts of climate change
128 Magic box for mission impossible
129 It's Not Just Dirt!
130 New genetic cause of cardiac failure discovered
131 Caltech scientists find emotion-like behaviors, regulated by dopamine, in fruit flies
132 Hormone ghrelin can boost resistance to Parkinson's disease
133 Plasma produces KO cocktail for MRSA
134 Knockouts in human cells point to pathogenic targets
135 First-ever blueprint of a minimal cell is more complex than expected
136 Ecologists sound out new solution for monitoring cryptic species
137 School closure could reduce swine flu transmission by 21 percent
138 Ecological speciation by sexual selection on good genes
139 Wide heads give hammerheads exceptional stereo view
140 Tough yet stiff deer antler is materials scientist's dream
141 Traditional indigenous fire management techniques deployed against climate change
142 Protein from pregnancy hormone may prevent breast cancer
143 Drug users know their stuff
144 Researchers establish common seasonal pattern among bacterial communities in Arctic rivers
145 New device enables early detection of cancerous skin tumors--Ben Gurion U.
146 Intelligence inside metal components
147 A Coating for Life
148 Atomic-level Snapshot Catches Protein Motor in Action
149 First black holes may have incubated in giant, starlike cocoons, says CU-Boulder study
150 Study shows flavanol antioxidant content of US chocolate and cocoa-containing products
151 Chemists get custom-designed microscopic particles to self-assemble in liquid crystal
152 Oceanic Crust Formation Is Dynamic After All
153 Achieve early diagnosis of ocular pathologies such as keratitis and macular degeneration
154 ORNL "deep retrofits" can cut home energy bills in half
155 Nanowires key to future transistors, electronics
156 Research sheds light on workings of anti-cancer drug
157 Caltech scientists explain puzzling lake asymmetry on Titan
158 Spinons--confined like quarks
159 Observation of confinement phenomenon in condensed matter
160 Stanford scientists identify 2 molecules that affect brain plasticity in mice
161 Computerized order entry/decision support systems: Effective solution to managing imaging utilization
162 Most radiation oncologists utilize advanced medical imaging techniques, study suggests
163 On-call radiology residents accurately interpret off-hours neuro CT exams
164 Crosstalk between critical cell-signaling pathways holds clues to tumor invasion and metastasis
165 Physician-scientist proves stem cells heal lungs of newborn animals
166 Diabetes cases to double and costs to triple by 2034
167 Study shows new brain connections form rapidly during motor learning
168 Simulated training for ultrasound-guided procedures improves safety without risk to patients
169 Insect Resistance to Bt Crops can be Predicted, Monitored, and Managed
170 Sexing up the turkey
171 Empa scientists synthesize graphene-like material
172 University of Minnesota invention will help speed development of drug treatments for heart failure
173 Exposure to both traffic, indoor pollutants puts some kids at higher risk for asthma later
174 New computer cluster gets its grunt from games
175 Tobacco smoke exposure before heart transplantation may increase the risk of transplant failure
176 University of Minnesota researchers develop virtual streams to help restore real ones
177 Free e-samples of prescription drugs: At what cost?
178 Building real security with virtual worlds