File Title
1 Scientists confirm that parts of earliest genetic material may have come from the stars
2 Looking for the quantum properties of the Big Bang
3 NASA: Metal clip fell off shuttle but not problem
4 Eastern independence, Western conformity?
5 Nanoparticles aid bone growth
6 House of Lords reaching out to young with YouTube
7 Nuisance noise silenced by an acoustic cloak
8 NASA: Damaged launch pad was flawed from start
9 New research shows how aging brain brings a healthy dose of perspective
10 Pomi the robot penguin has hidden depths
11 Ancient antibody molecule offers clues to how humans evolved allergies
12 Physicists produce quantum-entangled images
13 Tree from 2,000-year-old seed is doing well
14 Yahoo, Google announce online ad alliance (Update)
15 Mysterious mountain dino may be a new species
16 Scientists Find New Type of Comet Dust Mineral
17 New Map Locates Metals in Millions of Milky Way Stars
18 Computer models show major climate shift as a result of closing ozone hole
19 Chemists use 'green chemistry' to produce amines, chemical compounds used widely in industry
20 Yahoo ends all talks with Microsoft, shares plunge
21 New Firefox Web browser to be released Tuesday
22 Olympics timekeepers to get winner down to 3000th of a second
23 Plan to conserve forests may be detrimental to other ecosystems
24 Verizon expands fast DSL to more areas
25 Membrane complexes take flight
26 Unexpected finding of molecule's dual role in mice may open new avenue to cholesterol reduction
27 On the evolutionary trail of molecules that cause Lou Gehrig's disease
28 Microchip sets low-power record with extreme sleep mode
29 Chemists Create Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles
30 Ancient mineral shows early Earth climate tough on continents
31 Ultraviolet gives view inside real 'death star'
32 Rheumatoid arthritis is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease
33 1 in 10 adults has a non-earlobe piercing
34 Overcoming Drug Resistance--Nanoparticles Trigger Built-In Cell-Death Signal
35 Growing use of nanomaterials spurs research to investigate possible downsides
36 Carbon Nanotubes as a Single-Photon Source
37 'Nanoglassblowing' Seen as Boon to Study of Individual Molecules
38 'Super paper: 'New nanopaper more break-resistant than cast iron
39 Microspheres to carry hydrogen, deliver drugs, filter gases and detect nuclear development
40 New detector uses nanotubes to sense deadly gases
41 Microwave Synthesis Connects With the (Quantum) Dots
42 Stripes key to nanoparticle drug delivery
43 Researchers develop a worldwide tourism network
44 Liquid Crystals Slow Light Pulses to a Snail's Pace
45 Can silver nanoparticles be the key to a more compact laser?
46 Study Finds New Properties in Non-Magnetic Materials
47 Can you hear black holes collide?
48 Researchers untangle quantum quirk
49 'Squeezed' Light May Improve Gravitational Wave Detectors
50 Researchers develop better X-ray nanomirrors
51 Introducing the Spacesuit of the Future
52 Even the Antarctic winter cannot protect Wilkins Ice Shelf
53 NASA engineers inspect floating object, protrusion
54 China biggest CO2 emitter last year: Dutch agency
55 NASA data helps pinpoint impacted populations in disaster aftermath
56 Seismologist: China quake had no warning signs
57 If a Tree Falls in the Forest, and No One Is Around to Hear It, Does Climate Change?
58 Phoenix Mars Lander Delivers Soil Sample to Microscope
59 Sharp to Introduce World's Largest 108-Inch LCD Monitor for Commercial Applications
60 Toshiba's New 1.8-inch SATA HDD Achieves 160GB
61 Review: Sprint's phone is iPhone clone done right
62 Roadrunner supercomputer puts research at a new scale
63 We've gotten smart: Movie's spy gadgets do exist
