File Title
1 Squid Invasions Signal Changes in the Pacific Ocean
2 Hacked Drones: How Secure Are U.S. Spy Planes?
3 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected
4 Meeting Terminal Patients' Spiritual Needs Improves Quality of Life
5 President Obama Hails Senate Health Care Bill as Ben Nelson Jumps on Board
6 State Report Cards Show Shortcomings in H1N1 Flu Preparedness
7 China and Indonesia welcome Copenhagen summit deal
8 Europe's Mars missions get final go-ahead
9 Avatar 3D film employs cutting edge visual effects
10 Peru's gold rush sparks fears of ecological disaster
11 COP15: (No) Hopenhagen?
12 British Army to get new camouflage uniform
13 Parents 'misled' by food nutrition labels
14 Whisky hangover 'worse than vodka, a study suggests'
15 Stroke patient says Kenny Rogers helped brain recovery
16 Web 'cure' for temporary tinnitus
17 How ILM Rescued Avatar's Special Effects
18 Yes, Virginia, There Is a Techno Claus
19 Conference OKs Watered-Down Climate Deal
20 U.S. Sends 12 Gitmo Detainees Home
21 Brown: GOP Protecting Ebenezer Scrooge
22 U.K.-France Rail Service Suspended
23 Afghan Elders to U.S.: Let Us Do Fighting
24 East Coast Whipped by Winter Storm
25 Drunk 4-Year-Old Hayden Wright Steals Christmas Gifts, Drinks Beer, Has Very Merry Xmas
26 Copenhagen accord emerges
27 Enceladus plume is half ice
28 Shaping US geology
29 Newsmaker of the year: The power player
30 Reaffirming climate science
31 Retracted papers linked to 2007 extortion attempt
32 Two direct hits in dark matter hunt
33 Moon shadows even colder than thought
34 Stone Age sorghum found in African cave
35 Where is Happyville, USA?
36 Sceptical climate researcher won't divulge key program
37 Richard Wrangham: Cooking is what made us human
38 Copenhagen chaos sets world on track for 3.5íC
39 2010 preview: Tooth-mounted hearing aid for the masses
40 Beware humans bearing gifts
41 Clearest sign yet of dark matter detected
42 Birds Favor Most Promising Offspring
43 Boys Explore Cell Phone Features More Than Girls
44 The Truth About Hangovers Revealed in Drunken Study
45 New Diet Advice: Curb Weekend Calories
46 The Invisible AIDS Victims: How Women Cope
47 New Device Provides Internet and Phone Service in Disasters
48 Storm Tracking Goes Hi-Tech
49 Happiest States Revealed by New Research
50 Motherly Behavior Grows New Brain Cells
51 Human Ancestors Were Homemakers
52 The Shortest Day: The Science of the Winter Solstice
53 War-torn 'nursery' hopes to send monkeys to Mars
54 Spirit Broken Wheel Spins Again After Three Years
55 Scientist Uncovers Relics Of Ancient Cosmos
56 Earth's moon gets down to -416F
57 X-51A WaveRider Gets First Ride Aboard B-52
58 Space--Expanding The Frontiers Of Risk
59 Hubble Finds Smallest Kuiper Belt Object Ever Seen
60 Astronomers Find World With Inhospitable Atmosphere And Icy Heart
61 How To Find Signs Of Life On Mars
62 Supernova Explosions Stay In Shape
63 Colliding Auroras Produce Explosions Of Light
64 Colliding Auroras Produce Explosions of Light
65 Astronauts to carry Christmas cheer to ISS
66 Messenger Team Releases First Global Map of Mercury
67 Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light
68 Hubble's Festive View of a Grand Star-Forming Region
69 Hubble Finds Smallest Kuiper Belt Object Ever Seen
70 Why Some Insects Can Survive Freezing: Huge X-Ray Microscope Provides Clues
71 Why Does a Human Baby Need a Full Year Before Starting to Walk?
72 Rate of Autism Disorders Climbs to One Percent Among 8-Year-Olds
73 Avatar's Moon Pandora Could Be Real, Planet-Hunters Say
74 Synthetic Red Blood Cells Developed: Red-Blood-Cell-Like Particles Carry Oxygen, Drugs, and More
