File Title
1 Climate concerns turn city's smell into cash cow [cf. 6]
2 NASA photos show moon strike created plume
3 U.S., Britain say global climate deal possible
4 Iraq cabinet approves BP-CNPC oil deal
5 Pakistan army faces black hole in Waziristan
6 Climate concerns turn city's smell into cash cow [cf. 1]
7 Hitting early, swine flu claims 11 more kids in US
8 Strides Made in Tonsil Cancer Repair
9 Take the Sting Out of Your Child's Flu Shots
10 Pocket-Sized Workout Pal Is Data Geek's Dream
11 Pack Up Your Data and Leave Whenever You Want, It's the New Rule of the Cloud
12 Review: Where the Wild Things Are Is Woolly, But Not Wild Enough
13 'Known Software Bug' Disrupts Brain-Tumor Zapping
14 Virtual Sit-Ins Doom Online Animal Rights Activists
15 Cheetah, Gecko and Spiders Inspire Robotic Designs
16 Payroll Site Hack Swells Employment Rolls
17 Ethanol Refinery Turns Wood Chips Into Fuel
18 Biofuel from Sewage
19 Detecting Light with Graphene
20 Flu Vaccines Hit a Wall
21 Seamlessly Melding Man and Machine
22 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Usurped by Streaming Video
