File Title
1 Apple's PA Semi buyout motivated by assets, not products
2 Apple posts profit of $1.05B, ships nearly 2.3 million Macs
3 Briefly: Belgium iPhone; 512GB SSDs in sight; Apple web traffic up
4 'Other companies no longer relevant' [cf. 18, 25]
5 Apple sold 2.289m Macs
6 Then what's it for?
7 Plays For Sure is dead
8 RapidWeaver 4 beta
9 iPhone clone seller shutdown
10 Piper Jaffray analyst Munster: Apple's Mac business is on fire
11 Apple smashes Street, reports record second quarter results
12 Time Magazine writer doesn't seem to have heard of Apple TV
13 What will Apple do with its own in-house embedded processors?
14 When will the rest of the music labels join Apple's DRM-free iTunes Plus?
15 Toshiba sees 512GB SSDs; narrowing of price gap with HDs
16 RUMOR: Belgium soon to get unlocked Apple iPhone
17 Microsoft to shut down PlaysForSure DRM services, strand customers to existing PCs
18 Jim Cramer: To today's teens Apple Macs are computers; Windows PCs might as well be typewriters [cf. 4, 25]
19 Education grows 35%, Macs generate 59% revenue
20 New Samsung LCDs bring 20,000:1 contrast
21 Toshiba SSDs to reach 512GB, drop in cost
22 Apple Earnings Conference Call Full of Juicy Tidbits
23 iPhone Dev Program Scores Over 200K Coders
24 The Register: Apple's PA Semi Purchase Insane Unless Examined Deeper
25 TheStreet's Jim Cramer: Apple's Competitors "No Longer Relevant" [cf. 4, 18]
26 Hidden Dimensions--Why the Apple TV Doesn't Make Toast
27 Pine beetle outbreaks turn forests into carbon source
28 SKorea trains cloned drug-sniffing dogs
29 Appeals court spares sea lions in Ore. river, for now
30 China calls for help on climate change
31 Dead Hawk's Last Meal Claws Partway Out
32 India to blast satellite into space
33 Radio telescopes capture black hole mid-belch
34 Far from Middle East, U.S. farmland yields new oil
35 Why You Make the Same Mistake Twice
36 Senate expected to pass genetic discrimination bill
37 Seller of viagra chocolate faces stiff sentence for mail fraud
38 Experts say sex abstinence program doesn't work
39 Mom's diet may play role in whether baby is boy or girl
40 Enzyme Beneficial to Alzheimer's Plays Darker Role in Other Dementia
41 Getting in and out of cars risky for seniors
42 Readers' Brain-Enhancing Drug Regimens
43 Give Your Intellect a Boost--Just Say Yes to Doing the Right Drugs!
44 Max Your Mind's Performance by Distracting Yourself
45 New Galaxy Images Released for Hubble's 18th Birthday
46 April 24, 1184 B.C.: Trojan Horse Defeats State-of-the-Art Security
47 Trojan Horses Still Kicking After All These Years
48 U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think
49 Apple Q2 Earnings: Macs Continue to Surge While iPhone and iPod Sales Level Off
50 Fight a Ticket
51 Review: Kicker iPod Dock Punches You in the Chest With Sound
52 Twitter Away Your Life With Social Networking
53 Bomb-Stopping Tech Sold to Iraq: Big Deal?
54 Daily LEGO: Building the Better Mousetrap
55 New Opera 9.5 Beta Improves Security and Adds More Syncing Features
56 Ubuntu 8.04 Brings Power and Polish to the Linux Desktop
57 Video: Incredibly Dangerous Home-Made Wrist Mounted Flame Thrower
58 Training a Generation of Neuroengineers
59 Crossover Camera
60 Laptops as Earthquake Sensors
61 Part I: Brain Trauma in Iraq
62 Cheap Infrastructure
63 Part II: Brain Trauma in Iraq
64 Safer Prenatal Testing
65 The State of the Global Telecosm
66 More-Accurate Radiation Therapy
67 Una Laptop por Nino
68 Humans May Lose Battle With Bacteria, Medicinal Chemist's Research Shows
69 Secrets Of Massive Black Hole Unveiled: Workings Of Giant Galactic Particle Accelerators Discovered
70 Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Dioxide And Methane, Rise Sharply In 2007
