File Title
1 Astronaut's wait over as daughter born back home
2 Rare Charles Darwin book found on toilet bookshelf
3 California restricts energy-guzzling TV sets
4 Boy's arm bone replaced in medical first at Stanford's Lucile Packard
5 South Koreans to get Apple's iPhone this week
6 Asthma Combo Seems Less Influenced by Genes
7 It's a Girl! Astronaut's Daughter Born While He's in Space
8 EPA: Uranium from polluted mine in Nev. wells
9 China harnesses mountain wind power
10 Radiation detected at Three Mile Island; public OK
11 New fossils reveal a world full of crocodiles
12 Thousands flock to 'world's biggest animal sacrifice'
13 Embryonic stem cell therapy closer to human trials
14 Measure to change U. of Neb. stem-cell rule fails
15 Five strange ancient crocs found in Sahara desert
16 3 new ancient crocodile species fossils found
17 Restored machine to explore mysteries of Big Bang
18 Bardot urges end to animal sacrifice in Nepal
19 Australia 'disappointed' at Japan whaling mission
20 Russian cosmonaut Feoktistov dies at 83
21 Reptile Moms Share Nests
22 Cupertino, Sunnyvale schools decide not to administer H1N1 vaccines
23 Oakland man on death row dies in hospital
24 More Americans expected to travel for Thanksgiving
25 Folic Acid Late in Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Kids
26 US survey shows southern counties most obese
27 AIDS patients to president: Send more money south
28 Cost of child vaccines fall, more kids saved
29 Guidelines for cancer screening differ by group
30 Heart disease a killer in psychotic individuals
31 Diet, Cognitive Ability May Play Role in Heart Disease
32 Los Angeles gets tough on medical marijuana shops
33 Spray May Delay Ejaculation
34 Obesity in adolescence may increase girls' MS risk
35 Niacin Adds No Benefit for Statin Patients: Study
36 Genital Herpes May Never Go Dormant
37 Fired therapist: Stressed Marines get shoddy care
38 Canadian woman loses benefits over Facebook photo
39 Lawmaker says health bill won't limit mammograms
40 RI bishop asked Kennedy in 2007 to avoid Communion
41 Former NIH chief: Ignore new mammogram guideline
42 Report: 20-somethings can go 2 years between Paps
43 When Sleep Suffers, So Does Decisiveness
44 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu cluster reported in NC
45 Saving Wildlife in a Warmer World
46 Breast Cancer Screening: New Fuel for an Old War of Words and Data
47 H1N1: Swine Flu Activity Down in Many States
48 Ask Dr. Marie: Less Frequent Pap Tests May Be Good for Women
49 New Cervival Cancer Screening Guidelines: No More 'Annual' Pap Smears
50 Democrats Unite to Hold Off Senate GOP Health Care Filibuster
51 Large Hadron Collider progress delights researchers
52 Acid oceans leave fish at more risk from predators
53 Water mission returns first data
54 Former Soviet cosmonaut Konstantin Feoktistov dies
55 Hunting for the home of Indonesia's Java Man
56 Copenhagen Countdown: 17 days
57 Harrabin's Notes: E-mail arguments
58 Facebook acts on follower trade
59 The Digital Economy Bill--does it add up?
60 Police open up to social media
61 Solar power technology takes its next step
62 What happened to Second Life?
63 US healthcare bill passes first Senate hurdle in vote
64 Stem cells could create new skin to help burns victims
65 Second conjoined twin out of coma after separation op
66 Breast cancer study 'identifies tumour-causing enzyme'
67 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu spreads 'between patients'
