File Title
1 Beatles Finally for Sale Online...on BlueBeat?
2 Students Develop Free iPhone Applications for Use on Campus
3 Chronic Fatigue Patients: No Longer Fakes?
4 Swine Flu: What the CDC Map Won't Tell You
5 Rocket booster damaged on return
6 English wine gets help from space
7 Ares 1-X gives Mr. Obama something to ponder
8 Man denies 'Trojan' webcam virus
9 Fallout 3 crowned 'game of the year'
10 Gang rips out 1km of phone cable
11 An internet that speaks to you
12 Global jump in swine flu deaths
13 Obama to lift HIV entry ban soon
14 Give children 'healthy Halloween'
15 'I thought I was alone with my MS'
16 Regulators Close 9 Banks, Mostly in West
17 Who's In, Out in Halloween Garb This Year
18 What to Do if H1N1 Hits Your Kid's School
19 Obama Admin.: Toss Wiretap Lawsuit
20 From Chastity to Chaz: Bono Speaks Out
21 Motorola's Droid May Be a Boon for iPhone Owners
22 A Comeback for Motorola?
23 Droid vs. iPhone: Predictions, Weigh-ins, Pre-Bout Chatter
24 ICANN Approves Domain Names We Can't Type
25 ICANN Approves Non-Latin Domain Name Characters
26 We Read it So You Don't Have to: 'Superfreakonomics'
27 Book review: 'SuperFreakonomics'--It all adds up
28 Hardcover: US: Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's sophomore slump
29 Apple iPhone Launches In China--Without Key Feature
30 Apple's Wi-Fi-less iPhone hits China's mobile market
31 Biz Break: Consumer fright sinks tech stocks; plus: iPhone frenzy in China
32 October 30, 2009, 10:11 AM ET
33 Palm Loses Its iTunes Sync Workaround, Yet Again
34 Pre iTunes Sync: Is Palm Getting Ready to Cry Uncle?
35 Parachute failure only blemish in successful Ares test flight
36 Despite dent, rocket test goes 'rock-steady'
37 NASA Ares 1-X coverage: Ares rocket damaged after launch
38 Happy birthday, dear Internet! Happy birthday to you!
39 Amazon Kindle DX E-Book Reader
40 Reporters' Roundtable: Future of the book
41 E-readers may not solve publisher woes yet
42 E-readers: To be open or not to be open--that is the question
43 Exhaustive Kindle/Nook smackdown
44 Digital books will hurt bookstores, analysts say
45 House Bill Would Ban FCC Net Neutrality Rules
46 House, Senate get separate bills to kill net neutrality
47 AT&T, Google Battle Over Web Rules
48 Net Neutrality FAQ: What's in it for You
49 A Chat with FCC Chief Genachowski
50 US cyber center opens to battle computer attacks
51 US Homeland Security officials open $9- million operations center to combat cyber attacks
52 Twitter Rolls out Lists Feature to Most Users
53 Twitter readies Lists feature for launch
54 Twitter Lists Beta Goes Live for More Users
55 Google creates roadblock for TomTom, Garmin, Nokia
56 Rocketeers take lead in $1 million race
57 Success, failure in latest X Prize rocket contest
58 Controversy erupts over mock lunar lander contest
59 Visionary behind Apple's '1984' advertisement steps down
60 Man Behind '1984,' 'Think Different,' 'I'm a Mac' Steps Down
61 Exec responsible for Apple ads steps down
62 'The Wii has stalled'--Iwata
63 Can Nintendo Rebuild?
64 New portable Nintendo is meant for groups
65 First Look: Apple's 27" big screen iMac
66 Unidentified bug causes massive CPU spike on 27-inch iMacs
67 New Apple iMac Performance Problems
68 Apple's New 27-Inch iMacs Experiencing Performance Issues?
69 New iMac owners complain about performance problems
70 Novell to Los Angeles: Drop Dead!
71 Is this how Novell treats its customers?
72 Google's 'Gov Cloud' Wins $7.2 Million Los Angeles Contract
73 L.A. City Council to vote on Google e-mail contract
74 Google Makes Headway On Microsoft In Los Angeles
75 Los Angeles spurns Microsoft for Google Apps
76 City of LA inks deal with Google
77 U.S. sees 10 million more H1N1 vaccine doses next week
78 Shortages of H1N1 Vaccine, Liquid Oseltamivir Continue
