File Title
1 California delays vote on energy efficiency standards for TVs
2 Bridge closure later likely for permanent fix
3 Old method of heart bypass better than 'off-pump'
4 October sales offer relief to merchants
5 Microsoft CEO: Windows 7 Japan sales 'fantastic'
6 Human Genome 2nd lupus trial succeeds
7 Frost-Covered Mars Lander Photographed From Above
8 African countries receive $1.1bln climate finance
9 Genes may be important in back, neck pain
10 Device Like 'Star Trek' Replicator Might Fly on Space Station
11 3 injured, home destroyed in Texas gas line blast
12 Negotiators scale back UN climate pact ambitions
13 The End of Silicon May Be in Sight
14 Success in 'space elevator' competition
15 Genetic tests for UK asylum seekers draw criticism
16 The GOOD 100: Artificial Photosynthesis
17 Identity of Puzzling Star Revealed
18 Water Geysers on Saturn Moon Take Center Stage
19 Great Whites hang out in Pacific's 'shark cafe'
20 WHO: Swine flu virus is top strain worldwide
21 Officials: Swine flu confirmed in Iowa cat
22 With airlines shrinking, your flight could be cut
23 Fibre may keep asthma, diabetes at bay, study finds
24 FDA Issues Warning for Diabetes Drug
25 Shorter, More Intense Radiation OK for Some Breast Cancers
26 Focused Radiation May Help Some With Lung Cancer
27 Deadly Intestinal Infection Spreading Outside Hospitals
28 Married With Children Paves Way to Happiness
29 Commercial pigs in Ind. test positive for H1N1
30 Family doctors group loses members over Coke deal
31 Do You Speak LEGO?
32 A New Translation of Old Fairy Tales
33 BlackRa1n Plus Blacksn0w: Unlock Any iPhone in Seconds
34 Fisker Makes a Safe Bet on Distribution
35 Can't Commit to a Family Pet? Try a Triops.
36 Just Another Day at the Mojave Air and Space Port
37 Snow Leopard Update Will Not Kill Hackintoshes
38 Early Life Hedged Its Bets to Survive
39 Baby Neutron Star Found Inside Supernova Remnant
40 Xoie Claims $1 Million Lunar Lander Prize
41 EMI Sues BlueBeat for Selling Beatles Tunes Online
42 This Is Your Brain, on Sofa
43 Tim Berners-Lee Sees Promise, Challenges in HTML5
44 Build A Digital Music Server
45 Maryland Voters Test New Cryptographic Voting System
46 What's Inside Buckley's Minty, Piney Cough Mixture
47 Nov. 5, 1955: A Flux of Genius
48 NY Attorney General Sues Intel for Bribing PC Makers
49 Has Research In Motion's BlackBerry Lost Its Edge?
50 Forecasting Financial Crashes: The Ultimate Experiment Begins
51 Betting on a Metal-Air Battery Breakthrough
52 Spraying on Skin Cells to Heal Burns
53 A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor
54 Spinal Cord Regeneration Enabled By Stabilizing, Improving Delivery Of Scar-degrading Enzyme
55 Common Plants Can Eliminate Indoor Air Pollutants
56 Vast Right Arm Conspiracy? Study Suggests Handedness May Affect Body Perception
57 Eating Quickly Is Associated With Overeating, Study Indicates
58 Not Just Bleach: Hydrogen Peroxide May Tell Time For Living Cells
59 Learning To Talk Changes How Speech Is Heard: 'Sound Of Learning' Unlocked By Linking Sensory And Motor Systems
60 Shedding Light On The Cosmic Skeleton
61 Inefficient Selection: New Evolutionary Mechanism Accounts For Some Of Human Biological Complexity
62 Tiny Laser-scanning Microscope Images Brain Cells In Freely Moving Animals
63 Short Heels Make Elite Sprinters Super Speedy: Longer Toes, Unique Ankle Structure Aid Sprinters
64 Statins May Prevent Blood Clots In Patients With Cardiovascular Disease
65 Creating Cultured Pearls From The Queen Conch: Scientists Unlock Mystery
66 Race Is Strong Predictor For Restless Legs Syndrome, Study Finds
67 Applause For The SmartHand: Human-machine Interface Is Essential Link In Groundbreaking Prosthetic Hand
68 Internet Search Process Affects Cognition, Emotion
69 Experimental Agent Reduces Breast Cancer Metastasis To Bone
70 U.S. Hip Fracture Rate Could Drop 25 Percent With Aggressive Osteoporosis Prevention
71 Early Results Of Nitric Oxide Therapy For Preemies Not Sustained, Study Finds
72 Many US Children May Live In Families Receiving Food Stamps
73 Early-stage, HER2-positive Breast Cancer Patients At Increased Risk Of Recurrence
74 Nicotine Patch Plus Lozenge Appears Best For Smoking Cessation
75 Teeth Grinding Linked To Sleep Apnea; Bruxism Prevalent In Caucasians With Sleep Disorders
76 Religion And Medicine: Sometimes A Healing Prescription
77 Literary Arabic Is Expressed In Brain Of Arabic Speakers As A Second Language
78 Dementia: Rare Brain Disorder Is Highly Hereditary