75 Glint of Sunlight Confirms Liquid in Lake on Saturn's Moon Titan
76 Ancient Pygmy Sea Cow Discovered
77 Skull Bone May Hold the Key to Tackling Osteoporosis
78 Tropical Birds Waited for Land Crossing Between North and South America, Study Finds
79 How Cancer Cells Protect Themselves from Low Levels of Oxygen
80 Nocturnal Wind Maximum Mapped for First Time
81 Alzheimer's Detection: What's His Name Again? How Celebrity Monikers Can Help Us Remember
82 Link Between Infertility, Low Egg Reserve, and Breast/ovarian Cancer Gene (BRCA1) Suggested
83 Santa Should Get Off His Sleigh and Walk, Says Public Health Doctor
84 Stem-Cell Activators Switch Function, Repress Mature Cells
85 Shift Working Aggravates Metabolic Syndrome Development Among Middle-Aged Males
86 Eat Fruits and Vegetables for Better Vision
87 Bourbon Versus Vodka: Bourbon Hurts More the Next Day, Due to Byproducts of Fermenting Process
88 Scientists Use Light to Map Neurons' Effects on One Another
89 Chemo's Toxicity to Brain Revealed, Possible Treatment Identified
90 Antidepressants Cut Risk of Hospital Readmission for Suicidal Youth, Study Suggests
91 Nonverbal Communication of Race Bias on TV Influences Viewers' Own Bias
92 Disordered Eating May Affect 10 to 15 Percent of Women
93 Dyslexia: Some Very Smart Accomplished People Cannot Read Well
94 Negative Emotions Outweigh Intent to Exercise at Health Clubs
95 Human Protein Helps Prevent Infection by H1N1 Influenza and Other Viruses
96 New Weapon in Battle of the Bulge: Food Releases Anti-Hunger Aromas During Chewing
97 New Nasal Vaccine Blocks Parasite Transmission to Mosquitoes
98 Food-Borne Illness: Researchers Redefine the Invasion Mechanism of Salmonella
99 Further Spread of Rhodesian Sleeping Sickness in Uganda Likely Due to Livestock Movements
100 Type of Cell Proves to Be Highly Significant in Genetic Studies
101 New Study Links DHA Type of Omega-3 to Better Nervous-System Function
102 Researchers Revise Long-Held Theory of Fruit-Fly Development
103 Europe's Flora Is Becoming Impoverished
104 Chicken or Egg Question Looms Over Climate Debate
105 New Study Turns Up the Heat on Soot's Role in Himalayan Warming
106 Pollution Alters Isolated Thunderstorms: Wind Shear Strength Determines Whether Pollution Swells or Saps Storms
107 Previously Unknown Gene Is Unique to Placental Mammals
108 Mammals May Be Nearly Half Way Toward Mass Extinction
109 Valley in Jordan Inhabited and Irrigated for 13,000 Years
110 Stone Age Pantry: Archaeologist Unearths Earliest Evidence of Modern Humans Using Wild Grains and Tubers for Food
111 Ancient Origins of Modern Opossum Revealed
112 Stellar Nursery: Inside the Dark Heart of the Eagle
113 Trough Deposits on Mars Point to Complex Hydrologic Past
114 Close-Up Photos of Dying Star Show Our Sun's Fate
115 Astronomers Find Super-Earth Orbiting Red Dwarf Star; May Have Atmosphere
116 Icy Moons of Saturn and Jupiter May Have Conditions Needed for Life
117 Valuable, Rare, Raw Earth Materials Extracted from Industrial Waste Stream
118 'Smart' Nanocapsule Delivery System Created for Use in Protein Therapy
119 Water Droplets Shape Graphene Nanostructures
120 Everlasting Quantum Wave: Physicists Predict New Form of Soliton in Ultracold Gases
121 Scientists Demystify Utility of Power Factor Correction Devices
122 Video Games: Racing, Shooting and Zapping Your Way to Better Visual Skills
123 Gender Divide in Children's Use of Cell Phone Features, Study Finds
124 Privacy Concerns Could Limit Benefits from Real-Time Data Analysis
125 Significant Advances Made in Molecular Computing
126 Thermochemical Nanolithography Now Allows Multiple Chemicals on a Chip