File Title
1 Dreams of Doom Help Gamers Learn
2 True Tabloid Headlines--Or Are They?
3 Coyotes Attack and Kill: Should You Worry?
4 FDA: There Is No 'Miracle Cure' for Swine Flu
5 Flex Spending Accounts Face Hit in Health Overhaul
6 House Calls as Cost-Saver in Health Care Reform?
7 Exercise, Diet, Metformin Can Keep Diabetes at Bay for 10 Years
8 Flu Vaccine Benefits Moms and Babies
9 Spider web confirmed as 'oldest'
10 Fry ends row with Twitter critic
11 Women not getting bone treatment
12 Cuba swine flu 'from US tourists'
13 Madoff Explains How He Concealed Fraud
14 Muslim Wife Slashed Husband's Neck Over Booze, Pork and Miniskirts, Say Prosecutors
15 Is Running a Marathon Safe?
16 Sources Say Challenger Will Boycott Runoff
17 Afghan Challenger Drops Out of Election
18 Pakistan: Taliban Defeated by Mid-December
19 Casualties in the "Book War"
20 Epilepsy Drugs May Treat Alzheimer's
21 WJLA Gives Breast Self-Exams Full Exposure
22 Qian Xuesen dies at 98; rocket scientist helped establish Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 'Father of China space programme' dies: state media