79 TV Exposure May Be Associated With Aggressive Behavior In Young Children
80 Links Between City Walkability And Air Pollution Exposure Revealed
81 Sleep Disturbances Improve After Retirement
82 Angry Faces: Facial Structure Linked To Aggressive Tendencies, Study Suggests
83 No Pain, No Gain: Mastering A Skill Makes Us Stressed In The Moment, Happy Long Term
84 Reducing Consumption of Glycotoxins From Heat-processing Of Foods Reduces Risk Of Chronic Disease
85 New Insights Into Australia's Unique Platypus
86 Tags Reveal White Sharks Have Neighborhoods In The North Pacific
87 Laser Etching Safe Alternative For Labeling Grapefruit
88 Flemish Researchers Develop Revolutionary Technology For Use In Plant Breeding
89 Timber Harvest Impacts Amphibians Differently During Life Stages
90 Calm Before The Spawn: Climate Change And Coral Spawning
91 Green Is Cool, But US Land Changes Generally Are Not
92 North Atlantic Fish Populations Shifting As Ocean Temperatures Warm
93 Newly Drilled Ice Cores May Be The Longest Taken From The Andes
94 History In 3-D: Digitally Archived Works Of Art
95 Notorious 'Man-eating' Lions Of Tsavo Likely Ate About 35 People--Not 135, Scientists Say
96 New Clues To Extinct Falklands Wolf Mystery
97 Speed Limit To The Pace Of Evolution, Biologists Say
98 Art Restoration: Technique Removes Old Polymer Layers From Sensitive Historic Artworks
99 Dark Matter And Dark Energy Make Up 95 Percent Of Universe, Detailed Measurements Reveal
100 Adapting Space-industry Technology To Treat Breast Cancer
101 Origin Of Cosmic Rays: VERITAS Telescopes Help Solve 100-year-old Mystery
102 'Ultra-primitive' Particles Found In Comet Dust
103 NASA's Fermi Telescope Detects Gamma Rays From 'Star Factories' In Other Galaxies
104 Electron Self-injection Into An Evolving Plasma Bubble
105 Low Levels Of 'Heart Attack Risk' Protein Quantified
106 Engineers Strive To Make Algae Oil Production More Feasible
107 Liquid Granite: Building Material Of The Future Unveiled
108 North America Automobile Sector Bottom Of 'World Sustainability League'
109 Modified Bluetooth Speeds Up Telemedicine
110 Protecting Your Virtual Privacy: A Closer Look At Digital And Internet Security
111 Improved Human, Object Detection Technology With New Computer Software
112 Hooks Hijacked? New Research Shows How To Block Stealthy Malware Attacks
113 Losing Your Tongue: World's Top Endangered Language Experts Gather
114 Motorola Droid: Another iPhone Killer?
115 NY Joins the Antitrust Effort Against Intel
116 Teen T. Rex Dinosaur Bones Tell of Fierce Fight
117 Success in 'Space Elevator' Competition
118 HPV Vaccine May Reverse Cancerous Lesions
119 D.I.Y. Tamiflu for Kids: Pharmacists Cope With Shortage
120 'Greenwashing' Draws Customers With Questionable Claims, but Practice Not Illegal
121 Child Dying of Cancer Leaves Notes Behind
122 Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Joins Anti-Abortion Group
123 'Beating Heart' Bypass Surgery May Be Riskier
124 Cat in Iowa Catches Swine Flu
125 Great whites hang out in 'shark cafe'
126 Astronomers see 'skeleton' of the universe
127 'Genomic zoo' to unlock vertebrate secrets
128 Major quakes could be aftershocks
129 Light down a wire for solar power
130 Rare whale gathering sighted
131 US praises China's space progress
132 F1 designer unveils electric car
133 Pelicans filmed gobbling gannets
134 Bloodhound diary: On a roll
135 The rise of the non-veggie vegetarian
136 Climate talks: To the wire and beyond
137 Harrabin's Notes: Carbon trading
138 Action promised on council spying
139 Smart spectacles aid translation
140 EU offers hope to file-sharers
141 BBC iPlayer to launch on Freesat
142 Strength in science collaboration
143 Tackle work stress, bosses told
144 Climate Bill Moves Forward in Senate
145 Google "Dashboard" Latest Privacy Control
146 Japan Uses Controverisal Nuke Fuel
147 N.Y. Lawsuit: Intel Used "Illegal Threats"
148 India Clamps Down on Dalai Lama Coverage
149 Experts Say H1N1 Outrunning Vaccine
150 Report: Obesity Causes 100K Cancer Cases
151 Can Dems Really Help the "Uninsurables"?
152 Some Private Clinics Have H1N1 Shots
153 Slash Your Medical Bills: 7 Ways to Haggle
154 Pigs in Indiana Test Positive for H1N1
155 FDA Moves to Curb Accidental Overdoses
156 Aftershocks can last for centuries
157 Supernova mystery solved?
158 Gene-makers put forward security standards
159 Greek research supremo promises drastic reform
160 Lisbon Treaty could give research a boost
161 Oldest American artefact unearthed
162 Mars rover plans its escape