File Title
1 Most Memorable Infomercial Products of 2008
2 'Green' Bible Stirs Controversy Among Evangelicals
3 Stressed Out? Get a Dog. Or Cat.
4 How to Catch Evolution in the Act
5 Hangover Helper: What Works, What Doesn't
6 China Dairy Boss Delayed Reporting Quality Issues
7 Vitamins Fail to Prevent Cancer: Study
8 Serial Surrogates Have Birthed More Babies for Others Than Themselves.
9 10 Smart Ideas for a Healthy Home
10 New Year's Resolution: A Trip to the ER?
11 Docs See December Rush in Patients
12 China finds major dinosaur site
13 Plants 'more important than ever'
14 Grim details of Columbia disaster
15 Honour for Royal Society luminary
16 Escaped beaver fells river trees
17 Inside Shackleton's polar refuge
18 UK housewives rule in online time
19 Private firm 'may run' phone log
20 Czech move to stop cyber bullying
21 Pioneer of cyberspace honoured
22 Lennon stars in TV laptop advert
23 Crime to boom as downturn blooms
24 Grape extract kills cancer cells
25 'Child alcohol guide' for parents
26 'Blood pressure gene' affects 20%
27 Cyberknife boost to cancer care
28 Marinating 'may cut cancer risk'
29 Monitoring mental health by text
30 Your Home TV...On Your Blackberry
31 NASA Details Columbia Crew's Grisly Deaths
32 Calif. Sues Bush Over Endangered Species
33 What's In Store At CES 2009
34 Does Facebook Know Breast?
35 Apple's 5 biggest moments in 2008
36 Consumers Union Buys Consumerist
37 Why Mood Boards Matter
38 GTA IV makes fun of Apple, predicts iPhone 3G reception problems
39 Ancient Ship Found Buried Near Argentine River
40 Egg Donation: Most Donors Satisfied
41 Obama's Health Care Team Pumps Message
42 Microsoft's Zune Hit With Glitch
43 Microsoft Zunes Hit By Rash of Lock-Up Bugs
44 Some Zunes Expire Along with 2008
45 Microsoft Zunes spontaneously dying all over the place
46 NASA report details last moments of Columbia crew
47 Theoretical attacks yield practical attacks on SSL, PKI
48 VeriSign Transitions All New RapidSSL Certificates to SHA-1 Algorithm in Response to Newly-Published Security Threat
49 Researchers Hack Internet Security Infrastructure
50 Report: Jobs' Health 'Rapidly Declining'
51 Will Steve Jobs Leave the Helm in 2009?
52 Apple shares drop as Jobs health rumors resurface
53 Best App Ever Awards recognize best iPhone apps of 2008
54 Report Accuses Microsoft of Purposefully Leaking Windows 7 Beta
55 Downloads of pirated Windows 7 beta candidate soar
56 Next from Apple: A Large-Screen iPod Touch?
57 Apple Developing Larger-Screen iPod Touch
58 Picturing a 9-inch iPod tablet
59 New Year's (Apple) wishes from the Infinite Loop staff
60 Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Costs; Will It Matter?
61 Sony PS3 Costs Less To Make, But Still A Money Loser
62 FCC's Martin Drops Porn Filtering Idea
63 Content Filtering Pulled From Free Broadband Proposal
64 Wikipedia strapped for cash, founder makes donation plea
65 More versatile Mac mini expected at Macworld
66 Rumor: New Mac Minis Dressed in Sexy Aluminum
67 UPDATE: Analyst Expects Cheaper iPhone, MacBook Models In 2009
68 New shuffle, cheaper iPhone and MacBooks seen in 2009
69 China dairy boss pleads guilty in melamine case
70 Tainted products: major scares involving China
71 Trial of executives in China milk scandal closes, verdict pending
72 Blood Thinner Finally Gets Hearing
73 FDA advisory panel to review Lilly, Daiichi drug prasugrel
74 FDA extends review of Lilly blood thinner
75 Dropping pounds top goal for many
76 High Blood Sugar Linked to Memory Loss
77 Rising Blood Sugar May Harm the Aging Brain
78 Five Great Cures for Hangovers
79 Teens who take pledge of abstinence still have sex: study
80 FDA blocks Biopure trial
81 Watson wins U.S. OK for generic Nicorette mint gum
82 Watson gets approval for mint-flavored Nicorette
83 Songs From The Sea: Deciphering Dolphin Language With Picture Words
84 Better Antifreezes To Preserve Donor Organs For Transplantation
85 Another Reason To Avoid High-fat Diet: It Can Disrupt Our Biological Clock, Say Researchers
86 Why Locusts Abandon A Solitary Life For The Swarm
87 Competition, Not Climate Change, Led To Neanderthal Extinction, Study Shows
88 Facial Expressions Of Emotion Are Innate, Not Learned
89 Nanotechnology May Be Used For Food Safety
90 Humans, Oceans Shaped North American Climate Over Past 50 Years, NOAA Report Says
91 How Helium Can Be Solid And Perfect Liquid At Same Time, Now Explained By Computer-assisted Physics
92 Drilling Holes Through Deadly Bacteria's Kevlar-like Hide
93 Genes That Made 1918 Flu Lethal Isolated
94 Aphids Leave Old Exoskeletons Near Their Colonies, As Decoys
95 Small Molecules, Large Effect: How Cancer Cells Ensure Their Survival
96 Risk Takers, Drug Abusers Driven By Decreased Ability To Process Dopamine
97 Common Food Additive Found To Increase Risk And Speed Spread Of Lung Cancer
98 Pre-existing Diabetes For Persons Diagnosed With Cancer Associated With Increased Risk Of Death
99 Breast Cancer: Diet High In Vegetables, Fruit And Fiber May Cut Risk Of Cancer Recurrence In Women Without Hot Flashes
100 Molecule That Targets Brain Tumors Identified
101 MRI Scans Can Predict Effects Of Multiple Sclerosis Flare-ups On Optic Nerve
102 Brain Birth Defects Successfully Reversed Through Stem Cell Therapy
103 Area Of Brain Key To Choosing Words Identified
104 Moderate Drinking Can Reduce Risks Of Alzheimer's Dementia And Cognitive Decline, Analysis Suggests
105 Women Double Fruit, Veggie Intake With Switch To Mediterranean Diet Plan
106 Gardening Provides Recommended Physical Activity For Older Adults
107 Botany: Root System Architecture Arises From Coupling Cell Shape To Auxin Transport
108 Bizarre Reproductive Techniques Discovered For Deep-ocean Squid
109 Both Major Theories About Human Cellular Aging Supported By New Research
110 Berry Compound Reduces Aging Effect
111 Voriconazole: A Highly Potent Treatment For Fungal Infections
112 Human Hair Combined With Compost Is Good Fertilizer For Plants
113 Diverse Landscapes Are Better: Policymakers Urged To Think Broadly About Biofuel Crops
114 Pollen Grain Study Yields New Picture Of Ice Age
115 Researchers Print Dense Lattice Of Transparent Nanotube Transistors On Flexible Base
116 Military Uniforms Now Provide Reliable Protection From Mosquitoes
117 Breakthrough In Production Of Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes
118 How Small Can Computers Get? Computing In A Molecule