File Title
1 Cloud-sniffing drones soar over Asia
2 Hard-up Consumers Seen Seeking Solace in Gadgets
3 Drivers Rely on OnStar to Evade Hurricane Gustav
4 Is the End of Unlimited Internet Near?
5 Staying Linked Helps Reassure New Orleans Evacuees
6 Study: Bypass Better Than Stents in Long Term
7 Viruses to power batteries of the future
8 Researchers break open cancer enzyme code
9 Glow worms turn on to a rhythm
10 Experts poised for rare frog hunt
11 Hopes raised for block on cancer
12 It's a wrap [giving up plastic for a month]
13 Letter lottery defines spam load
14 Putting a face to the past
15 The endless search for security
16 Climbing stairs can prolong life
17 In Olympic Wake, Beijing Sees Clear Air
18 Storm-Fueling Current May Be Monster-Maker
19 Five Things Steve Jobs Must Do Before He Dies
20 3 Things They Should Have Taught In My Computer Science Degree
21 Lenovo won't refund the Windows tax without an NDA
22 MIT model helps computers sort data more like humans
23 Virtual Mirror Makes Trying on Clothes a Snap
24 Study: Bypass Better Than Stents In Long Term
25 Whooping Cough Outbreak At Pittsburgh Vets Clinic
26 Cancer Knowledge Lags In Poor Nations
27 A Young Scientist at Work to Inspire Kids' Curiosity
28 Henson's educational puppetry goes next-gen with Sid the Science Kid
29 Animated Muppets Teach Preschoolers Science On PBS
30 'Sid the Science Kid' on KCET
31 Jim Henson's son picking up TV reins
32 Rumor: iPhone gamepad may get Apple's support
33 Apple launching album app for iPhone and iPod touch
34 Report: NASA Looks Into Extending Shuttle Service Until 2015
35 Arctic Ice Melts Away Due To Impact Of Global Warming
36 The Worrying Arctic Ice Situation--Now You See It, Now You Don't
37 Slowly melting away
38 Is Steve Jobs Moonlighting In Customer Service?
39 Prius' gas mileage gives hybrid credibility
40 Toyota's Prius: The Debate Continues
41 GM Roundup: Lutz bullish on future, takes a dig at plug-in Prius
42 Internet traffic begins to bypass the U.S.
43 U.S. no longer global Internet hub
44 Internet traffic bypasses the U.S.
45 Is The US Becoming A Part Of The Internet Backwater?
46 Once Dominant, U.S. Loses Sway in Cyberspace Americans No Longer in Control As Other Internet Powers Emerge
47 Dnepr Rocket Launches Satellite Quintet into Orbit
48 Russia Launches Satellite Constellation
49 Five RapidEye remote sensing satellites launched
50 German Satellite Fleet Rapideye Is Launched
51 Yahoo Mash: When getting social isn't enough
52 Yahoo trashes Mash, still looking for social network glory
53 The Death of a Social Network: Yahoo Mash Kicks the Bucket
54 Microsoft looks to build one-stop mobile apps market
55 Microsoft plans 'Skymarket' apps store for Windows Mobile 7 in 2009
56 Microsoft readying apps store for Windows Mobile?
57 WHERE am I? Xohm to launch with location services
58 XOHM WiMAX from Sprint Dropping Next Month; No, Really
59 'Armored' Fish Study Helps Strengthen Darwin's Natural Selection Theory
60 Faster Rise In Sea Level Predicted From Melting Greenland Ice Sheet, Based On Lessons From Ice Age
61 Bone That Blends Into Tendons Created By Engineers
62 No More Big Stink: Scent Lures Mosquitoes, But Humans Can't Smell It
63 Treatment For Hearing Loss? Scientists Grow Hair Cells Involved in Hearing
64 Antarctic Research Helps Shed Light On Climate Change On Mars
65 Unexpected Large Monkey Population Discovered In Cambodia: Tens Of Thousands Of Threatened Primates
66 'Pristine' Amazonian Region Hosted Large, Urban Civilization
67 Origin Of High Energy Emission From Crab Nebula Identified
68 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Humans Could Be Infected Through Blood Transfusions
69 Diversity Among Parasitic Wasps Is Even Greater Than Suspected
70 Medication To Lower Blood Pressure Reduces Outcome Of Cardiovascular Death, Heart Attack Or Stroke, Study Suggests
71 Secret Of Plasma Heating Revealed
72 Charities Take Note: Personal Relationships Increase Donations
73 Jumping For Joy...And Stronger Bones
74 Incidence Of Intestinal Parasite Coccidia Is Increasing In Broilers
75 Crystals Improve Understanding Of Volcanic Eruption Triggers
76 Public Involvement Usually Leads To Better Environmental Decision Making
77 Magmatically Triggered Slow Earthquake Discovered At Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
78 Eyes Evolved For 'X-Ray Vision': Forward-facing Eyes Allow Animals To 'See Through' Clutter In The World
79 NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Ascends To Level Ground
80 Rosetta Spacecraft On Its Way To Meet Asteroid Steins
