File Title
1 World's Largest Quantum Bell Test Spans Three Swiss Towns
2 Study: Chimps calm each other with hugs, kisses
3 New study: Coffee drinkers have slightly lower death rates than people who do not drink coffee
4 Cheap PC dongle for phone calls wins customers
5 Perfecting a solar cell by adding imperfections
6 Pyrite deposits across the state may be tied to an Eocene meteor
7 Researchers witness assembly of molecules critical to protein function
8 Nanotechnology, biomolecules and light unite to 'cook' cancer cells
9 Aquatic insect 'family trees' provide clues about sensitivity to pollution
10 AMD Stream Processor First to Break 1 Teraflop Barrier
11 Homosexual brain resembles that of opposite sex: study
12 Perot launches Web site about government spending
13 Scientists model molecular switch
14 NASA close to nailing down launch pad repairs
15 Jules Verne ATV reveals unexpected capabilities
16 Toyota hybrid battery outpaced by demand
17 A trio of super-Earths
18 Study underway to find an alternative cure for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
19 New intrusion tolerance software fortifies server secrurity
20 Immune molecule that plays a powerful role in avoiding organ rejection identified
21 Complex Changes in the Brain's Vascular System Occur after Menopause
22 Children learn smart behaviors without knowing what they know
23 Red wine's resveratrol may help battle obesity
24 A promising step towards more effective hydrogen storage
25 When the powerless rise up
26 Mini subs to probe odd structures in BC lake
27 Tiny science tests Russia's hi-tech ambitions
28 Mars team ponders whether lander sees ice or salt
29 NASA Tests Lunar Robots and Spacesuits on Earthly Moonscape
30 US group Boeing to bid for Galileo navigation contracts: report
31 Phoenix Digs Deeper Trench
32 NVIDIA Announced New Geforce GTX 200 GPUs
33 AP to meet with blogging group to form guidelines
34 Adobe second-quarter earnings jump 41 percent
35 MySpace wins another verdict against alleged spammer
36 Social Web browser Flock out with new test version
37 Intel creates spin-off solar company for Hillsboro
38 US mom pleads not guilty in MySpace suicide case
39 NBC, WCSN to create new Olympic sports network
40 BLM announces 'major' dinosaur find in Utah
41 Tracking Prions
42 Group: Northern white rhinos near extinction
43 Zoo performs first reverse vasectomy on horse
44 Group seeks emergency protection for 32 species
45 Team finds key mechanism of DDT resistance in malarial mosquitoes
46 Fair Trade: Lanthanum chloride catalyzes hydrogen-chlorine exchange between chlorinated hydrocarbons
47 Fluorescent-Probe in Worm Creates Real-Time 'View' of Cellular Stress
48 Project succeeding to relocate Caspian terns
49 Natural plant materials to regulate starch digestion
50 Test of bacteria toxin delivery system could pave way for new antibiotic drugs
51 Queen's marine biologist investigates aliens beneath the waves
52 Novel evolutionary tools for studying human populations using the X chromosome
53 Calif. cracks down on 13 genetic testing startups
54 Plasmodium vivax--challenging the dogma of being 'benign'
55 FDA: Part of Mexico cleared in salmonella probe
56 Protein linked to Alzheimer's disease also has role in HIV progression
57 Novel compound may treat acute diarrhea
58 Discovery will assist treatment and research into fatal brain disorder
59 Adult stem cells improve fracture healing
60 Possible link between different forms of epilepsy found
61 Abortion drug's off-label use may have led to deaths
62 Health varies widely across different regions of Mexico
63 Computer predicts anti-cancer molecules
64 Obese women in Canada are less likely to be screened for cervical cancer
65 Lou Gehrig's protein found throughout brain, suggesting effects beyond motor neurons
66 A single VSOP can do a 'proton' magic!
67 Blood pressure levels in childhood track into adulthood
68 AMA issues first report card on health insurers
69 Gene variation may be why some don't respond to cholesterol-lowering drugs
70 NYC: No trans fats in restaurants as of July 1
71 Team discovers new inhibitors of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells
72 Society's attitudes have little impact on choice of sexual partner
73 Medicines derived from cannabis: a review of adverse events
74 Hearing loss is common in people with diabetes
75 Hot flashes underreported and linked to forgetfulness
76 Researchers discover new cellular mechanism that will significantly advance vaccine development
77 HIV screening found cost-effective in older adults
78 Inflammatory disease causes blindness
79 Diabetes drug slows early-onset puberty in girls
80 Study examines normal hair loss in men without evidence of baldness
81 Type and severity of combat wounds in Iraq war have changed over time
82 Olfactory bulb size may change as sense of smell changes
83 Age at puberty linked to mother's prenatal diet
84 New molecular imaging techniques may lead to advances in disease treatment
85 First semiconductor-based PET scanner demonstrates potential to aid in early diagnosis of disease
