File Title
1 EFF releases Net Neutrality detector software
2 Rat-owning animal-hoarding rapture-obsessed twin elderly ladies versus the family next door
3 Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary bust
4 Glenn Greenwald on U.S. Govt anthrax scientist's suicide
5 Poor insulation led to drugs raid on police officer's home
6 Drawings of a chicken as it grows up
7 Blind painter Esref Armagan
8 Video: soundsystems mounted to BMX bikes
9 DHS border policy: we can steal anything from you, read all your data, and disclose it to anyone we want
10 Chemistry set ad from the pre-War-on-Fun days
11 NASA confirms water is on Mars
12 Cheap solar at night? MIT may have answer
13 Researchers may have found cosmic Rosetta stone
14 Wing damage
15 Armor tips from a scaly era
16 A quest to complete 'missing link' fossil
17 Vaccine enhances cancer immune response
18 High risk of 'mega-disasters' in Asia-Pacific
19 Dino diversity had a long pedigree
20 Mars baked from different ingredients to Earth
21 Meteor craters may hold untapped wealth
22 Nano-tools pick out traces of ancient life
23 Russian subs suspend record dive attempt
24 Ancient computer calculated Olympic Games
25 Hydrocarbon lake finally confirmed on Titan
26 Phoenix samples water at Mars pole
27 Wine-yeast makes alcohol to kill-off the competition
28 The future of tech in just one word: plastics
29 Auteur? Shop your movie to the 'soc-net' set
30 Program helps Arizona prisoners get ready for real life
31 Cassini scans lunar lakes
32 Managing Mangroves
33 How to make your kids' computer time educational--and fun
34 Many new 'friends' to be made online, but what about dollars?
35 Free site lets you build your own social network
36 U.S. understated HIV infection rate
37 Road to obesity may begin by age two
38 Technique may reveal world of hidden paintings
39 Drug may trick body into "thinking" you worked out
40 Phoenix Mission 'Definitely' Finds Water Ice on Mars: UPDATE
41 Beat the Heat: 11 Tips for Staying Comfortable as Temps Soar
42 Large Hadron Collider Rap Teaches Particle Physics in 4 Minutes
43 A New Dawn for Solar Energy
44 Say I'm Inside the Large Hadron Collider and It's Revving Up. Should I Be Concerned?
45 Can I Get Files From My Home Computer Remotely?
46 Dr. Kush: How medical marijuana is transforming the pot industry.
47 Annals of Medicine: The Itch
48 In the Air: Who says big ideas are rare?
49 Dvorak: Microsoft's 'Mojave' stunt humiliates ignorant users and itself
50 Party Game: From Dreams and Delusions to Wars and Wiretapping
51 Many New 'Friends' to be Made Online, But What About Dollars?
52 SpaceX launch fails a third time
53 Sewage pipes left 'unregulated'
54 World's smallest snake discovered
55 Study revives six degrees theory
56 TB hampers HIV treatment--study
57 Learning health lessons from Beijing
58 KDE 4.1 Pushes Cross-Platform Support, UI
59 This Bug Man Is a Pest
60 SpaceX Launch Fails To Reach Space
61 Launch of Private Rocket Fails; Three Satellites Were Onboard
62 Update: SpaceX Falcon 1 Rocket Blew Up, Fourth Time's the Charm?
63 SpaceX Head Vows To Push On As Third Rocket Launch Fails
64 SpaceX Fails Third Rocket Launch Attempt
65 World's smallest snake is as thin as spaghetti
66 Tiniest snake discovered in Barbados
67 PHOTO IN THE NEWS: World's Smallest Snake Discovered
68 World's Smallest Snake Discovered on the Caribbean Island of Barbados
69 World's Smallest Snake Discovered on Barbados
70 Smallest known snake
71 Toyota future a Winglet and a prayer
72 Winglet--Man's New Best Friend
73 Toyota to test stand-up-and-ride contraption
74 Toyota Unveils Winglet Personal Transport Assistance Robots
75 Toyota Develops Segway-Like Transporter
76 What will be in Apple's next laptops?
77 Nvidia Calls Claims It's Quitting Chipset Business Groundless
78 Nvidia Shoots Down Report That It's Exiting Chipsets
79 NVIDIA Denies Reports That It Will Leave Chipset Business
80 NVIDIA to exit chipset business, no Apple partnership? [False?]
81 NVIDIA to stop making chipsets?
82 Authorities Take Photos Of Elusive Large Cat
83 Campus Feline: Fierce Cougar Or Playful Savannah Cat?
84 Animal seen on the campus not a cougar
85 UM campus police warn of possible cougar sightings
86 Why Facebook left 'Scrabulous' alone
87 Waiting for word from Hasbro
88 Is the name of the game still Scrabble?
89 Man Arrested for YouTube Baby Food Threat
90 YouTuber 'Trashman' charged over threats to poison baby food
91 Lockheed Martin to begin shuttle-related cuts
92 No. 2 man on moon isn't No. 1 fan of current space program
93 Obama vows NASA support during visit to Florida
94 SEC Updates Rules Regarding Web, Blog Posts
95 Cuil Needs To Fix Its Technology Before It Can Get Hot
