File Title
1 Sign-Language Translator
2 Take TB Meds, Get Mobile Minutes
3 Weakened Algorithm Threatens Online Identity
4 Toyota to Deliver Plug-In Hybrids
5 GM to Build Its Own Batteries
6 MRI for Viruses
7 Removing cats to protect birds backfires on island
8 Finger length may predict financial success
9 Groups sue EPA, want tougher ship discharge rules
10 N/A
11 Senate boosts wilderness protection across US
12 Evolution of New Brain Area Allowed Small Motor Skills
13 Japan eyes more space orders after SKorea
14 Satellite Firm Faces New Lawsuit Faulting Losses
15 Zoos, aquariums face the ax in NY, elsewhere
16 Super-Predators: Humans Force Rapid Evolution of Animals
17 Rare tree kangaroo species has twins at Neb. zoo
18 Dinosaur Wore Primitive Down Coat
19 Gene clue explains major source of epileptic fits
20 Russia, Ukraine trade blame as Europe sees no gas
21 Chu warmly received at Senate confirmation hearing
22 No relief for Europe in Russian gas crisis
23 Largest-ever study of US child health begins
24 Sexually spread diseases up, better testing cited
25 Officials link salmonella to deaths in Va., Minn.
26 NY insurer settlement could lower costs nationwide
27 Preventing colds may be as easy as vitamin ZZZ
28 Top Army recruiter weighs fat camp for recruits
29 France leads Europe in birth rates
30 Gene Fusions May Drive Certain Cancers
31 Primary-care doctors do colonoscopies well: study
32 Vicks VapoRub can harm children under 2
33 Govt pushes electronic family tree for good health
34 Hair Of Tasmanian Tiger Yields Genes Of Extinct Species
35 Wireless Microgrippers Grab Living Cells In 'Biopsy' Tests
36 Active Galaxies Are Different Near And Far, Swift Spacecraft Shows
37 As Super-predators, Humans Reshape Their Prey At Super-natural Speeds
38 Microscopic Morphology Adds To Scorpion Family Tree
39 Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Unveils A Dozen New Pulsars
40 'Reverse Evolution' In Real Time Provides Key Insights Into Basic Mechanisms Of Evolution
41 Hazards Of Severe Space Weather Revealed
42 How Martian Winds Make Rocks Walk
43 Dead Stars Tell Story Of Planet Birth
44 Workers Exposed To Lead Show More Cognitive Problems Later In Life
45 Tiny Nanoparticle Capsules Deliver Medicines
46 Findings Turn Events In Early TB Infection On Their Head, May Lead To New Therapy
47 Organic Soils Continue To Acidify Despite Reduction In Acidic Deposition
48 New Clues To How We Locate Objects In Space
49 Biologists Discover Link Between CGG Repeats In DNA And Neurological Disorders
50 Infrared Light Visualizes Nanoscale Strain Fields
51 Growth Of New Brain Cells Requires 'Epigenetic' Switch
52 Disabling Enzyme Allows Mice To Gorge Without Becoming Obese, New Study Finds
53 Making The Most Of It: Study Reveals Motivating Factor For Enjoying The Present
54 Variants In Gene On X Chromosome Associated With Increased Susceptibility To Alzheimer's
55 Key To Future Medical Breakthroughs Is Systems Biology, Say Leading European Scientists
56 Eating Habits And Exercise Behaviors In Children Can Deteriorate Early
57 Why We Procrastinate And How To Stop
58 You Can Look--But Don't Touch
59 Mink Control Vital To Save Water Voles In Britain
60 New Protein Function Discovered; Sheds Light On Intricate Mechanics Of Cell Division
61 While The Cat's Away: How Removing An Invasive Species Devastated A World Heritage Island
62 Re-introduction Of Plant In Danger Of Extinction Successfully Monitored Over 10 Years For First Time Ever
63 Large Earthquakes Trigger A Surge In Volcanic Eruptions
64 Hind Wings Help Butterflies Make Swift Turns To Evade Predators, Study Finds
65 Andes' Formation Was A 'Species Pump' For South America
66 New Power Line De-icing System Developed
67 Researchers Control The Assembly Of Nanobristles Into Helical Clusters
68 Area Of El Bierzo Vineyards In Spain Calculated By Satellite
69 New Computer Program Enables Powerful Data Analysis On Small Computers
70 Online Racial Discrimination Linked To Depression, Anxiety In Teens
71 Synthetic HDL: New Weapon To Fight Cholesterol Problems
72 Turning Lunar Dust Into Gold
73 Sixteen Tons Of Moondust
74 Researchers Measure Elusive Repulsive Force From Quantum Fluctuations
75 Squeezing Light To The Quantum Limit
76 Mapping The Four Great Spiral Arms Of The Milky Way
