File Title
1 Minn. Girl Recovering After Tug-of-War Accident
2 Biometrics picks up the penguins
3 The hits and misses of Microsoft
4 Central Asia's child Aids tragedy
5 Facebook "Is" Doing A Grammar Update
6 Malaysian Government Orders Torrent Sites Shutdown
7 Things No One Gives Microsoft Credit For (But Should)
8 Nvidia says no to free drivers, I say no to Nvidia
9 NYC Urges Docs To Do Routine HIV Testing On Adults
10 Best Barbecue On Earth
11 How To Save A Life With A Defibrillator
12 The day Bill Gates didn't call me a communist
13 Ballmer: And Then There Was One
14 Martian Soil Points Toward Possibility Of Life
15 Life on Mars: soil's good to grow veggies
16 Analytics Summary: VMware Security
17 Microsoft Releases Hypervisor Users Call Fast, Stable
18 Hackers Hijack Sites of Internet Organizations
19 Hackers Hijack Critical Internet Organizations
20 Nokia's Symbian Deal Rewrites The Smartphone Rules
21 He said, she said: Which is it? Facebook asks
22 Facebook To Require Users State Their Gender
23 Facebook tightens up on gender and grammar
24 Facebookers told to reveal their sex
25 Facebook Requests Gender Information
26 Scientists work on short-term climate predictions
27 The Time Is Now, Climate Experts Warn
28 20 Years of Urgency
29 Turning Up the Heat on Climate Issue
30 Tomato 'repacking' vexes salmonella trackers
31 Salmonella Outbreak is Biggest Ever Tied to Produce
32 U.S. to pay millions for anthrax innuendo
33 U.S. settles anthrax lawsuit with scientist
34 Homosexual behavior due to genetics and environmental factors
35 OptiNose presents data on highly effective migraine treatment
36 Drought tolerance in potatoes
37 Mate choice in plants
38 The 21st century tomato
39 Evolution of fruit size in tomato
40 UCSB professor's paper on safety of large hadron collider to be published in Physical Review D
41 Growth hormone's link to starvation may be clue to increasing life span, researchers find
42 New probe may help untangle cells' signaling pathways
43 Ancient Oak Trees Help Reduce Global Warming, MU Study Finds
44 ESA satellite assesses damage of Norway's largest fire
45 Mechanism and function of humor identified by new evolutionary theory
46 Prebiotic potential of almonds
47 The good and the bad of a potential Alzheimer's target
48 Climate change causing significant shift in composition of coastal fish communities
49 Passports for penguins
50 Early origins of maize in Mexico
51 Genome communication
52 To branch or not to branch
53 Ancient Mexican maize varieties
54 How to build a plant
55 Huge genome-scale phylogenetic study of birds rewrites evolutionary tree-of-life
56 Starvation hormone makes for small mice, study finds
57 Using a grating with a grade, engineers trap a rainbow
58 McGill researchers overcome chemotherapy resistance in the lab
59 N/A
60 Cluster listens to the sounds of Earth
61 Brown Researchers Create Mercury-Absorbent Container Linings for Broken CFLs
62 Caphosol favorably impacts both the rate and severity of oral mucositis in cancer patients
63 SOHO discovers its 1500th comet
64 Standards set for energy-conserving LED lighting
65 Oxygen ions for fuel cells get loose at low (er) temperatures
66 'Electron trapping' may impact future microelectronics measurements
67 Exposing the sensitivity of extreme ultraviolet photoresists
68 New process creates 3-D nanostructures with magnetic materials
69 In 'novel playground,' metals are formed into porous nanostructures for better fuel cells and microchips
70 Quantum computing breakthrough arises from unknown molecule
71 On the Boil: New Nano Technique Significantly Boosts Boiling Efficiency
72 CCNY Researchers Demonstrate Effectiveness of Contrast Agent Cytate in Detecting Prostate Cancer
73 Scientists find how neural activity spurs blood flow in the brain
74 Elevated biomarkers predict risk for prostate cancer recurrence
75 Portable device effective in zapping away migraine pain
76 Seniors with type 2 diabetes may experience memory declines immediately after eating unhealthy meal
77 Avalanche photodiodes target bioterrorism agents
78 Cancer 'cure' in mice to be tested in humans
79 Animal study suggests inadequate sleep may exacerbate cellular aging in the elderly
80 A simple therapy for brain injury
81 Unique pheromone detection system uncovered by researchers
82 Treatment for cigarette, alcohol and drug use in pregnancy improves outcomes for mom and baby
83 Sudden hearing loss could indicate future stroke
84 10 percent of healthy people in study had injury from 'silent strokes'
