File Title
1 Leading British climate centre hacked
2 Model predicts future deforestation
3 LHC sees particles circulate once more
4 Diagnosing the future of genomics
5 Bubble-fusion scientist debarred from federal funding
6 Icelandic genomics firm goes bankrupt
7 FIRST PICTURES: "Predator" Corals Eat Jellyfish
8 Lava Cave Minerals Actually Microbe Poop
9 Worms' Paralysis Turned On and Off With Light
10 2009 Hurricane Season Quietest in Decades
11 Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: 6 Bones of Contention
12 UPDATE: Restarted LHC Sees First Collisions
13 Walking and Talking on Phone Dangerous For Seniors
14 Color E-readers Inspired by Butterflies
15 Rare Darwin Drafts Go Online
16 Shocking Treatment Helps Erectile Dysfunction
17 Computers Get Self-Healing Software
18 Reptile Moms Share Nests
19 Marmots Remember Long-Gone Predators
20 Really Rare Rhinos Found by Dung-Sniffing Dogs
21 Zap! Light Used to Paralyze Tiny Creatures
22 Wiring the Wilderness
23 Thinspiration: Do Web Sites Encourage Anorexia?
24 Sushi Often Not What You Think
25 Light Shed on Mysteries of Deadly Jellyfish
26 Strange Ancient Crocodiles Swam the Sahara
27 Mad Science? Growing Meat Without Animals
28 Earthquake Test to Shake Down Shipping Cranes
29 Pearls Cultured from Conchs
30 Thousands of Strange Sea Creatures Discovered
31 Robotic Spy Planes Go Green
32 Bigger Brains Not Always Smarter
33 Teensy Chameleon Is New Species
34 Why Kids Ask Why
35 Guapa, it's your genetic ancestry I love
36 Pickled evidence for evolution
37 Belle de Jour: On science and prostitution
38 'Frankenstein' fix lets asteroid mission cheat death
39 US could ban caffeine-alcohol drinks within months
40 Greenland ice loss behind a sixth of sea-level rise
41 Low-carbon road map for China
42 Dark galaxy crashing into the Milky Way
43 Icy moon's lakes brim with hearty soup for life
44 Charles Darwin: Writing Origin 'like confessing a murder'
45 How our brains learned to read
46 Orion's dark secret: Violence shaped the night sky
47 Vaccine quest boosted by HIV that infects monkeys
48 Friendly bacteria keep your skin's defences in check
49 Melting Arctic: Forget polar bears, worry about humans
50 US bets $150m on high-risk renewable energy
51 A final warning from the Arctic
52 African conflicts spurred by warming
53 LHC smashes protons together for first time
54 Robot arm opens doors for wheelchair users
55 Katrina court win paves way for billion-dollar payouts
56 New Abbott Technology Offers Rapid Alternative to Culture for Microbial Detection
57 The Greening of a Motor Pool
58 Saving the Single Cysteine: New Antioxidant System Found
59 Smartphone App Illuminates Power Consumption
60 Nuclear Weapons: Predicting the Unthinkable
61 Generating Electricity from Air Flow Around Moving Cars and Trucks
62 Robotic Clam Digs in Mudflats
63 Aquatic Creatures Mix Ocean Water
64 Butterfly Proboscis to Sip Cells
65 New Cancer Target for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
66 Measuring and Modeling Blood Flow in Malaria
67 Is Global Warming Unstoppable?
68 New Research Shows Versatility of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells
69 Scientists Find 11 Times More Aftershocks for 2004 Quake
70 Switchgrass Produces Biomass Efficiently
71 After Landslides, Soil Carbon Storage Recovers Rapidly
72 Burnout and Mental Distress Strongly Related to Errors by U.S. Surgeons
73 Predicting the Fate of Underground Carbon
74 A Year After Discovery, Congo's "Mother Lode" of Gorillas Remains Vulnerable
75 A Mechanical Model of Vocalization
76 Wind Farm Design Borrows Strategy from Schooling Fish
77 Fish Food Fight: Fish Don't Eat Trees After All
78 In Type 2 Diabetes, Mitochondrial Damage Kills Insulin-Producing Cells
79 New Tool for Helping Pediatric Heart Surgery
80 Large Hadron Collider Restarts, Physicists Elated
81 With 1st Neutrino Events, Multinational Team In Japan Takes 1st Step To Answering Why Only Matter In Universe
82 Exposure to lead, tobacco smoke raises risk of ADHD
83 Gene implicated in stress-induced high blood pressure
84 Lessons for HIV learned from monkey control of SIV infection
85 Road rage
86 Why circumcision reduces HIV risk
87 Genome-wide association studies in developing countries raise important new ethical issues
88 Control of blood clotting by platelets described; provides medical promise
89 Is global warming unstoppable?
90 Research reveals exactly how coughing is triggered by environmental irritants
91 Research and legislation should go hand in hand, as much as possible
92 Visual assistance for cosmic blind spots
93 We're off then: the evolution of bat migration
94 Intensive land-management leaves Europe without carbon sinks
95 Insect Resistance to Bt Crops can be Predicted, Monitored, and Managed
96 New chameleon species discovered in East Africa
97 Sexing up the turkey
98 The cause behind the characteristic shape of a long leaf revealed
