File Title
1 Beware of the '12 Scams of Christmas'
2 Sony Hopes Online Service Will Build Brand Loyalty
3 Astronauts Await Word of Baby Girl on Earth
4 A Drink (or Nine) May Help Your Heart, Guys
5 New Software Facilitates H1N1 Vaccine Distribution in Arizona
6 Health Care's 'Public Option' Would Cover Little of Population
7 Memories May Be Enhanced By Sleep, Study Shows
8 Celeb Survivors Protest Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
9 Breast Cancer Screening: New Fuel for an Old War of Words and Data
10 H1N1: Swine Flu Activity Down in Many States
11 Ask Dr. Marie: Less Frequent Pap Tests May Be Good for Women
12 New Cervival Cancer Screening Guidelines: No More 'Annual' Pap Smears
13 Hyperlens sharpens sight with sound
14 Gecko's tail an energy powerhouse
15 Scientists decode corn genome
16 Stem cells could create new skin to help burns victims
17 First test for record solar plane
18 N/A
19 Hackers target leading climate research unit
20 Dung helps reveal why mammoths died out
21 Hubble instruments sent to museum
22 Harrabin's Notes: E-mail arguments
23 Q&A: Large Hadron Collider repairs
24 'Supercharged' heart pumps blood up a giraffe's neck
25 Dell shares lower after quarterly profits drop
26 Google previews Chrome open source operating system
27 CD player production ends at Linn
28 YouTube introduces automatic captions for deaf viewers
29 Facebook acts on follower trade
30 The Digital Economy Bill--does it add up?
31 Police open up to social media
32 Solar power technology takes its next step
33 Breast cancer study 'identifies tumour-causing enzyme'
34 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu spreads 'between patients'
35 Hope over Down's learning problem
36 Scientists make mad cow discovery
37 Alcohol 'protects men's hearts'
38 Beijing's poor visit illegal clinics
39 Potential Treatment for Down Syndrome
40 Thin-Film Solar with High Efficiency
41 Computers Can't Answer Everything
42 Google Street View as Art
43 Self-Policing Cloud Computing
44 A New Route to Cellulosic Biofuels
45 How to Spur U.S. Renewable Energy
46 Google Gives a First Look at the Chrome OS
47 CERN atom-smasher restarts after 14-month hiatus: official
48 Using superconducting probes to get a picture of what it's like inside CNTs
49 Researcher says text proves Shroud of Turin real
50 Vaccine being developed to help smokers quit
51 Sponges against cancer
52 We're off then: The evolution of bat migration
53 Three of a kind: Revealing language's universal essence
54 Mutation found in swine flu virus: WHO
55 Google books hearing set for February 18
56 Qualcomm's next e-book to use a mirasol display
57 Microbes to Take Over Ethanol Production?
58 Researchers identify role of gene in tumor development, growth and progression
59 Just like old times: Generating RNA molecules in water
60 UCSB physicists move one step closer to quantum computing
61 Trust Linux!
62 Cassini's Big Sky: The View from the Center of Our Solar System
63 Therapy 32 times more cost effective at increasing happiness than money
64 Scientists identify DNA that regulates antibody production
65 When It Comes to Drug Delivery, Size Matters
66 Nanotube defects equal better energy and storage systems
67 New study confirms exotic electric properties of graphene
68 Small optical force can budge nanoscale objects
69 Magnetic Nanotags Spot Cancer in Mice Earlier Than Current Methods
70 Nanoparticles used in common household items caused genetic damage in mice
71 Freezing: a phenomenon that 'jumps'
72 Researchers turn algae into high-temperature hydrogen source
73 Nanotech in Space: Rensselaer Experiment To Weather the Trials of Orbit
74 In touch with molecules
75 New nano color sorters from Molecular Foundry
76 findNano app puts nanotech in your pocket
77 Argonne 'homegrown' hybrid solar cell aims for low-cost power
78 Tapering a Free-Electron Laser to Extract More Juice
79 Ultra-Powerful Laser Reproduces How Star's Jets Travel through Interstellar Space
80 Crashing the size barrier
81 Novel connector uses magnets for leak-free microfluidic devices
82 JQI researchers create entangled photons from quantum dots
83 Stimulus grant will improve physics arXiv
84 Researchers Find Innate Correlations Among Different Power Law Phenomena
85 LHC nears restart after repairs
86 Spotting evidence of directed percolation
87 Rice ties in race for atomic-scale breakthrough
88 Engineer Discovers Why Particles Like Flour Disperse on Liquids
89 Building a more versatile laser
90 Measuring Electron Orbitals
91 Scientists demonstrate 'universal' programmable quantum processor
92 Invisibility visualized: German team unveils new software for rendering cloaked objects
93 Researchers take the lead out of piezoelectrics
94 A line on string theory
95 Dutch build more dunes against rising seas
96 New Method to Measure Snow, Soil Moisture With GPS May Benefit Meteorologists, Farmers
97 Before Darkness Falls: Cassini to Scan Enceladus on Winter's Cusp
98 Astronauts get extra moving time at space station
99 Lehigh receives grant to reduce cost of carbon capture at coal-fired power plants
100 Mystery of the Solar Tsunami--Solved (w/ Video)
101 After mastodons and mammoths, a transformed landscape
102 Hunting for Planets in the Dark
103 Germany calls for binding climate deal in 2010
104 Paleontologists find extinction rates higher in open-ocean settings during mass extinctions
105 Rich Ore Deposits Linked to Ancient Atmosphere
106 SOFIA Seeks Secrets of Planetary Birth
107 SMOS satellite instrument comes alive (w/ Video)
108 Second Planned Extrication Drive is Straight Ahead Again
109 NASA Provides Venerable Hubble Hardware to Smithsonian
110 ORNL, Los Alamos pioneer new approach to assist scientists, farmers
111 B&N Nook sells out, too late for holiday orders
112 More than powerful: German research computer QPACE is the most energy efficient in the world
113 High-tech holiday gift ideas for $50 and $100
114 Switching cell phones takes emotional toll
115 Sony may not fill some e-reader orders by holidays
116 Oak Ridge 'Jaguar' supercomputer is World's fastest
117 Suit over search-engine keywords tries new angle
118 Flax and yellow flowers can produce bioethanol
119 Web sites cater to for-sale-by-owner home sellers
120 Sony hopes online service will build brand loyalty
121 EBay completes sale of Skype for $2 billion
122 Pulling the plug on hybrid myths
123 Battery Research Aims To Store Renewable Energy
124 Google's Chrome OS to be ready for 2010 holidays (Update)
125 Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid?