23 Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map
24 Commercializing Garbage to Ethanol
25 Head-up Displays go Holographic
26 Making Heart Muscle
27 Tracking Devious Phishing Websites
28 Building the World's Most Powerful Laser
29 Merging Video with Maps
30 China Cracks Down on Tor Anonymity Network
31 Clean Tech's Hot New Tool
32 Do Three Meals A Day Keep Fungi Away? Protective Effect Of Being Warm-blooded
33 New View Of The Heliosphere: Cassini Helps Redraw Shape Of Solar System
34 Juggling Enhances Connections In The Brain
35 Seeing Blue: Fish Vision Discovery Makes Waves In Evolutionary Biology
36 Chemical Imaging Of Deep-sea Microorganisms May Help Explain Lingering Nitrogen Mystery
37 World's Oldest Submerged Town Dates Back 5,000 Years
38 Scientists Remove Amyloid Plaques From Brains Of Live Animals With Alzheimer's Disease
39 Catching The Interstellar Wind: Spacecraft Finds Ribbon-like Structure At Edge Of Heliosphere
40 Scientists Give Flies False Memories
41 New Light On Nature Of Broca's Area: Rare Procedure Documents How Human Brain Computes Language
42 No Such Thing As 'Junk RNA,' Say Researchers
43 Global Surface Temperature Was Second Warmest For September
44 Those With Severe H1N1 At Risk For Pulmonary Emboli, Researchers Find
45 Geological Disposal Of High-level Nuclear Waste Feasible
46 Can Social Networking Help Consumers Get Healthier?
47 Gene Linked With Human Kidney Aging
48 How Salmonella Bacteria Cause Diarrhea In Their Host
49 Outfoxing Pox: Developing A New Class Of Vaccine Candidates
50 Be Overweight And Live Longer, German Study Suggests
51 Food-energy Cellular Connection Revealed: Metabolic Master Switch Sets Biological Clock In Body Tissues
52 Link Between Genetic Defect And Brain Changes In Schizophrenia Demonstrated
53 Gentle Touch May Aid Multiple Sclerosis Patients
54 Arthritis: Copper Bracelets, Magnetic Wrist Straps Useless? Trial Raises Doubts Over Alternative Pain Therapy
55 For SAD Sufferers, Cognitive Behavior Better Than Light Therapy At Preventing Recurrence, Study Suggests
56 Fear Of Being Laughed At Crosses Cultural Boundaries
57 Confronting Bad Behavior: Is There A Social Payoff?
58 Over Half Of Cot Deaths Occur While Co-sleeping
59 Candy Bar Or Healthful Snack? Free Choice Not As Free As We Think
60 Comfort Food: Chocolate, Water Reduce Pain Response To Heat
61 Children Can Greatly Reduce Abdominal Pain By Using Their Imagination
62 Milestone Discovery In Cell Behaviors
63 Tackling Typhoid: First High-throughput Analysis Of Every Salmonella Typhi Gene
64 Promising Novel Treatment For Human Cancer--Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract
65 Being A Standout Has Its Benefits, Study Shows
66 Fabled 'Vegetable Lamb' Plant Contains Potential Treatment For Osteoporosis
67 Composted Dairy Manure In Foliage Plant Production
68 Thermometer For The Earth
69 Magnetic Leaves Reveal Most Polluted Byways
70 Secrets Of The Lake Floor Of Lake Maggiore
71 Sustainable Architecture: Setting Sail In An Ecological 'Earthship'
72 Technology Brings New Insights To One Of The Oldest Middle Eastern Languages Still Spoken
73 200,000-year-old Cut Of Meat: Archaeologists Shed Light On Life, Diet And Society Before The Delicatessen