85 Lack of fragile X and related gene fractures sleep
86 Ronin an alternate control for embryonic stem cells
87 NIST releases preview of much-anticipated online mathematics reference
88 Hebrew University study opening new route for combating viruses
89 UC San Diego computer scientist turns his face into a remote control
90 Destruction of greenhouse gases over tropical Atlantic
91 Amazon Tribe Attacked by Masked Gunners
92 Why Is Japan Whaling's Bogeyman When Norway Hunts Too?
93 Mars Soil Resembles Veggie-Garden Dirt, Lander Finds
94 Arctic Volcanoes Found Active at Unprecedented Depths
95 North Korea blows its stack
96 Penguins on Mars?
97 The secret of happiness: grinning on the Internet
98 Olympic starter's gun 'unfair'
99 How to walk on water
100 Planetary science: Tunguska at 100
101 Planetary science: The hole at the bottom of the Moon
102 Planetary science: The burger bar that saved the world
103 Scientists get online news aggregator
104 Girls are as competitive as boys--just more subtle
105 How switching language can change your personality
106 'Time reversal' allows wireless broadband under the sea
107 Arctic volcanoes exploded at 'impossible' depth
108 How many species live in the sea?
109 The most extreme life-forms in the universe
110 Even vegetarians may not be safe from 'mad cow' prions
111 Could nuclear warheads go off 'like popcorn'?
112 Tropical ocean sucks up vast amounts of ozone
113 Laser headband brings Alzheimer's out of the shadows
114 Bird evolutionary tree given a shake by DNA study
115 Climate race separates the weeds from the trees
116 Secret sleep of birds revealed in brain scans
117 Ancient impact may have created deep niche for life
118 Martian soil could grow turnips, Phoenix finds
119 Hungry spiders spin deadlier webs
120 Self-cleaning membrane shrugs off unwanted cells
121 Drinking 'to escape' has a negative effect on kids
122 Weak solar cycle may keep more space junk in orbit
123 Australian crocs hit by cane toad 'wave of death'
124 Smart camera can read penguin 'fingerprints'
125 Drought-resistant wheat beats Australian heat
126 Orbiting robots could repair satellites on the fly
127 Engineering Students' Airplane Research Is Crystal Clear
128 Scientists Identify New Role for 'Power Plants' in Human Cells
129 Nerve Cells Derived from Stem Cells May Lead to Brain Treatment
130 Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions Debuts with Focus on Drinking Water
131 Solar Reactor Heads to Europe for Testing
132 Geologists Discover Signs of Volcanoes Blowing their Tops in the Deep Ocean
133 Killer Whales, Blind Bats, Discriminating Dolphins, Mating Birds
134 Standards Set for Energy-Conserving LED Lighting
135 Oxygen Ions for Fuel Cells Get Loose at Low (er) Temperatures
136 ORNL Demonstrates Super-sensitive Explosives Detector
137 Avalanche Photodiodes Target Bioterrorism Agents
138 Grad Students Set to Meet Nobel Laureates
139 Researchers Test Canine Tooth Strength for Clues to Behavior of Early Human Ancestors
140 Study Examines Sensation Seeking Behavior, Addiction and Smoking Cessation
141 Algae from the Ocean May Offer a Sustainable Energy Source of the Future
142 Unique Pheromone Detection System Uncovered by Researchers
143 Team Designs Customized "Wimpy" Polioviruses--A New Path to Vaccines?
144 On the Boil: New Nano Technique Significantly Boosts Boiling Efficiency
145 In 'Novel Playground,' Metals Are Formed Into Porous Nanostructures
146 Airless Tire Project May Prove a Lifesaver in Military Combat
147 Global Warming Causing Significant Shift in Composition of Coastal Fish Communities
148 Students Prep $400,000 Solar Car for Cross-continental Race
149 Growth Hormone's Link to Starvation May be Clue to Increasing Life Span
150 Alkaline Soil Sample From Mars Reveals Presence of Nutrients for Plants to Grow
151 Government Seeks Dismissal of End-of-World Suit Against Collider
152 Can Weeds Help Solve the Climate Crisis?
153 E. Coli and You
154 Garden Is a Seedbed for Green Cosmetics
155 Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects
156 Huge Meteor Strike Explains Mars's Shape, Reports Say
157 Florida Buying Big Sugar Tract for Everglades
158 California Will Offer Plan to Cut Harmful Emissions
159 Fit, Not Frail: Exercise as a Tonic for Aging
160 Really? The Claim: Listerine Can Ward Off a Swarm of Mosquitoes