64 Scientists develop fastest computer
65 New iPhone's business model is tough on unlockers
66 Apple unveils new iPhone 3G with faster Web, GPS
67 Life's Raw Materials May Have Come From The Stars, Scientists Confirm
68 Physicists Produce Quantum-entangled Images
69 Mysterious Mountain Dinosaur May Be New Species
70 Closing Ozone Hole May Have Major Impact On Global Warming, Possibly Not For The Better
71 Memory Loss Linked To Common Sleep Disorder
72 Detective Astronomers Unearth Hidden Celestial Gem
73 Reverse Engineering The Brain To Model Mind-body Interactions
74 Freshwater Runoff From Greenland Ice Sheet Will More Than Double By End Of Century
75 Professor Designs Plasma-propelled Flying Saucer
76 New Properties Discovered In Entire Class Of Non-magnetic Materials
77 Some Bird Flu Strains Have Acquired Properties That Might Enhance Potential To Infect Humans
78 For Hurricanes, Storms, Raindrop Size Makes All The Difference
79 Source Of Drug-tolerant Tuberculosis Possibly Behind TB Relapses, Intensity Of Treatment
80 Keeping The Seductive, Shiny Brown Surface Of Fresh Chocolate As It Ages
81 Physical Activity: Not Just A 'Walk In The Park'
82 Stroke: Tsunami In The Human Brain
83 Three-month-old Infants Are Sensitive To Emotional Cues Referring To Objects In The World
84 Ace Perceptual Skills Of Tennis Pros
85 Mechanism Explains Link Between Apolipoprotein E And Alzheimer's Disease
86 New Way To Reduce Neuronal Loss In Brain Of A Person With Alzheimer's Disease
87 Drugs Being Tested For Alzheimer's Disease Work In Unexpected And Beneficial Ways
88 Large Areas Of Conservation Land Needed To Save Small Frogs, Turtles And Other Marine Species
89 Woolly Mammoth Gene Study Changes Extinction Theory
90 Doritos Makes History With World's First Extra Terrestrial Advertisement
91 Computer Model For Finding Mosquito Repellent Compounds
92 New Type Of Glass Can Dissolve And Release Calcium Into The Body
93 Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.4 to fix nagging shutdown glitch
94 Apple's worldwide notebook share approaching 5 percent
95 iPhone 3G's third sensor; Sydney store official; Radeon HD 3870
96 Apple considering iPhone sales through universities
97 Walt talks 3G iPhone
98 Opera 9.5
99 How much should Apple charge for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard's 'quality over quantity?'
100 Apple+Intel's first joint custom project paid off handsomely: MacBook Air--and there's more coming
101 TMO Quick Tip--Leopard: Lock Down Your Root User
102 Gartner: Worldwide personal computer shipments on pace for 13 percent growth in 2008
103 Forbes writer: Once again idiots will be camping out on sidewalks outside Apple Stores
104 TomTom: iPhone navigation software is real
105 Not So Fast: New iPhone Means Higher Costs, Same Speeds, for Some
106 iPhone 3G May be a Profit Magnet
107 Nature's Photonic Crystal
108 Portable Plastic Explosives Detector
109 Exploiting Security Holes Automatically
110 Wind Power Moves into Deep Waters
111 Mapping the Planets
112 Clues to Controlling Seizures
113 Testing the Toxicity of Nanomaterials
114 Acrobat Gets Multimedia Makeover
115 A Tiny Sensor Simply Made
116 Pretty on the Inside
117 A New Superconductor
118 Samsung's Next-Generation LCD
119 Mouse for 3-D Navigation
120 Tracking the Immune System
121 Adapting Websites to Users
122 Every TV an Internet TV
123 Heart Surgeons as Video Gamers
124 Apple Updates iPhone, Slashes Price
125 The Flight of Dragonfly Robots
126 A Moon-Based Telescope
127 A Self-Writing To-Do List
128 Retuning Bacteria
129 Containing Internet Worms
130 3-D Viewing without Goofy Glasses
131 Ethanol's Forecast
132 You've Had a Genetic Test. Now What?
133 Doubling Laptop Battery Life