79 UPDATE 1--Too few in U.S. seek flu treatment, CDC says
80 Nancy Pelosi Fights for Health Care Reform
81 House bill greatly expands health care coverage
82 Mother Pelosi explains her view of politics
83 Side effects not always due to swine flu shot
84 People will die after swine flu vaccine--but it's just coincidence
85 People Will Fear Flu Vaccine "Adverse Events": Study
86 Sleep-deprived Americans can't get any shut-eye
87 Best and Worst States for Sleep
88 Report Criticizes Medicare Role in Fraud Investigations
89 Lawmakers Target Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
90 Governor says gay marriage bill will pass in New York
91 Nano-Scale Drug Delivery For Chemotherapy
92 Amnesia-Like Behavior Returns on Spirit
93 Why do animals, especially males, have so many different colors?
94 2 parachutes malfunctioned in NASA test flight
95 Sight gone, but not necessarily lost? Researchers find life in blood-starved retinas
96 Lessons from oil industry may help address groundwater crisis
97 Researchers show efficacy of gene therapy in mouse models of Huntington's disease
98 Porphyrin Dimers Increase Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
99 Gamma-ray photon race ends in dead heat; Einstein wins this round
100 Dark Matter in a Galaxy
101 Russia hopes nuclear ship will fly humans to Mars
102 Astronomers explore 'last blank space' on map of the Universe
103 Two Retinal Imaging Display Devices at Prototype Stage
104 Inequality, 'silver spoon' effect found in ancient societies
105 New rechargeable zinc-air batteries coming soon
106 High fructose corn syrup: A recipe for hypertension
107 3D TV--Without the Glasses (w/ Video)
108 Software That's Resilient Against Hacker Attack
109 Why fish oils help and how they could help even more
110 Magnetism Turns Drug Release On and Off
111 Nanoparticles Detect and Purge Metastases in Lymph Nodes
112 Superstring theory useful for experimental physics
113 Pinning Down Superconductivity to a Single Layer
114 New technology may cool the laptop, prof says (w/ Video)
115 Roadrunner supercomputer models nonlinear physics of high-power lasers
116 INL scientist is harnessing the power of plasma
117 Magnetic mixing creates quite a stir (w/ Video)
118 PhD student solves decade-long mystery of magnetism
119 Students demonstrate flux pinning in low gravity
120 Father of China's space tech program dies at 98
121 A Mars Rover Named 'Curiosity'
122 Ariane 5 rocket places two satellites into orbit (w/ Video)
123 US rubber company disputes Liberia pollution study
124 Previously Unknown Volcanic Eruption Helped Trigger Cold Decade
125 Ancient ocean chemistry: Effects of biological oxygen production 100 million years before it accumulated in atmosphere
126 Life's Ancient Island in the Ice
127 Exploring the final frontier: Disease proposed as major barrier to Mars and beyond
128 NASA: Booster rocket damaged in test flight
129 Interactions with Aerosols Boost Warming Potential of Some Gases
130 New Celestial Map Gives Directions for GPS
131 Opening up a colorful cosmic jewel box
132 Icebreaker: Scientist brings out big gun to explore behavior of ice in planetary collisions
133 Soil moisture and ocean salinity satellite ready for launch
134 Ericsson developing a 'spider' computer (w/ Video)
135 iPhone comes to China without key feature
136 Gadgets: Picks from the PhotoPlus Expo
137 Microsoft Researchers Developing Muscle-Based PC Interface (w/ Video)
138 US boots up new unified cybersecurity center
139 Major layoffs loom at Time Inc.: reports
140 Micro Sparky: Engineering the tiniest Sun Devil
141 Web marketer ordered to pay Facebook $711M damages
142 Reports: Cyberattacks traced to NKorea
143 Google Voice 'light' works with existing cell phone numbers