74 Giant Impact Near India--Not Mexico--May Have Doomed Dinosaurs
75 Crushed Bones Reveal Literal Dino Stomping Ground
76 New Type Of Flying Reptile: Darwin's Pterodactyl Preyed On Flying Dinosaurs
77 Galactic Magnetic Fields May Control Boundaries Of Our Solar System
78 New Concept May Enhance Earth-Mars Communication
79 Rocket Design Fires International Interest
80 Milky Way's Tiny But Tough Galactic Neighbor
81 Bizarre Galaxy Is Result Of Pair Of Spiral Galaxies Smashing Together
82 Energy-autonomous Sensors Find Dents And Cracks In Aircraft
83 Increasing Severity Of Bicycle Injuries Leads To Concerns About Cycling Infrastructure
84 Bioengineering Of Nerve-muscle Connection Could Improve Hand Use For Wounded Soldiers
85 Super Sticky Barnacle Glue Cures Like Blood Clots
86 Nanotech Protection: Current Safety Equipment May Not Be Adequate
87 Quantum Computer Chips Now One Step Closer To Reality
88 Differing Long-term Effects Of Hand-held Cellphone Bans On Driver Hand-held Cellphone Use
89 Older Adults Want Robots That Do More Than Vacuum, Researchers Find
90 Increased Success A 'Virtual' Certainty For Rugby Players
91 Internet Services: Researchers Save Electricity With Low-power Processors And Flash Memory
92 Hurdles remain as FCC ponders Internet data rules
93 A major step in making better stem cells from adult tissue
94 LCROSS Captures All Phases of Centaur Impact
95 Cyborg beetles to be the US military's latest weapon (w/ Video)
96 Computers Faster Only for 75 More Years? Physicists determine nature's limit to making faster processors
97 Chinese scientists create metamaterial black hole
98 Dyson Unveils His Bladeless Fan (w/ Videos)
99 Water Bears to Travel to Martian Moon, Test Theory of Transpermia
100 Report: Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 annually
101 New concept may enhance Earth-Mars communication
102 Arctic ice cap 'to disappear in future summers'
103 Giant impact near India--not Mexico--may have doomed dinosaurs
104 'Magnetricity' observed and measured for the first time
105 Improved redox flow batteries for electric cars
106 Scientists give flies false memories
107 US army to be powered by waste
108 Four percent of adults worldwide using cannabis: Lancet
109 How the Moon produces its own water
110 Study of first high-resolution images of Pallas confirms asteroid is actually a protoplanet
111 Crushed bones reveal literal dino stomping ground
112 Co-sleeping is key culprit in sudden infant deaths: study
113 File sharing drops in Sweden after govt crackdown
114 Canadian tobacco firm destroyed evidence: researchers
115 Fuel cells get a boost
116 Graphene: Unravelling the secrets of a magic material
117 Tiny Test Tube Experiment Shows Reaction Of Melting Materials at the Nano Scale (w/ Video)
118 Tiny technology may yield major finds--and possible perils
119 Researchers create molecular diode
120 Magnetic nanotags spot cancer in mice earlier than methods now in clinical use
121 New nanotech sensor developed with medical, chemistry applications
122 Physicists Calculate Number of Parallel Universes
123 On the road to fusion energy, an accelerator to study warm dense matter
124 Do lava lamps and actual lava share similar characteristics?
125 Grant to Design Neutrino Detector
126 Quantum-limited Measurement Method for Nanosensors
127 Magnet Lab to Investigate Promising Superconductor
128 Geologists point to outer space as source of the Earth's mineral riches
129 Galactic magnetic fields may control the boundaries of our solar system
130 NASA flies over Antarctica to measure icemelt
131 'Look Ma, No Parachute!' Lunar Lander Floats on Electric-blue Jets
132 Deep-Sea Microbes May Answer Long-Standing Question About Earth's Nitrogen Cycle
133 Astronomers seek to explore the cosmic Dark Ages
134 SanDisk Ships Flash Memory Cards With 64 Gigabit X4 NAND Technology
135 iRobot Unveils Morphing Blob Robot (w/ Video)
136 Kindle lightens textbook load, but flaws remain
137 Apple lets iPhone apps get down to business
138 More efficient solar power with space technology
139 Cars that Run on Cow Power?
140 E-books gain a foothold at Frankfurt Book Fair
141 New science approach to revolutionize welding
142 Chemists discover recipe to design a better type of fuel cell
143 Small mechanical forces have big impact on embryonic stem cells
144 Super sticky barnacle glue cures like blood clots
145 Fabled 'vegetable lamb' plant contains potential treatment for osteoporosis
146 N/A
147 Some color shades offer better protection against sun's ultraviolet rays
148 Chemistry Team Seeks to Use Artificial Photosynthesis and Nanotubes to Generate Hydrogen Fuel with Sunlight
149 Goodbye 'R' rule? Oyster pathogen test may help make shellfish safer
150 Tracking down the human 'odorprint'
151 Building Up Broken Bones
152 Hollow spheres made of metal
153 Silence of the genes
154 Researchers find candidates for new HIV drugs
155 Tiny motes sniff out chemical, biological threats
156 Developing enzymes to clean up pollution by explosives
157 Toward better solar cells: Chemists gain control of light-harvesting paths
158 Time in a bottle: Scientists watch evolution unfold
159 Fish vision discovery makes waves in natural selection
160 Climate change threatens rice production
161 Hardy New Corn Lines Released
162 Stretching the Golgi: a link between form and function
163 Fish Sense Other Fish Via Ripples
164 Scientists visualize assembly line gears in ribosomes, cell's protein factory
165 UK botanists bank 10% of world's plant species
166 Unusual bacteria help balance the immune system in mice
167 The Nobel Prize and Pond Scum as a 'Model' Organism
168 Misuse of antibiotics not the only cause of resistance says report
169 Fruit fly pest identified in wine grapes
170 Discovery of enzyme structure points way to creating less toxic anti-HIV drugs
171 Sweet Potato Protection is More Than Skin Deep
172 New study identifies cellular mechanism that causes lupuslike symptoms in mice
173 New chromosomal abnormality identified in leukemia associated with Down syndrome
174 Exercise can aid recovery after brain radiation
175 Promising novel treatment for human cancer--Chrysanthemum indicum extract
176 Spider pill to seek out diseases
177 Looming sounds boost visual perception
178 Protein interaction network can respond Helicobacter pylori infection?
179 Trial raises doubts over alternative pain therapy for arthritis
180 FDA to study negative effects of Lasik eye surgery
181 Maternal HIV-1 treatment protects against transmission to newborns
182 World's oldest submerged town dates back 5,000 years (w/ Video)
183 Maths Research Tackles Problems of Bike + Car
184 A Serious Question: Why Do We Laugh?
185 A 200,000-year-old cut of meat
186 Researchers claim a third of dinosaurs might never have existed