File Title
1 Climate 'Urgency' Declaration Comes With Ideas for Change
2 Aussie Scientists Find Coconut-Carrying Octopus
3 Baby-by-Number: Parents' New Obsession With Data
4 USGS Monitoring Twitter for Earthquake Details
5 We Will Live Longer in 2050, Study Predicts
6 Doctors Must Be on Lookout for 'Choking Game' Warning Signs
7 Pregnant With an Eating Disorder: 'I Want to Get Well'
8 The Younger You Look, the Longer You'll Live?
9 Tea, Coffee May Protect Against Diabetes
10 CT Scan Radiation May Lead to 29,000 Cancers, Researchers Warn
11 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis May Bring Suicide, Heart Risks
12 Tips on How to Talk to Your Internet-Savy Kids About Sex
13 Super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars
14 Genome study finds pandas similar to dogs
15 Sand playground makes for safer landings
16 New diagnosis of Darwin's ills
17 Nano-test quickly detects cancer
18 Copenhagen climate summit progress 'too slow'
19 Boeing 787 Dreamliner prepares for first flight
20 Drinking cups of tea and coffee 'can prevent diabetes'
21 NASA sky survey probe blasts off
22 OMG. Did you just feel a quake?
23 UK science principles criticised
24 New warbler bird species discovered in Vietnam
25 COP15: Climate 'scepticism' and questions about sex
26 'Jaw-dropping' queue for climate summit
27 Secret of mushroom shape revealed
28 Australia introduces web filters
29 4G mobile phone network comes to Scandinavia
30 Guardian newspaper charges for iPhone app
31 Teletext to close mid-December
32 Ships tracked with smart software
33 Cannabis spray found to help relieve cancer pain
34 Strictly Dad Dancing
35 Tackling Africa's deadly sleeping sickness
36 French fight flab with cookery lessons
37 Google Ponders Risky Solo Act
38 How Green Survived 2009's 'Econolypse'
39 800,000 Doses of H1N1 Vaccine Recalled
40 Obama Statue Sparks Facebook Protests
41 Boeing 787 Set for Maiden Flight
42 Okinawa: Land of the Rising Lifespan
43 Medicare Fraud Bust Exposes $61M Scam
44 Cancer from CT Screenings?
45 Docs Unaware of "Choking Game"?
46 Pot Use Edges Up Among Teens, Survey Shows
47 Google's Nexus Phone: A Reality Check
48 Teens blase about sexting, but only 4% cop to sending pics
49 Nearly 1 in 3 older teens get 'sexting' messages
50 Survey: 15 percent of teens get sexual text messages
51 Accused of plucking Plurk, Microsoft pulls microblog service
52 Plurk Accuses Microsoft of Code, Design Theft
53 Plurk! Microsoft pulls site after plagiarism claim
54 Microsoft suspends Juku after plagiarism claims
55 Microsoft China accused of pilfering webcode
56 Microsoft suspends Juku amid plagiarism charges
57 Microsoft suspends Juku
58 Analyst: Worries Will Remain Over ISP-level Content Filter
59 Australia moves toward mandatory ISP filtering
60 Joining China and Iran, Australia to Filter Internet
61 The octopus: One of Earth's smartest
62 Tool Use Found in Octopuses
63 PICTURES: Octopuses Carry Coconuts as Instant Hideaways
64 URL Shortening Frenzy Comes with Security Risks
65, Google, Facebook Prep New Short-URL Services
66 3 Reasons Why Google Is Shortening URLs
67 Apple's iMacs Delayed, But Why?
68 Apple Apologizes For Delays of iMac
69 High volume of Mac sales may account for iMac delay
70 Apple cites strong iMac demand amid shipping delays
71 Apple Faces Delay on iMac Shipments
72 Apple Apologizes for 27" iMac Delays, "Working Hard to Fulfill Orders"
73 Supreme Court takes on texting privacy case
74 Court will rule on privacy of text messages sent on employer-owned devices
75 Court to rule on privacy of texting
76 How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete
77 On Privacy, Google and Facebook Are Much The Same
78 Facebook and Google: Contrasts in Privacy
79 The Wall Opens A Bit More: Facebook To Publish User Updates To Twitter This Week
80 Airport Security Puts Three Bullets Through MacBook, Hard Drive Survives
81 How to kill a MacBook, airport style
82 MacBook allegedly shot by Israeli security officers
83 Unibody MacBook Shot Three Times, Pronounced Dead
84 Airport Security Destroys Woman's MacBook, Offers to Make Amends
85 Does Stephen Covey's Amazon deal change the e-book landscape?
86 Amazon Signs Exclusive Deal with Top Author for Kindle
87 Top Author Shifts E-Book Rights to
88 Amazon's Kindle app now on iPhone
89 NASA Launches WISE Infrared Space Telescope On 10-Month Mission To Map Skies
90 NASA launches new sky-mapping telescope
91 NASA launches new mapping spacecraft
92 Want A Cheap Android Tablet? Modders Make Nooks Into PCs
93 Modders turn nook reader into Android tablet
94 The Future of Mercedes-Benz Revealed
95 Benz E-Class Convertible Features Hairdo-Safe Technology
96 Details on Intel's potential Mac Pro 6-core i7 processor leaked
97 Six-core Intel Gulftown is Core i7 980X
98 Six core Core i7-980X to be next flagship Intel CPU
99 Details of Core i7-980X (Gulftown) Mac Pro Processors Leaked
100 Software Company Charges IBM With Anticompetitive Behavior
101 IBM Facing Lawsuit Related To Mainframe 'Workaround'
102 IBM Slapped With Suit Alleging Unfair Mainframe Competition
103 UPDATE 1--Sanofi recalling some H1N1 vaccine, US CDC says
104 Coffee, Tea Might Stave Off Diabetes
105 Coffee And Tea Might Decrease Chance Of Diabetes
106 Four Cups of Coffee or Tea Daily Lowers Diabetes Risk (Update1)
107 High consumption of coffee, tea appears to decrease risk for diabetes
108 Development aid works, WHO malaria report shows
109 Teen drug use survey seen as 'warning sign'
110 Marijuana Use Rises Among Teens; Cigarette Smoking Lowest Since '75
111 Teen Drug Use Survey Is 'Warning Sign'
112 A "Direct Assault" on Anthracycline-Based Therapy for Breast Cancer?
113 When Lowering the Odds of Cancer Isn't Enough
114 Nearsightedness Increasing in U.S.
115 Texting, Web-Surfing Spur Nearsightedness Surge, Study Suggests
116 Some popular beverages could prevent cancer
117 Study: Plastic Chemical May Be Bad for Intestines
118 Plastics component affects intestine: study
119 Consumers Should Worry About BPA Says NIH Director
120 Dangerous Plastic Chemical BPA Should be Avoided Experts Say
121 AIDS Prevention Gel Fails in Trial, Researchers Say
122 UPDATE 2--AIDS prevention gel fails in African trials
123 Looking Younger Than Your Age May Mean Longer Life
124 Look younger, live longer--study of Danish twins shows
125 Tobacco Firms Brace for Japan Tax Increase
126 Medicinal herb helps treat liver inflammation
127 Herb May Counter Liver Damage From Chemotherapy
128 Milk Thistle Could Be Useful During Leukemia Treatment