File Title
1 Why Did Humans Migrate to the Americas?
2 NOAA sets rules for Navy sonar training
3 Report: Upgrading FEMA flood maps would save lives
4 What Happens When Satellites Fall
5 NASA Sees Far Side of the Sun
6 Taiwan children get sneak preview of pandas
7 Animal activists hail Indian court ruling on stray dogs
8 New Catfish Species Climbs Rocks
9 Cautious Optimism for the First Embryonic Stem Cell Human Trial Approved by the FDA
10 Bolivia nationalizes Chaco oil company
11 Sanyo, Nippon Oil announce solar power tie-up
12 AP: Iraq forced to cut spending as oil price falls
13 Instant Messages Reveal Relationship Health
14 High-tech sensors help seniors live independently
15 Merck: New pill may work for MS
16 China says 90 percent of families take toxic milk deal
17 CDC Warns of Rise in Childhood Infections Tied to Meningitis Germ
18 Elderly Car Crash Deaths Down in Last Decade
19 Acne Cream Not Linked to Raised Death Risk
20 Tanning no cure for seasonal depression
21 Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Protect Against Disabilities
22 25 Years of Mac: From Boxy Beige to Silver Sleek
23 Microsoft is Dead
24 The Best Government Tech of the Bush Years
25 White House Tech More Tired Than Wired
26 Europe's Sexy New Gravity Satellite
27 World's Fastest Car Goes Electric
28 FDA OKs First Human Trials of Embryonic Stem Cells
29 Arrives on Google-Powered Cellphones
30 Replace Google Notebook
31 Burden of Proof: Spurned Scientists Vindicated
32 The Plot to Kill Google
33 The Car of the Future Promised for October
34 NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined with Credit Card Records of U.S. Citizens
35 Pics: Inside the Tunnels of Gaza
36 Extreme Cold and Aluminum Cans Bring Interesting Results
37 BBC7 Goes Spooky as Edgar Allan Poe Turns 200
38 Surprise! The New F1 Cars Aren't Ugly
39 Guinness Book of World Records Goes 3-D, Wii
40 Obama Administration: Wiretapping Legal Challenge Must Die
41 Zune Gasps for Breath
42 Will Apple Sue Palm for Ripping Off iPhone?
43 Clear Carbon-Nanotube Films
44 A Quantum Memory Leap
45 Semantic E-Mail Delivery
46 Malware Swipes Millions of Credit Cards
47 Crowd-Sourcing the World
48 A Virus That Rebuilds Damaged Nerves
49 Gecko Tape That Lets Go
50 A Portal to Your Passwords
51 Better Thermal Photovoltaics
52 C1XS Catches First Glimpse Of X-ray From The Moon
53 Japanese security robot nets intruders
54 NASA Sees The Dark Side Of The Sun
55 Ring of fire: Solar eclipse to traverse Indian Ocean
56 KCNA Calls For Checking Japan's Moves For Space Militarization
57 One Launch Down, Twenty To Go For USAF In 2009
58 Number of Internet users tops one billion: comScore
59 Spore computer game evolving
60 Science And Technology Subcommittee Chairs And Members Named
61 GOSAT To Monitor Greenhouse Gases
62 British 'hacker' wins right to fight extradition to US
63 IAU Releases Milestone Book And Movie Celebrating The Telescope
64 Senate Nears Deal to Delay Digital TV Transition
65 Not Lip-Synching, but Not Quite Live
66 BlackBerry Force One Is Up to the Job
67 Could Biodeisel Power Future Rockets?
68 Brazilian Model Who Lost Hands, Feet Dies
69 Penile Fractures: More Than a Sex Myth on 'Grey's Anatomy'
70 New Worries About Meth Trends
71 British Gym Replaces Dumbbells With Human Weights
72 Tree deaths have doubled across the western US
73 Leaky membranes: Another sign of old age
74 Warmer climate causing huge increase in tree mortality across the West
75 Hope for restoring injured nerves
76 The breakdown of barriers in old cells may hold clues to aging process
77 STDs disrupt genetic bottleneck that usually constrains HIV infection
78 Inflammation worsens danger due to atherosclerosis
79 Recalibrating 'fight or flight'
80 New study links western tree mortality to warming temperatures, water stress
81 Sea bed provides information about present climatic change
82 Microbes fuel energy debate
