File Title
1 Study fails to catch plants making methane
2 Ocean fertilization experiment suspended
3 Genetic 'clock' made in lab
4 Graphene electrode promises stretchy circuits
5 NASA top spot up in the air
6 Nuke code cracks stellar mystery
7 Scientists weave invisibility cloak
8 Crops that cool
9 Fish are crucial in oceanic carbon cycle
10 ESA seeks to join US dark energy mission
11 News: Q&A. Hong Kong inaugurates Institute for Advanced Study
12 Europe set to crack down on pesticides
13 FDA ready to regulate transgenic animals
14 Science wins big in US economic plan
15 Study of human tissue reveals potential colon cancer biomarker
16 Strategic farming practices could help mitigate global warming
17 Mutant host cell protein sequesters critical HIV-1 element
18 Fish guts explain marine carbon cycle mystery
19 DNA repair patterns may predict risk of pancreatic cancer
20 A novel explanation for a floral genetic mystery
21 New genetic model predicts plant flowering in different environments
22 Combating infection of crops by nematodes is soon to improve
23 New infant feeding and obesity research adds insight to ongoing issue
24 Is there a relationship between sleep-wake rhythm and diabetes?
25 Why you can't hurry love
26 Fishdunnit! Mystery solved
27 JDRF-funded researchers discover proteins regulating human beta cell replication
28 Arctic Heats Up More than Other Places
29 UGA study may give hope that ivory-billed woodpeckers still around
30 Evolutionary Process More Detailed Than Believed
31 Slight Changes in Climate May Trigger Abrupt Ecosystem Responses
32 Dartmouth researchers identify potential cancer target
33 Scientists find new structural motif in key enzymes is essential to prevent autoimmune disease
34 Neurons show sex-dependent changes during starvation
35 Key protein that may cause cancer cell death identified
36 Progress made in understanding causes and treatment of endometriosis
37 Report calls aerosol research key to improving climate predictions
38 Brown Researchers Work Out Structure of TIGAR, a Possible Cancer Flag
39 First ground-based detection of light from transiting exoplanets
40 University of Leicester archaeologist uncovers evidence of ancient chemical warfare
41 'Stellar cannibalism' is key to formation of overweight stars
42 New report on science learning at museums, zoos, other informal settings
43 U of T chemistry discovery brings organic solar cells a step closer
44 Easy assembly of electronic biological chips
45 New study resolves mystery of how massive stars form
46 Next generation cloaking device demonstrated
47 Spin-polarized electrons on demand
48 Scientists solve longstanding astronomy mystery
49 The Science Coalition applauds House economic stimulus package proposal
50 UM High-Tech Solutions Ease Inaugural Challenges
51 Discovery of methane reveals Mars is not a dead planet
52 A Fantastic Voyage Brought to Life
53 New family of antibacterial agents uncovered
54 Nanotech safety high on Congress' priority list
55 Spallation Neutron Source gets initial go-ahead on second target
56 Researchers find essential proteins for critical stage of malaria
57 Swiss and Dutch health systems provide lessons for US on achieving universal coverage
58 Seasonal variation in blood pressure
59 Canada-US scientists discover gene responsible for brain's aging
60 Salt reduction may offer cardioprotective effects beyond blood pressure reduction
61 Nursing study concludes postnatal depression can possibly be prevented drug-free
62 Nanotech in your vitamins
63 Nations that sow food crops for biofuels may reap less than previously thought
64 More chip cores can mean slower supercomputing, Sandia simulation shows
65 Energy-efficient water purification made possible by Yale engineers
66 A biologist from the Public University of Navarre enhances use of bioinformatic tools and achieves greater precision in genetic annotation
67 Methane pockets may narrow search for Mars life
68 Soldiers' kids could get virtual mums and dads
69 Did dark energy give us our cosmos?
70 Eyes reveal health secrets of the brain
71 Climate change to stifle developing nations' growth
72 Comment: Why we can't stop birds downing aircraft
73 Waking up superbugs may destroy their drug resistance
74 Nanotech gadget could diagnose any disease
75 Fish 'an ally' against climate change
76 Invention: Intelligent fingertip 'eye'
77 Humans' prey species evolving dangerously fast
78 Comment: Why we must save our astronomical heritage
79 Colourful pigs evolved through farming, not nature
80 Methane pockets may narrow search for Mars life
81 A high-albedo diet will chill the planet
82 Nut-cracking monkeys find the right tool for the job
83 Gallery: How to make your own ice spikes
84 Car exhaust fumes cause lightning strikes
85 Our world may be a giant hologram
86 Glow of 'hot Jupiters' spotted from Earth for first time
87 Top 7 alternative energies listed
88 Model of surprise has 'wow' factor built in
89 Virtual double flexes your muscles
90 How novels help drive social evolution
91 Doubts raised over brain scan findings
92 Is it really bad to be sad?
93 Morphing gel display puts images at your fingertips
94 Rampant rabbits trash World Heritage island
95 Invention: Insulin chewing gum
96 Pet dogs rival humans for emotional satisfaction
97 Study Links Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals With Higher BMI in Toddlers
98 More Chip Cores Can Mean Slower Supercomputing, Simulation Shows
99 Jumbo-Sized Discovery Made in Malaysia
100 Researchers Discover a Protein that Amplifies Cell Death
101 Global Temperature Report--December 2008
102 Physicists Propose Method for Entangling Moving Material Particles
103 McLaren and Hamilton mine new energy reserves
104 Evolutionary process more detailed than previously believed, study shows
105 Light-driven plasmonic nanoswitch may pave way for new computers, tech
106 Kellogg recalls 16 products due to salmonella risk
107 Dump-friends-for-Whoppers application irks Facebook
108 Researchers seek to map the brain patterns of Alzheimer's disease
109 Nanotubes Sniff Out Cancer Agents in Living Cells
110 Researchers identify potential cancer target
111 Obama wants Congress to act on lifting stem cells ban
112 Neurons show sex-dependent changes during starvation
113 Slight changes in climate may trigger abrupt ecosystem responses
114 Report calls aerosol research key to improving climate predictions
115 Discovery could help scientists stop the "death cascade" of neurons after a stroke
116 Microfluidic Devices Capture and Analyze Single Cancer Cells
117 Senate Republicans block delay in TV transition
118 Researchers seek to create 'fountain of youth'
119 Key protein that may cause cancer cell death identified
120 Lunar rover to travel inaugural parade route: NASA
121 Researchers work out structure of TIGAR, a possible cancer flag
122 How protein receptors on cells switch on and off
123 New study may give hope that ivory-billed woodpeckers still around
124 Scientists find new structural motif in key enzymes is essential to prevent autoimmune disease