144 New Urbanspoon app digs into restaurant reservations
145 P vs. NP--The most notorious problem in theoretical computer science remains open
146 Ubuntu 9.10 just released
147 Intel Reports Breakthrough in Stacked, Cross Point Phase Change Memory Technology
148 Zero-emission scooter to debut in Japan
149 Ariz. court rules records law covers 'metadata'
150 Esquire looks to energize print with 3-D animation
151 Funding A Greener Grid: How Obama plans to spend billions on modernizing the U.S. electrical network
152 Heavy metals accumulate more in some mushrooms than in others
153 Eco-friendly metal coating replacement for chromate
154 Pumpkin skin may scare away germs
155 Statins show dramatic drug and cell dependent effects in the brain
156 Scientists Make Ink Disappear, Make Paper Reusable
157 Scientists Show Strontium's Swimming Skills
158 Scientists Are First To Observe The Global Motions Of An Enzyme Copyinng DNA
159 Podcast: Tiny sea creature and a new medical adhesive
160 Identifying Molecules in Infrared Could Lead to New Medicines
161 Researchers identify dominant chemical that attracts mosquitoes to humans
162 For the tiger, a year closer to extinction
163 Canada, Greenland accord to protect polar bears
164 The importance of grandmothers in the lives of their grandchildren
165 Venomous bite: Harmless digestive enzyme evolved into venom in two species
166 Scientists discover influenza's Achilles heel: Antioxidants
167 'Moonlighting' molecules discovered
168 Researchers Create First Synthetic Cellulosome in Yeast
169 Two-pronged protein attack could be source of SARS virulence
170 Scientists examine how common pesticide mixes may affect bee die-offs
171 Placental precursor stem cells require testosterone-free environment to survive
172 Of mice and men: Stem cells and ethical uncertainties
173 New tactics in Guam rhino beetle invasion
174 Scientists Cryopreserve Pest-Imperiled Ash Trees
175 Trees facilitate wildfires as a way to protect their habitat
176 Genes drive behaviour, but culture can select genes: study
177 Australian woman dies after 60 years in iron lung
178 Side effects not always due to swine flu shot
179 Study finds stroke risk from anemia drug Aranesp
180 Immunotherapy demonstrates long-term success in treating lymphoma
181 Researchers develop innovative imaging system to study sudden cardiac arrest
182 Travel may be hazardous to dialysis patients
183 Experts: HS football concussions merit more study
184 Research explores the relationship between the mother-child bond and stress
185 WHO experts: Single dose swine flu vaccine enough
186 Unlocking mysteries of the brain with PET
187 Swine flu deaths jump by 700 in a week: WHO
188 Switzerland restricts use of GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine
189 Stress-induced changes in brain circuitry linked to cocaine relapse
190 One disease, not one demographic
191 Growth in secular attitudes leaves Americans room for belief in God
192 University research worth $187 billion over 12 years, group says
193 Bye bye 'Hogwarts dinosaur'? New analyses of dinosaur growth may wipe out one-third of species
194 Did India invent the nose job?
195 The largest bat in Europe inhabited northeastern Spain more than 10,000 years ago
196 Charter schools, studied
197 Gossip in the workplace: A weapon or gift
198 Solitude contributes to a person's imagined intimacy with a TV character
199 Researchers rest their case: TV consumption predicts opinions about criminal justice system
200 Musical sensibility can help shape teaching, research education
201 Giant Skull of 12m Pliosaur 'Sea Monster' Unearthed in England
202 Vampire mania a perpetual fad in pop culture
203 A silo fire doesn't have to ruin all stored silage
204 Families suffer from problem gambling