File Title
1 NASA's Swift Catches Farthest Ever Gamma-Ray Burst
2 Explorers Find Hundreds Of Undescribed Corals, Other Species On Familiar Australian Reefs
3 Genetically Modified Crops Protect Neighbors From Pests, Study Finds
4 'Baby' Fat Cells May Be Key To Treating Obesity, Say Researchers
5 From Sugar To Gasoline: 'Green Gasoline' Crafted From Sugar And Carbohydrates
6 'Buckyballs' Have High Potential To Accumulate In Living Tissue
7 Mother's Diet Can Affect Genes And Offspring's Risk Of Allergic Asthma, Rodent Studies Suggest
8 Astronomers Discover Most Dark Matter-dominated Galaxy In Universe
9 World Faces Global Pandemic Of Antibiotic Resistance, Experts Warn
10 Scientists Behind 'Doomsday Seed Vault' Ready World's Crops For Climate Change
11 Thin Men More Vulnerable To Osteoporosis And Bone Fractures Than Other Older Men
12 Harnessing New Technology To Keep Older People Behind The Wheel For Longer
13 Incontinence Affects A Substantial Proportion Of Women; Prevalence Increases With Age
14 Mobile Video Communication From A Mountain
15 Homosexuals' Negative Feelings About Sexuality Predict Poor Mental And Sexual Health
16 Muscle Stem Cell Identity Confirmed By Researchers
17 First Dense Gas Of Ultracold 'Polar' Molecules Created
18 Natural Childbirth Linked To Stronger Baby Bonding Than C-sections
19 Pictures Of Hot Fudge Sundaes Arouse: Understanding Emotions Improves Our Food Choices
20 Key Advance In Treating Spinal Cord Injuries Found In Manipulating Stem Cells
21 Kids With Obese Friends And Family More Likely To Misperceive Weight
22 Finger Lengths Linked To Voluntary Exercise
23 Cutting Calories Could Limit Muscle Wasting In Later Years
24 Accuracy, Efficacy And Ethics Of Abstinence-only Programs Questioned By Public Health Experts
25 Fly Studies Reveal Immune Cell Responses To Tumor And Tissue Damage
26 Novel Anti-cancer Mechanism Found In Long-lived Rodents
27 Biologists Identify Genes Controlling Rhythmic Plant Growth
28 New Mechanism For Cardiac Arrhythmia Discovered
29 Ship-induced Waves Affect Snails, Crabs And Insect Larvae In Sandy Lakes And Rivers
30 Doppler On Wheels Deployed At Hurricane Ike
31 Nitrate Concentrations Of Ground Water Increasing In Many Areas Of The United States
32 New Clues To Oxygen At The Origin Of The Solar System
33 Scientists Find Black Hole 'Missing Link'
34 Road Crossing Structures Important In Reduction Of Animal Mortality On Roads
35 Security: Checking People At Airports--With Terahertz Radiation
36 From Xbox To T-cells: Borrowing Video Game Technology To Model Human Biology
37 New Method For Building Multilingual Ontologies That Can Be Applied To The Semantic Web
38 Smart Desks Make Sci-fi A Reality In The Classroom
39 More than skin deep: There's no such thing as a 'safe' suntan, researchers warn
40 GM crops protect neighbors from pests
41 New study offers solution to global fisheries collapse
42 Hormone discovery points to benefits of 'home grown' fat
43 As personalized, genomic medicine takes off, four developing countries show the way for others
44 Explorers Find Hundreds of Undescribed Corals, Other Species on Familiar Australian Reefs
45 Rodent Studies Suggest Mother's Diet Can Affect Genes and Offspring's Risk of Allergic Asthma
46 New process derives 'green gasoline' from plant sugars
47 Maternal diet can increase development and severity of asthma in offspring
48 New vaccine element could generate better protection from avian influenza
49 Revealing the regulating mechanism behind signal transduction in the brain
50 Different stem cell types defined by exclusive combinations of genes working together
51 New class of hormone from healthy fat cells benefits metabolism, HSPH researchers find in mice
52 Bats pick up rustling sounds against highway background noise
53 Research pushes back crop development 10,000 years
54 Cells that mediate steroid-resistant asthma identified by scientists at Children's Hospital
55 High blood pressure takes big toll on small filtering units of the kidney
56 Marine debris will likely worsen in the 21st century
57 Duke medical team finds genetic link between immune and nerve systems
58 Using novel tool, UD researchers dig through cell 'trash' and find treasure
59 Landers Lab Micro-Sizes Genetics Testing
60 CSHL team traces extensive regulatory networks that help determine how certain RNA messages are alternatively "spliced"
