File Title
1 Nazcas' destruction of forests caused downfall
2 British holidaymaker discovers lost underwater 'city'
3 Sacred studies
4 Revisiting discoveries a good idea
5 City reveals 'Bronze Age site'
6 Map could yield clues at Tippecanoe battle site
7 Youngest Moche noble yet at Sipan site
8 Island thieves bag Viking treasure
9 1,800-year-old grave found in Hai Phong
10 Iron age gold treasure found in Scotland
11 Chinese challenge to 'out of Africa' theory
12 Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Silver Treasure in Thracian Tomb
13 Pennsylvania Site Contains Evidence of Earliest People in North America
14 In the Mediterranean, Killer Tsunamis From an Ancient Eruption
15 Novice metal detector man discovers 'stunning' treasure hoard
16 Archaeologists uncover prehistoric landscape beneath Oxford
17 Ancient records
18 Ancient weapons factory unearthed by University of Leicester team
19 Second 'royal' Iron Age burial mound in Oss
20 Prehistoric burial ground found on Skye
21 Excavation uncovers ritual site
22 Significant find at Roman settlement in Albir
23 PICTURES: "Extraordinary" Ancient Skeletons Found
24 Scots Aim Lasers at Landmarks
25 Evidence found in Ga. of Spanish explorer's trail
26 Reassessing Artworks of Ancient Rome
27 Caesar rises: several millennia's artefacts from the bed of the Rhone
28 Fernbank archaeologist confident he has found de Soto site
29 A History of Archaeology and Excavation at Saqqara
30 British 'Indiana Jones' finds missing legs of 900-year-old Buddhist statue
31 Priestess of Cahuachi
32 Elephant Seals Sleep While Diving, Study Suggests
33 Digitized inscriptions reveal ancient messages
34 Traces of Mithras in Malta
35 Stone Age humans crossed Sahara in the rain
36 The Search For Ghengis Khan
37 Archaeologists find mummy of young priestess from 300-450 AD in Peru
38 Fort uncovered on Trail of Tears
39 Maya Murals Give Rare View of Everyday Life
40 Czech archaeologists uncover Europe's largest rondel enclosures
41 Human bones found at Saanich construction site may be 1,000 years old
42 Secrets from a sunken Egyptian city
43 Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert
44 Remains of what appears to be Queen Himiko's palace found in Nara
45 Doubts cast on Chessmen origins
46 King Tut's tomb set for 5-year renovation project
47 Donegal brain surgeon at work in AD 800, burial site reveals
48 'Hardwired' to create rock doodles; professor says ancient art was 'an instinct'
