File Title
1 Australian spearfisher survives shark attack
2 Japan eyes solar station in space
3 Horror Movies: Why People Love Them
4 China sends panda expert to Taiwan to aid breeding
5 W. Africa's last giraffes make surprising comeback
6 Law and odor: Migden shows flash in verse about trash
7 WWII Museum adds theater, restaurant and "canteen"
8 Shrinking AIDS funding threatens gains: aid group
9 Trauma Deadlier for Kids Without Insurance
10 Moderate exercise may lower prostate cancer risk
11 Singing in Pregnancy May Be Harder Work
12 In Europe, most swine flu shots by invitation only
13 Alaska island village hit by suspected swine flu
14 Tough road ahead in Senate for health care bill
15 Scheme 'can cut extra emissions'
16 Law change call for space flight
17 US House backs healthcare reforms
18 West African Giraffes Defy Extinction
19 House Votes to Ban Abortion Subsidies
20 H1N1 Info is Scarce, Confusing for Many
21 Droid Battery Life Requires New Charging Habits
22 First iPhone, now Droid. Who needs Windows?
23 Windows 7 Planning Tools Ease the Upgrade Process
24 7 Things To Do After Installing Windows 7
25 Seven Security Improvements in Window 7
26 Is Windows 7 a Panacea for Vista--or Pure Puffery?
27 'World-mode' iPhone due next year, says fanboi rumor
28 Apple said to be working on 'world-mode' iPhone
29 Apple Readies 'World Mode' iPhone, Report Says
30 Microsoft Research Shows Off New Projects On College Recruiting Tour on Friday November 06, at 03:22 PM
31 Microsoft's Mundie pushes tablet computing
32 Microsoft Shows Off Another 'Minority Report' UI Concept
33 Clippings from Craig Mundie's stop at UW
34 Touting tech tools of the future
35 Microsoft exec visits UW
36 Is There any Hope for Agreement at Copenhagen?
37 Steve Jobs Conquers the Decade--Now What?
38 Mobile: Still waiting to see what sticks
39 Winning bid $10,099 La-Z-Boy cost Proctor $33K
40 Apple TV 3.0.1 update addresses disappearing content issue
41 Apple TV 3.0.1 Update Fixes Missing Content Bug
42 Space Station Prepares for Busy November
43 RadioShack To Begin Carrying Apple's iPhone In Limited Areas
44 Heaps of evolution evidence
45 Museum plans exhaustive Darwin exhibition
46 The evolution of an idea
47 Darwin a tale of inspiration, caution
48 Charles Darwin and the children of the evolution
49 Book Review: Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation
50 Exhibition on Darwin the man and his work
51 iPhone app developer sued for 'stealing' user's numbers
52 Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims
53 App Developer Sued for Stealing Customers' iPhone Numbers
54 iPhone Dev Storm8 Sued Over User Data Harvesting Allegations
55 iPhone Game Developer Sued for Collecting User's Cell Numbers
56 Developer spying on iPhone gamers?
57 Early Black Friday Deals From Walmart Smartly Countered By Amazon
58 Health Care Reform: One Mo. Congressman breaks rank
59 Halvorson Votes for Bipartisan House Health Insurance Reform Bill
60 Don't let health care reform wreck it for the satisfied
61 Is the new H1N1 vaccine safe?
62 Cat swine flu: H1N1 latest illness shared by owner, pet
63 Saudi won't bar hajj pilgrims over swine flu fears
64 Saudi minister gets H1N1 vaccine on TV to calm fears
65 Saudi begins flu vaccination ahead of hajj
66 11-Digit Dialing Takes Effect In Chicago
67 DEFEND Diabetes Trial
68 Controlling diabetes
69 Moderate Exercise Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk
70 Minnesota teen who fled chemo now cancer-free
71 End of Court Ordered Cancer Treatment in Sight for Minn. Teen
72 Interactive TV to Put You in the Show
73 Aussie Birds Shrinking, Heading Poleward
74 Music Improves Brain Function
75 Ants Save Mates Trapped in Sand
76 A Simple Sneeze Raises Fear of Death
77 Mutant Diseases May Cripple Missions to Mars, Beyond
78 GLOWING CORAL PHOTO: Fluorescence Found to Aid Healing
79 PICTURES: "Extraordinary" Ancient Skeletons Found
80 Even Babies Have "Accents," Crying Study Finds
81 New Type of Supernova Discovered
82 Faster route to stem-like cells
83 Quakes from the 1800s still shaking planet
84 Virtual crashes and clatters get real
85 Giant crack in Africa formed in just days
86 Peter Diamandis: the joy of taking risks