61 Fires regenerate African grassland
62 Scientists find black hole 'missing link'
63 Error message! How mobile phones distort measurements
64 New technique sees into tissue at greater depth, resolution
65 JILA scientists create first dense gas of ultracold 'polar' molecules
66 Comet dust reveals unexpected mixing of solar system
67 Programmed cell death contributes force to the movement of cells
68 Checking people at airports--with terahertz radiation
69 Better understanding of blood vessel constrictor needed to harness its power for patients
70 Site used by sodium to control sensitivity of certain potassium ion channels
71 Idaho National Laboratory researchers meet major hydrogen milestone
72 Expanding cell girth indicates seriousness of breast cancer
73 Astronomers Discover Most Dark Matter-Dominated Galaxy in Universe
74 Study Suggests Why Heart Attack Victims Do Better with Social Support
75 From Sugar to Gasoline
76 BOSS: the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
77 Boston University astronomers en route to Mars
78 Introducing the next generation of chemical reactors
79 Future Looks Bright for Interferometry
80 Out of joint
81 Pinning down the Milky Way's spin
82 People with type 2 diabetes can put fatty livers on a diet with moderate exercise
83 How to prevent liver damage induced by anti-tuberculosis treatment?
84 Is OB glue paste technique ideal to establish nude mouse transplantation model?
85 What induce local recurrence of rectal carcinoma?
86 What's the main risk factor of gallstone disease?
87 Is local anesthetic wound infusion following laparotomy effective for colorectal surgery?
88 The effective chemoradiotherapy method for pancreatic cancer
89 How to treat steroid-naive ulcerative colits patients efficiently?
90 How to prevent halothane hepatitis in Iran?
91 A new diagnostic tool for colorectal cancers prognosis
92 What contribute to the biological behaviors of gastric carcinomas?
93 More convenient and helpful for colitis patients? An absorption enhancer may do
94 Can Taurine be a potent antioxidant drug in the future?
95 What is sign for progressive of colorectal carcinoma?
96 hefA plays an important role in multidrug resistance of Helicobacter pylori
97 Universite de Montreal astrophysicists 'weigh' galaxy's most massive star
98 NASA Uses Commercial Microgravity Flight Services For First Time
99 Opening The Window For Shenzhou 7
100 TNO Star Separators Help ESO With Detection Of Exoplanets
101 XMM-Newton Uncovers Well-Tuned Super-Massive Black Hole
102 Mini-Sub For Small Spaces
103 BOSS: The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
104 HiRISE Provides Detail Of Mars Terrain That Tantalizes Explorers
105 How Windy Is It On Venus
106 Chunghwa, SingTel to build second satellite
107 Abaqus Launches The MyGeoRecorder
108 CU-Boulder Instrument Set For Insertion On NASA's Hubble
109 In search of Thingummyjigosaurus
110 Swollen with success
111 Getting to the bottom of evolution
112 Creationism stir fries Reiss
113 Keeping bollworm from the door
114 Permafrost that lives up to its name
115 FDA to regulate genetically engineered animals
116 How they wonder what you are
117 Opening the door to Hogwarts
118 Fungi break acceleration record to escape dung
119 Rare parrot needs the right feed to breed
120 Food companies reject clones over consumer fears
121 Invention: Oil-sands digester
122 Vatican says it does not owe Darwin an apology
123 Russia may help Cuba build space centre
124 Software spots the spin in political speeches
125 Can nanoscopic meadows drive electric cars forward?
126 Gas stations in space need protective sunblock
127 Online gamers are fit--physically if not mentally
128 In pain? Take one masterpiece, three times a day
129 Chinese dairy contamination scandal grows
130 Controversial dwarf planet finally named 'Haumea'
131 Atomic flippers seek tiny ball for pinball fun
132 America's oldest ice discovered...then it melts
133 'Shares' in fish stocks halt commercial free-for-all
134 Voting Republican may be a survival response
135 Astronomers find universe's dimmest known galaxy
136 UK escapes bluetongue epidemic...for now
137 Reef search turns up hundreds of new species
138 Plastic-munching bugs turn waste bottles into cash
139 An icy stare really does make you feel cold
140 Pregnancy supplements may trigger asthma in kids
141 Satellite images cast doubt on success of Iraq surge
142 Invention: Muscle-fatigue blocker
143 Why ecotourists should head to high-rise resorts
144 Cosmic explosion is most distant ever seen
145 Clearer skies have brought more rain
146 'LHC day' was highest profile physics event in history
147 North American fish swimming towards extinction
148 Study Finds Lead in Synthetic Turf Can Be Absorbed into Gastric Fluids
149 Physicists Take Part in Discovery of New Subatomic Particle
150 Impacts of Climate Change on Chicago Expected to Increase in Coming Decades
151 Plants in Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical to Deal with Stress; Discovery May Help Agriculture
152 New Chemical Reaction Aids Drug Manufacture
153 'Baby' Fat Cells May be Key to Treating Obesity
154 Scientists Create First Dense Gas of Ultracold 'Polar' Molecules
155 Comet Dust Reveals Unexpected Mixing of Solar System
156 Left, Right; Obama, McCain: It May Not be What You Think
157 Longevity, Cancer and Diet Connected: Worm Research Could Apply to Humans
158 Squeezing Juice from the Sun: Tapping Solar Energy Could Provide Limitless Power
159 Biochar: Grow Bigger, Better Veggies While Slowing Global Warming
160 Study Merges Decade of Arctic Data as Ice Collapses Into the Sea
161 Intensity of Human Environmental Impact May Lessen as Incomes Rise
162 Using Novel Tool, Researchers Dig Through Cell 'Trash' and Find Treasure
163 Lab Micro-Sizes Genetics Testing