File Title
1 Comcast Aims to Reshape Entertainment With NBC
2 Obama Science Advisers Grilled Over Hacked E-Mails
3 Asian Carp Threaten Great Lakes
4 Orangutan Opens Facebook Gallery
5 Tiger Woods' 'Transgressions' Go Volcanic
6 Injured Giving Birth, Skater Blogs Way to Olympics
7 Synaesthesia needs full attention: study
8 Women's longevity due to sperm
9 Courts rely on 'unreliable' images
10 Climate e-mail hack 'will impact on Copenhagen summit'
11 US approves 13 embryonic stem cell lines for research
12 Website appeal to fund family planning 'to cut CO2'
13 Bhopal marks 25 years since gas leak devastation
14 Deadline extended for Jason funds
15 Chair for climate e-mail review
16 Vine seeds become 'giant gliders'
17 Learning to love forest fires in Yosemite National Park
18 Intel unveils 48-core cloud computing silicon chip
19 Suspect hacker calling residents
20 Groove Armada set for PS3 gig
21 Fake websites shut down by police
22 MySpace Music launches in the UK
23 Children who use technology are 'better writers'
24 Internet service providers urge changes to digital bill
25 Freemium: Can Spotify learn from Evernote?
26 'Higher risk' of lung cancer from smoking first thing
27 Putin Mulls Russian 2012 Presidency Bid
28 Study: Half of Kids Report Digital Abuse
29 Giant Fish Invasion Spurs Drastic Measure
30 Stem Cells Repair Heart Attack Damage
31 6th Grader Heart Exams Shock Researchers
32 Sixth-graders' heart screenings shock researchers
33 New NFL Concussion Rules Take Effect
34 Smoking cessation results mixed among Ohio's Appalachian women
35 Nicotine levels higher in children exposed to secondhand smoke in the home
36 Racial disparity in lung cancer rates narrowed in young adults due to larger decrease in smoking
37 Mexican-American youths' risk of experimenting with cigarettes depends on susceptibility
38 Chinese 'herbal' cigarettes no healthier than regular cigarettes
39 Secondhand smoke exposure in childhood increases lung cancer risk later in life
40 Acculturation affects smoking cessation success among Latinos
41 Cigarette smoking increases colorectal cancer risk
42 Head and neck cancer survivors who use alcohol and cigarettes have increased death risk
43 Watching movies featuring characters who smoke negatively influences Mexican-American teens
44 Increased nicotine levels detected in those who light-up earlier
45 Exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke over a lifetime increased breast cancer risk later in life
46 Repeat negative CT scan for lung cancer does not encourage ex-smokers to resume the habit
47 Polymer therapeutic protects gut from radiation damage, infection after cancer treatment
48 Green tea chemical combined with another may hold promise for treatment of brain disorders
49 VAI Researchers Find Long Awaited Key to Creating Drought Resistant Crops
50 Fish with attitude: Some like it hot
51 Love hurts: Why emotional pain really affects us
52 Forest deal at Copenhagen must avoid creating 'carbon refugees'
53 CO2 levels rising in troposphere over rural areas
54 Grooving Down the Helix
55 CCNY Professor Foresees Rising Antarctic Snowmelt
56 Papillomavirus silences innate immune response
57 Lifelong memories linked to stable nerve connections
58 'BioScience' Study: Species Down, Disease Up
59 Newly explored bacteria reveal some huge RNA surprises
60 Synthetic magnetism achieved by optical methods
61 The hidden lives of proteins
62 New Algorithms for Computerized, Large-Scale Surveillance
63 Parents encourage underage drinking
64 Treatments for asthma and pre-term labor may increase risk of autism in developing fetus
65 NRL sensor observes first light
66 Smokeless tobacco called 'moist snuff' is contaminated with harmful substances
67 JQI researchers create 'synthetic magnetic fields' for neutral atoms
68 Discovery of the Jekyll-and-Hyde factors in 'coral bleaching'
69 The buzz on fruit flies: New role in the search for addiction treatments
70 'Smell of old books' offers clues to help preserve them
71 Discovery makes brain tumor cells more responsive to radiation
72 Berkeley Lab Study Finds No Widespread Impact of Wind Power Projects on Surrounding Residential Property Values in the U.S.
73 A Superbright Supernova That's the First of Its Kind
74 Louisiana Tech faculty, students making an 'impact' on atomic supercollider
75 It's all in your head. No, really: How mental imagery training aids perceptual learning
76 Turbulence around heat transport
77 Stellar Family Portrait Takes Imaging Technique to New Extremes
78 A greener way to get electricity from natural gas
79 Personality predicts success in medical school, says new study by U of Minnesota professor
80 Breastfeeding protects women from metabolic syndrome, a diabetes and heart disease predictor
81 Random DNA mix-ups not so random in cancer development
82 Gladstone scientists identify strategies to protect new brain cells against Alzheimer's disease
83 Acculturation influences smoking cessation by Latino men
84 Gastroenterology/hepatology societies issue recommendations on nonanesthesiologist administration of propofol for GI endoscopy
85 Transplant infectious disease experts provide pandemic guidance
86 ERK's got rhythm: Protein that controls cell growth found to cycle in and out of cell nucleus
87 Hospital Clinic Barcelona and Massachusetts General Hospital extract rectal mass through anus
88 Shape Shifters: NC State Creates New Breed Of Antennas
89 Crime scene measurements can be taken from a single image
90 Arts and sciences join to develop greener, more efficient conferences and exhibits
91 MU Researchers Develop Digital Solutions to Support Divorced Families
92 Andalusian Parliament is the first European one with a documental search engine based on AI
93 A cell's 'cap' of bundled fibers could yield clues to disease
94 Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Ford study simulated car crashes involving pregnant women
95 Researchers demonstrate a better way for computers to 'see'
96 Suzaku spies treasure trove of intergalactic metal
97 Lasers Used to Make First Boron-Nitride Nanotube Yarn
98 A Window that Washes Itself?
99 Amazon is best site for forest carbon investments
100 Caterpillar Flu Vaccine Delayed
101 Personalized, Real-Time Web Content
102 Searching Facebook More Intimately
103 Sodium-Ion Cells for Cheap Energy Storage
104 Copenhagen's Clean-Tech Dividend
105 Gene-Testing Machine for Doctors
106 Fresh Evidence of Ancient Life on Mars?
107 Cheaper Color-Changing Window
108 A Tongue-Tracking Artificial Larynx
109 New Endoscope Sees What Lies Beneath