24 China's "father of space program" mourned across country
25 New Super Mario Bros. Wii to be "Hardest in the Series"
26 Experts Say Verizon-Motorola Droid is No IPhone Slayer
27 Wi-Fi-free iPhone officially lands in China
28 Apple Launches iPhone in China
29 Apple's iPhone hits China with high price, without Wi-Fi
30 Apple Updates iTunes, Apple TV; Changes Are Subtle
31 Why Google Doesn't Like Its Phone Bill
32 How Google Voice Is Growing
33 Bad PDF formatting reveals Google Voice numbers
34 Mac share grew after Windows 7 debut
35 Windows 7 vs. the Mac--Has Apple met its match?
36 Are Your PCs Ready for Windows 7?
37 Windows Users Should Wait to Upgrade, Firm Warns
38 Microsoft Exec Taking Heat On Windows 7 Upgrades
39 No pressing reason to move to Windows 7
40 Help is available for converting XP, Vista to Windows 7
41 Does Windows 7 boost performance?
42 US government opens $9m cyber security center
43 Parachute failure only blemish in successful Ares test flight
44 NASA: A crazy month of changes, challenges
45 Ares future still at a crossroads
46 Nokia to Pull Plug on N-Gage Gaming Platform
47 Nokia to Shut Down N-Gage
48 Nokia's N-Gage can't survive against iPhone, will be shut down
49 Nokia Shutters Mobile-Gaming Service N-Gage
50 Bids top $37,000 for motorized La-Z-Boy
51 Meta: Bing Jingle Guy Writes Song For Students Who Sang Bing Jingle
52 The strangest Microsoft video ever?
53 Rumor: Microsoft in the market for
54 Flu absences present challenges to schools
55 Vertex hep C drug works well in twice daily dosing
56 Vertex Hep C Drug Cures 80% at New Dose: Study
57 Vertex Hepatitis C Drug Passes Key Test With More Convenient, Twice-Daily Dose
58 Twice Daily Dosing Of Vertex Hep C Drug Works Well
59 More Than 80 Percent of HCV Genotype 1 Treatment-Naive Patients Achieved Sustained Virologic Response With Twice-Daily Telaprevir-Based Regimen
60 Kids Shed H1N1 Virus 6 Days After Fever
61 Marijuana task force makes recommendations to City Council
62 Denver councilman wants to regulate pot shops
63 Town approves moratorium on dispensaries
64 Medicare: What to expect, what you should know
65 Medicare Advantage could lose some luster
66 Planet hunt delayed
67 Lighter sentence for murderer with 'bad genes'
68 New model may help scientists better predict and prevent influenza outbreaks
69 HIV tamed by designer 'leash'
70 A new wrinkle in ancient ocean chemistry
71 U-M study uncovers key to how 'triggering event' in cancer occurs
72 N/A
73 Whooping cough immunity lasts longer than previously thought
74 'Moonlighting' molecules discovered
75 N/A
76 Placental precursor stem cells require testosterone-free environment to survive
77 Seeing is relieving
78 American Physiological Society endorses report on random source dogs and cats
79 K-State Professor's Research on Sustainable, Nontoxic Adhesives Could Make Biofuels More Economically Viable and Improve Products like Transparent Tape
80 Researchers use drug-radiation combo to eradicate lung cancer
81 Short heels make elite sprinters super speedy
82 Unlocking Mysteries of the Brain with PET
83 Breakthrough in fight against Hendra virus
84 Pandemic flu vaccine campaigns may be undermined by coincidental medical events
85 Heavy metals accumulate more in some mushrooms than in others
86 New dinosaur species from Montana
87 USU scientists report major advance in human antibody therapy against deadly Nipah virus
88 Inconspicuous leaf beetles reveal environment's role in formation of new species
89 Caltech researchers show efficacy of gene therapy in mouse models of Huntington's disease
90 New analyses of dinosaur growth may wipe out one-third of species
91 Drug shows promise in treating dangerous complication of erectile disorder
92 Sight gone, but not necessarily lost?
93 Blast from the past gives clues about early universe
94 LANL Roadrunner models nonlinear physics of high-power lasers
95 Pumpkin skin may scare away germs
96 Answering that age-old lament: Where does all this dust come from?
97 Pinning down superconductivity to a single layer
98 A new wrinkle in ancient ocean chemistry
99 Scientists build first 'frequency comb' to display visible 'teeth'
100 Similar molecular tweaks led both a shrew and a lizard to produce venom
101 Researchers find brain cell transplants help repair neural damage
102 New tool promises more accurate antimalarial drug dosing
103 N/A
104 N/A
105 LANL Roadrunner simulates nanoscale material failure
106 Scientists discover influenza's Achilles heel: Antioxidants
107 New Celestial Map Gives Directions for GPS
108 Hard Rain: Pitt-led Researchers Create Nano-Particle Coating to Prevent Freezing Rain Buildup on Roads, Power Lines
109 N/A
110 Drug shows promise in treating dangerous complication of erectile disorder
111 Travel may be hazardous to dialysis patients
112 Iranian scholars share Avicenna's medieval medical wisdom
113 Donor race may impact kidney transplant survival
114 1 disease, not 1 demographic
115 Progress made on group B streptococcus vaccine
116 Say yes to a clinical trial; it may be good for your health
117 Help your kidneys: Pass on salt and diet soda
118 The cost of improving dialysis care
119 Switching immunosuppressants reduces cancer risk in kidney
120 Can charcoal fight heart disease in kidney patients?
121 Women with chronic kidney disease more likely than men to go undiagnosed
122 For dialysis patients, skinny is dangerous
123 Kidney transplants generally safe for lupus patients
124 Henry Ford Hospital study: A MRSA strain linked to high death rates
125 Extending treatment after liver transplant may benefit patients with hepatitis C recurrence
126 Hepatitis B does not increase risk for pancreatic cancer
127 Commentary warns of unexpected consequences of proton pump inhibitor use in reflux disease
128 Intervals between lung cancer diagnosis and treatment displays a health care disparity
129 Study spotlights efficacy of questionnaire to identify patients at high risk for lung cancer
130 Study shows that sleep deprivation can negatively affect information processing
131 Study shows that sleep disturbances improve after retirement
132 Autosub6000 dives to depth of 3.5 miles
133 How Do We Fund Plant Breeding?
134 Knocking nanoparticles off the socks
135 Next-generation microcapsules deliver 'chemicals on demand'
136 EPA's new green parking lot allows scientists to study permeable surfaces that may help the environment
137 Technology May Cool The Laptop
138 Cell phones become handheld tools for global development
139 Exploring the final frontier: Disease proposed as major barrier to Mars and beyond
140 HyBIS explores the Casablanca seamount
141 Harvesting energy from nature's motions
142 'Technology' plays large role in wealth inheritance