96 Cuil could be cool
97 Yahoo exec builds Yuil to parody Cuil, but then removes it
98 Is Cuil a Google Killer?
99 Montauk Monster Becomes a Web Sensation
100 'Montauk Monster' Mystery Gets More Mysterious
101 Mystery of the "Montauk Monster"
102 Montauk Monster Pictures Show Raccoon, Dog, Turtle...What?
103 Montauk Monster riddle turning more mysterious
104 Photo Of Montauk Monster: Washes Ashore NY Beach, What Is It?!
105 Dell's New Entertainment Service: Will It B-Sharp Or B-Flat?
106 iPod rumor mill: 64 GB iPod touch on the way?
107 Q & A: Amazon Music on an iPod
108 IPod Battles Rage On
109 AIDS Prevention Having an Effect
110 New tracking method shows higher rate of HIV
111 New HIV cases in U.S. underreported by 40 percent
112 Therapist: Anthrax suspect tried to poison people
113 Anthrax Suspect's Death Is Dark End for a Family Man
114 Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax
115 Anthrax case raises issues about risk level
116 Couch Mouse to Mr. Mighty by Pills Alone
117 Oral pill turns slacker mice into marathonists: study
118 Just Sitting Back to Get in Shape: Two Pills Do the Work of Exercise
119 Exercise in a Pill? Maybe
120 US House Approves FDA to Regulate Tobacco
121 Bill passed to protect kids from tobacco
122 House Votes to Let FDA Regulate Tobacco Industry
123 House Votes to Let FDA Regulate Tobacco
124 Scientists create first personalized stem cells in ALS patients
125 Scientists report a breakthrough in stem cell production
126 Stem Cell Breakthrough for Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)
127 U.S. scientists create neurons from skin cells of elderly ALS patients
128 Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Strikes Virginia Boy Scout Camp
129 Lawsuit over potato chip ingredient settled
130 California AG says settles potato chip lawsuit
131 California Settles with Frito-Lay and Others Over Acrylamide
132 Ca. Acrylamide Settlement Will Reduce Chemical in Potato Chips
133 Settlement In California Reduces Carcinogens In Potato Chips
134 Bulging prison system called massive intervention in American family life
135 World's smallest snake found in Barbados
136 Growth hormone reduces abdominal fat, cardiovascular risk in HIV patients on antiviral therapy
137 Family type has less-than-expected impact on parental involvement
138 The brightest, sharpest, fastest X-ray holograms yet
139 Cutting the brakes on the immune system
140 New male circumcision device for HIV prevention studied by NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
141 Penn researchers find a new role for a 'Foxy Old Gene'
142 Spanish researchers discover significant leatherback turtle nesting beaches in the Caribbean
143 Superfluid-superconductor relationship is detailed
144 AT&T may hold on to exclusive iPhone deal until 2010
145 Telecoms fight for the right to party with iPhone 3G
146 Upstart iPhone developer already on one million Apple devices
147 Microsoft 10K warns of iPhone, Mac threats as iPhone nears 1.1% share
148 nVidia quitting chipset business? [u]
149 Mac share down, iPhone up
150 DNS patched? Not so fast, say researchers
151 AT&T gets exclusive iPhone extension
152 nVidia's faulty GPUs
153 Microsoft 10-K warns of 'substantial' Apple threat
154 UK iPhone carrier O2 gains 137,000 new customers
155 Gartner: Apple Mac #1 in Q2 08 Europe education market share--again
156 Carmack working on iPhone titles, says Apple device more powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined
157 Report: Apple and AT&T extend exclusive U.S. iPhone deal until 2010
158 Nullriver's NetShare iPhone tethering app disappears from Apple's App Store again
159 Portable power packs for Apple's iPhone, iPod supply extra juice in a pinch
160 Apple's mystery product: H.264 hardware to enable 1080p HD content for iTunes Store?
161 Strategy Analytics: Apple iPhone worldwide market share 0.2% in Q2 08; forecast to hit 1.1% in Q3 08
162 Apple's resources stretched too far, employees pushed too hard?
163 Disney announces 5 million movies sold via iTunes
164 Quark ships QuarkXPress 8
165 Apple aiming to build FM/TV add-ons for handhelds?
166 Apple locked into AT&T exclusivity until 2010?
167 NetShare Disappears from App Store Again
168 Tax Free Weekend in Some States Benefits Apple Back-to-School Customers
169 Apple App Store Taking Off, Some Developers Hit Gold
170 Phone plugins 2.2 Adds Apple Mail Support
171 Editorial--Apple Poised to Surpass Microsoft's Cash--Now What?
172 Psystar Hires Law Team that Won Burst Setlement Against Apple
173 Quark Ships QuarkXPress 8
174 ARM May Have Chip Deal with Apple
175 Microsoft May Scrap Windows for Midori
176 Bubble Level: surprisingly useful
177 Quark releases QuarkXPress 8