81 New Field Of Research Could Help Police In Crime Scene Forensics
82 Life Under The Laser: Unique Technology Illuminates Microscopic Activity In Body's Chemical Messenger System
83 Tiny 3-D Ultrasound Probe Guides Catheter Procedures
84 Saving Lives Through Smarter Hurricane Evacuations
85 Quantum 'Traffic Jam' Revealed: Findings May Help Get Current Flowing At Higher Temperatures
86 Robots Learn To Predict Where Their Leader Is Going, And Follow Along
87 Model Helps Computers Sort Data More Like Humans
88 'Racetrack' for fast electrons in semiconductor structures
89 NIAID describes challenges, prospects for an HIV vaccine
90 Treadmill exercise retrains brain and body of stroke victims
91 No more big stink: Scent lures mosquitoes, but humans can't smell it
92 Scientist unveils secret of newborn's first words
93 HIV-infected patients at greater risk for bone fractures
94 Biophysical method may help to recover hearing
95 Low levels of brain chemical may lead to obesity
96 History of nonmelanoma skin cancer associated with risk for subsequent malignancies
97 Crystals improve understanding of volcanic eruption triggers
98 Study of islands reveals surprising extinction results
99 Young men with type 2 diabetes suffer low testosterone levels
100 Ultrasonic vocalisation patterns in mice may be useful for modelling autism
101 Black raspberries slow cancer by altering hundreds of genes
102 Scientists discover why flies are so hard to swat
103 Lizards in Jamaica begin the day with displays of strength
104 Is Sarah Palin a Creationist?
105 Lights Out for Fireflies?
106 Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space
107 People Who Lose Jobs Become Hermits
108 Beetles Evolving as Lovers or Fighters
109 Why Butterflies Have 'Eye Spots'
110 Researcher Walks Among Dying Baby Chimps
111 Mathematical biology centre launched
112 Hurricane Gustav barrels ashore
113 Republicans at odds over human embryo research
114 'Gender bending' chemicals found in beer and wine
115 Sea level rises could far exceed IPCC estimates
116 Cyberwar fears grow after Georgia websites attacked
117 Nearby star may be swarming with comets
118 Key cancer enzyme gives up its secret
119 Genetic data withdrawn amid privacy concerns
120 Invention: Space satnav [et al.]
121 Organic wine is twice as good for the planet
122 Stanford's 'autonomous' helicopters teach themselves to fly
123 Physicists Rule Out the Production of Dangerous Black Holes at the LHC
124 Mars Rover Opportunity Ascends to Level Ground
125 Neighbour's aid for jobless nerve cells
126 Electrons discover their individuality
127 Cosmic connections: Scientist locates the origin of cosmic dust
128 Dashing computer interface to control your car
129 Paraben's CSI Stick Copies Data from Cell Phones
130 Finder of key hominid fossil disputes 7-million-year dating
131 Study: Bypass better than stents in long term
132 Elephants no Dumbo at sums: Japanese researcher
133 Sex hormones link to heart risk
134 Phoenix Mission Conducting Extended Activities on Mars
135 Bleeding-heart jetsetters spell bad news for climate
136 Caribbean resorts need to be carbon-neutral
137 New Orleans levee under threat as Gustav tears New Orleans under flood threat as Gustav tears into US coastinto US coast
138 World's glaciers facing huge threat: UN
139 UN chief: Next US president must lead on climate
140 New comet discovered by Swiss amateur astronomer: report
141 Microsoft to slash Xbox 360 price in Japan: report
142 Drivers rely on OnStar to evade Hurricane Gustav
143 Ad targeting based on ISP tracking now in doubt
144 6 Internet providers disclose Web tracking for ads
145 Switchable bio-adhesion
146 Tutankhamen fathered twins
147 Geometric model could mean breakthrough in saving endangered kakapo
148 U.S. union rates up substantially in 2008 for first time since 1970s, study shows
149 Flexible approach works best for public transport
150 Whales shedding blubber, Japan study says
151 Plague threatens prairie dogs, endangered ferrets
152 Thawing permafrost likely to boost global warming
153 Splitters and Lumpers: why planet Earth needs taxonomists
154 Researchers use virtual reality to study complexities of dizziness
155 Children tested in Belgium after radioactive leak
156 Watch out for drug names that look, sound alike
157 New master switch found in the brain that regulates appetite and reproduction
158 The first autism disease genes
159 Whooping cough outbreak at Pittsburgh vets clinic
160 Landmark study opens door to new cancer, aging treatments
161 Suicide risks studied in drugs for physical ills
162 Coffee may lower risk of uterus cancer: Japan study