126 Google adds automatic captions to YouTube
127 'Fingerprinting' RFID
128 Search engines are source of learning
129 N/A
130 AOL offers buyouts to over a third of work force
131 End of the e-mail era? I'm not buying it
132 GE Scientists Developing Wearable RFID Sensors to Detect Airborne Chemical Agents
133 Researchers create 'fly paper' to capture circulating cancer cells
134 Saliva proteins change as women age
135 'No muss, no fuss' miniaturized analysis for complex samples developed
136 NASA Develops Algae Bioreactor as a Sustainable Energy Source
137 Toward explaining why hepatitis B hits men harder than women
138 The protein Srebp2 drives cholesterol formation in prion-infected neuronal cells
139 One word: bioplastics
140 New research provides blueprint for molecular basis of global warming
141 Stem cells alleviate tumor treatment side effects
142 Research describes connections between Circadian and metabolic systems
143 Fungi May Hold Key to Reducing Grapefruit Juice Interactions with Medications
144 Accidental discovery produces durable new blue pigment for multiple applications
145 Genome Engineering Could Provide New Method of Creating Diesel
146 Scientists guide immune cells with light and microparticles (w/ Video)
147 Tiny bubbles clean oil from water
148 Atomic-level Snapshot Catches Protein Motor in Action (w/ Video)
149 Microwave Meter Measures Moisture and Density of In-Shell Peanuts
150 The Worm That Turned Evolutionary Key
151 Unknowlingly consuming endangered tuna
152 Reference Genome of Maize Published (w/ Podcast)
153 The evolution of orchids
154 Like humans, ants use bacteria to make their gardens grow
155 Scientists unlock clues for tailoring corn plant for food, energy needs
156 Probing Question: What is a heritage turkey?
157 Microorganism may provide key to combating giant salvinia throughout Louisiana
158 Technique finds gene regulatory sites without knowledge of regulators
159 Scientists find frog legs trade may facilitate spread of pathogens
160 Researchers take aim at hard-to-treat fungal infections
161 The benefits of plants
162 Invasive Nettle Moth Triggers Hawaii Research
163 Ultrasound enhances noninvasive Down syndrome tests
164 The court will now call its expert witness: the brain
165 High blood pressure easy to miss in children with kidney disease
166 Older problem drinkers use more alcohol than do their younger counterparts
167 Genetic analysis helps dissect molecular basis of cardiovascular disease
168 Reasonable alternative to invasive biopsy of palpable breast lesions with benign imaging features identified
169 Funeral industry workers exposed to formaldehyde face higher risk of leukemia
170 CDC: Swine flu cases seem to be dropping in US
171 Parent training complements medication for treating behavioral problems in children with PDD
172 Researchers discover antibody receptor identity, propose renaming immune-system gene
173 Study uses brain scans to discover how children 'read' faces
174 Carvedilol shown to have unique characteristics among beta blockers
175 Medical imaging technique identifies very common condition in women that often goes undiagnosed
176 Don't Blame Tryptophan for Thanksgiving Snooze
177 Barn personnel experience higher-than-average rates of respiratory symptoms
178 Radiology procedure may help increase long-term survival in patients with severe liver cancer
179 Active hearing process in mosquitoes
180 Recession may be over, but recovery will be gradual
181 Extinct moa rewrites New Zealand's history
182 Valley in Jordan inhabited and irrigated for 13,000 years
183 Bosses exaggerate women's family-work conflict
184 Black Friday: On your mark, get set, go!
185 When good companies do bad things: Examining illegal corporate behavior
186 Comforted by carpet: How do floors and distance affect purchases?
187 Modern Turkey: Modern Miracle