File Title
1 Newfoundland Viking site remarkable
2 Greek dig unearths secrets of Alexander the Great's golden era
3 Peru: Over 19,000 objects found in Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman
4 Ancient camel jawbone discovery is just deserts for archaeologists
5 7000 Years of Iranian History Turned to Bricks
6 Chianti: Secret to Long Life, Says Ancient Recipe
7 Rare Mass Tombs Discovered Near Machu Picchu
8 'Macho' ancient hunters may have relied on rabbits
9 Solving a 10,000-year-old mystery
10 How the barbarians drove Romans to build Venice
11 Ramses temple found in eastern Cairo
12 Discovery of Bronze-Age 'Refrigerators' Expands Homer's Troy
13 PHOTO IN THE NEWS: DNA-Based Neanderthal Face Unveiled
14 Updated Three-Stage Model for the Peopling of the Americas
15 A Reevaluation of the Native American MtDNA Genome Diversity and Its Bearing on the Models of Early Colonization of Beringia
16 Ancestor city of Venice unearthed
17 Viking Age Triggered by Shortage of Wives?
18 Obliterating a Rich Past
19 Archaeologists discover Neolithic-era skeletons
20 Archaeologists find medieval artefacts on Mt. Visocica, disparage pyramid seeker
21 Defences at Troy reveal larger town
22 Research pushes back history of crop development 10,000 years
23 Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara
24 Radar reveals San Francisco's buried Presidio
25 Shard find in Intramuros shows early form of writing
26 DNA indicates humans in N. America 14,300 years ago
27 Agha Khan uses his massive wealth to protect precious sites in Syria
28 Stonehenge birthdate discovered by archaeologists
29 Mysterious Neolithic People Made Optical Art
30 Neanderthals ate seafood and had sophisticated palates
31 Ancient petroglyph chiseled from No. Arizona cliff
32 Fire burns ancient sites near Peru's Machu Picchu
33 Ancient statue of Ramses II found near Cairo
34 Kangaroo Bones Could Solve Aussie Aborigine Mystery
35 Remains of prehistoric men unearthed
36 New clickjacking affects all browsers; cause remains unknown
37 College bookstores turn to kiosks to stem e-textbook tide
38 Judge: Microsoft documentation unfit for US consumption
39 Thomas verdict overturned, making available theory rejected
40 Irwin's father fears for kids
41 Coroner exposes Antarctic drinking
42 Stonehenge 'an ancient clinic'
43 Oldest complex fossils found in South Australian reef
44 Rapid decline in bird numbers
45 Bedbugs give hope in malaria fight
46 Theory goes to water as fish finger found
47 500 new species found on Australian reefs
48 Finnish ISP thinks is a child-porn site
49 Wal*Mart shutting down DRM server, nuking your music collection--only people who pay for music risk losing it to DRM shenanigans
