File Title
1 Russian technicians to aid China's spacewalk
2 Now viewing: Long-lost Einstein telescope restored
3 Sun's wind and output on extended dimmer switch
4 2 rockets launched, 1 military and 1 commercial
5 Red Planet MAVEN: New Probe to Scan Martian Atmosphere
6 Feds ask to put wolves back on endangered list
7 400 sheep killed in Australian road crash: police
8 Researcher finds tiny dino in world of giants
9 Researchers hope for change on stem cell politics
10 Jordan gets first subsidised Iraqi oil under new deal
11 Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire
12 Toyota's Lexus rapped over hybrid car advert
13 Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space [cf. 120, 138]
14 Wine ingredient protects against radiation: report
15 Chocolate Helps Heart Stay Healthy
16 Online-mediated syphilis testing shows promise
17 Sleep Apnea May Cause Erectile Dysfunction
18 Flu shot season begins with ample supply coming
19 New British medical advice for hyperactive children
20 China official says milk scandal "under control"
21 Prostate cancer hormone therapy may raise mortality
22 Caregivers Face Multiple Strains Tending Older Parents
23 Whole Brain Radiation Not Best for Cancer That Has Spread
24 Chrysler's Shocking Promise: An EV by 2010
25 T-Mobile's G1 Android Phone: Neither Open nor Exciting
26 Free, Legal and Online: Why Hulu Is the New Way to Watch TV
27 Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive
28 Silliest Cruises for Seafaring Geeks
29 In Search of the Long Tail: Crowdsourcing the Book Review Process
30 Brits: U.S. Passed a New Law Just to Nail Gary McKinnon
31 Two Arrested in First Bust for ATM Reprogramming Scam
32 First Look: Photoshop Creative Suite 4 Is Faster, More Refined
33 No Indictment Tuesday Against Palin Hacker
34 North Korean Nuclear Standoff: What's Next
35 Wall-E as in Envy
36 MySpace Launches Self-Service Ads
37 Report: EBooks All Work, No Play?
38 Cellphone Alarm Clock Decides When to Wake You Up
39 Apple's NDA Extended to App Store Rejection Letters
40 T-Mobile's G1 "Unlimited" Data Plan Throttled After 1 GB of Data Usage
41 Large Hadron Collider to Hibernate Until Spring
42 Solar tax credit renewals get green light from Senate
43 Experts find 'chemical equator' dividing globe
44 Children's Use of Cell Phones Increases Risk of Cancer Fivefold: Study
45 Old-Fashioned Men Make More Money--Study
46 SanDisk, Record Labels Announce "slotMusic" Physical Album Format
47 Stephen Hawking Unveils a "Time-Eating Clock"
48 'Ancient' Christian amulet exposed as modern hoax
49 Thousand-Year-Old Viking Shield Found in Denmark
50 Research pushes back history of crop development 10,000 years
51 Diabetes Research: Human Skin Cells Turned Into Insulin-Producing Cells
52 I'm a PC, and I Was Made on a Mac
53 Quiz: How NASA Knowledgeable Are You?
54 Ritalin 'should be avoided'
55 Inhaler lung drugs tied to heart problems, deaths
56 Acupuncture may benefit women with breast cancer
57 Acupuncture Reduces Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment
58 More parents ponder cancer gene tests for kids
59 Nanotubes on the Brain
60 Chemotherapy Gets Personal
61 Efficient, Cheap Solar Cells
62 Cell Type Counts in Spinal Therapy
63 A Portable DNA Detector
64 Android Has Arrived
65 Russian Technicians to Aid China's First Spacewalk
66 FYI Brings Comedy to the Web
67 Sun's Wind and Output on Extended Dimmer Switch
68 Chimps Can Recognize Friends by Their Behinds
69 Cell Phone Can Unlock Car, Start Engine
70 How Sexist Men Profit
71 Google Phone Faces Off Against Apple
72 The Fountain of Youth or Medical Baloney?
73 Kids in Medicaid Have More Tooth Decay: Study
74 Chinese Tainted Milk Company Accused Of Cover-Up
75 Flu Season Is Coming
76 Financial Stress: How Bad Can It Get?
77 Ancient yeast reborn in modern beer
78 Ulysses finds sun becoming less blustery
79 Quiet cars give false sense of security
80 Solar wind blows at 50-year low
81 China awaits manned spaceflight
82 Patent system 'stifling science'
83 Collider halted until next year
84 'Climate-proof' crop hunt begins
85 Romans 'brought leeks to Wales'
86 Portugal embraces wave power
87 Your pictures: Ed Vallance [a week with Siberian reindeer herders]
88 Germany's love of coal
89 Google's Android mobile unveiled
90 Users fail to spot fake pop-ups
91 Making money from blogging
92 Antidepressants 'may harm sperm'
93 Breast cancer 'kills more poor'
94 China milk scare 'under control'
95 India court backs leprosy ruling
