File Title
1 The push for 350: Contradictions and carbon levels
2 Hollywood hopes an ensemble cast boosts Blu-ray
3 New Orleans official accused in kickback scheme
4 Iraq oil deal auction a "success," sees huge output
5 Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Party Crashed by High Winds
6 Iraq will be 'big player' at OPEC meet: US diplomat
7 Explaining basics of the Copenhagen climate summit
8 San Jose boy, 8, legally blind in one eye, collects toys and gift cards for sick kids
9 Relearning how to live after a brain injury
10 Pelosi's vocal cords give out, Newsom's in gear
11 Coast Guard finds missing cruise ship crew-member
12 Woods' colleagues wait and wonder, like everyone
13 Soldiers get mass swine flu shots before holidays
14 Poor being turned away from free cancer screenings
15 Medicare buy-in plan runs into Senate resistance
16 DIY Book Scanners Turn Your Books Into Bytes
17 Video: Takahashi-Meijin's Button-Mashing Secrets Revealed
18 3-D Maps, Camera Phones Put 'Reality' in 'Augmented Reality'
19 Mercedes Brings Hydrogen to the Highway Next Spring
20 U.S. Military Joins CIA's Drone War in Pakistan
21 Spacewalking Astronauts Seen With a Backyard Telescope
22 Barley + Space = Space Beer!
23 Geeky Math Equation Creates Beautiful 3-D World
24 Alt Text: Wily Obama Won't Let Science-y Stuff Divide Us
25 MySpace/Imeem Deal Leaves Thousands of Artists Unpaid
26 Mediterranean Is Scary Laboratory of Ocean Futures
27 8 Steps to a Geekier Chanukah
28 Apple's Next Media Frontier Will Be Streaming Video
29 My Secret Circle: For Girls, Safety is in Small Numbers
30 AT&T Outage Has San Francisco Users in a Tizzy
31 How a prehistoric 'super river' turned Britain into an island nation
32 Ancient Temple Architects May Have Been Chasing a Buzz From Sound Waves
33 Wreck may hold clue to nation's discovery
34 Ancient Chinese statues believed to be Eros: archaeologist
35 Cambyses' lost army in Egypt, true or false?
36 Viking 'recycling' centre discovered at battle of Fulford site near York
37 Ancient gold unearthed in southern Hungary
38 Hair Reveals Ancient Peruvians Were Stressed Out
39 Mystery Still Shrouds Peking Man 80 Years after Discovery
40 China had bronze early on
41 Dating the Bronze Age
42 Panel Criticizes Military's Use of Embedded Anthropologists
43 Archaeologists celebrate ancient Scandinavian settlement find
44 Hope Remains Ancient Archaeological Site Can Be Saved
45 Rome unveils ancient luxury complex
46 Buddhist-era rock engravings found in Udupi dist
47 Excavations in Ancient Tegea
48 Bad Teeth Tormented Ancient Egyptians
49 Digging at Peru's Cerro Mejia
50 Archaeology: Buried City Found by Italians in Libya
51 Contested signs of mass cannibalism
52 Ice Age skull of giant sloth unearthed in Southern California
53 Ancient artifacts found on UW grounds
54 Remains Of Minoan-Style Painting Discovered During Excavations Of Canaanite Palace
55 Medieval tombstones rise from flames
56 The Big Question: What is the Rosetta Stone, and should Britain return it to Egypt?
57 Warren Wilson archaeologist unearths clues to past
58 Top Ten Archaeology Finds: Most Viewed of 2009
59 Ancient Tablets Decoded; Shed Light on Assyrian Empire
60 The impact of the diffusion of maize to the Southwestern United States
61 Four ceremonial fountains discovered at Machu Picchu
62 Ancient Pacific islanders brought to light
63 The legacy of an inhuman trade
64 UCSB Archaeologist Disputes Common Belief About Collapse of Maya Civilization
65 Ancient Maya king shows his foreign roots
66 'Acidifying oceans' threaten food supply, UK warns
67 Climate activists condemn Copenhagen police tactics
68 Annual Geminids meteor shower lights up night sky
69 The Copenhagen battle over climate change funds
70 MP3 players face noise limits recommended by EU
71 People with autism 'have problem with self-awareness'
72 Body clock link to heart disease
73 Two Countries Joined by Global Warming
74 Google Set to Sell Smart Phone on Its Own
75 Man Attacks Italian Leader with Statuette
76 Police Trap Student Protesters in Tehran
77 Houston Elects First Openly Gay Mayor
78 Al Qaeda's Yemen Connection May Be Dead
79 Syntax in Our Primate Cousins
