File Title
1 Researchers: Champagne's aroma comes from bubbles
2 UN warns leaders time running out for climate deal
3 850 Mostly Blind, Pale Creatures Discovered Underground
4 EPA tells schools to test aging caulk for PCBs
5 Spacecraft to Fly by Mercury for Third Time
6 El Nino may bring relief to Texas drought
7 Filipino actor saves real-life damsel in distress
8 15 Ways to Annoy Your Job Interviewer
9 China finds bird-like dinosaur with four wings
10 Oil spill shutters part of Houston Ship Channel
11 Climate activists in Copenhagen protest coal use
12 NASA/Ames-controlled moon mission will add to new discovery of water
13 Killer groupies an unexplained mystery
14 AIDS vaccine promising; experts urge caution
15 Commentary: Someday, it seems, we will write without writing
16 Spider Venom--The Next Way to Treat Impotence?
17 Preventing Second Stroke May Stave Off Dementia
18 New Hope for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
19 Angst May Protect Against Some Skin Cancer
20 Children's Growth Charts Don't Measure Up With Parents
21 Notable dates in the AIDS epidemic
22 Irregular Heartbeat Risk Higher in Women With Type 2 Diabetes
23 Gluten allergy boosts death risk: study
24 Quarter of Australian kids overweight or obese: data
25 Olympics plea: Obama's risks, possible reward
26 Man sneaks into grizzly exhibit at S.F. Zoo
27 Laurels & Hardlys
28 Zoom In on Lagoon Nebula with Super-High-Res Image
29 With 2 Billionth iPhone App Download, Apple Gets Blase
30 Stuff You Should Have Bought at Tokyo Game Show
31 Judge Nixes Google Book Hearing as Negotiations Continue
32 Netflix Everywhere: Sorry Cable, You're History
33 PSPgo Porn: Sexy Pics of Sony's Tiny Gaming Console
34 Secret Ops, Domestic Spying OK--As Long As Someone's Watching the Watchmen
35 'World's First' Street Named After a Twitter Account
36 Sept. 28, 1998: Internet Explorer Leaves Netscape in Its Wake
37 A Simpler, Gentler Robotic Grip
38 Time Lens Speeds Optical Data
39 Hot Space Shuttle Images
40 Sex chromosomes linked to evolution of new species
41 Physicists shrink X-ray source
42 Target crater changed for Moon crash
43 Not blind to emotion
44 Researchers Go Underground To Reveal 850 New Species In Australian Outback
45 HIV's Ancestors May Have Plagued First Mammals
46 Discovery Brings New Type Of Fast Computers Closer To Reality
47 New Species Discovered In The Greater Mekong At Risk Of Extinction Due To Climate Change
48 Global Increase In Atmospheric Methane Likely Caused By Unusual Arctic Warmth, Tropical Wetness
49 Two Proteins Enable Skin Cells To Regenerate
50 Heavier Rainstorms Ahead Due To Global Climate Change, Study Predicts
51 Secrets Of The Sandcastle Worm Could Yield A Powerful Medical Adhesive
52 Woody Plants Adapted To Past Climate Change More Slowly Than Herbs
53 Sheep Shed Light On Personality Differences
54 Gut Worms May Protect Against House-dust Mite Allergy
55 New View Of Lagoon Nebula: GigaGalaxy Zoom Phase 3
56 Childhood Kidney Disorder Has Lasting Effects
57 Scientists Find Successful Way To Reduce Bat Deaths At Wind Turbines
58 New Links Among Alcohol Abuse, Depression, Obesity In Young Women Found
59 Revolutionary Drug Could Be New Hope For Adrenal Cancer Patients
60 Certain Cancers More Common Among HIV Patients Than Non-HIV Patients
61 Genetic Cause Of Previously Undefined Primary Immune Deficiency Disease identified
62 Relationship Between Androgen Deficiency And Cardiovascular Disease Proposed
63 Pregnancy And Birth: Safe For Women With Kidney Transplants
64 Attention Makes Sensory Signals Stand Out Amidst Background Noise In Brain
65 Infant Development: Do Infants Only Start To Crawl Once They Can See Looming Danger?
66 Switch Program Increases Kids' Healthy Eating, Reduces Screen Time
67 Certain Colors More Likely To Cause Epileptic Fits, Researchers Find
68 New Ways To Predict Violent Behavior?
69 Pulling Together Increases Your Pain Threshold
70 How Would Einstein Use E-mail? Letter Writers Of Yore Had Same Correspondence Patterns As E-mail Users Today
71 Smoking And Heart Disease Risks Can Cut Life Span By 10 Years
72 Hummer Owners Claim Moral High Ground To Excuse Overconsumption, Study Finds
73 C. Difficile Hypervirulence Genes Identified
74 Great Tits Eat Bats In Times Of Need
75 Prolonged Stress Sparks Endoplasmic Reticulum To Release Calcium Stores And Induce Cell Death In Aging-related Diseases
76 How Disruption Of Spectrin-actin Network Causes Lens Cells In The Eye To Lose Shape
77 Silk-based Optical Waveguides Meet Biomedical Needs
78 Climate Change Mitigation Strategies Ignore Carbon Cycling Processes Of Inland Waters, Scientists Say
79 'Green' Roofs Could Help Put Lid On Global Warming
80 Plants' Response To Fire Tested
81 New Computing Tool Could Lead To Better Crops And Pesticides
82 Desalination Technology Increases Naval Capabilities
83 Peruvian Glacial Retreats Linked To European Events Of Little Ice Age
84 Getting A Leg Up On Whale And Dolphin Evolution: New Comprehensive Analysis Sheds Light On The Origin Of Cetaceans
85 MESSENGER Spacecraft Prepares For Final Pass By Mercury
86 NASA Goddard Shoots The Moon To Track Lunar Spacecraft
87 SMART-1 Images Crash Scene Of Upcoming LCROSS Impact
88 Spot Discovered On Dwarf Planet Haumea Shows Up Red And Rich With Organics
89 Prototype Developed To Detect Dark Matter
90 New Antibacterial Chemical Compound Discovered
91 New Nanochemistry Technique Encases Single Molecules In Microdroplets
92 New Method For Improving The Functional Characteristics Of Enzymes
93 Carbon Nanostructure Research May Lead To Revolutionary New Devices
94 Lab Demonstrates 3-D Printing In Glass
95 Math Used As A Tool To Heal Toughest Of Wounds
96 Mobile Microbloggers Struggle To Make Their Postings Interesting, Study Finds
97 On The Road To Secure Car-to-car Communications
98 India's Moon Mission Quite Economical
99 Funding Shortfalls Have Hurt NASA's Constellation Program
100 Extracting Water From Moon Possible: Indian Scientist
101 Space Debris Gets Some Respect
102 China to build, launch satellite for Laos
103 IKONOS Satellite Marks 10 Years In Operations
104 The Beauty Of The Universe, From Above And From Below
105 NASA Goddard Shoots The Moon To Track LRO
106 SpaceX's DragonEye Navigation Sensor Demonstrated On Space Shuttle
107 ALMA Telescope Reaches New Heights
108 Awards Announced For Future Astrophysics Suborbital Flights
109 India over the moon with water discovery
110 Russian Space Freighter To Be Buried In Pacific
111 Waze turning road warriors into map builders
112 West demands access to Iran's secret nuclear plant
113 Iran vows to stick with low-level nuclear enrichment
114 Russia: Iran's enigmatic ally and key crisis player