File Title
1 Hackers breach Heartland Payment credit card system
2 Apple Beats Street in Holiday Quarter; Shares Soar
3 Bad News for Multimillionaires
4 Clean Air Means Longer Life, Study Says
5 The Old Media Scramble
6 Home, Home in the Internet Cloud
7 Study Examines Moms' C-Section Complications
8 In Hawaii, Family Heals Scars of Leprosy
9 Bush medicine could make safer implants
10 Summer springs sooner: study
11 New ink heralds printable semiconductors
12 Cleaner air 'adds months to life'
13 Cross-breeding 'threat' to deer
14 Caring for Dubai's race camels
15 Fingerprint test may catch US killer
16 Sex smell lures 'vampire' to doom
17 White House plans open government
18 Intel shedding up to 6,000 jobs
19 Apple posts best quarterly profit
20 Online tax glitch baffles Revenue
21 Tweet smell of success over Digg
22 Microsoft to cut up to 5,000 jobs
23 Major operas to be shown online
24 Is Apple recession proof?
25 Chinese milk scam duo face death
26 Doubt over child steroid tactic
27 China to pour $120bn into health
28 Payment Processor Heartland Reports Breach
29 Barack Obama Is A Familiar Name Now, But Not To Spell Check
30 Apple Earnings Surpass Expectations
31 Microsoft Shows It Isn't Recession-Proof
32 Antarctica Not Immune From Global Warming
33 Arkansas At Risk For Major Earthquake?
34 Hours Into Office, Obama Chafes At Bubble
35 Dream Come True For Michelle's Designer
36 10 Web Sites That Will Matter in 2009
37 Is Microsoft working on a software center for Windows?
38 Italy to Follow French 3 Strikes Model for P2P
39 iPhone and iPod touch: Top 10 weird applications
40 10 Brilliant Multi Level Navigation Menu Techniques
41 Study: Cleaner Air Adds 5 Months To US Life Span
42 2nd UPDATE: Microsoft To Cut 5,000 Jobs; F2Q Net Falls
43 Microsoft To Cut 5,000 Jobs As Profits Fall 11%
44 Microsoft sees profits fall, starts layoffs
45 Microsoft Plans to Lay Off 5,000 Workers
46 Microsoft to Cut 5000 Jobs
47 Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard: Microsoft's comeback plan
