File Title
1 Researchers Find Bacteria That Devour Antibiotics
2 Trees Block Solar Panels, and a Feud Ends in Court
3 Let Computers Compute. It's the Age of the Right Brain.
4 In Remote Eskimo Villages, Pockets of Third-World Problems
5 Patterns: Heavy Burden for Infants Who Lack Sleep
6 Gadgets for Your Golf Swing
7 Bloomberg, AFP, etc: Brain tissue implants for Parkinsonism seem to succumb to disease much like patients' original tissue did
8 A boost for bamboo-based blouses and blankets
9 'Healing clays' show promise for fighting deadly MRSA superbug infections
10 As nanotech goes mainstream, 'toxic socks' raise concerns
11 Meteorites delivered the 'seeds' of Earth's left-hand life
12 Nuclear scientists eye future landfall on a second 'island of stability'
13 Early neglect predicts aggressive behaviour in children
14 The Endless Dawn Of The Ion Age
15 No Speed Limit On Mars
16 Mars Rover Opportunity Completes Dental Checkup At Victoria Crater's Duck Bay
17 Delving Into The Fine Structure Constant
18 Spirit Phones Home To Reset Clock As Energy Levels Plummet For Mars Rover
19 Budget Truck Rental To Offer GPS Navigation System
20 Russia's Putin stands firm against NATO
21 Russia's Satellite Navigation System Delayed Again
22 Severe Spanish drought sparks regional fights over water
23 Germany drops plan for auto biofuel
24 Outside View: Russia's top general quits
25 US, NK Plan Secret Document To End Nuke Impasse As South Urged To Boost Missile Defense
26 Radioactive ore seized in DR Congo
27 Microsoft threatens proxy battle against Yahoo
28 Peering into the Heart, Safely
29 Longer-Lasting Batteries for Laptops
30 Inside Intel's New Chip
31 Report finds security weaknesses in IRS computer system, says persona info may be at risk
32 Virginia first state to require Internet safety lessons, tells students to beware online
33 Judges take opposite sides on legality of uploading music files to share
34 Navajo nation to lose Internet signal for computers funded by Gates Foundation
35 Killing the oyster pack
36 Solar Energy Needs 10 More Years Of R&D To Beat Petroleum--Expert
37 Lower-status monkeys more likely to opt for cocaine over food: study
38 Working Memory Has Limited Slots But High Resolution
39 Yahoo! to Microsoft: Thanks for the "Kind" Letter, But How About More Cash?
40 Found: First lungless frog
41 Dentist Discovers A New Biological Clock
42 I've found God, says man who cracked the genome
43 British pharmacists blurring line with doctors
44 Hans Reiser Turns Up 'Geek Defense' to 11
45 To Catch a Car Thief, the Police Exercise a Little Remote Control
46 Soyuz capsule carries Korean astronaut
47 Teen killed by shark in Australia
48 No end in site for animal cloning moratorium: USDA
49 BP, ConocoPhillips team up to build vast gas pipeline
50 US wind power advocates see change in the air as oil prices soar
51 Scientists find bug responsible for bad breath
52 'God particle' expected to be found soon
53 Shopping in Lousy Mood Will Cost You
54 Local nuke war would cause world havoc
55 Baby with 2 faces born in north India
56 Babies' sleep tied to childhood obesity
57 Study: Dyslexia differs by language
58 Stem cell therapy in rats improves Parkinson's: study
59 Medical Errors Costing U.S. Billions
60 Antigenics wins Russian approval of cancer vaccine
61 Combo therapy extends life for liver cancer patients: study
62 Most depressed teens have stable therapy response
63 Antipsychotic Drug Boosts Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes
64 Tai chi shows promise for managing diabetes
65 Clinton and Obama Talk Religion, Not Science
66 High-Tech Olympic Torch Carries 5,000 Years of History
67 Olympic Torch Emits 5,500 Tons of CO2
68 Space Startup Rocketplane Fails to Launch
69 Texans Build World's Most Powerful Laser
70 Great Green Idea--Use CO2 From Factories To Make DVDs
71 IBM smacks rivals with 5.0GHz Power6 beast
72 10 impossibilities conquered by science
73 'Left-handed' amino acid came from meteors
74 Study: Dyslexia differs by child's language