87 Nicky Clayton: Dancing with Darwin
88 TV switch-over triggers rush to see rare stars
89 Sony demos game controller to track motion and emotion
90 Mass extinction blamed on fiery fountains of coal
91 Human microbes are picky about neighbourhoods on body
92 Pilots' artificial horizon lined up for a revamp
93 How your brain sees virtual you
94 Picking up mates at the white shark cafe
95 Nanoparticle DNA damage study: what you should know
96 Generation specs: Stopping the short-sight epidemic
97 Was life founded on cyanide from space crashes?
98 Triple shadows and fake reflections: Future graphics
99 Innovation: Can technology persuade us to save energy?
100 'Space elevator' wins $900,000 NASA prize
101 The music of Life on Earth
102 Malcolm Gladwell's miscellany of myths
103 Why did our species survive the Neanderthals?
104 Evidence recovered from dirty DNA samples
105 Great Wines Come From Great Soils
106 U of Utah Celebrates 'First Light' for New Observatory
107 Clean Algae Biofuel Project Leads World in Productivity
108 New Insight into Predicting Cholera in the Bengal Delta
109 Hybrid Molecules Show Promise for Exploring, Treating Alzheimer's
110 Carbon Atmosphere Discovered on Neutron Star
111 Nothing But Net: The Physics of Free Throws
112 New Optical Tool Could Produce 'Virtual Biopsies' for Brain Cancer
113 Scientists Reveal How Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Differ from Embryonic Stem Cells and Tissue of Derivation
114 Capturing Those In-Between Moments: NIST Solves Timing Problem in Molecular Modeling
115 NIST Quantifies Low Levels of 'Heart Attack Risk' Protein
116 NIST Test Proves 'The Eyes Have It' for ID Verification
117 NIST, CU to Build Instrument to Help Search for Earth-like Planets
118 Education and Planning Cut Death Toll in Samoa Tsunami
119 Hubble Image Showcases Star Birth in M83, the Southern Pinwheel
120 Toward Home-brewed Electricity with "Personalized Solar Energy"
121 Curry-cure? Spicing Up the Effectiveness of a Potential Disease-fighter
122 An Inexpensive "Dipstick" Test for Pesticides in Foods
123 New Evidence Supports 19th Century Idea on Formation of Oil and Gas
124 Taking Aim at Mysterious DNA Structures in the Battle Against Cancer
125 New Landscape Rating System to Transform The Industry, Complete Green Building Puzzle
126 Monell Center Joins With CAS to Host Beijing Meeting on Taste and Smell Research
127 eStadium Application Brings Multimedia Sports Features to Smartphones
128 Scientists Visualize How Bacteria Talk to One Another
129 Deep creep means milder, more frequent earthquakes along Southern California's San Jacinto fault
130 Findings show nanomedicine promising for treating spinal cord injuries
131 Scientists visualize how bacteria talk to one another
132 Will Europe Be Powered by the Sahara
133 New Digital 'Electronics' Concept May Continue Moore's Law
134 Solar power generation around the clock
135 Metal-Air Battery Could Store 11 Times More Energy than Lithium-Ion
136 'Dropouts' pinpoint earliest galaxies
137 Nanoparticles for gene therapy improve
138 Magnetic nanoparticles to simultaneously diagnose, monitor and treat
139 Quantum gas microscope offers glimpse of quirky ultracold atoms
140 Tiny Music Player Made from Wire Bridge (w/ Video)
141 Materials scientists find better model for glass creation
142 Solving Teapot Effect
143 Mars: Chaotic terrain between Kasei Valles and Sacra Fossae
144 The greening of Willis Tower: Rooftop gardens part of plan to improve efficiency
145 Caribbean, Gulf spared widespread coral damage
146 Rosetta approach on schedule
147 Hylas payload shipped to India
148 Space hotel taking bookings for 2012 opening
149 Starring Intelligent Aliens
150 Unusual meteorite found by time-lapse camera observatory
151 Hubble Image Showcases Star Birth in M83, the Southern Pinwheel
152 iPhone disappoints in China launch: analysts
153 Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot
154 Japan eyes solar station in space as new energy source
155 Advertisers face resistance to on-line tracking
156 Software cos. eye key patent case in Supreme Court
157 Google's desire to scan old books has critics casting it as Goliath
