File Title
1 San Jose council moves closer to making personal e-mails, text messages public
2 With computers, single parents have a shot at success
3 Meat-eating dinosaur feeds migration theory
4 Apple countersues Nokia over phone patents
5 Snow-blanketed US battles freezing winds and ice
6 Mothers' genes important in preterm birth risk
7 Wheel Trouble May Doom Stuck Rover on Mars
8 Senators propose new approach to climate issue
9 Bones of T. rex to make museum debut in Oregon
10 Stolen e-mails embolden climate change skeptics
11 Launch of space mapping satellite delayed: NASA
12 Iraq strikes deals with Big Oil on southern fields
13 Unilever drops palm oil supplier criticised by Greenpeace
14 Wireless Devices to Read Words in the Brain
15 Stuck Mars rover struggles with faulty wheel
16 UN talks: Rich nations must make big emission cuts
17 Arab girl's healing starts in San Jose with a new eye to replace one destroyed in war
18 Boeing 787: 1st flight could come Dec. 15
19 FDA to weigh safety of AstraZeneca's Crestor
20 AIDS May Date Back to Ancient Tiger
21 Chemotherapy boosts breast cancer survival: study
22 Potential New Target Found for Alzheimer's Disease
23 Women Aren't Waiting to Seek Infertility Help
24 Uganda parliament outlaws female genital mutilation
25 WHO: Smoking kills 5 million every year
26 Chinese health officials step up flu prevention
27 Health care loophole would allow coverage limits
28 CDC: Fewer states seeing widespread swine flu
29 Ovaries constantly suppressing their inner male
30 Extra pores could ease global warming
31 Calls to debate 'fertility outsourcing'
32 Australia Issues Shipping Alert Over Giant Iceberg
33 Napping With the Walruses on Arctic Ice
34 Surgically Altered Fingerprints Help Woman Evade Immigration
35 Swedish Service Performs Your Last Online Wishes
36 Apple Countersues Nokia Over Phone Patents
37 New Fossils Shed Light on Evolution of Dinosaurs
38 Greenhouse Gases: Seeing the Unseeable with 'Gas Finder' FLIR Cameras
39 Pentagon: Zombie Pigs First, Then Hibernating Soldiers
40 If You Want to Keep It Hidden, Don't Text or Post it Online, Experts Say
41 Experts Sound Off on Cereal
42 'Driving While Caffeinated' Defense?
43 Beer for Your Prostate? Pistachios Against Cancer? Studies We Wish Were True
44 Michelle Duggar Has Premature Girl in Emergency C Section
45 New Weapon in Breast Cancer Battle? Experts Cautious
46 Copenhagen climate summit releases draft final text
47 Genetic 'map' of Asia's diversity
48 'Cryo-egg' to predict sea levels
49 EU agrees climate pledge that may boost Copenhagen
50 UK's Vista telescope takes stunning images of space
51 Decision delayed on Meteosat team
52 Monkey calls give clues to language origins
53 Sally Ride on her mission to inspire future scientists
54 Mali villagers fight back against Sahara
55 The UK's space agency and 'mini-Augustine' report
56 Harrabin's Notes: Inside Copenhagen
57 Why eco-light bulbs aren't what they seem
58 UK trails on super-fast broadband say OECD figures
59 Web to watch government spending
60 Apple and Nokia's battle hots up
61 Aid agencies 'must use new tools'
62 Most of the UK missing out on HD
63 More drivers using mobile phones since penalty change
64 Looking to the future of Le Web
65 AOL seeks a new growth strategy
66 The language of Avatar revealed
67 20mph speed zones cut road injuries by 40%, study says
68 Alcohol link to breast cancer recurrence
69 Teenage girls to get contraceptive pill in pilot scheme
70 Beauty queen on blindness fears
71 'My child still has nightmares'
72 Is it right to pay women for their eggs?
73 Facebook Backtracks On Public Friend Lists
74 UN: Rich Nations Must Make Emissions Cuts
75 Physics Group Splinters Over Global Warming Review
76 Apple Files Countersuit Against Nokia
77 Drought Turns Governments to Cloud Seeding
78 Day 1 At AOL: We Want To Believe
79 Security Fears Loom over Iraq Oil Auctions
80 Pakistan Media: Drone Killed Qaeda's No. 3
81 Senate Loophole May Let Insurers Cap Care
82 Report: Gov't Food-Tracing Program Flawed
83 Apple countersues Nokia for patent infringement
84 Apple Counters Nokia in War of Patents
85 Apple To Nokia: Stop Violating Our Patents
86 Apple Countersues Nokia Over Patents
87 Facebook Privacy Changes: The Good and the Bad
88 Yahoo Prepping Engineers for Microsoft Partnership, Will Take $150 Million
89 Google, Microsoft's 'war of innovation' changing face of search
90 AT&T's tough talk on data use seen as part of struggle with Apple
91 AT&T All Over the Map in Addressing Challenges
92 AT&T and the All-You-Can-Eat Dilemma
93 Will Lala Power Web-Based iTunes?
94 Love The One You're With: Apple Wanted AdMob, Google Wanted Lala
95 Apple said to be looking into reported iTunes 9 iPod sync issues
96 NASA Delays WISE Launch
97 Rocket Steering Glitch Grounds NASA's New WISE Space Scope
98 Russia Claims Huge Spiral Over Norway Was Due to Failed Missile Launch
99 Dinosaurs originated in South America
100 Fossils of meat-eating dino found
101 When good apps go bad
102 Tension grows as publishers target Amazon Kindle pricing
103 Barnes & Noble's Nook Is Actually a Winner
104 Nook Gets Negative Reviews
105 Books give way to e-readers
106 Hands On: Google Chrome for Mac
107 Extension Support Coming for the Mac Version of Google Chrome
108 Chrome Extensions for Mac Coming Soon
109 Google's Big December Code Freeze
110 Harvard Univ. to halt science center construction
111 Slowing Expansion, Harvard Suspends Work on Complex
112 Harvard to Halt Construction of Science Center
113 Science center is put on hold
114 Harvard's Allston plan put on hold indefinitely
115 Fusion Garage sued over JooJoo tablet
116 TechCrunch Files Lawsuit Against Fusion Garage
117 Arrington CrunchPad Suit Paints Him As Naive
118 Google Updates Signature iPhone App
119 Google brings app-making to the masses
120 Google App for iPhone Gets an Update
121 Wolfram Alpha Does The Math, Slashes iPhone App Price (Sort Of)
122 Breast Cancer Drug Fights Lung Cancer, Too
123 Township's H1N1 vaccine growing in availability...and demand
124 U.S. panel to weigh safety of AstraZeneca's Crestor
125 UPDATE: FDA Staff: Crestor's Benefits Outweigh Risks
126 AstraZeneca's Crestor Curbs Heart Disease, FDA Says (Update1)
127 Chemotherapy boosts breast cancer survival: study
128 World Bank Calls on Countries to Boost HIV Prevention Efforts
129 Transmission of Drug-Resistant HIV Drops 12-Fold in Vancouver
130 State Eyes Cuts To HIV/AIDS
131 New study shows HIV/AIDS vaccine can reduce infection rate by 40%
132 Coffee won't cure your hangover, and may lead to poor decision-making: study
133 Casual Sex Doesn't Cause Emotional Damage: Study
134 Feds Bust Drug Ring That Smuggled Crystal Meth, Marijuana From Mexico to U.S.
135 HIDTA Dismantles International Meth and Marijuana Ring in South Jersey
136 Beer Compound Could Halt Prostate Cancer