File Title
1 Rich Ore Deposits Linked to Ancient Atmosphere
2 Cigarettes Harbor Many Pathogenic Bacteria
3 Paleontologists Find Extinction Rates Higher in Open-Ocean Settings During Mass Extinctions
4 Scientists Crack Corn Code: Reference Genome of Maize, Most Important US Crop
5 'Fly Paper' Created to Capture Circulating Cancer Cells
6 Cousins of Prehistoric Supercrocodile Inhabit Lost World of Sahara
7 'Hobbits' Are a New Human Species, According to Statistical Analysis of Fossils
8 Cognitive Dysfunction Reversed in Mouse Model of Down Syndrome
9 Oceans' Uptake of Human-Made Carbon May Be Slowing
10 Harnessing Waste Heat from Laptop Computers, Cell Phones May Double Battery Time
11 First Reconstitution of an Epidermis from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
12 Defects in Carbon Nanotubes Could Lead to Improved Charge and Energy Storage Systems
13 Explanation for Rapid Maturation of Neurons at Birth
14 Maize Cell Wall Genes Identified, Giving Boost to Biofuel Research
15 Preventing H1N1 Spread to Health Care Workers: Dilemma, Debate and Confusion
16 Causative Gene of Rare Disorder Discovered by Sequencing Only Protein-Coding Regions of Genome
17 Should Children Undergo Surgery Without a Long Period of Fasting After Feeding?
18 Adding Tools Against Breast Tumors
19 Rethinking the Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Model
20 Reflux Esophagitis Due to Immune Reaction, Not Acute Acid Burn
21 Mother's Depression a Risk Factor in Childhood Asthma Symptoms, Study Suggests
22 Intervention Can Reduce Hostile Perceptions in Children With Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
23 Surgery Not Linked to Memory Problems in Older Patients
24 Women Can Quit Smoking and Control Weight Gain
25 Common Pain Relief Medication May Encourage Cancer Growth
26 When East Meets West: Why Consumers Turn to Alternative Medicine
27 Studies Suggest Males Have More Personality
28 The Straight Dope: Studies Link Parental Monitoring With Decreased Teen Marijuana Usage
29 Genetic Variation Linked to Individual Empathy, Stress Levels
30 Phthalate Exposure Linked to Less-Masculine Play by Boys
31 New Maize Map to Aid Plant Breeding Efforts
32 Oil from Biotech Soybeans Increases Key Omega-3 Fatty Acid in Humans
33 Lyme Disease Vaccine? Tick Saliva Found to Protect Mice from Lyme Disease
34 Taking Aim at Hard-to-Treat Fungal Infections
35 Bees Can Learn Differences in Food's Temperature, Study Finds
36 Sustainable Farming May Help Maintain Healthy Climate
37 The Benefits of Plants
38 Is 80-Year-Old Mistake Leading to First Species to Be Fished to Extinction?
39 Predator Beetle to Battle Hemlock Pest
40 How Plant Stem Cells Guard Against Genetic Damage
41 Accidental Discovery Produces Durable New Blue Pigment for Multiple Applications
42 Extinct Moa Rewrites New Zealand's History
43 Heart Disease Found in Egyptian Mummies
44 Using Darwin in Helping to Define the Biological Essentiality of Silicon and Aluminium
45 Slowing Evolution to Stop Drug Resistance
46 'Vampire Star': Ticking Stellar Time Bomb Identified
47 Close-Up Movie Shows Hidden Details in the Birth of Super-Suns
48 Lightning Strike in Africa Helps Take Pulse of Sun
49 'Doomsday' 2012 Prediction Explained: Mayan Calendar Was Cyclical
50 Bubbling Ball of Gas: SUNRISE Telescope Delivers Spectacular Pictures of Sun's Surface
51 New Nanomethod Paves the Way for New Measuring Technology and Hypersensitive Sensors
52 Beyond Genomics, Biologists and Engineers Decode the Next Frontier
53 Novel Connector Uses Magnets for Leak-Free Microfluidic Devices
54 Engineering Functional Structures With Single Atoms and Molecules
55 Freezing: A Phenomenon That 'Jumps'
56 Building the Smart Home Wirelessly
57 Finding More in 'Most'
58 'Fingerprinting' RFID
59 Immediate, Aggressive Spending on HIV/AIDS Could End Epidemic
60 Cat Brain-Based Computer: Scientists Perform Cat-Scale Cortical Simulations and Map the Human Brain
61 Examining mathematical abilities in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
62 An intervention that can reduce hostile perceptions in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
63 Waking up memories while you sleep
64 ISU's Plant Sciences Institute researchers provide understanding to maize genome sequence
65 Amaizing: Corn genome decoded
66 Researchers find new piece of BSE puzzle
67 After mastodons and mammoths, a transformed landscape
68 Like humans, ants use bacteria to make their gardens grow
69 Sweet corn story begins in UW-Madison lab
70 'Hobbits' are a new human species--according to the statistical analysis of fossils
71 PLoS Genetics 2009 maize genome collection