80 Bacteria Provide New Insights Into Human Decision Making
81 First Known Binary Star Is Discovered to Be a Triplet, Quadruplet, Quintuplet, Sextuplet System
82 Brightest-Ever 'Blazar' Flare from Distant Galaxy Spotted by NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
83 Studying Hair of Ancient Peruvians Answers Questions About Stress
84 Suzaku Catches Retreat of a Black Hole's Disk
85 Super-Massive Black Holes Observed at the Center of Galaxies
86 Nerve-Cell Transplants Help Brain-Damaged Rats Fully Recover Lost Ability to Learn
87 Earth's Atmosphere Came from Outer Space, Scientists Find
88 Bacteria Engineered to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuel
89 Scientists Identify Natural Anti-Cancer Defenses
90 How Can Some Athletes Play on Through Intense Pain?
91 Clinical Trial Advances New Approach to Re-Sensitizing Breast Cancer
92 Glacial Rebound: 10,000-Year Study of Strata Compaction and Sea-Level Rise on English Coast
93 Flies Offered Unlimited Alcohol Behave a Lot Like Human Alcoholics
94 Alcohol Consumption Increases Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence, Study Finds
95 Researchers Show 'Trigger' to Stem Cell Differentiation
96 New Model of Skin Cancer Provides Insights on Second-Most Common Type of Cancer
97 Potential New Heart Attack Biomarker Uncovered
98 West Nile Virus Infection May Persist in Kidneys Years After Initial Infection
99 Caffeine Doesn't Reverse the Negative Cognitive Impact of Alcohol, Study Shows
100 New Screening Tool Helps Identify Children at Risk for Developmental Issues
101 With Amino Acid Diet, Mice Improve After Brain Injury
102 Antidepressant May Change Personality While Relieving Symptoms
103 Pathological Gambling May Be Successfully Treated With Medications for Substance Addiction
104 Don't I Know You? How Cues and Context Kick-Start Memory Recall
105 Fit Teenage Boys Are Smarter But Muscle Strength Isn't the Secret, Study Shows
106 Personalities Accurately Judged by Physical Appearance Alone
107 Student Self-Testing Earns High Marks as Study Tool
108 Fatty Food Can Weaken the Immune System
109 Appetite, Consumption Controlled by Clockwork Genes at Cross-Purposes in Flies
110 Real Human Bone Grown in Tissue Culture
111 Fast Method for Preparing Flu Vaccine: Use Bioreactors Instead of Chicken Eggs
112 Fruit Fly Neuron Can Reprogram Itself After Injury
113 Breakthrough in Monitoring Tropical Deforestation Announced in Copenhagen
114 New Research May Lead to New Ways to Control Honeybee Parasite
115 Forest Deal at Copenhagen Must Avoid Creating 'Carbon Refugees,' Scientists Urge
116 U.S. Forests and Soils Store Equivalent of 50 Years of Nation's CO2 Emissions, New Estimates Find
117 Swiss Scientists Measure Glacial Melting With Light
118 Sea Level Is Rising Along US Atlantic Coast, Say Environmental Scientists
119 DNA Sheds New Light on Horse Evolution
120 Formula to Detect an Author's Literary 'fingerprint'
121 Early Carnivorous Dinosaur Crossed Continents, Alters Evolutionary Tree
122 Why King Kong Failed to Impress: Humans, Apes Use Odor-Detecting Receptors Differently
123 Maize Was Passed from Group to Group of Southwestern Hunter-Gatherers, Study Suggests
124 VISTA: Pioneering New Survey Telescope Starts Work
125 Astronaut Balancing Act: Training to Help Explorers Adapt to a Return to Gravity
126 Dark Side of a Saturnian Moon: Iapetus Is Coated With Foreign Dust
127 XMM-Newton Celebrates Decade of Discovery
128 Safer Space Vehicles Thanks to Optic Fiber Sensors
129 Absorbing Hydrogen Fluoride Gas to Enhance Crystal Growth
130 Synthetic Protein Mimics Structure, Function of Metalloprotein in Nature
131 Older Dental Fillings Contain Form of Mercury Unlikely to Be Toxic, Study Finds
132 Elusive 'Hot' Electrons Captured in Ultra-Thin Solar Cells
133 Lightning-Produced Radiation a Potential Health Concern for Air Travelers
134 Understanding Ocean Climate
135 Old Math Reveals New Thinking in Children's Cognitive Development
136 Surgery on Beating Heart Thanks to Robotic Helping Hand
137 Ubiquitous Health: Enabling Telemedicine to Cut Hospital Visits, Save Money
138 Digital Avalanche Rescue Dog: Geolocation System Can Locate Victims to Within Centimeters