99 Upending Textbook Science on Alzheimer's Disease
100 Exposure to both traffic, indoor pollutants puts some kids at higher risk for asthma later
101 New study finds MRSA on the rise in hospital outpatients
102 Researchers establish common seasonal pattern among bacterial communities in Arctic rivers
103 It can be predicted the reaction obese patients will have to a diet
104 Polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids boost the birth of new neurons
105 New device enables early detection of cancerous skin tumors--Ben Gurion U.
106 Bioengineers succeed in producing plastic without the use of fossil fuels
107 A mechanical model of vocalization
108 Sedatives, mood-altering drugs related to falls among elderly: UBC study
109 Water droplets direct self-assembly process in thin-film materials
110 Straightening messy correlations with a quantum comb
111 Empa scientists synthesize graphene-like material
112 University of Minnesota invention will help speed development of drug treatments for heart failure
113 Why not mashed paper towels on the Thanksgiving menu?
114 Switchgrass Produces Biomass Efficiently
115 Computational microscope peers into the working ribosome
116 Scientists watch as peptides control crystal growth with 'switches, throttles and brakes'
117 Intelligence inside metal components
118 Achieving asthma control in preschoolers
119 Moderate-to-heavy exercise may reduce risk of stroke for men
120 Johns Hopkins researchers track down protein responsible for chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps
121 News brief: Arsenic biomethylation required for oxidative DNA damage
122 Insomnia prevalent among cancer patients who receive chemotherapy
123 New tool for helping pediatric heart surgery
124 Alarming trend--antiviral therapy to treat hepatitis C is declining in the US
125 Metobolomics uncovers key indicators of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
126 Discovery leads to effective treatment of painful skin condition
127 High unexpressed anger in MS patients linked to nervous system damage, not disease severity
128 Antidepressants: Benefit of reboxetine not proven
129 Gene increases effectiveness of drugs used to fight cancer and allows reduction in dosage
130 'Too fat to be a princess?' UCF study shows young girls worry about body image
131 Molecule discovered that makes obese people develop diabetes
132 Projections of savings from health IT are baseless, Harvard researchers say
133 Novel K-anonymity algorithm safeguards access to data
134 Delft breakthrough in bioethanol production from agricultural waste
135 More than powerful! German research computer QPACE is the most energy efficient in the world
136 Biologists discover bacterial defense mechanism against aggressive oxygen
137 Generating electricity from air flow
138 Beyond sunlight: Explorers census 17,650 ocean species between edge of darkness and black abyss
139 Cancer metabolism discovery uncovers new role of IDH1 gene mutation in brain cancer
140 Evaluating eHealth: How to make evaluation more methodologically robust
141 Five-day delivery no sure cure for postal woes, economist says
142 Enhancing Access to Genomic Medicine
143 Demonstrating a CO2 Recycler
144 Practical Nanotube Electronics
145 New 3D Map Of The Galaxy Unveiled
146 Electric Dragsters Burn Rubber, and Volts
147 Arming the Immune System against H1N1
148 Low-Carbon Fuel Rules
149 IBM's Move in Microfluidic
150 Healthy wallabies give birth to boys
151 Petrol fumes cause 'road rage' in rats
152 LHC begins smashing atoms
153 Fans Re-Create 'Star Wars' Online
154 Big Bang Atom Smasher Starts Speeding Proton Beams
155 Darwin Debate Rages on 150 Years After "Origin"
156 Climate 'is a major cause' of conflict in Africa
157 Tories pledge shopping vouchers to reward recycling
158 Heart attack risk 'raised by suppressing anger'
159 CERN's Large Hadron Collider makes first collisions
160 US will announce target for cutting carbon emissions
161 Appeal over Charles Darwin's missing Galapagos notes
162 Hacked climate e-mails and FOI
163 Climate change: Copenhagen in graphics
164 What's my brain's motivation?
165 Can you stop bridges collapsing in floods?
166 Opera web browser 'censors' Chinese content
167 European MPs votes on new telecoms law
168 Protests grow over digital bill
169 Social network games catch the eye of computer giants
170 HIV infections and deaths fall as drugs have impact
171 MS progress slowed by giving birth, Belgian doctors say
172 Big jump recorded in 'excess' deaths last winter
173 China executes two over tainted milk powder scandal
174 Czech regret over sterilisation
175 Cots recalled after child suffocation link
176 Spine drug jabs: NHS urges firms to make improvements
177 Canada's doctors told to stop using swine flu vaccine
178 Taking the global pulse of healthcare
179 Organ transplants' hidden risk