File Title
1 New Alzheimer's Disease Research
2 Woman Given Wrong Embryo Gives Birth
3 Liquid Tylenol for Children Recalled
4 Obesity Could Become Top Cancer Cause
5 AIDS Vaccine Is 'Scientific Breakthrough'
6 CNN's Gupta Gets H1N1 Flu in Afghanistan
7 Scientist May Have Been Killed by Plague
8 Teens with own cars have more crashes, study finds
9 Precancer? Earliest cancer? Milk-duct cells vexing
10 Study: Flu shot better than nasal spray in adults
11 Drugmaker reports shortage of kids' Tamiflu
12 Get your own beer! Swine flu spreading on campus
13 WHO: Nations should set tighter radon controls
14 Prostate cancer treatment may spark heart problems
15 Spread unlikely after possible plague-linked death
16 Who needs which flu vaccine?
17 Researchers: Aspirin cuts colon cancer risk
18 How to save on out-of-pocket health care costs
19 Peru: Pre Inca citadel found in Zana river's upper basin
20 Superscanner helps scientists see into the unknown
21 Bible-Era Mystery Vessel Found--Code Stumps Experts
22 Stone man joins carved animals in neolithic farmyard
23 Japanese help uncover ancient Peru remains
24 A Mystery in the Desert
25 Bank Team Supports Archaeological Dig of 7,000-Year-Old Silk Road Find
26 UM students dig for artifacts at ghost town of Coloma
27 Giant stone-age axes found in African lake basin
28 New program gives wounded warriors work preserving America's past
29 Iron Age discovery unearthed at farm
30 Earliest known depiction of Second Temple lamp uncovered
31 Ancient synagogue found in Israel
32 Extinct Eagle May Have Hunted Humans
33 Loo unflushed for 500 years is archeologists' goldmine
34 Pre-hispanic citadel found in Peru
35 Buried treasure
36 Archaeological Findings--A mass cemetery carved in rocks discovered in Syria
37 Second Temple Pilgrimage Route Uncovered
38 Ancient Book of Buddhism Chantings Found
39 UA-Led Team Documenting Early Hopi-Spanish Relations
40 Appalachian geologist investigates Homo sapiens' oldest known trackways
41 Mexican archaeologists find submerged Mayan cultural heritage
42 1617 village is near Jamestown
43 4,000-year-old arrowhead found in Burren excavation
44 Roman military camp sites found
45 Archaeologist: Rice Existed 4,000 Years Ago in Yangtze Basin
46 12 sepulchers found in Teghut
47 Decapitated bodies--were they Vikings?
48 Prehistoric man 'used crude sat nav'
49 Indus Valley Civilisation: Who were they?
50 Stimulus money means work for state archaeologists
51 Bones discovery 'extremely rare'
52 Ancient objects found on remote Mokumanamana 'an archaeological mystery'
53 Finds unearthed at necropolis in Pella shed light on social status of warriors
54 Researchers Probe Links Between Modern Humans and Neanderthals
55 Dolmen with petroglyphs found near Villupuram
56 Uncovering a Small Town (and Some Tall Tales)
57 Mysterious ruins may help explain Mayan collapse
58 'Whicker Man' tomb to yield Bronze Age secrets, say scientists
59 Unexpected Man Found Amid Ancient Priestesses' Tombs
60 The Loveland Stone Age Fair
61 Gimme shelter
62 Historic Roman salt store found on mudflats
63 3300 year old archaeological site discovered in Embilipitiya
64 Buried treasure found in Cordoba
65 Exact Date Pinned to Great Pyramid's Construction?
66 The Oldest Lunar Calendar on Earth
67 Tunnel links continents, uncovers ancient history
68 China finds new section to its Great Wall: report
69 MSU Archaeology Team's latest find: 16,000-year-old sand dune
70 1,800 Year-Old Marble Figurine Found in Israel
71 Ancient Mayans made pyramids to make music for rain god
72 2,000-year-old ritual bath found in Jerusalem
73 Scandinavians are descended from Stone Age immigrants
74 Mass Extinction Event Spared Europe (Mostly)
75 Human Ancestors Conflicted on Monogamy
76 French find prehistoric animal worship site
77 Huge hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure uncovered in UK
78 Archeologists find 'Joseph-era' coins in Egypt
79 Fibers Help Date Rise of Culture
80 5,000-year-old Venus figure found in Canakkale
81 A Web Spider for Everyone
82 GE's Risky Energy Research
83 A Better Bug for Biofuels
84 Toward a Universal Flu Vaccine
85 GE Grabs Gearless Wind Turbines
86 Longer-Running Electric-Car Batteries
87 Intel's Plan to Replace Copper Wires
89 AT&T vs. Google Voice: Dirty Details
90 AT&T calls Google a hypocrite on Net neutrality
91 AT&T Fires Another Round in Google Voice Case
92 Microsoft's new Windows 7 ads try to be cool
93 Is Windows 7 Shipping Early? Not Really
94 What CIOs Think About Windows 7
95 Nintendo Follows Sony, Microsoft in Console Price Cut
96 Intel Light Peak Port Is An Apple Initiated Thing?
97 Intel's Light Peak: One PC cable to rule them all
98 Intel Connects PCs to Devices Using Light
99 Apple and Intel Collaborate on Next Generation 'Light Peak' Connectors?
100 Steve Jobs expands on Apple's green goals
101 Apple lays out carbon footprint data
102 Apple Launches Major Green Effort
103 Steve Jobs on the Greening of Apple
104 Intel Unveils 'Sodaville' Chip for TV Set-Top Boxes
105 Intel Out To Revolutionize TV With Atom SoC
106 Bird-eating frog among 163 new species found in Mekong region
107 Fanged frog, 162 other new species found in Mekong
108 In Pictures: 'WWF New Species at Risk'
109 Six Degrees of Earth Frying Like Bacon
110 The coming tablet wars
111 Elgan: Dispatch from gadget fantasy land
112 Microsoft beats Apple to the Tablet
113 Courier vs. iTablet: Portable Office or Portable Living Room?
114 Apple's 1987 Knowledge Navigator Makes New Tablets Look Bad
115 Apple Preparing For MacBook Update?
116 Apple's redesigned iMac line reportedly ready
117 Apple close to unveiling all-new MacBook line
118 Social Networking Now Takes Up Three Times the Time
119 Nielsen: People spending more time on social sites
120 Volunteers key to success of Thai vaccine trials
121 2nd clinical trial for China's HIV/AIDS vaccine
122 AIDS Vaccine Success Is 'Modest'
123 In a first, an AIDS vaccine shows some success
124 If AIDS Went the Way of Smallpox
125 State forces nurses to receive flu shots
126 UPDATE 2--Long-delayed J&J psoriasis drug wins U.S. approval
127 FDA OKs New Psoriasis Drug Stelara
128 FDA OKs J&J's Stelara Adult Psoriasis Drug
129 J&J unit gets FDA approval for psoriasis drug
130 Scientists use highest ethics
131 Cancer stem cell research gains traction, tackles new targets
132 Stem-cell research expanded
133 Stem cells bring new insights to future treatment of vision--and neural--disorders
134 Folotyn Approved for Aggressive Type of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
135 UPDATE 2--Allos Therapeutics' cancer drug gets FDA nod, shares up
136 Allos says FDA clears lymphoma drug Folotyn