File Title
1 Santa Clara Valley Water District ordered to pay $4.6 million after its groundwater fee is found illegal
2 Rare giant sea turtle found on Stinson Beach
3 Comcast-NBC deal shows future is in content
4 'Doughnut hole' unites seniors wary of health bill
5 China solar panel makers see boost from Copenhagen
6 U.S. Approves New Stem Cell Lines for Publicly Funded Research
7 The Science Behind Marvel Comics' New Cosmic Tale
8 Pollution costs Lebanon $500 mln a year
9 Global warming may require higher dams, stilts
10 Pioneering solar-powered plane makes airborne hop
11 Falcons get new home atop San Jose City Hall
12 Taiwan plans massive growth in solar energy
13 Nepalese cabinet holds Everest meeting
14 Beloved panda born at National Zoo headed to China
15 NASA Perplexed Over New Rocket's Parachute Failure
16 First Photo Taken of Object Around Sun-Like Star, Scientists Say
17 Saudi opposes output hike, says oil price within target
18 Govt: Some $600M to go to energy plants
19 United Nations to probe climate e-mail leak
20 Study: Slowdown in warming last year not permanent
21 Study Reveals the Angriest Americans
22 Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed
23 Polanski's house arrest is a splendid captivity
24 From coal to culture: Louvre-Lens site inaugurated
25 EPA proposes sulfur dioxide limits for first time since 1971
26 Diabetes Drugs Go Head-to-Head in Study
27 Needle injuries often not reported by med students
28 Chicken Pox Shot Protects Against Shingles, Too
29 Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers
30 Gains Made in Lung Cancer Survival
31 Study finds no brain tumor link with mobile phones
32 Review Finds Marijuana May Help MS Patients
33 Surgeon general: More minority doctors needed
34 Cambodian moms-to-be chew tobacco for nausea
35 Physically active boys are smarter, study hints
36 Hepatitis C Drug Targets RNA
37 A Cheaper Hydrogen Catalyst
38 How to Spot Nanoparticles
39 A More Durable Wind Turbine
40 Sandtrapped Rover Makes A Big Discovery
41 Young Arabs Can Be The Next Generation Of Space Engineers
42 Four "Butterflynauts" Emerge On ISS
43 WISE Spacecraft Ready For Launch Dec 9
44 Mars Meteorite Debate Continues
45 Stellar Family Portrait Takes Imaging Technique To New Extremes
46 NASA to initiate scholars program
47 Suzaku Spies Treasure Trove Of Intergalactic Metal
48 IContain And InSeT Systems Deploy Hyper-Accurate Tracking Technologies
49 Astronauts to taste 'space sushi'
50 Caltech Stitches 800,000 Milkyway Pixs Together
51 Circumlunar Missions: The Missing Link
52 Scientists Rescue Visual Function in Rats Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
53 What Happens When an Enormous Star Blows Up?
54 By Feeding the Birds, You Could Change Their Evolutionary Fate
55 A Window That Washes Itself? New Nano-Material May Revolutionize Solar Panels and Batteries, Too
56 How a Brain Hormone Controls Insect Metamorphosis
57 Hawaiian Hot Spot Has Deep Roots
58 First Direct Observation of a Planet-Like Object Orbiting Star Similar to Sun
59 Antarctica Served as Climatic Refuge in Earth's Greatest Extinction Event
60 Suzaku X-Ray Observatory Spies Treasure Trove of Intergalactic Metal
61 Synthetic Magnetic Fields 'Trick' Neutral Atoms Into Acting as If Electrically Charged
62 Swine Flu Has Major Implications for Solid Organ Transplants: Transplant Infectious Disease Experts Provide Pandemic Guidance
63 Young Star Cluster Trumpler 14 Revealed in Stunning Image
64 Two Heads Better Than One in New Antibiotic Method
65 A Little Magic Provides an Atomic-Level Look at Bone
66 Chinese 'Herbal' Cigarettes No Healthier Than Regular Cigarettes
67 New Tool in Fight Against Autoimmune Diseases, Blood Cancers
68 MRI Helps Detect Life-Threatening Pregnancy Complication
69 Hope for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
70 Chances of Surviving Cardiac Arrest at Home or Work Unchanged in 30 Years
71 Hope for Men With Nonobstructive Infertility
72 Sleep Changes Predict Onset of Physical Changes Associated With Puberty
73 Glial Cells Can Cross from the Central to the Peripheral Nervous System
74 Adults Have Dreamlike Thoughts During Sleepwalking and Sleep Terrors Episodes
75 Personality Predicts Success in Medical School
76 No Change in Brain Tumor Incidence During a Time When Cell Phone Usage Increased
77 Young Adults Who Exercise Get Higher IQ Scores
78 Weight Control Strategies for Adolescents Identified
79 Overweight Children May Develop Back Pain and Spinal Abnormalities
80 Loneliness Can Be Contagious
81 Psychologists Suggest Parents Should Wait to Teach Toddlers Self-Control
82 Mice Holding Back Muscular Dystrophy Research?
83 'Ich' Discovery Could Yield New Ways to Treat Devastating Freshwater Fish Parasite
84 Poisonous Catfish Described
85 DNA: Proteins Grooving Down the Helix to Find Their Target
86 Variable Temperatures Leave Insects With a Frosty Reception
87 Newly Discovered Fat Molecule: An Undersea Killer With An Upside
88 What Is The Meaning Of 'One' Plant or Animal?
89 Live Saver for the Gulf Stream? Climate Changes Supplies More Saline Waters from Indian Ocean
90 Rising Antarctic Snowmelt Forcast
91 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Levels May Mitigate Losses of Biodiversity from Nitrogen Pollution
92 Carbon and Oxygen in Tree Rings Can Reveal Past Climate Information
93 Why Humans Outlive Apes: Human Genes Have Adapted to Inflammation, but We Are More Susceptible to Diseases of Aging
94 How Did Flowering Plants Evolve to Dominate Earth?
95 Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months
96 New Fossil Plant Discovery Links Patagonia to New Guinea in a Warmer Past
97 Data from Outer Space Open New Frontiers for Researchers
98 Blushing Dusty Nebula
99 NASA's Fermi Telescope Peers Deep Into a 'Micro-Quasar'
100 Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy Into Existence?
101 Climate Studies to Benefit from 12 Years of Satellite Aerosol Data
102 Lasers Used to Make First Boron-Nitride Nanotube Yarn
103 Hidden Protein Structures Are Essential for Catalysis
104 Multiferroic Compounds Used to Produce Smaller and Cheaper Digital Memories
105 100-Watt-Level Mid-Infrared Lasers Created
106 Innovation Puts Next-Generation Solar Cells on the Horizon
107 Understanding Mechanical Properties Of Silicon Nanowires Paves Way For Nanodevices
108 Experimental Validation Tool for Cell Phone Forensics Developed
109 Simulated Car Crashes Involving Pregnant Women
110 Nanowires Key to Future Transistors, Electronics
111 Stick and Slide: Computer Simulation Advances Understanding of Molecular Motors