68 Scientists make mad cow discovery
69 Ride-on lawnmowers 'injure thousands every year'
70 Childhood abuse 'speeds up body's ageing process'
71 Presenter Konnie Huq joins Indian campaign to end polio
72 Lung damage is a creeping killer
73 McAfee Warns about "12 Scams of Christmas"
74 Astronauts Breeze Through 2nd Spacewalk
75 Atom Smasher Works Better Than Expected
76 After Sputtering, Atom Smasher Shows Life
77 Does Text Prove Shroud of Turin is Real?
78 The Latest in Spy Tech
79 The Next Generation of Spy Plane
80 Can the Postal Service be Saved?
81 900-Pound Man Dies after Cut from Chair
82 The Science Behind Alton Brown's TV Fare
83 Cooking Students Who Pan for Gold
84 Let's Give a Hand to Sliders
85 Former Iranian VP Gets 6 Years for Protest
86 Is China Cooking the Books on H1N1 Cases?
87 GBS a Side Effect of H1N1 Vaccine?
88 CDC: "Nothing Typical" about 2009 Flu
89 Stem Cells Can Be Used as Skin Grafts
90 Houston, we have a baby
91 After alarm, astronauts complete spacewalk
92 Scientist: Leak of climate e-mails appalling
93 In the trenches on climate change, hostility among foes
94 A climate change dust-up
95 Hacked Emails Show Climate Science Ridden with Rancor
96 Underwhelmed By Chrome OS? That's Kinda the Point
97 Does Chrome OS Spell the End of Desktop PCs?
98 iPhone to go on sale in South Korea
99 iPhones Coming to South Korea
100 KT Says It Will Begin Offering Apple iPhone in Korea (Update1)
101 Rare Charles Darwin book found on toilet bookshelf
102 Rare Darwin book kept in toilet
103 The book that forever changed the way we think
104 Free books used as tools to fight evolution
105 Evangelicals distribute Darwin's On the Origion of Species
106 Anti-Darwin 'Origin of Species' given to students
107 Steve Jobs determines smoking is injurious to your Mac
108 Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say
109 Smoking may void Applecare warranty due to "health hazard"
110 Android vs. iPhone: Which Has the More Advanced Users?
111 ANALYSIS-Google phone strategy takes off, challenges ahead
112 Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader Delayed Due to Demand, Says Company
113 Barnes & Noble Nook sold out until 2010
114 Tech Ticker: Nook e-reader, Nokia, Motorola
115 Sony Unveils Its Answer to Apple's iTunes
116 Sony's Hirai Hopes for Quick Start to Online Content Service
117 Windows 8 in 2012?
118 Ballmer Touts Windows 7 Sales
119 Ballmer: Windows 7 Sales 'Fantastic'
120 Steve Jobs: Born to Tweet?
121 Planet of the Apps: ebook readers
122 New apps will make iPod touch more useful in Apple stores
123 New apps said to make iPod touch more prominent in Apple stores
124 YouTube adds automatic captions for deaf viewers
125 YouTube automatic captioning: one more reason GOOG's not evil
126 YouTube Automated Captioning Changes Game For SEO [search engine optimization]
127 Google Adds Captions to YouTube Search
128 Google's YouTube Adds Captions
129 YouTube's Auto Caps Not Only Help The Deaf, But Searchers Too
130 Microsoft Surface Draws Interest, if Not Buyers
131 Developers slowly rising to Microsoft's Surface
132 Microsoft Delivers Surface Workstation SDK
133 Microsoft Surface SDK now available to all
134 Study: Scavengers big and small dwell in deep sea
135 Study: Scavengers big and small dwell in deep sea
136 Cisco Rolls Out iPhone Security App
137 Cisco launches iPhone security app
138 Cisco's free iPhone app grabs security feeds
139 Uh-Oh: Gameloft Moves Away From Android Development
140 Gameloft to cut back on Android development
141 65? Back of the Line for the Swine Flu Vaccine, Pal
142 Saudi prince warns against disruptions to hajj
143 Flu kills four pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
144 CDC Names West Virginia as Top Smoking State
145 New law bans genetic discrimination
146 A Ban on Genetic Discrimination
147 U. of Nebraska Defeats Tighter Limits on Stem Cell Research
148 Lawmaker says health bill won't limit mammograms
149 Dem: GOP has 'politicized breast cancer'
150 Wasserman Schultz accuses GOP of politicizing breast cancer
151 Drug misuse on Minnesota dairy cows prompts federal warning
152 Thirty Farms in Violation of FDA Antibiotic Mandate
153 FDA Expert Panel Declines to Endorse New Influenza Vaccine
154 Flu Shot Made From Caterpillars Fails Safety Vote (Update3)
155 UPDATE 1--U.S. panel votes against new bug-based flu vaccine
156 CORRECT: FDA Panel Narrowly Rejects New Type Of Flu Vaccine