72 Scientists at UA, collaborating institutions decode maize genome
73 U of M plant scientist uncovers clues to yield-boosting quirks of corn genome
74 Schizophrenia gene's role may be broader, more potent, than thought
75 Braking news
76 Laser therapy can aggravate skin cancer
77 Ancestry attracts, but love is blind
78 BoarCroc, RatCroc, DogCroc, DuckCroc and PancakeCroc
79 Active hearing process in mosquitoes
80 Scientists unlock clues for tailoring corn plant for food, energy needs
81 Projections of savings from health IT are baseless, Harvard researchers say
82 Researchers begin to decipher metabolism of sexual assault drug
83 Delft breakthrough in bioethanol production from agricultural waste
84 Discovery of New Type of Immune Cells Regulating Inflammation in Chronic Diseases: Th22 Cells as Milestone of Immunological Research
85 Biologists discover bacterial defense mechanism against aggressive oxygen
86 Good news on multiple sclerosis and pregnancy
87 Baffling boxy bulge
88 Five Exercises Can Reduce Neck, Shoulder Pain Of Women Office Workers
89 The Protein Srebp2 Drives Cholesterol Formation in Prion-Infected Neuronal Cells Which May Promote Prion-Dependent Diseases
90 MIT: Better way to harness waste heat
91 Cancers' Sweet Tooth May Be Weakness
92 Promising pharmaceutical agents emerge as sports doping products
93 Pivotal study for PSD502--the first potential treatment for premature ejaculation
94 ICT fails to accelerate drug approvals
95 New antioxidant compounds have been identified in foods such as olive oil, honey and nuts using two analytical techniques
96 WPI Researchers Take Aim at Hard-to-Treat Fungal Infections
97 Reference genome of maize, most important US crop, is published by team co-led by CSHL scientists
98 An atomic-level look at an HIV accomplice
99 Microorganism may provide key to combating giant salvinia throughout Louisiana
100 UCSD Researchers Discover That Defects in Carbon Nanotubes Could Lead to Improved Charge and Energy Storage Systems
101 UCSB physicists move 1 step closer to quantum computing
102 Dispensing prescription drugs in 3-month supplies reduces drug costs by a third
103 Watching a Cannibal Galaxy Dine
104 Flax and yellow flowers can produce bioethanol
105 A brief intervention that works for drivers who persist in driving while intoxicated
106 Treating alcohol-use disorders and tuberculosis together
107 Sleep apnea may cause heart disease in kidney transplant patients
108 Common plastics chemicals linked to ADHD symptoms
109 Novel K-anonymity algorithm safeguards access to data
110 Rare pancreatic cancer patients may live longer when treated with radiation therapy
111 Carvedilol shown to have unique characteristics among beta blockers
112 Building the smart home wirelessly
113 Why Israeli rodents are more cautious than Jordanian ones
114 On the crest of wave energy
115 Spanish biotechnology should focus on food and plant sectors to be more competitive
116 Search engines are source of learning
117 SMOS satellite instrument comes alive
118 Engineer designs micro-endoscope to seek out early signs of cancer
119 Technique finds gene regulatory sites without knowledge of regulators
120 Drug studied as possible treatment for spinal injuries
121 Causative gene of a rare disorder discovered by sequencing only protein-coding regions of genome
122 ORNL, Los Alamos pioneer new approach to assist scientists, farmers
123 Bone Implant Offers Hope for Skull Deformities
124 More than powerful! German research computer QPACE is the most energy efficient in the world
125 Breathing new life into 'old' eggs
126 World on track for 6 degrees of extra heat
127 The Mandelbulb: first 'true' 3D image of famous fractal
128 Social networking sites: why no abuse report button?
129 Killer bees: nasty sting, not so smart
130 Creationist bananas
131 The race to build a 1000 mph car
132 Four ways to feed the world
133 Ripples in space divide classical and quantum worlds
134 Scuba diving to the depths of human history
135 Crohn's blamed on lazy immune cells
136 Gene change in cannibals reveals evolution in action
137 Best of Twitter tunes album released
138 Watch out, roundworms: UV phasers are set to stun
139 I sphinx it's time to go on a diet
140 Better-looking sportsmen more likely to win
141 Was there a Stone Age apocalypse or not?
142 Water found in lunar impact probably came from comets
143 Everything you wanted to know about sex (and death)
144 Medibots: The world's smallest surgeons
145 Future colliders: Beyond the LHC
146 Dumb code could stop computer viruses in their tracks
147 Is this the end for human space flight?