49 Han Dynasty city ruins discovered in China's Inner Mongolia
50 Tal al-Khwaira--Civilizations Dating Back to the 3rd Millennium B.C., Says Archaeologists
51 Solar Chariot 3600 Years Old Unearthed in Saratov Region
52 Cave Study Links Climate Change To California Droughts
53 Palace of Japan's warrior queen discovered
54 Archaeology: Spaniards Discover Forgotten Euphrates City
55 PICTURES: WWII "Samurai Subs" Found--Carried Aircraft
56 3rd-century building fuels debate over lost country
57 Utah rock art canyon up for historic designation
58 Greening Of The Sahara Desert Triggered Early Human Migrations Out Of Africa
59 Prehistoric people leave footprints in Loess Hills
60 Maya "Painted Pyramid" Reveals 1st Murals of Daily Life
61 Discoveries of Polish archaeologists in a Byzantine basilica in Egypt
62 Ancient Canals Discovered in Heart of Mesa, east of Phoenix
63 Australian farmer claims skull is Ned Kelly's
64 Stanford archaeology workshop recreates the world of Incan pottery
65 'Significant' water found on Moon
66 Brazil and France in climate deal
67 'Sabbath' protest targets Intel
68 Europe split on Google book plans
69 MPs want hacker transfer halted
70 Rethink for calorie eating levels
71 Teeth grinders are in for a shock
72 Strictly star targets bone disease
73 Concessions From Google on Digital Books
74 Lost WWII Japanese Subs Found off Hawaii
75 NASA: Spacecraft Confirms Water on Moon
76 Russian Policemen Vent on YouTube
77 Remains May Be Tourists Missing 13 Years
78 5,000 Parisians Find No Free Cash
79 Quick Fixes to Add Years to Your Life!
80 How Longest-Living Among Us Do It
81 Super-Healthy Eating, on a Shoestring
82 Water On The Moon: LCROSS Kicks Ice!
83 Splash! NASA moon crash struck lots of water
84 Water discovery fuels hope to colonize moon
85 Water on the Moon Confirmed by NASA Crashes
86 Space crash confirms water on Moon
87 Now It's Official: There Is Water on the Moon
88 NASA's LCROSS mission proves once and for all there is water on the Moon
89 Apple Reverses Decision, Approves iPhone App Showing Political Caricatures
90 Apple Hiring AAA Game Designer
91 Risky Move: Apple Looking For iPhone-iTouch Game Engineer
92 Developers walk out on App Store
93 Germans Catch the iPhone Apps Wave
94 Apple looks to hire AAA game developer for in-house iPhone team
95 Deleting e-mails on the iPhone and iPod Touch
96 Switzerland sues Google over Street View privacy concerns
97 Swiss privacy czar sues Google
98 Google Maps' Street View under Swiss scrutiny
99 NASA launches Web resource for 2012 predictions
100 NASA says a new movie is a blockbuster piece of fiction
101 NASA Working to Dispel 2012 Apocalypse Myth
102 NASA weighs in on 2012 apocalypse myths
103 Mushroom Kingdom Memorabilia: 'Mario Bros.' Through the Years
104 Palm rises as Pixi smartphone comes on deck
105 Palm Surges On Acquisition Rumors, Forthcoming Pixi Release
106 Potential fix for 1 million banned Xbox 360s
107 Modded Xbox 360s Jailbroken With 'Un-Ban' Hack?
108 Google Chrome OS: A Nice Place to Visit, But?
109 Verizon Won't Offer Free Tethering But Droid Hackers Might (Updated)
110 Microsoft 'Sudo' Patent No Danger To Unix
111 Did Microsoft Patent Sudo? Doesn't Look Like It
112 MS patent looks just like Unix command, critics howl
113 Did Microsoft just sneakily patent an open-source tool?
114 Microsoft Patents Sudo--So Sudo me!
115 OMG! Microsoft patents sudo! Linux and MacOS dead!
116 Week in Microsoft: pirates tackle COFEE, Windows 7 again
117 Microsoft Apologizes for Improperly Using Code
118 Microsoft Says Open-Source Code Lifted for Windows 7 Tool
119 Microsoft admits Win 7 tool violated GPL
120 Microsoft: Win7 tool includes GPL code; software will go open source
121 Microsoft does the right open-source thing
122 Microsoft confirms first Windows 7 zero-day bug
123 Microsoft opens up Windows 7 to advertisers
124 Birds rescued after oil spill freed in Berkeley
125 Rehabilitated birds released on Berkeley shoreline Friday, two weeks after being injured in Bay oil spill
126 Bird rescue, cleanup operations wrapping up
127 14 Birds Injured in Dubai Star Oil Spill Released Today
128 Caffeine, Alcohol Drinks Targeted
129 Medical helicopter crash kills 3 in California
130 Medical Helicopter Crash Leaves Three Dead Near Reno
131 More contamination troubles for Genzyme
132 Steel, rubber found in some Genzyme drugs
133 2nd UPDATE: Foreign Particles Found In Genzyme Medicines
134 FDA holds off on oyster ban
135 FDA Backs Down on Raw Oyster Processing
136 Food Agency Delays Ban on Oysters After Outcry
137 Overdue books returned 51 years later
138 Overdue books finally make their way back to school
139 Fertility doctor accused of using his own sperm
140 Connecticut Doctor Accused of Inseminating Patient With Own Sperm
141 Another Swine Flu Vaccine Approved for Children
142 Food-borne pathogens carry devastating long-term effects
143 Ohio Is First to Change to One Drug in Executions
144 Ohio to lead way in single-injection executions
145 First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland
146 Nation's 1st Cannabis Cafe Opens In Portland
147 Cannabis Cafe opens in Portland
148 Cancer frauDDD had eyes on breast implants
149 Medicare Annual Election Period: Why it's important
150 Medicare's open enrollment starts Nov. 15