96 Inhalers may up heart death risk
97 HIV rates among drug users rising
98 American v British teeth
99 Improving health in fragile states
100 Is it harmful to be upside down?
101 Researchers examine impact of beetle kill on Rocky Mountain weather, air quality
102 Balancing the brain
103 Japanese firm unveils wearable airbag for elderly
104 Researchers find an essential gene for forming ears of corn
105 Caffeine experts call for warning labels for energy drinks
106 Researchers find animal with ability to survive climate change
107 Russian technicians to aid China's first spacewalk
108 Cell phone can unlock car, start engine
109 What's the difference between a liberal and conservative?
110 Study suggests air quality regulations miss key pollutants
111 Research finds split in perception of similarity that could double Web advertising
112 Health insurance costs grow more gradually in 2008
113 Biologists hope to kill all of Rat Island's rats
114 What energy upgrades would you make for $250?
115 Google offeres [sic] up a new vision of computing's future
116 The hibernating stellar magnet: First optically active magnetar-candidate discovered
117 Puzzle of ants' suicide mission to protect the nest
118 New research shows why metal alloys degrade
119 Researchers describe for first time how some bacteria kill males: They first invade the mother
120 Galaxy Clusters Have a Mysterious Motion [cf. 13, 138]
121 Carbon nanostructures form the future of electronics and optoelectronics
122 Purifying nanorods: Big success with tiny cleanup
123 Nanopencil Can Provide Terabit Data Storage Density
124 Nanoscale Dominoes: Magnetic Moments Topple Over in Rows
125 Atom-smasher investigation could give findings this week
126 Controlling light with sound: new liquid camera lens as simple as water and vibration
127 Winter, repairs stall atom smasher until spring
128 Unlocking the secret of the Kondo Effect
129 Scientists explore what happened before the universe's theoretical beginning
130 High-temperature superconductor 'pseudogap' imaged
131 Small accidents mean big trouble for supercollider
132 In radiation 'ventriloquism,' electromagnetic waves travel backwards
133 When Lightning Strikes, Spark Branches Reconnect
134 Astronauts to test Chinese space suit on Shenzhou VII flight
135 Wildfires reduced by human activity
136 Ulysses spacecraft data indicate Solar System shield lowering
137 Worlds in collision
138 Scientists detect cosmic 'dark flow' across billions of light years [cf. 13, 120]
139 New Target Shuttle Launch Dates Announced as Astronauts Complete Rehearsal
140 CO2 emissions booming, shifting east, researchers report
141 Colorful study probes climate change, fall foliage
142 Google phone to cost $179, debut Oct. 22
143 Toshiba's 400GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
144 A robot in every home? (Robot Special part 3)
145 Panasonic Develops World's First 3D Full HD Plasma Theater System
146 Movea's Gyration Air Mouse
147 Now is a good time for neophytes to catch up with the iPod
148 Dell to use greener LED displays for all laptops
149 Yahoo launches major upgrade to display ad system
150 MySpace to connect users with US presidential debates
151 Never miss a call when using Internet service
152 Gamers play against type: Avid online role-players do not fit gamer stereotypes, survey finds
153 Google offers cash for world-changing ideas
154 Google releases software kit for new phone
155 Digital TV coupons now available to more users
156 Study: Work e-mail use creeps into off hours
157 Pop-up ad scam led to no laptop, but lots of spam
158 Using G OS 3.0 to access Google programs
159 Keep Mac screen from dimming
160 Biological sand filters, a practical approach to combat poverty and inequality
161 Researcher working on destruction of chemical weapons
162 Strong leaders who punish freeloaders and cheats can benefit society: research
163 Researchers note differences between people and animals on calorie restriction
164 Archaeological Dig in Greece Returns Important Finds
165 Researcher Discovers Molecules That Inhibit Important Gene Regulators
166 What to do with leftover embryos in fertility clinics?
167 Mapping the neuron-behavior link in Rett Syndrome
168 Study: Massage helps recovery at cellular level
169 Understanding the cycle of violence
170 Step back to move forward emotionally, study suggests
171 Unraveling 'math dyslexia'
172 Study probes impact of CSI-style programming on jurors
173 Forgetting facts