48 YouTube to partner with big media on advertising
49 COPA Child-Porn Law Killed
50 COPA Spends Ten Years in Limbo, Dies at the Supreme Court
51 Citrix, Intel to virtualize the desktop with new hypervisor
52 Intel, Citrix To Collaborate On Virtualized Desktops
53 Intel, Citrix Developing Virtualized PCs
54 Google-Powered Site Is Great Lesson in Interactive Web Maps
55 Google powers new NYC information hub
56 New York Promotes Itself with Website for Tourists, "Silvers"
57 Staking a Claim on Mobile Apps
58 Interview: iPhone dev gets existential about "crap" apps
59 live viewing comes to the iPhone
60 Review: for iPhone
61 IBM Updates Lotus Foundations for Small Businesses
62 IBM Makes Collaboration Easier, Faster and Universally Accessible
63 IBM Helps Businesses, Consumers Weather the Storm With Cost Effective Software
64 Pirated iWork '09 installer may contain trojan horse
65 Mac Trojan Horse found in pirated Apple iWork '09
66 Larry Magid's 1984 review of the original Macintosh
67 The Mac at 25: Successes, regrets, Apple's had a few
68 1984 Macintosh Ad Still Rocks Our Socks 25 Years Later
69 Twitter to hit the big time with explosion in microblogging
70 Pandora brings audio ads back to its radio
71 Pandora Uses Traditional Radio Sellers to Pitch Web Audio Ads
72 Quad-core price war breaks out
73 AMD Quietly Cuts Phenom II X4 Prices, Too
74 Seagate Issues 'Bricked' Drives Fix
75 Seagate releases new firmware for broken hard drives
76 Seagate Offers Second Fix For Hard-Drive Firmware
77 Florida Man Confesses to Sending Mysterious Monkey Text Message
78 Man confesses to sending strange text to UF students and staff
79 DTV Transition Gains Steam as Qualcomm Pushes Back
80 DTV Coupon Wait-List Tops 2.5 Million
81 Will evolution teaching in Texas change?
82 In Texas, a Line in the Curriculum Revives Evolution Debate
83 Texas wrestles with science standards, evolution
84 State Board of Education debates evolution curriculum
85 Vote could impact teaching of evolution in Texas
86 Don't let science get watered down
87 Cleaner air equals 21 more weeks of life
88 Study Links Cleaner Air to Longer Life
89 Cleaner Air Equals Longer Life
90 Cleaner air, longer life: Study provides evidence
91 Gates Rounds Up $630- Million To Extinguish Polio Forever
92 China Takes A Stab At Universal Health Care
93 China Announces Subsidies for Health Care
94 Beijing Plans $124 Billion Overhaul of Health Care
95 Chinese pin hope on new health care reform plan
96 Why Saying No to Foods May Be Harder for Women
97 Hunger Control: Women the Weaker Sex?
98 Teens accused of having sex and spitting on nursing home residents
99 2 teens accused of groping, spanking the elderly
100 Google exceeds forecasts, though earnings drop
101 Implants mimic infection to rally immune system against tumors
102 Cyclogyro Flying Robot Improves its Angles of Attack
103 How chemotherapy drugs block blood vessel growth, slow cancer spread
104 Scientists Find New Way to Produce Hydrogen
105 Long-Distance Teleportation Between Two Atoms: First between atoms 1 meter apart
106 Quantum technologies move a step closer with the demonstration of an 'entanglement' filter
107 Researchers heat up gold to surprising effect: It gets harder not softer
108 Genetic interactions are the key to understanding complex traits
109 Why do the majority of people never get cancer?
110 Secrets Of Stradivarius' unique violin sound revealed, prof says
111 Researchers Genetically Link Lou Gehrig's Disease in Humans to Dog Disease
112 Tree deaths have doubled across the western US
113 Hope for Restoring Injured Nerves: Biologists ID Gene, Pathway for Nerve Regeneration in Worms
114 Nano-tetherball biosensor precisely detects glucose
115 AMD doesn't pare 4Q loss as much as analysts hoped
116 Obama wins first battle--to keep BlackBerry
117 Living with females extends the reproductive life of the male mouse
118 Infants draw on past to interpret present, understand other people's behavior
119 Aeroacoustics Research Could Quiet Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
120 Yahoo's new CEO imposes salary freeze
121 Tiny lasers get a notch up
122 Scientists solve mystery: 3 fish are all the same
123 Microsoft still interested in Yahoo!: Ballmer
124 Scientists unlock possible aging secret in genetically altered fruit fly
125 Pacific people spread from Taiwan
126 Researcher decodes the language of memory cells in Science article
127 Tax rebates not a quick fix for the economy
128 Nicotine activates more than just the brain's pleasure pathways
129 Pieces Coming Together for First Test Launch of NASA's New Spacecraft
130 Scientists discover a key protein regulator of inflammation and cell death
131 Verdict: Supermassive black holes not guilty of shutting down star formation
132 Mixing genomics and geography yields insights into life and environment
133 'Spore' computer game evolving
134 Process can cut the cost of making cellulosic biofuels
135 The breakdown of barriers in old cells may hold clues to aging process
136 Texas wrestles with science standards, evolution
137 Here's venom in your eye: Spitting cobras hit their mark
138 Reproductive life of male mice is increased by living with females
139 Japanese researchers envisage nicotine-free tobacco
140 Survey: Few people believed campaign rumors about Obama, McCain
141 WineCrisp--new apple was more than 20 years in the making
142 Invasions by alien plants have been mapped in Europe
143 Microbes fuel energy debate
144 Solarmer Energy expects sun to shine on Chicago invention
145 Surviving dance club music (noise) with hearing intact
146 Elusive search for Kruger crocodile die-off baffles scientists
147 'Astronaut food approach' to medical testing: Dehydrated, wallet-sized malaria tests promise better diagnoses in develop
148 Caspian Tiger Extinct But Lives On In Siberian Tiger
149 New Synthetic Compound Message to Drug-Resistant Bacteria: 'Resistance is Futile'
150 Researchers cooking up new gelled rocket fuels
151 Teens in Love Do Less Crime
152 Seabird's ocean lifestyle revealed
153 New research study to shed light on emerging seaborne pathogen
154 Key to the success of invasive ants discovered
155 Stop traffic crashes: Switch on the lights
156 Judge orders Illinois TB patient into isolation
157 CDC study: Kentucky has highest smoking death rate
158 New treatment option for latent tuberculosis
159 Mind out of balance, body out of balance
160 New treatment reduces severity of asthma attacks in preschoolers
161 I quit, we quit--what works better for smokers?
162 Trust me, I'm a journalist
163 'Sunshine vitamin' link to cognitive problems in older people
164 New study provides further evidence that apple juice can delay onset of Alzheimer's disease
165 Unexpected finding opens up new way to stop autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection
166 Inflammation worsens danger due to atherosclerosis
167 The drug treatment of heart failure is influenced by the gender of the patient and of the physician
168 US experts call for rethink of trend to bar smokers from employment
169 Decline in health among older adults affected by Hurricane Katrina
170 The total package: A skillful, compassionate doctor
171 Drug-coated stents less risky for heart bypass patients
172 Sometimes 100 Cents Feels Like It's Worth More Than A Dollar
173 Study: Cleaner air adds 5 months to US life span
174 Excessive weight loss can be a bad thing
175 New study to explore if anti-inflammatory drug can treat type 2 diabetes
176 Preterm birth: Magnesium sulphate cuts cerebral palsy risk
177 BUSM researcher solves mystery of 9-month-old