71 Human Brain Appears 'Hard-wired' For Hierarchy
72 Infant Carrying Ruled Out As Reason Why Early Humans Walked Upright, According To New Research
73 Shell-breaking Crabs Lived 20 Million Years Earlier Than Thought
74 Glaciers Reveal Martian Climate Has Been Recently Active
75 Nurture Over Nature: Certain Genes Are Turned On Or Off By Geography And Lifestyle, Study Suggests
76 Life Expectancy Worsening Or Stagnating For Large Segment Of U.S. Population
77 Mother's Diet Influences Infant Sex: High Energy Intake Linked To Conception Of Sons
78 Menstrual Blood: A Valuable Source Of Multipotential Stem Cells?
79 Silicon Nanotubes For Hydrogen Storage In Fuel Cell Vehicles
80 Primary Driver Of Stomach Cancer Development Identified
81 UK's Iconic 1930s Semi-detached House Goes Green
82 On The High Horse: Why Dominant Individuals Climb The Proverbial Ladder
83 New Cell Targets For Preventing Growth Of Breast And Other Tumors Identified
84 First Atomic-level Look At A Protein That Causes Brain Disease
85 Numerical Information Can Be Persuasive Or Informative Depending On How It's Presented
86 What's Not To Like? Why Fondness Makes Us Poor Judges, But Dislike Is Spot-on
87 Low Grades, Bad Behavior? Siblings May Be To Blame, Study Says
88 Coke Or Pepsi? Being Distracted Can Make You More Susceptible To Ads
89 Psychologists Demonstrate Simplicity Of Working Memory
90 New Insight Into The Development Of Alzheimer's Disease
91 Scientists Discover A Mechanism That Can Send Cells On The Road To Cancer
92 Lumbar Supports Not Particularly Effective For Low Back Pain
93 Gene Clusters Offer Potential Protection Against Plant Diseases
94 Fertilizer Run-off From Agricultural Activities Blamed For Gulf Dead Zone In Gulf Of Mexico
95 Ancient Buddhist Paintings From Bamiyan Were Made Of Oil, Hundreds Of Years Before Technique Was 'Invented' In Europe
96 Precision Irrigation Built Into Sprinkler Booms Controls Water Usage, Optimizes Crop Growth
97 Costs, Considerations Of Switching To Natural Or Organic Agricultural Methods
98 Preserving Biodiversity Within Food Crops: Saving Old Distinctive Varieties Of Carolina Collards
99 Shoulder Motor Balks On Opportunity Rover's Robotic Arm
100 Mars Radar Instruments Work Together To Discover Hidden Martian Secrets
101 Photoluminescence In Nano-needles
102 Regenerative Medicine Seen As Means To Repair Wounded Warriors
103 Computer Scientists Develop Solutions For Long-term Storage Of Digital Data
104 Self-assembling Method Could Lead To Inexpensive Diamond-like Crystals For Technology
105 Afghan oil paintings world's oldest
106 Praise or cash? Your brain doesn't care
107 Black hole captured mid-belch
108 Not All:) as Informal Writing Creeps Into Teen Assignments
109 Nintendo's Profit Surges on Strong Sales of Wii, DS
110 Microsoft CEO Willing to Walk Away From Yahoo Bid
111 Texas Begins Desalinating Sea Water
112 Senate Expected to Pass Genetic Discrimination Bill
113 Hack into Obama Campaign Site Exploited a Coding Flaw
114 Cracking the 'Great Firewall' of China's Web censorship
115 Look Beautiful Naturally
116 China Calls for Help on Climate Change
117 Apple 2Q profit jumps 36 percent, but stock wobbles
118 Publisher Plans Printed Version of Wikipedia
119 High-pitched device drives teens from loitering spots
120 EPA Scientists Complain About Political Pressure
121 Would You Sell Your Son to Save Your Daughter?
122 Classroom Clashes: What Should Teens Learn About Sex?
123 Hints of methane's renewed rise
124 Heart cells cultured in the lab
125 Airline flies slower to cut costs
126 UK butterflies 'need good summer'
127 Black holes reveal more secrets
128 John Hurt explains why maths is sexy
129 Burmese farmers face flood threat
130 Atomic rhythms give precise fix
131 Saving Australia's water
132 Developers question Mesh openness
133 Mac sales push up Apple profits
134 Thieves set up data supermarkets
135 Stark warning for internet's future
136 Brit start-ups invade the Valley
137 NHS 'chaos' over surgical tools
138 One in four teenagers 'unhappy'
139 Top doctors 'not ready for posts'
140 Adults Say OMG As Teen Slang Spreads
141 Rupert Murdoch's Newspaper Addiction
142 China Ties U.S. In Internet Users
143 Guarding Against Genetic Discrimination
144 Bum Bot Targets Atlanta Vagrants
145 High-Pitched Device Drives Away Teens
146 Doctors Slow To Adapt To An E-mail Culture
147 U.S. Scraps "Virtual Fence" On Border
148 WebKit GTK+ port passes Acid3 on Linux
149 Desalting Seawater To Meet Water Needs May Hold Promise
150 Study Says Near Extinction Threatened People
151 SKorea Trains Cloned Drug-sniffing Dogs
152 Arby's Swallows Up Wendy's
153 Atlantic City Tells Smokers To Butt Out
154 FDA Examines Laser Eye Surgery Complaints
155 Drunk Driving Highest Among Northerners