83 Invasions by alien plants have been mapped in European Union
84 New study provides further evidence that apple juice can delay onset of Alzheimer's disease
85 Crib-side studies help struggling newborns go home without feeding tubes
86 A crystal clear view of chalk formation
87 Tension in the nanoworld
88 Research elucidates way lungs fight bacteria and prevent infection
89 DASNR researchers make breakthrough against poxviruses
90 More accurate FEMA flood maps could help avoid significant damages and losses
91 Research ties tree mortality trends to climate warming
92 Feeling your words: Hearing with your face
93 Cancer-causing gene discovery suggests new therapies
94 Scientists use lasers to measure changes to tropical forests
95 Gene's past could improve the future of rice
96 New understanding of the origin of galaxies advanced
97 Cosmic rays detected deep underground reveal secrets of the upper atmosphere
98 Chemical come-on successfully lures love-sick lampreys to traps
99 Research exposes the risk to infants from the chemicals used in liquid medicines
100 Quantum teleportation between distant matter qubits
101 Quantum technologies move a step closer with the demonstration of an 'entanglement' filter
102 U of T team heats up gold to surprising effect: it gets harder not softer
103 The continents as a heat blanket
104 Unexpected finding opens up new way to stop autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection
105 Nano-tetherball biosensor precisely detects glucose
106 Jefferson scientists discover a key protein regulator of inflammation and cell death
107 Process can cut the cost of making cellulosic biofuels
108 Secrets Of Stradivarius' Unique Sound Revealed
109 Scientists find new way to produce hydrogen
110 Nicotine activates more than just the brain's pleasure pathways
111 Scientists Unlock Possible Aging Secret in Genetically Altered Fruit Fly
112 Tiny lasers get a notch up
113 Implants mimic infection to rally immune system against tumors
114 C1XS catches first glimpse of X-ray from the moon
115 How natural oils can be hydrogenated without making unhealthy trans fats
116 Plasmonic Whispering Gallery Microcavity Paves the Way to Future Nanolasers
117 New tools can better predict successful kidney transplant outcomes
118 Treatments after prostate surgery reported in the Journal of Urology
119 Personal disaster preparedness
120 Schizophrenic patients' frozen faces harm social interactions
121 'Abusive behavior' towards people with dementia by family carers is common
122 Researchers find drug-coated stents less risky in heart bypass patients than bare-metal stents
123 Sleep disordered breathing and obesity: Independent effects, causes
124 Only about one of ten unemployed workers obtain COBRA coverage
125 Blocking toxic effects could make clot-buster safer
126 Research identifies in-flight emergencies
127 Nurses with a second degree could impact workforce
128 Children with inflammatory bowel disease have surprisingly high folate levels, study finds
129 Cell transplantation and diabetes: New sites, new devices
130 Semiconducting nanotubes produced in quantity at Duke
131 Industrialization of China increases fragility of global food supply
132 Researchers describe protease inhibitor that may aid in diabetic retinopathy treatment
133 Light-Speed Nanotech: Controlling the Nature of Graphene
134 Researchers cooking up new gelled rocket fuels
135 University of Miami engineer designs stretchable electronics with a twist
136 Baby Beetles Inspire Pitt Researchers to Build "Mini Boat" Powered by Surface Tension
137 Disabled and other vulnerable groups more susceptible to terrorism fears
138 Pacific people spread from Taiwan
139 New stretchable electrodes created to study stresses on cardiac cells
140 Mixing genomics and geography yields insights into life and environment
141 Video games linked to poor relationships with friends, family