File Title
1 A Cancer-Fighting Implant
2 Solar Airplane a Step Closer
3 Robotic Kitchen Assistants
4 Spin polarization achieved in room temperature silicon
5 Past regional cold and warm periods linked to natural climate drivers
6 Over-the-counter eye drops raise concern over antibiotic resistance
7 Cellphone powers back pain chip in Taiwan
8 Tough yet stiff deer antler is materials scientist's dream
9 First-ever blueprint of a minimal cell is more complex than expected
10 Space shuttle Atlantis, 7 astronauts back on Earth
11 Building real security with virtual worlds
12 Ecological speciation by sexual selection on good genes: Is speciation adaptive?
13 Research sheds light on workings of anti-cancer drug
14 Superconductor magnet spacecraft heat shield being developed
15 Intel wants a chip implant in your brain
16 Is global warming unstoppable?
17 Researcher: Faint writing seen on Shroud of Turin (Update)
18 Hackers leak e-mails, stoke climate debate
19 Antarctic ice loss vaster, faster than thought: study
20 Restored machine to explore mysteries of Big Bang
21 First black holes may have incubated in giant, starlike cocoons
22 Nanowires key to future transistors, electronics
23 Fast, easy, and highly sensitive arsenic detection with gold nanoparticles
24 Nanotech in Space: Experiment To Weather the Trials of Orbit
25 Scientists synthesize graphene-like material: Polymer with honeycomb structure
26 A Tiny Cage of Gold Responds to Light, Opening to Empty Its Contents
27 Highlight: Damping of acoustic vibrations in gold nanoparticles
28 Detecting the Undetectable in Prostate Cancer Testing
29 Small nanoparticles bring big improvement to medical imaging
30 New study confirms exotic electric properties of graphene
31 Small optical force can budge nanoscale objects
32 Magnetic Nanotags Spot Cancer in Mice Earlier Than Current Methods
33 Researchers turn algae into high-temperature hydrogen source
34 Multiferroic compounds used to produce smaller and cheaper digital memories
35 In the Brain, Seven Is A Magic Number
36 A quantum leap forward?
37 Straightening messy correlations with a quantum comb
38 Visual assistance for cosmic blind spots
39 A mechanical model of vocalization
40 Predicting the fate of underground carbon
41 Fermi Telescope Peers Deep into Microquasar (w/ Video)
42 The Energy Sources of Ultraluminous Galaxies
43 New radar helps monitor site of century-old tragedy
44 Past regional cold and warm periods linked to natural climate drivers
45 Russia: no space for space tourists
46 Gullies and Flow Features on Crater Wall
47 Burning coal worse for climate than clearing rain forests
48 Obama to plead US case at global warming summit
49 Climate experts debate strategies for reducing atmospheric carbon and future warming
50 Monster Waves on the Sun are Real (w/ Video)
51 Cutting greenhouse pollutants could directly save millions of lives worldwide
52 Cosmic 'Dig' Reveals Vestiges of the Milky Way's Building Blocks
53 Spirit Mars Rover: No Wheel Stall in Diagnostic Drive
54 Oceanic crust formation is dynamic after all
55 Mars Reconnaissance Orbite[r] Team Plans Uplink of Protective Files
56 ASUS Debuts Eee PC T91MT--First Netbook to Go Multi-touch
57 Modified iPhones Are Compromised By New Worm
58 Semantic research sets world standards
59 Cellphone powers back pain chip in Taiwan
60 Food banks go high-tech to feed the hungry
61 Half of Euro online travel purchases legally unsafe: EU
62 Sony optimistic on 3-D TVs, in-house display
63 The goal of robot hockey: to become better engineers (w/ Video)
64 Post Office card error leaves Italians in the red: report
65 Should I buy a PC or Mac?
66 Design chosen for British 1,000 mph car (w/ Video)
67 ORNL 'deep retrofits' can cut home energy bills in half
68 Magazine publishers creating 'iTunes for magazines': reports
69 EU assembly adopts Internet, phone user rights
70 Internet activists push for greater democracy
71 S.Korea halves ceiling on text messages to fight spam
72 Wide heads give hammerheads exceptional stereo view
73 Tough yet stiff deer antler is materials scientist's dream
74 Indonesia rejects Bali plan for turtle sacrifices
75 Knockouts in human cells point to pathogenic targets
76 New Switchgrass Germplasm Collected in Florida
77 RNA on the move
78 Invading camels to be shot in Australian town
79 Variable Temperatures Leave Insects wtih a Frosty Reception
80 Rare woodland plant uses 'cryptic coloration' to hide from predators
81 Cells defend themselves from viruses, bacteria with armor of protein errors
82 Researchers discover biological basis of 'bacterial immune system'
83 'Safety valve' protects photosynthesis from too much light
84 Venomous Aussie redback spiders invading Japan
85 Destruction spreads 'like a disease'
86 Study explores violent world of raptors
87 Beer Here
88 Experts think toxic algae harming endangered fish
89 Sustainable Corn Production Supports Advanced Biofuel Feedstocks
90 Nuclear science to fight sleeping sickness
91 A costly diagnosis: Alzheimer's disease takes toll on memories, and money too
92 Girl's progress after pioneering brain surgery gives hope to other parents
93 Physician-scientist proves stem cells heal lungs of newborn animals
94 Heavy drinkers exercise to burn off alcohol: British study
95 WHO says Tamiflu still works against swine flu
96 Scientists reveal 'protector' gene behind 50-fold increase in number of bowel tumours
97 An end to sleep problems? Researchers discover enzyme behind effects of sleep deprivation
98 Ginkgo biloba doesn't prevent cardiovascular events but may have potential peripheral artery disease benefits
99 First anti-seizure drug for newborns to be developed
100 Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice
101 fMRI scans used in murder trial sentencing
102 Brain's endocannabinoid signaling pathway kept in check by two enzymes
103 Study sheds light on brain's fear processing center
104 Scientists find emotion-like behaviors, regulated by dopamine, in fruit flies
105 Two molecules affecting brain plasticity
106 Feeding the clock: Cycles of feeding and fasting drive circadian gene expression in the liver
107 Living buildings could mop up carbon dioxide
108 Japan scientists attack govt research cut plans
109 Message gone viral? Blame it on altruistic, yet image-conscious Internet 'e-mavens'
110 Workplace literacy schemes are too short to improve skills
111 Political views may skew perception of skin tone, new study finds
112 In College Football, Home Field Advantage Often Overestimated
113 Thanksgiving Combines Myths, Traditions and Truths, CU Professor Says
114 Highest jobless rate in three decades causes drop in consumer confidence
115 Strategic management theory offers fresh take on the economic crisis
116 Climate change could boost incidence of civil war in Africa
117 Do kids benefit from homework?
118 As robots become more common, Stanford experts consider the legal challenges
119 The cause behind the characteristic shape of a long leaf revealed
120 Consumers choose locally grown and environmentally friendly apples
121 Donate your text messages to science: Texto4Science project
122 Competitive, trade-friendly nations weather volatile crop yields best
123 Grand Canyon to change 'unfair' permit system