75 Wal-Mart to Give Refunds for HD-DVD Players Bought On or After Nov. 1
76 The Horror at 37,000 Feet: EU Allows In-Flight Cell Phone Use
77 Under 35s who use sunbeds face biggest risk of developing deadly cancer
78 Rare genetic mutations protect against hypertension
79 A tall story: New research adds to growing body of knowledge of genetics of height
80 2008 "Muzzle Awards" Announced
81 Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys
82 Man gets 5 months for bear spray assault
83 Bride, groom spend wedding night in jail
84 Thief breaks into 'ketchup' railcar
85 Swedish Teacher Defends Herself Over Nude Pics: Student Could Have Downloaded Them Himself
86 The No-Incision Appendectomy
87 Q&A: Help for Sex-Starved Wives
88 Faster DNA Sequencing
89 One Avatar, Many Worlds
90 Reprogrammed Stem Cells Work on Parkinson's
91 Peering into the Heart, Safely
92 Longer-Lasting Batteries for Laptops
93 Inside Intel's New Chip
94 Thousands celebrate first Korean astronaut
95 Witnessing The Formation Of Distant Galaxies
96 Quasars Quash Star Formation In Active Galactic Nuclei
97 GPS Technology Helps Cut Down Fuel Costs And Pollution
98 Russia's Satellite Navigation Market May Be Worth 6 billion Dollars By 2015
99 Possible Link Found Between Earthquakes Along The Cascadia And San Andreas Faults
100 Shell seeks European help in developing carbon storage
101 Researchers Find Pre-Clovis Human DNA
102 Dyslexia in Chinese, English speakers is different: study
103 Viruses Keep Us Breathing
104 Coal-To-Liquid Fuel Technology Helps Meet Growing US Domestic Energy Demand
105 Fear in the genes
106 FDA to vet embryonic stem cells' safety
107 Chemical weapons agency shifts focus
108 Helping a micromachine to work
109 Dyslexic diversity
110 CSI: Rainforest--Police skills help jungle life
111 Galaxies' spiral arms may betray black holes' weight
112 Losing one gene brings out a mouse's wild side
113 Gunshot residue test fingers lead-free bullets
114 Biofuel corn makes cow bug enzyme to digest itself
115 Invention: Huntington's treatment [et al.]
116 First South Korean astronaut blasts into orbit
117 Bird flu may spread within families
118 'Darwin chip' brings evolution into the classroom
119 Underwater ears warn of hurricane strength
120 Seahorses discovered in the River Thames
121 Limited nuclear war would damage ozone layer
122 Transplanted cells could 'catch' Parkinson's
123 Genes trigger phobias in kids and teens
124 Negligent, Attentive Mouse Mothers Show Biological Differences
125 Scientists, Collaborators Create First Superinsulator
126 Study Identifies Variables That Contribute to Deadly Golden Algae Blooms
127 Fungus Fight: Researchers Battle Against Dangerous Corn Toxin
128 17 Cities Begin National Database of Water Pipe Infrastrucure
129 Protecting a Life-saving Blood Product from Human Form of Mad Cow Disease
130 DVDs and CD-ROMs That Thwart Global Warming
131 Symposium on Energy Research Highlights Future Challenges, Opportunities
132 Hubble Maps the Changing Constellation of Internet 'Black Holes'
133 Making Sure the Wonder Materials Don't Become the Wonder Pollutant
134 Scientist Seeks Ways to Squeeze More Oil Out of Existing Wells
135 Using Street Theater to Channel the Lessons of Molecules
136 Solving the Z Ring's Mysteries May Lead to New Antibiotics
137 When Genetics and Geology Meet in Patagonia
138 In Deserts or In Space: Death by Protein Damage
139 Birds of a Feather Flock Together When Adapting to Urban Growth
140 Climate Change Will Diminish New England Water Quality, Supply
141 Vanished: A Pueblo Mystery
142 And Behind Door No. 1, a Fatal Flaw
143 What's Making That Awful Racket? Surprisingly, It May Be Fish
144 A Disease That Allowed Torrents of Creativity
145 My Daughters Are Fine, but I'll Never Be the Same
146 Hermaphrodite Frogs Found in Suburban Ponds
147 Growing Pains for a Deep-Sea Home Built of Subway Cars
148 Increasing Obesity Requires New Ambulance Equipment
149 In Remote Eskimo Villages, Pockets of Third-World Problems
150 Q & A: Heading Off a Cold