File Title
1 Lots More Planets Found Outside Solar System
2 Moon Crash Kicked Up Plume After All
3 Moscow to Fight Winter's Snow with Air Force
4 China Builds Quake Monitoring Station at Everest
5 New Camera Promises to Capture Your Whole Life
6 Computers to Get Faster Only for 75 More Years
7 Experimental Aircraft: Coming Soon to a Garage Near You?
8 FBI Busts Massachusetts Father in Online Child Pornography Scam
9 Maria Shriver Just One of Many Chatty California Drivers
10 You Wear a Helmet, But Are You Covered?
11 Is Detox a Cover for Fad Diets?
12 Axelrod on Health Care: 'There Will Be Compromises'
13 Who's Alan Frumin and Why Might He Shape U.S. Health Reform?
14 U.S. Health Care Overhaul: Five Lessons From Abroad
15 Simple Ways to Battle Bloating
16 Largest Turtle-Linked Salmonella Outbreak Detailed
17 Feds to Issue New Medical Marijuana Policy
18 Has Medical Journalism Sold Its Soul?
19 When Blindness Comes Too Soon
20 Fizzy drinks leave sour taste in the mouth
21 Mice provide clues to how cancer spreads
22 Salt and paper make disposable batteries
23 Scientists announce planet bounty
24 Cosmic pattern to UK tree growth
25 'Ethical' stem cell crop boosted
26 Painting features 'oldest watch'
27 Crystals hold super computer key
28 Harrabin's Notes: China's vulnerability
29 Ivorian dumping report published
30 'Tantalising' sounds of rare bat
31 Millions tricked by 'scareware'
32 Broadband test offers street view
33 Police win data deletion appeal
34 Are televisions getting too big?
35 Pirate Party hopes for free future
36 Reading the Kindle
37 Egg screening 'ups IVF success'
38 Overweight 'should be protected'
39 'Aggressive care saved my foot'
40 KaChing Takes on Mutual Fund Industry
41 32 More Planets Found Outside Solar System
42 Can't Afford Solar Panels? Lease Them
43 Once Objects of Scorn, Nerds Now Rule
44 Scientists Release New Polar Ice Findings
45 Fate of Florida Manatee in Jersey Unclear
46 Japan First Lady Wins "Jeanist" Award
47 Abducted Turkish Sailor: Pirate Shot Me
48 White House Takes Aim at Fox News
49 Somali Pirates Seize Chinese Ship
50 Pig Dies from H1N1, Government Says
51 Healthy Habits to Prevent Breast Cancer
52 Study Shows Pet Turtle Salmonella Risk
53 Student's Research: Energy Drinks are Bunk
54 Peanut Products Rebound after Health Scare
55 H1N1's Links to Pneumonia Appear Clearer
56 WH: Public Option Preferred, Not Required
57 Burris Becomes a Key Player on Health Care
58 Super sticky barnacle glue cures like blood clots
59 What are coral reef services worth? $130,000 to $1.2 million per hectare, per year: experts
60 Migratory route of Eleonora's falcon revealed for first time
61 'Spaghetti' scaffolding could help grow skin in labs
62 Decline in Russian tigers renews calls to end all trade
63 APP--Good, bad or both?
64 Exercise can aid recovery after brain radiation
65 Small mechanical forces have big impact on embryonic stem cells
66 Fate Therapeutics announces creation of small molecule platform for commercial-scale reprogramming
67 New chromosomal abnormality identified in leukemia associated with Down syndrome
68 A major step in making better stem cells from adult tissue
69 Time in a bottle: Scientists watch evolution unfold
70 U of C chemists discover recipe to design a better type of fuel cell
71 Neuroscience 2009 highlights new research on exercise, music and the brain
72 Study predicts seabed response to climate change
73 Researchers reveal mechanism for neuron self-preservation
74 Mice regain ability to extend telomeres suggesting potential for dyskeratosis congenita therapy
75 New affordable nutrition index is first measurement tool to evaluate affordable nutrition
76 Herbal tonic for radiotherapy
77 Redefining obesity's health risks
78 A master mechanism for regeneration? [cf. 81]
79 New technique paves way for medical discoveries
80 Killer algae a key player in mass extinctions
81 Going out on a limb [cf. 78]
82 APC Supports SACGHS' landmark recommendations on DNA patenting exempting caregivers
83 ID3 provides career counseling for blood progenitors, driving the creation of gamma-delta T cells
84 Discovery of enzyme structure points way to creating less toxic anti-HIV drugs
85 Field experiment on a robust hierarchical metropolitan quantum cryptography network
86 New concept may enhance Earth-Mars communication
87 Cassini Helps Redraw Shape of Solar System
88 Scientists demonstrate link between genetic defect and brain changes in schizophrenia
89 Satellite reveals surprising cosmic 'weather' at edge of solar system
90 Meteorite from September 25 fireball event recovered and presented
91 A new understanding of why seizures occur with alcohol withdrawal
92 Fine-tuning treatments for depression
93 Geologists point to outer space as source of the Earth's mineral riches
94 Major advance in organic solar cells
95 Researchers optimizing progesterone for brain injury treatment
96 Making monster waves
97 Smart rat 'Hobbie-J' produced by over-expressing a gene that helps brain cells communicate
98 All-in-one computerized scheduling will make airports greener and more efficient
99 Report examines hidden costs of energy production and use
100 West Antarctic ice sheet may not be losing ice as fast as once thought
101 Angiochem crosses BBB, shows safety, efficacy in Phase 1/2 brain cancer studies
102 First-time Internet users find boost in brain function after just 1 week
103 Well-educated women hardest hit by breast cancer
104 Non-nuclear families function, too
105 Uloric (febuxostat) demonstrated efficacy for management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout
106 New immigrants more likely to be homeless due to economic factors rather than health issues
107 Teach your physicians well
108 Diabetic Episodes Affect Kids' Memory
109 Power at work has payoffs, but not for health
110 Tiny test tube experiment shows reaction of melting materials at the nano scale
111 Bug barcode readers hold out promise of universal vaccines
112 Powerhouses in the cell dismantled
113 New mathematical model more accurately diagnoses acute heart failure in emergency rooms
114 Satellite data look behind the scenes of deadly earthquake
115 K-State Psychology Research Findings about the Veracity of Peripheral Vision Could Lead to Robotic Eyes Better at Interpreting Information
116 Intelligent system to help autistic children recognize emotions
117 Innovative line body panels for car assembly
118 Is my robot happy to see me?
119 Catching a killer one spore at a time