86 PET imaging detects early, 'silent heart' stage of disease in asymptomatic diabetic patients
87 Racial disparities reduced in injury related mortality
88 The APCs of nerve cell function
89 Developing unique brain maps to assist surgery and research
90 Coffee Drinkers Have Slightly Lower Death Rates, Study Finds
91 NASA Finds New Type Of Comet Dust Mineral
92 Lower Midwest U.S. Braces For Floods
93 NASA Plans To Visit The Sun
94 Coffee's Aroma Kick-starts Genes In The Brain
95 Uncovering The Truth Behind The Largest Marsupial To Walk The Earth
96 Hunger Hormone Increases During Stress, May Have Antidepressant Effect
97 Trio Of Super-Earths: Harvest Of Low-mass Exoplanets Discovered With HARPS
98 Synthetic Cocoa Chemical Slows Growth Of Tumors In Human Cell Lines
99 Protein Linked To Alzheimer's Disease Also Has Role In HIV Progression
100 Samoa Found To Be In Path Of Geological Hotspots, Adding Fuel To Debate Over Origins Of Volcanic Chains
101 Medicines Derived From Cannabis Show Some Non-serious Adverse Events
102 Red Wine's Resveratrol May Help Battle Obesity
103 Children Learn Smart Behaviors Without Knowing What They Know
104 Aging Is Satisfying, New Research Shows
105 Eastern Independence, Western Conformity?
106 Age At Puberty Linked To Mother's Prenatal Diet
107 Are HIV Prevention Gels Safe For Pregnant Women, Their Babies?
108 Society's Attitudes Have Little Impact On Choice Of Sexual Partner
109 Wisdom Comes With Age, At Least When It Comes To Emotions
110 Perfect Vision But Blind To Light
111 Complete 'Family Tree' Of All British Birds Gives Clues About Which Species Might Be Endangered Next
112 Chemists Investigate Lost Reds In Homer Painting
113 Humor Shown To Be Fundamental To Our Success As A Species
114 Gene Therapy Improves Survival And Quality Of Life Of Dogs With Cancer: Could It Also Help Humans?
115 Phantom Parent Molecule Of Important Class Of Chemical Compounds Isolated For First Time
116 Nanoparticles Have Negative Impact On Mussels
117 Untapped Energy From Oil Flare-offs Can Be Used To Release Water Locked In Gypsum
118 Physicists Model Single Molecular Switch, Computing's Elusive Holy Grail
119 Physicist models molecular switch
120 Heart attacks kill more than 100,000 people annually in the UK
121 Researchers identify new role of inflammatory protein in PKD
122 Heightened sense of taste can promote weight loss
123 Custom-built breast PET/CT scanner could advance breast cancer treatment
124 New CSIRO-bred barley licensed to grow
125 Coffee drinkers have slightly lower death rates than people who do not drink coffee
126 Resveratrol may help battle obesity
127 Hormone disorder may contribute to lack of menstruation in teenage athletes
128 Metformin slows early-onset puberty in girls
129 Better treatments for malaria in pregnancy are needed
130 Computer predicts anti-cancer molecules
131 Plasmodium vivax can cause severe malaria
132 Acoustic Cloak Designed
133 Breaking Phone-Call Encryption
134 Sun sets on Ulysses mission
135 Space shuttle pad repair options being debated
136 First Female Cosmonaut Celebrates 45th Anniversary Of Flight
137 The Glass ceiling In Space
138 Solstice Moon Illusion
139 UCLA Researchers Create Personal Environmental Impact Reports Using Cell Phones As Sensors
140 Sole Kazakh telecoms satellite fails: space official
141 Deep Hydrogen
142 Rockwell Collins Controls And Lands Wing-Damaged UAV
143 G8 holds first science summit
144 Mini Subs To Probe Odd Structures In BC Lake
145 Teacher fired after abandoning students in China's quake zone
146 Brain Scans Reveal What's Behind The Aversion To Loss Of Possessions
147 Tests Check Out Robotic Rescue Life-Saving Vision
148 Fuel: No Flying Without The Good Stuff
149 Japan, China close to gas field deal
150 A Promising Step Towards More Effective Hydrogen Storage
151 Why You Should Download Firefox 3 Right Now
152 Webmonkey Picks: Top Firefox 3 Extensions
153 Cancer Stem Cells Could Cause Tumors, Be Key to Cure
154 What We'll Miss About Bill Gates--a Very Long Good-Bye
155 Special-Effects Pioneer Stan Winston Dies at 62
156 Army's Drones of the 'Future' Head to Iraq, Now
157 The Five Most Powerful Movie Computers
158 Air Force Spreads Cyber Command to All 50 States
159 Utah announces 'major dinosaur fossil discovery'
160 US breadbasket state Iowa faces crop losses from flooding
161 In Russia, sometimes it rains cement
162 Indian army wants military space program
163 Top 10 New Species Named
164 Panda habitat damaged by China quake
165 Massachusetts to spend $1 billion on biotechnology
166 McCain pushes energy conservation, oil exploration
167 British inflation jumps to 16-year high as oil, food prices bite
168 Freshman [1]5 may put young women on road to obesity
169 'Standard' Glucose Test May Be Wrong One for Obese Children
170 Elan, Wyeth drug helps some Alzheimer's patients
171 Episiotomy raises tear risk in next delivery
172 FDA Orders Warning Label on Older Antipsychotics
173 Healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes: study
174 No higher death risk in long-term coffee drinking