77 Flight Team Enjoys Some Mid-Cruise Time During Pluto Bound Mission
78 Martian Rock Arrangement Not Alien Handiwork
79 Dawn Making Steady Progress To Next Asteroid Flyby
80 Japan researchers unveil robot suit for farmers
81 The Ten Billion Dollar Cyber Defense Initiative--Part Eight
82 Sequence Matters In Droughts And Floods
83 Astronomers Use Gamma-Ray Burst To Probe Star Formation In The Early Universe
84 Shortcovers turns iPhones into electronic books
85 Israel says all weapons legal amid phosphorus claims
86 Obama vows to tackle Middle East 'on day one'
87 Nuclear-related programs cost US 52 bln dollars in 2008: report
88 Mapping In A One Meter Sea Level Rise
89 Tibet plans holiday for China's 'liberation of serfs': report
90 Israel using Gaza as 'test laboratory' for new weapon: medics
91 Antibiotics abuse killing 80,000 Chinese a year: state media
92 Afghanistan hostage to its own insecurity
93 Researchers Create Microscope With 100 Million Times Finer Resolution Than Current MRI
94 Gruel world: Oliver Twist's hated dish returns
95 Impact of sea-level rise on atmospheric CO2 concentrations
96 'Smart' fridges stay cool by talking to each other
97 Education professor dispels myths about gifted children
98 Study links swings in North Atlantic oscillation variability to climate warming
99 Home turbines fail to deliver as promised, warns British study
100 Physicists Show that Correlated Environmental Variations Can Quicken Extinctions
101 A case of mistaken dino-identity
102 XMM-Newton measures speedy spin of rare celestial object
103 Cell 'anchors' required to prevent muscular dystrophy
104 Race and gender determine how politicians speak
105 Great Lakes water level sensitive to climate change
106 No flying cars at this year's Detroit auto show
107 Athletes not spared from health risks of metabolic syndrome
108 Study shows workplace benefits of influenza vaccination in 50-64 year olds
109 Transplanted fatty livers associated with worse prognosis for patients with HCV
110 Invasive plants challenge scientists in face of environmental change
111 Voracious sponges save reef
112 Satellites search out South Pole snowfields
113 China's population of Net users hits 298 million
114 Largest-ever study of US child health begins
115 Free Exercise and Nutrition Program in Brazil Could Serve as Model in United States
116 Human beta cells can be easily induced to replicate
117 Scientists develop new tool to improve oral hygiene
118 Researchers identify another potential biomarker
119 Do-it-yourself biology: Learning to build a better microbe
120 Switchboard in the brain helps us learn and remember at the same time
121 Finger length may predict financial success
122 When it comes to sleep research, fruit flies and people make unlikely bedfellows
123 Organometallic compounds as new drugs? Cobalt-containing aspirin complex with potential anti-tumor properties
124 Tequila boom triggers social, environmental hangover in Mexico
125 Why Men Rank Higher than Women at Chess (It's Not Biological)
126 As super-predators, humans reshape their prey at super-natural speeds
127 Giant bird feces records pre-human New Zealand
128 Hair of Tasmanian Tiger Yields Genes of Extinct Species
129 Wireless Microgrippers Grab Living Cells in 'Biopsy' Tests
130 Researchers discover structure of key Ebola protein
131 A crystal clear view of chalk formation
132 Clothing to crow about: Chicken feather suits and dresses
133 Rats say: Manhattan rules!
134 Study: When local revenue falls, traffic citations go up
135 Study of disease risk suggests ways to avoid slaughter of Yellowstone bison
136 New evidence that people make aspirin's active principle--salicylic acid
137 Einstein scientist's finding highlighted as 1 of 15 'evolutionary gems' by Nature
138 Toward a long-sought saliva test for autism
139 Microswimmers" make a big splash for improved drug delivery
140 How monkey murder brought British coastal towns together
141 NY insurer settlement could lower costs nationwide
142 Delusions associated with consistent pattern of brain injury
143 Novel technique changes lymph node biopsy, reduces radiaiton exposure
144 Better MRI scans of cancers made possible
145 Misuse of Vicks VapoRub may harm infants and toddlers