50 Sink in a drawer
51 Interview with Miss Piggy's creator
52 Chinese astronaut takes historic walk in space
53 Mama's milk ice cream cone, anyone?
54 Skull of Prehistoric Giant Goose with Teeth Found
55 Chinese astronaut walks in space
56 Soy may benefit stroke patients
57 Apple Eases iTunes Access For The Blind
58 Will Americans Call On Mobile Banking?
59 Nonverbal Often Worth 1,000 Debate Words
60 Japan's Online Social Scene: Not So Social
61 The 10 Most Mysterious Cyber Crimes
62 Senate Passes Bill Creating 'Copyright Czar'
63 IPhone 2.2: Safari Redesign, Possible Cut and Paste
64 New iPod nano a notch above the rest
65 Text Messaging Explodes In America
66 Chinese astronaut takes historic walk in space
67 Chinese Astronaut Makes Nation's First Spacewalk
68 Google's Challenge: Get Buyers to Really Use Android
69 Senate Creates Copyright Czar
70 Senate passes intellectual property bill
71 IP bill passes Senate, no civil enforcement power for DoJ
72 Judge Says iPhone Battery Lawsuit Has No Juice
73 In court: iPhone suit dismissed, Qwest conviction reviewed
74 Judge dismisses iPhone suit against Apple
75 Judge tosses iPhone battery lawsuit
76 UN Urged to Coordinate Killer Asteroid Defenses
77 Scientists Seek Solution To Asteroid Threat
78 What are near-Earth objects?
79 Space Explorers Plead With UN to Prepare for Killer Asteroids
80 Shocking research: Narcissists drawn to Facebook
81 Am I a narcissist? Ask Facebook--or me!
82 This Car Changed America
83 Model T Turns 100
84 Ballmer changes tune while dancing around Apple's success
85 Ballmer Still Searching for an Answer to Google
86 Microsoft's Ballmer Talks About Search, Seinfeld Ads, Smartphones
87 Steve Ballmer: Apple's Proprietary Hardware & Software Will Lose to Microsoft
88 Biotechs Get Rival Deals To Build Anthrax Vaccine
89 PharmAthene And Emergent To Develop Anthrax Vaccine
90 J&J Gets Proactive About Bad News
91 Paul Newman's Death Casts Spotlight on Lung Cancer
92 Researchers Report Stem Cell Advance
93 A New, Improved Stem Cell Recipe
94 Scientists Find Safer Way To Convert Mature Cells
95 New way to make stem cells reported
96 Safer Embryonic-Like Stem Cells Created by Harvard Researchers
97 Researchers Create Stem Cells Without Cancerous Side Effects
98 NASA's dirty secret: Moon dust
99 In radiation 'ventriloquism,' electromagnetic waves travel backwards
100 The hibernating stellar magnet: First optically active magnetar-candidate discovered
101 Worlds in collision
102 Simple device which uses electrical field could boost gas efficiency
103 Scientists detect cosmic 'dark flow' across billions of light years
104 Engineer: Head-first slide is quicker
105 Meteorite experiment deals blow to 'bugs from space' theory
106 100 million years AD
107 Dark Energy v. The Void: What if Copernicus was Wrong?
108 Scientists warn US Congress of cancer risk for cell phone use
109 Chinese astronaut makes nation's first spacewalk
110 Nanoscale Dominoes: Magnetic Moments Topple Over in Rows
111 New graphene-based material clarifies graphite oxide chemistry
112 Tweezers Trap Nanotubes by Color
113 Hybrid Nanoparticles Image and Treat Tumors
114 Nanopencil Can Provide Terabit Data Storage Density
115 New nanoscale process will help computers run faster and more efficiently
116 Scientist proposes explanation for puzzling property of night-shining clouds at the edge of space
117 Mars magnetic field mystery explained
118 New research shows why metal alloys degrade
119 CERN sticks to opening gala despite atom-smasher troubles
120 Going with the flow: Scientists solve 100-year-old engineering problem
121 Field of the future--ecological experiment simulates conditions in 2100
122 STERN rocket firing completed
123 Calif. warns people not to flush pharmaceuticals
124 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reveals Rock Fracture Plumbing on Mars
125 Lava flows reveal clues to magnetic field reversals
126 Don't blame cities for climate change, see them as solutions
127 Scientists seek volunteers to monitor for quakes
128 Emissions rising faster this decade than last
129 Toshiba Launches 1.8 inch 250Gb SATA Hard Drive
130 Professors teach robot to 'play ball'
131 Movea's Gyration Air Mouse
132 Panasonic Develops World's First 3D Full HD Plasma Theater System
133 Google phone to cost $179, debut Oct. 22
134 Cell phone can unlock car, start engine
135 Japanese firm unveils wearable airbag for elderly
136 Google offeres [sic] up a new vision of computing's future
137 A robot in every home? (Robot Special part 3)
138 Apple sells unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong
139 Free Adeona service tracks stolen laptops
140 Computer applications float in Internet cloud
141 Judge: Microsoft doesn't owe Alcatel-Lucent $1.5B
142 New underwater robot can hover in place
143 Japan's online social scene isn't so social
144 Probing Question: Will digital actors replace humans in Hollywood?
145 'Spore' evolution computer game spawns lawsuit
146 Presidential debate's Internet debut a forum for political trash talk
147 Einstein's green refrigerator making a comeback
148 MySpace songs launch irks independent music group
149 Sexual practice of polygyny skews genetic variability
150 Swiss man flies over Channel on jet wing
151 Optimism experts handicap the presidential election with about 6 weeks remaining until Nov. 4
152 Foam reactor is 10 times more energy efficient
153 Compound could help detect chemical, biological weapons
154 Advance offers revolution in food safety testing
155 Animals farmed for meat are the No. 1 source of food poisoning bug, study shows
156 Economist's Model Forecasted Current Economic Slowdown One Year In Advance
157 New way to make malaria medicine also first step in finding new antibiotics
158 Prison for Chinese farmer who faked tiger photo
159 Biophysicists create new model for protein-cholesterol interactions in brain and muscle tissue
160 Thousands flock in Bangladesh to see 15.2 kg baby
161 Hospital deaths of 40 newborns shocks Turkey
162 No longer depressed, or on meds
163 Neuroscientists Identify Brain Regions Responsible for Warding off Negative Emotion
164 West Nile season appears to be mildest in 7 years
165 Tainted milk crisis hits more global companies
166 British cigarette packs to carry graphic picture warnings
167 Chinese woman jailed for smuggling US technology
168 Researchers study how pistachios may improve heart health
169 Traumatic brain injury to delinquent teens associated with mental problems
170 Feeding your body's defenses against cancer