158 A new computer simulator allows to design military strategies based on ants' movements
159 Norway court snubs call to block The Pirate Bay
160 eStadium application brings multimedia sports features to smartphones
161 Pioneering Swiss solar-powered plane rolled out
162 EBay settles lawsuit filed by Skype founders
163 Program automatically shuts down office PCs when not in use
164 Online collaboration with built-in clarity
165 Scientists Reproduce a Building Block of Life in Laboratory
166 Computer predicts reactions between molecules and surfaces, with 'chemical precision'
167 Newly Discovered Fat Molecule: An Undersea Killer with an Upside
168 Tapeworm Drug May Hold Promise For Colon Cancer, Future Research
169 New evidence supports 19th century idea on formation of oil and gas
170 An inexpensive 'dipstick' test for pesticides in foods
171 Hybrid molecules show promise for exploring, treating Alzheimer's
172 NIST quantifies low levels of 'heart attack risk' protein
173 Clean algae biofuel project leads world in productivity
174 Curry-cure? Spicing up the effectiveness of a potential disease-fighter
175 New discoveries in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
176 Yeast in a shell: Coating individual living yeast cells with silicon dioxide
177 Researchers reconstitute enzyme that synthesizes cholesterol drug lovastatin
178 Hybrid composite for root canal treatment
179 Study reveals a 'missing link' in immune response to disease (w/ Video)
180 New activity found for a potential anti-cancer agent
181 The 'e-Nose': Scientists try to develop an electronic sniffer
182 W. Africa's last giraffes make surprising comeback
183 China sends panda expert to Taiwan to aid breeding
184 Australian researchers first in the world to solve the genetic code of canola
185 DNA molecules in moss open door to new biotechnology
186 Researcher finds forest birds 'commuting' to attract mates
187 GPS to track blue sheep and snow leopard
188 Florida grapples slippery giant snake invasion
189 Caught in the act: Scientists find butterflies splitting into two species
190 Mom was right: Why nice guys usually get the girls
191 Male sabertoothed cats were pussycats compared to macho lions
192 Humans, Other Mammals Similarly Voice Frustrations
193 Genomes of biofuel yeasts reveal clues that could boost fuel ethanol production
194 Study reveals how plants and bacteria 'talk' to thwart disease
195 Scientists reveal how induced pluripotent stem cells differ from embryonic stem cells
196 Spread of Western Juniper Seeds Studied
197 Developmental delay could stem from nicotinic receptor deletion
198 Australian spearfisher survives shark attack
199 Island village hit by suspected swine flu
200 1930s drug slows tumor growth
201 Think twice before you boo your competitor
202 Possible help in fight against muscle-wasting disease (w/ Video)
203 Obesity causes 100,000 US cancers every year: study
204 In Europe, most swine flu shots by invitation only
205 Researchers find new way to attack inflammation in Graves' eye disease
206 Psychiatric impact of torture could be amplified by head injury
207 Poll: Many parents, high-priority adults who tried to get H1N1 vaccine unable to get it
208 Blood test identifies women at risk from Alzheimer's
209 All dressed-up and nowhere to go: Inappropriate clothing prevents children playing outside
210 Perceived parent-pressure causes excessive antibiotic prescription
211 Dinosaur prints found on NZealand's South Island
212 We spend more on products with detailed nutritional information
213 For improving early literacy, reading comics is no child's play
214 Team tracks infamous conquistador through southeast
215 The last European hadrosaurs lived in the Iberian Peninsula
216 Professor: Fear, Shame Keep Homeowners From Defaulting
217 Farmers' markets harvest new business
218 New study further disputes notion that amputee runners gain advantage from protheses
219 Archaeologists uncover prehistoric landscape beneath Oxford
220 Study: Internet use leads to more diverse networks
221 Discovery of the oldest European marsupial
222 Portable 3-D laser technology preserves Texas dinosaur's rare footprint
223 Chart junk? How pictures may help make graphs better